iOrtho+ Special Tests and Manual Techniques Apps free for iPhone/iPad
iOrtho+ Special Tests and Manual Techniques Apps free for iPhone/iPad

iOrtho+ Special Tests and Manual Techniques Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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iOrtho+ Special Tests and Manual Techniques Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
iOrtho+ Special Tests and Manual Techniques Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
iOrtho+ Special Tests and Manual Techniques Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
iOrtho+ Special Tests and Manual Techniques Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
iOrtho+ Special Tests and Manual Techniques Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install iOrtho+ Special Tests and Manual Techniques Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Download iOrtho+ Special Tests and Manual Techniques for iPhone/iPad
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iOrtho+® is your mobile guide for orthopedic information. This App is designed for rehabilitation professionals, educators, clinicians and students by Therapeutic Articulations, LLC . iOrtho+® is a mobile and comprehensive reference for orthopedic Special Tests and Manual Techniques developed from advanced, evidence-based knowledge and extensive clinical practice.

The hundreds of techniques and tests have been carefully organized and documented by the founder of iOrtho+®, Dr. Dawn T Gulick, PhD, PT, ATC, CSCS who has over 30 years of experience as a physical therapist professional Dr.Gulick currently serves as a the founder and President of Therapeutic Articulations as well as Professor of Physical Therapy at Widener University and a Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer for US Olympic/Paralympic athletes. In addition to being the author of Ortho Notes and Mobilization Notes (F.A. Davis Publishing), her years of experience have culminated in this definitive mobile tool for orthopedic clinicians around the world. iOrtho+® has been used by tens of thousands of medical professionals and students.

Navigation is as simple as touching one of the eight major joints and spine areas on the skeleton to then drill down to the sub-categories of individual tests and techniques. In an instant, you will have high quality images and full video with concise descriptions for study or for patient practice.

All of our images and videos have been produced in high quality by our team with tests and techniques performed by a dually licensed medical provider with over 30 years of clinical experience and over 20 years in academia. The unique approach of colored gloves and vector arrows improve clarity and enhance the user experience.

Through easy navigation, you will also have access to statistical information, and, when available, the abstract or full text version of the references which provide support for each test.

Mark the tests you access most often as "favorite". Recall them later in the favorites menu with one tap from the home screen. You can even contribute a test to iOrtho+® by sending the information to If your test is added, you will be sent a gift card!

iOrtho+® gives you the unique opportunity to explore the entire app to appreciate the amazing value. You get FREE access to preview a fully-functioning demo of the App for 5 uses. Although you can purchase at any time, after 5 uses, the app will be locked and an in-App purchase is required for continued use. A one-time fee of $14.99 gets you ALL joints & free updates to all future data. This one low price of $14.99 provides you with a state-of-the-art reference. Textbooks are only updated every 3-4 years and cost hundreds of dollars. iOrtho+® updates are performed regularly as new techniques or data emerge, or simply to improve the clarity and user experience. Through the purchase process you can decide to download all of the content on your device so you never need internet access or you can select to keep the data in the cloud to only access when you have a wifi connection. You can also change that option at any time.

Over 350 Orthopedic Special Tests includes:
Hi-resolution illustrative photos and VIDEOS
Concise Descriptions with:
References linked to literature

Over 100 Manual Techniques Include:
Hi-resolution illustrative photos
Concise Descriptions with:

iOrtho+® Navigation

•Choose the anatomic region by touching the body diagram
•Choose “Special Tests” or “Manual Techniques”
•Drill down to the desired test or technique
•A split-screen test view shows one or more photos and videos above a full description
•Swipe left or right through the photos and videos.
•Tap the "expand" arrows icon in the top-right of the top panel to make the photos/videos full screen.
•Tap the "contract" arrows icon to return to the standard split view.

iOrtho+ Special Tests and Manual Techniques Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
13.63 MB
First Tracked:
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Excellent app. Extremely useful. No regrets Posted by

I purchased this app yesterday and after going through the basic interface I bough the updated version instantly. The app has more than 350 orthopedic condition tests with videos, manual mobilization techniques with high quality explanation and uses, and statistical data along with citations of the tests performed in identifying the underlying ortho conditions. I'm a physical therapist and I found this app extremely helpful. It's humanly impossible to remember all the tests on your finger tips and this app makes it so easy to diagnose and treat ortho conditions. If you are a PT and work in an outpatient facility then this app is a must. Free updates and offline viewing is an added bonus. Love it. Thank you!

A ton of bang for your buck!! Posted by

I normally don't buy in-app purchases but I did for this one and I couldn't be happier. I just finished PT school and have used this app countless times as a study tool and refresher while at clinic. The convenience is unmatched! It offers what an orthopedic textbook would but with video, references, and statistics (reliability, sensitivity, specificity, etc). When you consider textbooks costs hundreds of dollars it would be silly not to buy this app! I recommended it to my classmates. If that weren't enough, when I had update issues, help was polite and prompt. I'd give 6 stars if I could! Love this app!!

Excellent App Posted by

The developer is right, I had difficulty with the app after the update so I contacted them directly. They responded quickly and were able to easily resolve my issue. Saying that this an excellent app worth every penny. It caters to a wide variety of professionals that deal with orthopedic related injuries from the aspiring student to the long toothed veteran in need of some refreshers. Has flexibility in the app to add your own special tests plus statically data to back up the more recognized special tests. Highly recommend this app.

Great resource for student PTs Posted by

This is a great tool to bring in to clinic for practicing student physical therapists. Yes, it does have an additional cost of about $13 to buy the rest of the app, but I've found it useful thus far in organizing my plan of eval. My ONLY suggestion to the company would be to add a section that allows you to input notes and/or mark up the images on each test or mob since I have learned slight variations to some of the tests listed and I would like to write this on the each page to remind myself of the difference.

iOrtho developer Posted by

No one is trying to trick anyone by offering a FREE trial. The description is very clear, IF you read! Customer service is important ...PLEASE contact me before being so harsh and I will help you! iOrtho+ continues to strive to be a premier ortho resource. iOrtho+ continues to strive to be a premier orthopedic resource. Updates are frequent and feedback is welcome :-)

Great Software! Posted by

This software is hands down the best orthopedic software I've ever used as an app. The updates continually enhance the product overall and they don't charge you again after you purchase it once. They also have great customer service and are prompt to respond. A great app for PT's and rehab based DC's.

Amazing App Posted by

I have found the app incredibly helpful and a great resource. I like the new layout and the ability to mark favorites with the heart icon for easy reference in the future. The addition of videos right after the images is very convenient. Overall, it's a great app and I would highly recommend it to others!

Oh no! Posted by

I've had this app for a while and it worked very well but now ever since I downloaded the update (so its compatible for the iPhone 5) the videos no longer work :(. I hope something is done to fix it. The app is a little costly however helpful but now that the videos don't work the app is just ok.

Great app! Posted by

Out of all of the apps that I have seen this one is awesome. I got it for my ipad and loved it, was very happy to see it available for iphone as well.

Worse app by Bra4683 2015-06-06

Unable to use it after updates. Have to delete it several times to be able use. Although I have buy the full version, still does not allow me to use the videos. Extremely bad software development/programming. waste of money. DO NO RECOMMEND THIS APP.

Not right by SamanP 2016-05-29

I purchased this app 2 years ago when i was in school and now that I changed my phone (same itunes account), its making me pay again for the videos. Not right if you ask me. There should be a way for previous buyers to get their downloads for free.

Paid for paying again! by Healer378 2014-01-17

I bought this as a reference. I opened it up recently and noticed it is asking me to pay again! I have not been able to contact anybody yet to see why I have to pay for the same product twice? Did they cancel my license in a year !? God knows.

Horrible- hasn't worked in months by SPT_DD 2016-12-13

Do not buy! So many glitches and it does not work. Every time I try to click on a picture it tells me it fails to load. I've contacted customer service before and they help but it always ends up failing again. SAD!

Great app when it works by Geonsf 2015-05-27

I've purchased all of the unlocks in this app but it still tells me I need to purchase them. The app worked initially a few months back but now I get frustration. I'll cut my losses and delete..

Not functional. I will be reporting this to iTunes by Kirk1234hfubgf 2014-01-05

I paid for the added features and it freezes when I try to access mobilizations. I paid you money for a functional app. I demand either a refund or a solution to your app's issues.

Videos not working no pictures either by Cooford 2016-08-30

Have loved this app before this update... Ever since this update I can no longer view videos or pictures. I still can view the written material but nothing else. Please fix this bug!

Mislead by LazyCurtain 2012-06-12

Thought I was gonna get some great information to help my students, but realized I would have to pay a lot more to get what I already thought I was getting.

Don't even try by Phansindia1 2016-02-24

This company try to fool people telling its free when you download it it says you have 5 attempts to use after that you have to buy waste of time

Doesn't work by Lavosky 2013-10-26

After downloading the lasted version the pages are blank. I had been using this app regularly and am a paying subscriber.

Not working by Rodbong 2013-10-23

This apps does not work anymore. I downloaded the upgrade but no picture shown when I click the test

Worst app by Nipin067 2014-11-11

Pls Don't download this app. Just waste of time.. Deleted it very next moment. Grrrr..