iPicBox - Free Private Photo Vault Apps free for iPhone/iPad
iPicBox - Free Private Photo Vault Apps free for iPhone/iPad

iPicBox - Free Private Photo Vault Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Screenshots & Video

iPicBox - Free Private Photo Vault Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
iPicBox - Free Private Photo Vault Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
iPicBox - Free Private Photo Vault Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
iPicBox - Free Private Photo Vault Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
iPicBox - Free Private Photo Vault Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install iPicBox - Free Private Photo Vault Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Download iPicBox - Free Private Photo Vault for iPhone/iPad
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If you have any question, issue or advice on app, please contact us: [email protected]
The Best and Most Private Photo App for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
Millions of people trust iPicBox to keep their photos hidden.

If you like picture, if you are addicted to collecting pictures, if you have some privacies, and would like to show off, yeah~That is it! Got it!

******Main Features******
—Share to Facebook, Twitter, QQ, QZone, WeChat, WeChatTimeLine, Camera Roll, Email, Copy, SMS
—3D touch ( 6s, 6s plus)
—How-To-Use pages
—Touch ID for locking single folder and image
—Support iOS9
—Share to Facebook, Twitter
—Gorgeous themes that are changed by heart
—Folder cover that is splendid
—Unlimited folders that permit you to sort pictures
—Unique tree view of folders that is clear at a glance
—Unique split mode that shows tree view and list view at the same time
—Press to download picture easily
—Quick capturing as you need
—Import albums that have huge amount of pictures
—Search pictures you want and locate the position
—Lock pictures and privacies will not be touched
—Batch operations that make you better efficiency
—All kinds of gestures that make you natural
—Smooth basic operations including Add, Del, Edit, Move
—Trash box that gives you a chance to go back

* * * * * *
All your photos stored in iPicBox are 100% private. Your photos are only stored on your device and are never uploaded to our servers. We have no ability to remotely access your photos.

iPicBox - Free Private Photo Vault Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
29.06 MB
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I love this photo assistant app. Posted by

Gesture is really awesome. This app is a really fantastic app for managing photos with friendly color and nice UI. I've purchased the charges version. Worth to buy.

Great app for protecting photos Posted by

I love this app. I can feel about my picture.It is amazing for storing photos away from my photo album. And you can download pictures you like in browser.

About apps Posted by

It's irritating to use touch I'd 1st you have to share in twitter than facebook now i have given 5* reviews.. low mentally guys

Love it Posted by

i have never been so excited to rate an app before and this app is an exception. It does exactly what is meant to do.

so far perfect Posted by

this app is so easy to use and so user-friendly that i must rate it five stars and will recommend to anyone.

Love that! Posted by

You won't find an app more secure and easier to use, I recommend it strongly.

Exactly as advertised Posted by

Been using for a week, i think this is a really good app for managing my photos.

It is all I need Posted by

The app is so helpful in sorting out photos and keeping track of them.Fantastic!