iPromises: Daily Bible Verse Apps free for iPhone/iPad
iPromises: Daily Bible Verse Apps free for iPhone/iPad

iPromises: Daily Bible Verse Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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iPromises: Daily Bible Verse Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
iPromises: Daily Bible Verse Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
iPromises: Daily Bible Verse Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install iPromises: Daily Bible Verse Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Download iPromises: Daily Bible Verse for iPhone/iPad
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In your hands

• Gorgeous, user-friendly layout and design
• Beautiful, shareable images featuring content from the daily scripture
• Customizable notifications to remind you to read God's promises at your ideal time of day
• Drag screen, move device and two tap to take promise
• Check daily Bible verse from the new iPromises widget in notification center.
• +1000 God's Promises
• Available : English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and German

Thanks to everyone for feedback ;)

You can upgrade to iPromises Premium for $0.99/month or $9.99/year, you get:

+ Automatic Bible Verses Backup: access your favorites bible verses anytime at whatever iOS device with your user.
+ Remove Ads: advertising does not appear while the subscription is active.

Note: Like all subscription in-app purchases, iPromises Premium auto-renews each month or year. To disable auto-renewing, go to App Store -> Click on your Apple ID -> View Apple ID -> Manage Subscriptions and disable "Auto-Renewal".

Privacy Policy: http://arkelao.co/privacy/
Terms of Use: http://arkelao.co/terms/

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Great!!! Posted by

I've been looking for a promissory, and this one seems to be an excellent one. Please add more promises and give us the option to add more Bible promises. Thanks for this amazing app. I truly recommend it and will tell my Christian friends! Just amazingly done! Update: It keeps getting better and better... More promises... Still would love to see more and to have the ability to check verses from the Bible and add them to the promises straight from the app. Would also love to see a tree full of leaves instead of the tree that currently the app has. Im glad someone came out with this wonderfully promissory. Five stars, big time!!! Update: Still five stars from my end. Just a minor bug: it keeps offering the upgrade for a dollar after I've done it many times... Then it says I've already download it... Other than that, I love and use the app very frequent. Thanks!!!

Encouraging Posted by

This app is a good start to every morning...the verse is always thought provoking...and God always has a way of selecting His word exactly when you need it..thank you...starts my day off good..oh and it took a minute to understand how to use it...but it's exactly what it says...tap twice and get your word...so I tapped the screen twice and boom! There was my word...lol d'oh... Reminds me of the magic 8 ball but much much better and with real truth...

God's promises Posted by

The one thing I like about this is when I can't find what I need in the Bible and go straight to the promises right here and see the help I need in my time of troubles and when you going through and when everything just seems like it's just going wrong that's when I can go to God's promises and stand on his word don't move to the left don't move to the right just stand and stand love you in Jesus name Deborah

Helping me change my life Posted by

My wife and I are going thru a separation. It is helping me find inspiration and hope that our marriage will survive. (Nov 2011) Update ( May 2013)...although our attempts at saving marriage did not workout. The verses continue to inspire me and the lady I am talking to now. It gives us GREAT conversation topics and I Am able to send her verses to let her know I am thinking of her. GREAT APP!!

Bible verses Posted by

Had a hard time understanding how to use the app in the beginning. In fact I almost deleted it because all these verses came out from nowhere and I couldn't figure out how to use it. When I finally figured out the app I loved it but I think it needs to be more user friendly for older people like myself :-)

Random good Posted by

No choice, topic wise, what u r Goin 2 get, but His promises are always great! After you stop the snow storm of promise cards with two taps, and u have a promise, u can then turn the card to the next one until u find a promise u want to give someone. For a random promise reader-it's a five star!

This application is awesome Posted by

The constant reminder of the promises helps one to focus on all of the goodness of the Lord and how much he loves and adores us. We can focus and draw our attention to the inheritance thar has been left for the saints. I recommend this application to keep one grounded in the word.

Really Nice App Posted by

I truly enjoy this app. At any time of the day or night you can open, tap and get a scripture as often as you like. Although they're floating and the tap select one randomly, I believe that it's what you need at that moment. Keep up the good work developers.

Great Bible Verse App Posted by

I use it for my the "word of the day" on my church's Facebook page. It's really simple and there's virtually no learning curve. It allows to do what I need in a matter of seconds. I pray this app will bless you as much as it blesses me.

I like the ap! Posted by

I read the reviews before downloading this ap and so far have had no complaints. It's great to have God's promises at hand!

This is needed Posted by

Excellent app, every Christian should download this, I will be telling my family and friends about it

Trichin Posted by

Just beautiful! A jewel, love it. Y provee la alternativa de leerla en español, preciosa. Gorgeous!

Awesome App Posted by

Great app, great verses. The best Bible verse app I've found for the iPad!

Inspirador Posted by

Gracias por la aplicacion. Su estilo es muy novedoso. Dios los bendiga!

Mrs. Posted by

Me gusta por que esta en varios idiomas.

It's good but..... by elect lady 2011-09-19

Lots of BEAUTIFUL VERSES, matter of fact, I loved every verse I read but they are not categorize which would help a lot when ministering! And you can't copy and paste to share via email and text msg! Also, I paid for the no-ads version and still have ads! Also, without categories, I can't tell if I have the extra 500 verses that comes with the purchase! And that's not very Christian! Also, it needs a way save and retrieve favorite verses because it is so many good ones! I saw clipboard but doesn't do anything! Maybe, a help menu would help. So, please fix and give me what I paid for, please! I really want to use this app! Thx in advance!

Religilous by Humongaloid 2011-07-16

Do you all really believe in the talking snake? LOL I have one word for you doe eyed morons, DINOSAURS! You'd think "the man" might've mentioned those in his big book o' BS (and no, it doesn't stand for bible stories). Oh wait, they hadn't been discovered yet. What a coincidence (not!). I will say that most of the moral teachings of the bible are sound and agreeable, but c'mon people, the story is utter nonsense. THERE IS NO GOD!

Crashes... by Ct166hs 2010-12-08

Unfortunately since the recent update this app will not allow me in...continues to crash & kick me out. I even shut off my iPhone & "rebooted", so to speak, but that didn't make a difference. It was a 5 star fabulous app prior to this recent update. Hope the developers can fix it because I miss it! Thanks...

Love it Giving three stars due to inability to open now by CareJo 2014-03-14

I love this neat app, and have made some neat cards! I do not want to delete this app, and lose what I have saved. Now, every time I click on it, it does not open. Can you please help? Thank you! Missing this app

Daily word by Xxxxxxoooooo 2011-06-14

Love the inspirational quotes but I keep saving a few yet there is no way to review what I saved. If we can have a true library of the daily devotions to go back and reflection, it would be even more awesome!

Needs constant reloading by Mhkmark 2014-05-31

I would undoubtedly rate this 5 stars, but as of late I have to constantly reload the app. Not sure why it is broken but I enjoy it enough to keep trying. I noticed others have the same problem.

Doesn't work right by Bellah11111 2012-09-07

All mine has are falling cards and when you tap one it stops for a second but not long enough to read it. When you hit the information icon it's just an option to buy more cards.

Good... But by Dionne2511 2011-06-22

As much as I enjoy the app, it was disappointing when I tried to buy it, it didn't work. My account was charged but I didn't get the paid version. Nice thoughts though

Wha...? by BBeennjjaammiinn 2011-03-25

I know these promise things are important but I can't understand them! I guess that's my fault, but I hope everyone else likes the app! A lot of people seem to

Dhamilton by Delo7 2012-04-21

Need to find a better way to see the promises. Floating.in mid air does not allow you to see the well. Floating in air not a good idea.

Still searching by BabyBack05 2013-03-21

I haven't had an opportunity to experience the app so I can't rate it to know its usage, fulfillment, duties or capabilities.