iScore Basketball Scorekeeper Apps free for iPhone/iPad
iScore Basketball Scorekeeper Apps free for iPhone/iPad

iScore Basketball Scorekeeper Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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"it’s the most detailed sports tracking app I have ever seen outside of watching SportsCenter" ---

iScore Basketball is the easiest, most intuitive way to track a basketball game. With the #1 Basketball Scoring app for mobile devices, you can score youth games, college games and even professional games just like the pros.

Brought to you by the leaders in mobile score keeping applications, iScore provides unparalleled data collection, stats reporting and live game scorecasts. Scorekeepers of all levels will love the ease of use and flexibility while the statisticians will appreciate the comprehensive game and season stats that no other scoring app provides.

Following the iScore tradition of "score what you see", you will be able to score live basketball games and immediately produce statistics that every coach, player, and team parent loves to see. Track as much or as little detail of the game as you would like.

iScore Basketball is so easy to use, even a novice can produce complete and accurate stats.

"I had tried the other scorekeeping apps and they assumed I knew things like a blocked three point shot that rolls out of bounds should be scored as a block for the blocker, a missed 3pt attempt for the shooter and a team offensive rebound for the shooter's team. iScore takes care of all that for me ... The coach is delighted now by the accuracy of the stats"
-Karen B (Team Mom)

Full Tutorials available at


* Intuitive UI - easy to score even the most fast paced action

* Track as much or as little as you would like

* Full game and season cumulative stats for any number of teams and leagues - see how your team and players performed game to game, season to season, or tournament to tournament

* Individual game stats and shot charts for every player.

* Unique iScorecast functionality - let fans worldwide watch LIVE as the game is played. Great for out of town friends and family that want to keep up on the action. (additional charges apply for iScorecast viewing)

* Unmatched statistics tracking: Minutes played, complete shot tracking with made/miss + location of shots, % by 2pt vs 3pt vs Free Throws, Offensive + Defensive Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks, Deflections, Turnovers, Personal Fouls, Charges Taken, Total Points, Averages per game, +/- (PM)

* Complete shot charts for every player and entire team

* Foul history report - see all fouls for the game at a glance

* Play by Play reports - coaches can review entire game to see where practice is required

* Robust Timeout tracking - 30 second, Full and Media timeouts with period by period timeout

* Full Undo and Redo capability

* Complete post game editing - edit/add/remove events + subs post game

* Data Sharing - copy teams and games between devices to share information with other scorekeepers

* Email a unique "Game Report" that includes stats, shot charts, and Game Flow for the game in a beautiful PDF format

* Twittercast - send game scores out as tweets

* Ability to score with or without a Game Clock

* Combination stats reports.

* Track one or both teams.

* Email all stat data in CSV, Excel, or HTML formats

* Free Export to MaxPreps

* Manual stat adjustment/creation - Season already started? Create a new game and use Adjust Mode to enter stats to date

* Optional Team Websites provide a fully customizable website with easy updates


* Choice of Scoring Mode - Game, Coach, or Adjust.

* On screen player photos in Coach Mode.

* "Full Screen" vs "Split Screen" scoring.

* Connect to External Monitor - allows fans to see scoreboard on a monitor connected to your iPad while scoring!

* Optimized Portrait and Landscape views

Perfect for youth basketball, high school, college, and even professional games. Elevate to the next level with iScore Basketball!

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Not five stars yet Posted by

This app has potential but it has a few quirks for now. Adding players to a roster is cumbersom and clunky. It takes FAR too long to create a team and have it be accurate. Subs are clunky too. I would like to see something like maxstats that brings up a sub list when a bench player is clicked on. Overall the interface is smooth but not as nice as maxstats. I had the app crash on me 4 times in 6 quarters. There is no way to indicate jump balls (that I could tell) and there are more of those at junior high level than turnovers. Also you have no way to indicate what type of turnover was commited. The running clock is a hastle. There should be a way to turn it off and just advance the quarter by tapping the scoreboard. As it is now the clock gets in the way because a button pops up in the middle of the court wanting you to advance to the next quarter and it's frustrating. Even with two callers helping I could not take accurate stats with this app for middle school games. Yes- i can use more practice but using maxstats I was able to keep accurate stats after one quarter by myself. Don't get me wrong, this is the best app for basketball stats as of today because they all have quirks. It will be interesting to see which comes out on top, maxstats or this one. Maxstats is free and has a better interface but this app is more complete and I'm hoping that since it's an app you have to buy it will get better faster! Hope this helps!

Iscore basketball great app Posted by

I have been using Iscore basketball for our High School basketball teams for several seasons. It is intuitive for the flow of the game. It only took me a short time to learn to score and keep up with the pace of the game. The stats generated from the app are thorough which helps me populate the team MaxPreps home page. Our coach uses the cumulative season stats found in team manager to help determine starters. Season stats are also helpful for the player to determine strengths and weaknesses in their game to focus upon in practice. Additionally, the shot chart generated is quite useful for the coach. I highly recommend this app as I have used others that do not hold a candle to this app. The support offered from the developers in the Iscore forum is second to none, their response to community feedback is outstanding. This season I started using the in app add on website. It is a tremendous tool for having stats and game info all in one easy to use site. For me it is a great time saver for dissemination of stat information to the team, plus using password protection keeps the info away from other teams. It's versitility using leagues is good for breaking out stats separately i.e tourney vs season. The usefulness of the website can't be beat for the inexpensive $20.

Good, but needs full team fouls Posted by

Great program and worth the money. However, two features would make this perfect for my use. 1.) During a game I am often asked how many fouls a player has, but I am only able to see fouls for the 5 players on the court. I would like to be able to see fouls for all players. Maybe in the portrait page view you could add a column by points, assists, rebounds. 2.) I always use the Coach view to track stats on just our team, because it seems impossible to be able to track all stats for both teams on the court. I'm rubber-necking just to keep up with our own stats. But, I would at least like to be able to track fouls committed by the opposing team so I can track their foul trouble and know when we are in 1+1 and 2-shot foul territory. I don't want to have to pre-enter their roster and track their subs, I just want to enter their jersey number and track their fouls as they are committed in a game instead of having to do that on paper separately. Those fixes would make this a full 5 stars for me.

Great app Posted by

I keep the stats as a coach for my high school basketball team and I think that this app is great for the price. For years I had been using digital scout, which costs close to $200. With this app, I think that price is crazy. This app keeps track of all the stats that I need as a coach, and we need as a staff. Being able to look at stats and shot charts at half time really helps to make halftime adjustments. The clock is great for the most part, but I tend to ignore it for the most part, however it did come in handy when an opponents' clock went out at an away game and I could tell the scorekeeper hoe much time was left. Overall, this is a great app worth the $10 spent to get it. Only the that I would like to see would be the ability to break down the after the game stats into what players did during quarters as well as the team to know when things fell apart or what area players struggled with at certain times in the game. Overall, awesome stats program.

Best of all the stat trackers Posted by

The most features and easiest to use of all the stat apps I've used! The only feature I would like to see is to be able to show more players at the same time(not just the ones currently in the game) if I'm not concerned with tracking playing time, it would save a lot of time from subbing in and out. Other than that, I love this app. I've even webcast a game and connected it to a flatscreen as a display/scoreboard. It has no rivals when it comes to features! - since I first started this review, the feature I spoke of has actually been added. I own at least 5 basketball stat tracking apps and this one is the most consistently updated app based on user reviews! I currently use it to track both my Son and Daughters AAU teams, my son's high school team, and other age group teams of my Daughter's AAU coach. They all love the reports and is beneficial to everyone as well as easy to distribute!

Real results for real coaching Posted by

App was purchased by my high school basketball program. It was very user friendly and some of our underclassmen players were even able to track a game for our staff with this app. The app allows you to tell the whole story to your team while emphasizing critical coaching points based on stats to players and teams. The saying "the numbers don't lie" is truly applicable in the coaching world and this app allows coaches to make points, expose errors, and analyze game situations while relying on stats to support your arguments. Also, has the capability to do in game shot charts however that skill requires some practice. Despite it's usefulness, my staff found it useful to have a spotter accompanying the person using this to verbally cue the live game happenings so the person using the app doesn't miss anything while they are looking down and entering data

Great App that continually evolves Posted by

I searched and played around with every possible bball stat program, and gravitated toward ESPN iScore because the graphics were so professional, the help database was well structured, and the company seemed dedicated to improving the product. After a season of taking stats, the program has improved (tap scoring, hooray!), as has my facility has as well. I still can't fathom using "Game Mode" as I can barely keep up with one team in Coach Mode," much less two. Having a "spotter" and a "tapper" is key to getting accurate stats. We have even used iScorecast - hugely appreciated by fans who cannot attend. I have emailed iScore support on numerous occasions with questions, to report bugs, and request modifications. They have been immediately responsive, and wonderfully helpful. Great iPad app for any basketball junkie!

The app to electronify your youth basketball scorekeeping Posted by

If you want to electronically score basketball games and collect associated stats - this is the ipad app to get. The app is going into its third year and the developers have continued to enhance functionality each season based on customer feedback. You retain all your scores and data in your handheld device (takes up nominal space) and can email at anytime when connected to Internet. Optionally you can also purchase 'team web site subscription' for 20$/yr that is fast and easy to set up and better yet maintain game to game -- a real value for those that are time strapped and not web programmers. Lastly, the app is very well supported and developers of the app have outstanding customer support.

A few UI tweaks Posted by

I used it all weekend on an iPad two with IOS6. The reports are good. UI suggestions: When clock is not running, make it grayed out. On free throws make the non-selected buttons grayed out. Switching from one shade of red to another is not immediately intuitive. The animation confirmation does nothing to enhance use or to clarify. Either eliminate or change. I would make an animation that links the action button and the player number icon. Upgraded to iOS 6 and it was sluggish until I rebooted the iPad. Sluggishness vanished. Program is now immediately responsive. Happy to review the next release.

Scorekeeper Posted by

Have used iScore for well over a year. Good app, but steep learning curve. Rich detail. A little tough on game transition, especially when there are multiple rebounds, putbacks, and many different players touching the ball. Could benefit from having a full roster available for all functions in coaches mode rather than having to assign the lineup in the game at that moment. This would make it similar to what a scorekeeper does with a standard paper book. Finally, once a free throw event is completed, RESET the free throws to "missed" rather than whatever happened last time.

Really good Posted by

I'm new to this app but have used other basketball scoring apps in the past. I love having the larger screen with the iPad. The stats available are great and it is very easy to understand and use. I do wish the game clock would stop on turn overs that knowingly stop the clock such as travels or double dribbles, etc. Also it would be great to be able to see season team stats (when viewing individual game stats) to date and to also be able to view individual player stats by selecting the player

Worth It Posted by

I was very hesitant to buy this program given that it cost $10. I was afraid I wasn't going to use it and it would sit on my iPad doing nothing. It takes a little time to get used to the menus and the setup, but it it's very intuitive and easy to use. The reports are great as are features such as shot maps, etc. The best stat tracker so far. Incredibly refined interface. Highly recommended.

The best I have found Posted by

I use this app for live radio coverage of high school basketball. I would like to see the quarter scores somewhere on the main screen. The contrast between made/missed in the coach mode for foul shots is too confusing. After last update app runs too slow on ipad 2 and ipad 3. Overall this app does it all.

Good App Posted by

Great scoring tool. Getting stats after the game is a breeze. One downside is when I'm trying to do the fouls and them not showing up. I now just enter fouls on the adjust screen now to make up for the glitch. Just wish I could watch more of the game instead of my head down looking at my iPad.

Love This APP! Posted by

Love everything about this app! It is great to have everything in your hand during the game. Also, not having to enter any stats into the computer after a game saves a lot of time. Highly recommend this app to anyone wanting to stat games!

Pretty good Posted by

I love this app and is very quick. I don't like the clock starting up after every free throw and I also wish you could look at the whole team and it tell you everyone's ppg, mpg, etc all of that. Then it would be perfect

great update Posted by

This is the update I have been waiting for. Scorecast is great. Would be nice to be able to see all shots taken by a certain player in the scorecast like you do on the iPhone, but I stil like what is there.

Great app Posted by

Would like to see a download for pro & college similar to the baseball iscore. The best stat app out there.

Needs Improvements by AATK744 2012-01-28

I have been using iScore for 3 seasons. Overall, I think the program works okay, but there still needs to be a few changes. Here are some examples: (1) The most important issue that needs to be addressed is the fact that the team rosters don't import AT ALL from a previous game. If we played against a team already, I'd like to import their roster. This used to work, but for some reason it does not do it this season. What's worse is that I keep getting roster information coming back from last season. This is my biggest disappointment because the setup time involved before a game has increased for me (whether I'm entering a jersey number and name, or just the number). I don't always get a roster list from the scorekeeper until the last minute if a coach delays in giving it to him, so input time is limited for me before the game starts. The program allows you to enter a "quick roster", but I do NOT recommend doing this because it defaults to numbers like 1, 2, 3, etc. When trying to score a game, it's very hard to remember that PLAYER 1 is really a player wearing #23. (2) The game clock management is something that I was hoping would improve even after I mentioned this to the developers. For example: (a) I did see one improvement from last year which was good, and that was to add the timeouts for each team (half and full). However, there has got to be a better way to show the number of timeouts left without having to click on the timeout button. You want to remain on the scoring screen; plus if you click on the timeout button, the game clock will obviously stop. (b) When clicking on the running game clock, you sometimes have to press right in the middle of the time in order to make it stop. (c) When you make substitutions, I believe the clock stops. Regardless, there should be a "stop clock" button inside this substitution window because there are times when you have to change players while the game continues if you forgot to switch someone (esp. the opponent's players). (3) After a game, esp. if you make post-game changes, the box score doesn't always match up with the scoring statistics below it when you email it to yourself or another coach. When you make post-game changes, the game ending time changes to what the current time is when you make these changes. It would be nice if the game clock stayed the same as when the game actually ended. (4) It would be nice if the player's jersey number and the score would flash simultaneously when you update the scoring with a basket to make sure you didn't hit the wrong side of the scoring window. While sitting on the bench to keep score, you always get distractions. ;) This may sound off the wall, but it would help. FINAL NOTE: I don't know if any of these problems are bugs, but I'd like to see more firmware updates to fix these issues if possible. I know there are more things I could add to my wish list above, but this is all that I can think of off the top of my head. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of other basketball scoring programs out there, so I have to keep using this one.

Worst purchase to date by IMSheldonCooper 2012-01-14

This is the buggiest application I've purchased to date. You enter teams, players, etc. and they just disappear. Enter a player that is saved and go into player info area and the name is now blank. Sometimes the player name shows on the roster screen and the player does not show on the player list screen. Even when you back out and it prompts to save it doesn't. Reboot iPad2 and some of your data may reappear but now you've got 3 players instead of 1 because you were trying to get the player added to no avail initially. This is a buggy, frustrating app to work with. I can't even advance far enough to get to scoring a game because you can't reliably setup leagues, teams, and players. Go look at the bugs reported in the forum before you purchase. Even if I could reboot my way to getting the initial data loaded do I really want to score a game for an hour only to have that become a wasted effort as well? My favorite response in the forum was to basically "check the All Leagues option and don't ask me why" because it will clean up some of the bugs related to the app not saving or displaying the proper info. Buy at your own risk.

Subs feature is too cumbersome by Daylight4449 2012-01-12

I'll start with this is the main app I have used other than a free app so I don't know how this compares to other apps. I give it 3 stars because of the cumbersome sub feature. I've missed plenty of action just trying to get the subs set. It would be better to have all players shown on full screen mode with color variation for who's on the court. I can barely keep up with our teams subs let alone the competition! Or have a subs waiting, you see they're going in but you can't do anything until the short pause in the action. Free throws also remain at last FT missed or made. It would be nice if it reset to miss so you don't have to adjust each time you access the feature. There are other enhancements that would make this app easier to use. Would I buy it again? did have the best reviews of the apps I researched.

Not Coaching Friendly by JoeBob5606 2010-11-05

I purchased to use for my team's stats only. I can keep most of my stats but I can not put in rebounds without doing stats for the other team as well. Here are some things that need to be added. - option to turn off time. I do not want to have to start and stop the clock while doing stats. - have the option to do stats for only one team. - make the court larger and scoreboard smaller. This scorekeeping app should be easy to use. If I am doing stats for only one team, it would be better to have a half court only. - more player manager options. year in school would be nice... Senior, junior, sophomore, etc. For coaches, take a look at the HoopStats app. Uglier, but easier to use.

Ok could be better by tjeckert 2012-01-25

I like it but has couple issues they are working on, and wish stats were retainable on a site from one year to next, some how my 2010 team stats dissapeard when setting up team for 2011. Thought I saved them in an email but can't find. Also would like to access my teams info from either my iPad or my iPhone (P.s. Issues taken care of!). Back to review, again would like a site that would save each years stats, and be able to log in on either iPhone or iPad and have my info. Other wise an ok app for what I'm using it for. Tony Eckert

Almost there by HoopscoachIllinois 2010-10-01

Interface is great. Easiest app I have used to keep accurate shot and assist records. Very cumbersome to track rebounds, jump balls or steals. App could improve by allowing one touch tracking of these things. Instead rebounds can only be added after a shot. Steals or jump ball added only after making sure that you designate ball in hand of opposing player. This app makes u record too many stats on both sides when sometimes you want to do your team only.

I guess I need help by Rbuck64 2011-04-17

This app needs a happy medium. I just want to track "my" team...not the opponents roster. I want to keep fouls for both teams.I need a quick setup feature that let's me put in the opponents numbers not a 1-10 default. We play in leagues where game time comes quick. This is not an app where you can casually keep the stats and watch the game at the same time...practice mode would be great...yikes steep learning curve

Not updated for 6/6S/7 Plus by methlp 2017-01-06

Have been a long time user since 2010 and my 3GS, but now on my 6S Plus, iScore still maintains the small score keeping dimensions from the smaller 4" iPhones. A few bugs in various team player add functions where entered data disappears going back and forth between controllers.

Worthless purchase by CPM Sports Media Services 2014-07-28

If you are into wasting money and want to lose and easy $10, buy this app. More worth the money are Stat Crew (PC) or CyberSports (PC & iPad). Save your money and headaches for better occasions.