iSEQUENCES app for iPhone/iPad
iSEQUENCES app for iPhone/iPad

iSEQUENCES app for iPhone/iPad

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How to install iSEQUENCES app for iPhone/iPad

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iSEQUENCES is an educational app for children with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome that enables them to practice 100 different sequences about everyday situations, such as:

- Autonomous habits like brushing their teeth, washing their hands, getting dressed or going to bed
- Fun activities like going to the beach, to the movies or do sports
- Every day situations like falling down, taking the bus, going the doctor, buying bread or getting wet in the rain
- Emotions like happiness, sadness, surprise or fear

All this is taught by the character Tatus and his friends.

- Overall, I think this app is great for making sequencing cards fun and motivating – Speech Time Fun

- The concept of the app is simple enough but the six cheerful cartoon characters used in the sequencing pictures make the presentation fun and engaging for children – The iPhone Mum

***** FEATURES *****
- 100 exercises that introduce a situation to children and they are asked to guess what will happen next
- 60 exercises that display social situations and the children are asked to say how they think the characters in the situation feel
- New options that are highly configurable to better adapt the app to each child
- Selection of the exercises either manual or automatic by level of difficulty and type of exercises
- No ads inside of the app

***** WHO IS IT FOR*****
iSEQUENCES can be used both as a support tool for therapy and at home as an entertainment

***** WHO WE ARE *****
The Planeta Imaginario Foundation is an early intervention centre for children and teenagers with Autism/ASD that operates throughout Spain and in some other European cities.

Contact: [email protected]


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