iSplash Color Photo Editor Apps for iPhone/iPad
iSplash Color Photo Editor Apps for iPhone/iPad

iSplash Color Photo Editor Apps for iPhone/iPad

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iSplash Color Photo Editor Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
iSplash Color Photo Editor Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
iSplash Color Photo Editor Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
iSplash Color Photo Editor Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Get creative with the iSplash app! Choose any image and iSplash will turn it to grayscale. Then, choose any part of the image to restore the original color. Beautifully modify your pictures and create bold images that pack a punch!

**FEATURED IN MACWORLD MAGAZINE - USA & UK** - "It doesn’t get any simpler than iSplash, an incredibly intuitive application for restoring color selectively."

iSplash supports PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and BMP files.

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Very cool and super simple to use Posted by

I do not often give a full five stars, but this App deserves it and more. I feel like I am stealing from the developer by paying only 99 cents When you first open iSplash, the screen says to look for a photo in iPhoto, you do not have to do this, find the photo on your hard drive and drag it right into the iSplash window and it changes it to black and white, now go to town and have fun. It took me all of 5 minutes to figure this app out. It is very very intuitive and well worth the 99 cents BTW…if you only have your photos in iPhoto, Aperture or any other photo program , just export that picture out of that program to somewhere on your hardrive and then drop the file into iSplash EDIT: I just played a bit more with this App (about 20 minutes)and I am having a blast. I wish there was a version for the iPad, I'd certainly pay for it since I store shots right off my camera on the iPad, using the Camera kit, to do a quick presentation, this would be a really cool addition to some of my presentations and to be able to do these types of edits very quickly

Good Price for a Decent App Posted by

I would like to see a bit more from this app but for the what you pay for it iSplash does it's job...even if it doesn't nessarily do it very elequently. The lay out of the app is rather droll presently and doesn't provide for a very engauging experence which I'm sure the Developer will work on it comming versions of the app. My biggest gripe isn't really about the app at all its about the icon for it...its atrocious! It looks like a picture that was edited with the app sadly... I would sugest to rethink the icon to better fit the app & the mac app store..perhaps keep the flower but grey it out and have a spray can coloring it for instance. Its just a thought but I think it will make the app look nicer on Users docks & in there Application folders.

Fun, Easy, Effective, Cheap… AWESOME! Posted by

This really is amazing, its so simple! I was suspicious about the cost, but its worth so much more. So you open a photo with the program and its automatially all grayed out. You can "re-add" the color with a spray-paint like feature, a fill feature (both similar to the old school paint program) and you can also draw ellipses and rectangles that will be re-colored. Theres also a brush size selector and zoom function for getting the fine lines. You can also "re-gray" parts of the picture incase you add too much color. This is the perfect price for a program like this, something that is fun to use every once in a while for that special photo that works for this. Perfect for a beging photographer because of the simpleness. Would recommend over and over!

One thing that would would make this App perfect Posted by

This is a neat little photo processing application that takes one component of a program like Photoshop and makes it simple and easy to use. It gives a very basic grey tone which you cannot adjust, so if you are looking to be able to adjust the over all black and white tones, before or after you add the color, this program will not let you do that. What would be really nice to see in an update is a little box you can click that says "Detect Edge." I realize that if you add color in a spot you don't want that is what the Grey Splash tool is for, but if you are trying to do detailed work between the edges of color and grey it can be very difficult. Giving users the ability to have edge detection would make this program perfect.

Easy to use AND great results! Posted by

First off, a pretty good looking B&W conversion of photos makes for a good starting point (much better than some other programs of this sort I've tried). Second, the color and gray selection tools are very easy to use. They work pretty smoothly and create a line with just enough softness to give a nice realistic look to the transition from color to B&W (again unlike other programs that have a real hard line and look very unreal). I'm not sure, but it almost seems like there might be some kind of edge detection going on that aids in making it easy to select the areas you want. I'll just repeat my title - Easy to use AND great results. You can't ask for much more than that (well maybe the $.99 price tag I got it for!)

Hold on folks! Posted by

Updating my review. What are you people complaining about?? This is a great app that does just what it says it will. It is for the casual user who wants to do a color knockouts. If you bought it expecting Photoshop, if you need layers, or filters and a lot more options, you the problem is you, not the app. :) ---------------------- Way too easy! I've been having a blast with some photos that would otherwise just be tagged and forgotten. So. so cheap and so much fun. Great results in a fraction of the time of some of the heavy weight apps. A tiny, tiny, tiny suggestion.....a keyboard short cut for zooming in and out....Command plus/minus..shift plus/minus, anything. Great application and a total steal!.

Works, but has a few bugs. Posted by

I like this app. Works as advertised. However, there is an annoying bug that needs attention. If you have an open window (with picture), then click on the close (red) button, the window disappears but does'nt close. It should ask if you want to save any changes then close. If you go to open another pic, the old window pops-up. It would be nice to have a Hand Drag option (Space Bar + Drag) to drag the screen around when working on the art. As well as a Brush Size shortcut.

Great app Posted by

This app is awesome and allows you to do some photoshop-esque effects without having to fuss with layers and all that. The only caveat is that the app is very taxing on RAM/CPU. Using this app was the first time I have heard my computer "working" since I got it a couple of weeks ago. It may have just been a glitch, but when I zoomed in too far, my computer froze and I had to manually restart my machine. Overall, great value for $.99. I definitely recommend it.

The Best for what It Does!!! Posted by

I 1st used this app in my iPhone and just loved it! People's jaws would drop with amaze as to how awesome their picture look. I couldn't wait for it to be part of a bigger screen as I use a bigger DSLR more often than my iPhone. This is AWESOME! i can't thank you enough for making it 32-bit. Thank you and keep it up.

simple! Posted by

great app... downloaded and in seconds i had an imported photo from iphoto to play with. the controls are intuitive and simple, and the results are pretty impressive. definitely recommended--it's really easy and the images look fantastic! thanks for such a reasonably priced app!

Does what it advertises Posted by

It does what it advertises, but it could be better. The UI is a tad sluggish. If you have an iPad, I'd recommend Color Splash over iSplash. It feels so much more natural to touch the photo and apply color than using a mouse on a Mac.

WOW!!!!! Fast and Easy Posted by

I just downloaded this app and it worked perfectly. Doing the same thing in Aperture is easy but can be time consuming. iSplash is Easy , Fast and not hard to learn. Once the app installed I was editing photos within minutes. Thanks

I LOVE IT! Posted by

I have this app on my iPhone and I love it! I have always had a major problem trying to do this on my other systems, yet here its too EZ! I swear if your into photography this will be the best .99 cent you spend!!! PROMISE!!

LOVE! Posted by

I have an app like this on my iphone but it's pretty small and very teadious. I love being able to do this on my computer. SO EASY TO USE! Does just what it says it does. Would recommened it to anyone!

needs work.. by faceofcolors 2011-03-22

I thought since this was on sale that I would try it out, cause I was looking for an inexpensive program that would allow me to apply color to certain areas of a photo. However, there are really no options with this program, other than a paint brush that allows you to rub on photo and reveal the orginal colors or go back over it with gray where you want it to put back "black and white". You can not choose the colors. ALSO, there are NO directions, you must drag the photo to the box in order to edit it. Need a lot of work, more presice color application and also ability to choose whatever colors you want to use on a color wheel would be great and also there should be instuctions on how run the application.

Very manual by werikblack 2011-04-19

The app is all right, but it's very much a manual process. When the description said "choose any part of the image to restore the original color," I thought it would do a smart selection. Nope, have to repaint it manually with a brush and touch up on your own if you go over the edges. Thought I was going to be getting something that would be a good alternative to the history brush in Photoshop. The other thing isn't a huge deal, but annoying. The cursor (circular paintbrush) is always black. In a grayscale image, any saturated color is black. There are times when I literally can't see the cursor.

Needs work by amarkon 2011-05-23

I bought this app after reading the thouroughly positive reviews. I am sad to say it did not live up to my expectations. There is no zoom in/out compatibility with the keyboard or MacBook trackpad, it lacks a drag-n-drop option for importing photos, and its slow and buggy. I began to edit a 4.3 MB picture, shot with my Canon EOS T1i, and the app immediately became slow and laggy. If I tried to save the photos, it actually corrupted the files, and it got many colors wrong when I tried to re-color my pictures. I was expecting a fantastic app based on the reviews, and was sorely disappointed.

Inexpensive , but limited. by ZappFan 2011-07-29

Dont be fooled by the beautiful samples. Colorizing the image can be a tedious and less-than-perfect job when you have no definite borders between colors in a photo or dramatic color contrasts (red on green for instance). But one serious limitation is this: you edit a photograph, do all the fine retouching and then, .... you save it. Later you realize it needs further retouching, so you re-open your edited image only to find it has been black-and-whited entirely. (because that is what the program does when you first open an image). So, no way of reopening a half-finished job.

Basically a one-brush ON/OFF "paint" program by Captain Pariah 2011-04-14

1 -- Load picture, app turns picture black and white. 2 -- Use the ONE brush "Color Splash" (a circle of limited variable size) to return color to the selection underneath. 3 -- Change the brush to "Gray Splash" to return a colorized area back to B&W to clean up your mistakes. Add Zoom and Undo and that's all you've got. No, I'm serious -- THAT'S IT. I'll call it a nice ALPHA effort after it's through BETA and turns into a real product. Apple seriously needs to vet their products in the App Store more thoroughly. This is pathetic.

nothing "pro" about it. doesn't even retain exif data by agila 2013-04-16

it is overall a very bare bones application. you can select areas to retain colour and leave the rest of the image in grayscale, but that is it. there is no easy way to reimport the version back into iphoto. you cannot affect the saturation, contrast, exposure, or anything in splash, so you need to do that in iphoto (or your favourite editor) and then export into isplash, sometimes you need to go back and forth a few times to get the image just liek you want it. but the worst of it is that isplash saves a version of your photo minus exif data. bummer.

Slow to use difficult to find photo by 50xphotography 2011-07-03

Downloaded the app after reading the reviews. Immediately I noticed the application began to run very slow and lag when zooming in on the photo to work on the edge details. After a couple of minutes the application crashed and I got the "unexpected close" window. Also, it looks at your iPhoto library not by event but by the raw data which for me makes it very difficult to find the pic you want to work with (if you use shutterfly you will know what I mean). It does what it says it will do (splash) but I am glad I only paid $.99 for the app.

Basic by dan808z 2011-04-23

Extremely basic program. No lasso tool like Adobe if that is what your looking for. Basically a dot you can make bigger and smaller and then manually color in what you want in pic. Can't even get photos from iPhoto, you have to drag them out and then upload them in. It is adequate for $1, if they go past that price it is a rip off. I hope they have some cool updates soon. When you go to help, the program says "help not available." Nuff said, it seems like it was made off a basic paint program from my PC days.

What a waste by thisproductisnow useless 2013-06-15

A perfectly great editor ruined with the last update as it now simply does not even open. Do not waste your money to even purchase the editor, since it seems completely useless now and obviously if you have this editor, do not update or you will lose it entirely. What seems to compound the frustration is there seems to be no attempt to actually "fix" the problem. Users and buyers, beware and be warned, you will now be disappointed and worst of all just throwing money out the window.

Not what is pictured by PamsLove 2012-07-26

When i click on the app on the description screen i get a totally different app on my mac screen from what is pictured thru the store description …my only options are file, edit, view, window and help …i dont get preview, go, tools, and bookmarks as options…i dont even see a way of changing the color choice…when i click or tap on the color wheel NOTHING!!! no response!…this app use to work…its not fair that we paid for a working app and then get junk that is unusable!!!

Can by Laurie Taylor 2011-05-08

I just bought this app and it does not come up looking like your photo of the Isplash window, all it has on top is Undo Redo Color splash Gray splash Splash size zoom in zoom out. There is no save option on the isplash window. When I use the top left of the computer to save it only saves the original photo. It does not save what edits I have done. The app is not worth it if I can not share the photos or save them.

Good Idea, but... by Benny967 2011-07-24

The idea for this app is great. A simple, 99 cent app (it has been on "sale" for a LONG time, more like a permanent sale), but it looses points when it actually gets down to business. On one of my computers, it just keeps loading my photos, but never actually lets me use them. Ugh. Overall, if you want this app, get it. If you are on the fence about dropping a buck—think twice.

Found something better by Squishy-Dick 2011-10-23

I would say download Color Splash instead. At first I was impressed with this app but when I started playing with it more, the more it made me mad. First off I could not access my iPhoto library at all, then once I saved an altered picture I could no longer edit anymore. I just downloaded Color splash and in the first 5 seconds I knew that it was a better program with more options

iSplash (1 star = update) 5 stars = program! by mbiv101 2013-05-28

This WAS the greatest program. I used it all the time and LOVED IT!! I installed the update and now it doesn't work anymore. I've sent two different emails to the developer with no response. I'm thankful that I used Time Machine to backup my programs. I was able to "go back in time" and reinstall and older version that now works.

Not worth the $.99 by ajohnson928 2011-09-11

Just downloaded 1.22 and it's supposed to have bug fixes. I'd hate to see what it was like before, because it's horrible. The effect happens away from the cursor by almost an inch. And once you're into a tool, the top bar doesn't work when zoomed in. I would have been happier for longer if I had spent $.99 on a coke.