iVI Apps for iPhone/iPad
iVI Apps for iPhone/iPad

iVI Apps for iPhone/iPad

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iVI is the best way to get your video into iTunes or iMovie and is the highest rated video converter in the App Store with 1700 five star ratings (US) since its introduction.

iVI will automatically identify TV Shows and Movies and add poster artwork, film plot or episode details, cast lists and more. iVI will format the video for all Apple platforms automatically including Mac, AppleTV, iPad, iPhone and iPod. iVI supports HD video (including 1080p and 720p), surround sound, multiple audio tracks (for various languages) and subtitles too.

Supported video formats include h.265, AVI, MKV, MTS, M2TS, FLV, AVCHD, MOD, TOD, MTS, M2TS, 3GP, MP4, MPG and most other popular formats.

Features include -

• Movie and TV Show information is automatically and added to your shows before they are placed in iTunes

• iVI will convert multiple audio channels from the file including various languages and surround sound and these are accessible from Quicktime, Apple TV, iPhone etc.

• iVI supports SRT, VobSub, PGS, SSA/ASS subtitles from the source file or external files and these are accessible from iTunes, Quicktime, Apple TV, iPhone etc.

• iVI can scan your folders at regular intervals and automatically convert files it finds and insert the video into iTunes

• iVI allows you to update your existing video files with information (meta-data) such as show descriptions, cast lists, poster art all for display in iTunes or from the desktop without the need to reconvert

• iVI provides a selection of poster art to choose from...

• PLEASE NOTE : iVI will not convert files protected with DRM or import DVDs. Please ensure you own the files you convert with iVI


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Powerful, simple app from responsive developers Posted by

The Scoop: iVI is a fast, affordable, and powerful app that makes high-quality video conversion easier than ever. If you're looking for an app that will automagically make a wide range of video files playable on virtually any Apple device, your search is over. Just buy it. The Details: I've long used Handbrake to convert video files (especially the raw MTS high-def files my Panasonic Lumix creates) into a format that plays easily on my Mac, my iPad, and my iPhone. Handbrake is good, but requires a lot of supervision. I have literally hundreds of video clips from dozens of trips, and converting them via Handbrake would take forever. iVI changes all that. with iVI, I can drag and drop any number of files into the program's conversion queue, click one button, and walk away. iVI works quickly and efficiently, and, when I come back, my converted files are waiting in the folder I specify. But it gets better: iVI's smart, and, if you tell the app to watch a folder for convertable files, it will detect their arrival and convert them without any user involvement at all, copying the converted files to a folder you specify or importing them into iTunes. And those files! The conversions are big, bright, clear, and smooth. I'm converting beautiful, fat MTS streams into .mv4 files, and the output from iVI is dazzling. iVI retains all the clarity of my raw high-def streams, but outputs much smaller files that are perfect for playing on any Apple device or for importing into iMovie. I used to archive all those fat MTS files; now, after seeing iVI's output, I'm not sure I need to. I must also mention the developers here. When I first purchased an earlier version of iVI, it was unable to convert my MTS files. (Output was choppy and audio was out-of-synch.) I contacted the developers and described the problem. Within a day, they had begun updating the app. They collaborated with me every step of the way ... and soon tweaked the app so that it worked with the MTS files from my Lumix camera perfectly. (Thanks, guys!) I can't recommend iVI heartily enough. It's a great app, supported by great folks ... and it's made converting and sharing precious memories a lot faster and easier.

Best of kind Posted by

I have used iVI and also iFlicks - I like both. iVI is my first choice, because.. 1. It’s better at finding movie & TV show meta info (correctly) the first time. 2. It identifies and encodes 5:1 audio, and makes a properly balanced stereo copy at the same time. No more music that blares with vocals you can barely make out. 3. If you set up two drop folders, one for movies, the other for TV shows - iVI will process them and then place them and/or create folders (including [showName]/[seasonNumber] for you. 4. It only re-encodes audio/video when it needs to - since .avi, .mkv, etc. are realy just container codecs; which means many times your MKV or AVI file is really in an Apple Friendly audio and.or video codec. In this case iVI will not need to re-encode the compatable parts - this saves time, and processor power, and preserves the highest quality. 5. iVI lets you set limits on file sizes for TV and Movie conversions. However, iVI uses theMoviesDB and theTVshowsDB for lookups, which sometimes have returned no results (I think because domain lookups may be involved), while iFlicks uses IMDB (probably ip-based); so iFlicks is more reliable even when the others are not up. Its not a frequent problem, but when it is, I then flip to iFlicks for awhile. Although iFlicks has smart filters that are more powerful than iVI's, you don’t really need these with iVI - you will though with iFlicks. These are both great apps - and I would strongly recommend you get both. You will discover that iVI is going to be your first line choice though - i’m quite sure you will agree once you try them both. 99% of the time I use iVI - and HIGHLY RECOMMENT IT. Both play well with iTunes - with or without external itunes storage drives - equally well.

What an outstanding App. Posted by

I don't write reviews, primarly because I'm lazy. But wow, all I can say is how incredible it is for me to take a movie, load it into this app, and out comes a final product that not only is viewable in items with its Metadata and Cover Art, but at any time in the future this file will STAY THE SAME. All the METADATA and COVER art will STAY WITH THE FILE. How many bogus apps are out there where MetaData is ONLY stored in those Apps? only to find out later your whole collection is vanished because the apps developer made it that way? Wow, all i can say is wow. A MASTERPIECE to anyone out there who has or is just starting a movie collection. A cherry, A mint, A masterpiece, whatever you want to call it…. this is one app you cannot go without. -DWiLL P.S. Developers: Could you please edit your "Searching….." when looking up MetaData, I find the App Freezes (or just Hangs……) like it is continously searching for nothing because a web server is not responding or something? and this causes the app to become "Unusable." It would be nice to just click a cancel button or a x button to back out, instead of Force Closing the App. This rarely happens, but when it does it just so happens a have a hefty list of vids in my list that disappears because of "Force Closing" the app, it's forced to forget everything it was doing. Thanks!! BTW: If you take donations, please e-mail me or post on here, I would love to donate 10.00 thanks for everything. I couldn't live without this app.

The missing link Posted by

When the AppleTV 2nd Gen came out, I purchased two. Now i just had to figure out a way to easily get videos imported into itunes so the appletv's could see it. iVI did the trick and then some. Not only does it do a great job converting different video formats to be itunes compatible, it adds titles, artwork and descriptions. It does this automatically if it can determine the show name; otherwise, it gives you a great interface to add it on your own. If you download video, you can have iVI monitor folders and automatically convert the videos into itunes. This turns any mac into the perfect "automated" video server for AppleTV or to sync videos with your iPad, iPhone or iPod. This app totally rocks. You wont find another application like it. If you want to automate importing videos to itunes, this is the app for you. iVI literally save me hours of work. Awesome product. *** For the reviewer below that had issues with out of sync audio and SD conversions, take a look at south poles site. The developers are more than happy to turn around feature requests or bug fix in quick time. If you are having an issue or would like to request a feature, contact south pole. These guys are great. I did and they added a number of my feature requests (variable intervals on folder monitoring, better control on video quality / size, process shows automatically even if no metadata is found, no upscaling SD if HD only is selected etc).

Very useful Posted by

I use this as a substitute for Handbrake and MetaZ, although this app apparently uses Handbrake in the background, it does not appear to use all of the CPU (which I like). The advantages I have found (over my other system) are that it will mark video as SD or HD (but it’s not quite automatic), it can automatically determine movie or TV show season/episode from the file name (although it had minor probems with “Battlestar Galactica (2003)” - note the parenthesis), and it will automatically move the result into iTunes. Although the last part is a bit weird as it seems to move the source file (can’t quite describe the behavior). Settings are very easy to understand vs. Handbrake. Tagging search results are not as comprehensive as MetaZ, but it can mark videos as HD, and it doesn’t seem to confuse Actor/Director/Show entries as MetaZ does. Batch mode works good: name the files appropriately (e.g. TVShow.S1.E5.mkv, Movie.mkv), then drag-drop into iVI. Validate the tagging results, then click [Convert All]. Almost a no-brainer. Originally downloaded it to join movies; I could not get it to work for that purpose. I found a better method (MP4Box -cat) that does not try to re-encode, so it’s a whole lot faster. But for encoding and tagging (and moving into iTunes) this is a very good app.

OMG This is Awesome !!! Posted by

This is an amazing piece of software. Really. Wow. It's worth 10x what they are charging for it. If you are like me, you probably have many video files (TV, Movies) that you may have obtained from various sources. iVI can take these files and process them into formats that iTunes can easily use. PLUS it downloads the metadata for each file, so that the full Show/Movie name, release date, episode number (whatever…) is all encoded into the metadata! If you have many video files of various types, but have yet to find a good, consistent, and elegant workflow to get those videos from their native state into iTunes, and also ready to play on an AppleTV, then this program is for you. I love the way this software really takes full advantage of a multiple core processor. My MacBook Pro has an 8-core i7, and all of the cores are running at like 90%+ capacity while iVI is re-encoding everything. Amazing. I have probably gathered like 12 different pieces of "Video Encoder" or "Converter" software trying to find something that works really well and is easy to use. This does it all. It's integration with iTunes, it's ability to grab metadata from the web, and the fact that it's now making my AppleTV 10x more useful, puts this program at the head of the pack.

Perfect….updated Posted by

This app is all about two features for me. Most important is the powerful, fast, customizable conversion settings. Exactly what I need, and it does batch conversion. That is the first thing I look for in a converter. The other feature that I've never had but is so amazing is finding TV sho or Movie info and filling in all of that metadata. It makes the files I import into iTunes looks as if I got them from the iTunes Store. This is the first app I've purchased from the Mac App Store and I think it will be the best I download all year. 3.3 Update: After fixing the problem with theTVDB integrati, I now have problems converting video tracks of all file types. Useless at this point for converting videos for me 3.65 Update: I think this will now be my replacement now for subler, whereas with subler I have to manually search and apply metadata to videos for everything file, iVI automatically applies the metadata based on filename and allows for corrections, the itunes store integration is what I thought I’d lose switching from subler but its included. I only have an issue with audio options, where checking any box force checks a greyed out stereo copy, duplicating that track in the final output.

Great App! Powerful Features! Outstanding Customer Service! Posted by

The wonderful automatic tagging feature that lets everything look like content from the iTunes Store is worth the price alone. On top of that you're getting a really high quality and powerful encoding app that seems more bare-bones than Handbrake at first, but is in fact way more feature rich. The developers packed a lot of automatic settings under the hood, which in Handbrake are exposed for everyone to see and get confused about. - Very Apple-like. Here is another amazing feature that no other video encoder has: (in case you have to) you can adjust the audio sync AFTER the encoding is done. No need to re-encode again.This is possible because of a feature called "video-pass-through". When iVI detects a video track that already has the desired target bit-rate, it simply leaves it alone. So again, you don't have to remember to turn things on or off, you just drag the compressed video back into iVI, it sees that the video is already how you want it to be and simply deals with your audio adjustments. They deserve an award for that alone... And on top of all that - the developer is extremely helpful and responsive. An absolute winner in my opinion!

Flexible Settings, Simple UI, but takes over my MTS files! Posted by

For $3, this takes the headaches out of a lot of video conversion. There are so many shady-looking apps on the internet that cost a LOT more than this one. Anyways, this app does what it promises to do. You import a list of video files and can batch convert them between a huge number of formats. If you're intimdated by that, you can leave the default settings as-is. Otherwise you can tweak the bitrate and other settings to your needs. Two notes. 1) iVI sometimes takes over as the default format to open my MTS files! Even when I set an app such as Movist to my default, iVI instantaneously switches the setting back to itself! This happens both in the "Get info" window and "Open with" menu. Only after the fourth or fifth time could I get it to stay permanently. Who knows if it will turn back again. 2) If your camera is like mine (Panasonic GF1, AVHCD .MTS), you will need to check the "MTS Preprocess" option in the "General" tab of the Preferences pane. Otherwise there will be a 3 second lag between video and audio. Just a heads-up. BTW, this makes the MTS files perfectly acceptable to Final Cut...

I am shocked. It is awesome! Posted by

This is a pretty sweet app. I was a bit skeptical at first because lots of conversion softwares are not up to par. I fortunately got this when it was on sale, so I figured I would give it a shot. I like this one because it is simple drag and drop but it's also got a lot of customization too. It's also really nice because it automatically deposited my videos into my iTunes. There's a setting if you don't want it to do that, but for me, I love it. I don't have to worry about going back and finding the file to place into iTunes later. Now I can create videos and carry them with me on all of my devices. It works faster than most conversion apps, so once something is in queue I just sit back and let it do what it's supposed to. The only thing I can say is that I wish I could view the completed videos from the app itself. I may have missed it, and it's not a crucial detail so I still highly recommend it. Overall it's a really great app, whether you are converting just one file or multiple videos.

A Little Rough At First Posted by

I have a folder of about 500 or more AVCHD home videos from my Canon camcorder. When I first installed iVI it bascially choked when I set the conversion parameters for my collection. I ended up going folder by folder and adding my videos into Video Converter and it just chugged along. I really didn't want to have to do this for every new video. I gave iVI another chance and it worked as promised that time. At first when I tried to play a converted video form inside iTunes it couldn't locate the original. On their support page the answer was there and when I changed some preferences all was right with the world. Now I can import videos into a folder, they are automatically detected and converted into iTunes. It is so awesome to liberate my home movies from my computer and see them via Apple TV on my plasma in the living room. The kids love watching themselves in HD. Give it a try, it will save you a lot of time and effort.

The Missing Link Posted by

This app is amazingly useful. It knows its role and really does everything it can to fill it. I use this as an essential part of my torrent-to-AppleTV2 workflow, and it is a gamechanger. It is super configurable (especially love the ability to control minute details of which folder(s) to watch and where to save and send finished rips), and once you have it set up like you need it, it just works, all in the background, with nary a peep. I use Transmission, two very simple Folder Action scripts created with Automator, and iVI to get downloads to my Apple TV, allowing me to replace a $1k media center Mac with a $99 Apple TV that makes no fan noise, has a better user experience, and draws less power. One click to download a torrent and that's it, with no other actions by me and it pops up on my Apple TV a short while later, with all the meta data, cover images, etc. It feels like magic. And this app is free?! We are all so lucky.

Awesome tool if you take into account this information Posted by

First off, thank you to the company that wrote this software. Here are a couple of tips: 1. Choose the number of threads that the software is allowed to use so it doesn’t max out your cpu all the time and cause your computer to overheat. You can adjust the number of threads under the conversion tab. 2. The software detected all of my videos as Movies instead of Home Movies. If you highlight all videos, choose edit, and then choose Home Movies, it will change all of the highlighted videos to Home Movies. This is important because you want the software to use the seettings you configured for Home Movies. Now, if you choose to edit the first video, you can just use command+N to move through all videos (you will notice that all of the videos change to a green ok each time you use command+N). Having said that, I love this software and will never ever buy a video camera that uses .MTS format. Hope you found this review helpful.

Lots of promise, but not there yet. by MagicMacMan 2011-10-31

I do a lot of video work. I actually edit TV shows and commercials for a living. I've been converting video and tagging them for a number of years starting with Handbrake + MetaX, then Handbrake+iFlicks, and now I'm trying out iVi. I've used it for a few weeks now and though the app shows a lot of promise, it's not ready to be my full time video conversion app. I'll tell you why. LIKES -I like that it is all one app. Normally I have to convert in handbrake then tag with meta data using iflicks. Which is fine, but it's been extremely nice being able to take 1 app, and do both. If I have several shows or movies to convert, I can set them all up, and never have to check my desktop to see that they are going. It auto converts, tags, and adds to itunes. This has been great! This is actually though, the only feature I'm liking right now. Dislikes -For one, the tagging is not correct. Movies just show up as "Home movies" which is what they do when it can't find metadata. TV shows are even worse. I add an episode of say Simpsons. It shows up as "John Benjamin has a Van". Even though the actual file name would be "simpsons.s02e05.avi". It would figure out the season and episode, but of a different show. It is almost NEVER right. At least for me. -Artwork. It has given the wrong artwork. After I manually tell it what show it actually is, it gives the worst artwork, sometimes like a banner or somethign random. I am not able to set a "rule" as in iflicks to always set the artwork to the correct square artwork that I use in iTunes. This is getting quite annoying to manually add each artwork every time. -Time. Handbrake I never thought was the fastest, but maybe it is. I used iFlicks and it's conversion was dreadful. It wasn't the worst but not only was it slow, it gave no options. iVi gives you slightly more options (not as many as I would like) but enough to work. This is just as slow and intolerable as iFlicks when it comes to time though. It took 2 hours and 50 minutes to convert an 42 minute, HD tv episode. I feel that is far too long. Handbrake would probably take an hour or so to convert that. WRAP UP -I was really hoping to have a new video and tagging app here but the wrong tagging and the lengthy conversions make this app a no go for me right now. I'll keep using it some situations, say at night when I want to let my computer do all my work all night, so when I wake up, all my new episodes are ready to go without me having to tag and add to iTunes. So it does have its place, but I'm pretty sure for now, I'll stick to my 2 step, twice as quick process.

Could be better by shindekokoro 2011-04-28

Edit** After about a week or so of using I've gone back to using handbrake and subler (both free by the way) to so what this application is supposed to make easy for you. In some cases if could be useful, but there it's lack a few things that just doesn't beat what I've already been using. For the average end user it could work to their advantage I guess. Maybe future updates will improve upon these shortcommings. Works really well for what I want it to do in most cases. Wish there a a quick key to allow the option of putting editing the info on the video before conversion such as: ⌘-e ⌘-i I really love key commands. Also, I love that it downloads all the metadata information for me, but having more control over what gets saved in the end would really be nice. Also, being able to view a quick thumbnail view of all the available artwork for a series or movie would be nice. Maybe how subler does the metadata and artwork for the tagging of files, or something similiar?

Could be perfect but... by Tif & Tondu 2011-06-05

Overview: This is quite easy to use and very good at pre-filling meta-data. But then with all efforts that have been made so far in developing video converters, there is NO video converter that always works. This one is no exception. For the price, it's a very good addition to anyone's collection of video converters. More details: Some of my converted files don't play on Apple TV 1 (with the exact same settings as other files which work perfectly well). Strange... and quite frustrating. A few improvements would be required too to make it perfect: - Setting to automatically set destination folder to same folder as source file - Setting to set more precisely the bit rate (incl. "try to match original bit rate") - Speed (this seems slower than some other converters - didn't do proper benchmarks though! - but I don't mind to give up a bit of performance for the quality output at the end, with meta data pre-filled etc)

Fails silently by Ross02 2012-12-25

I used this program quite a bit earlier this year, and had some more work for it to do recently. While it worked fine in the past, it now seems prone to hanging and UI lag, which is an unpleasant surprise. Much more serious is that it fails silently. By this I mean that if you give it an mkv with problems (but not insurmountable problems!) it happily processes the part of the file with zero problems, then stops, with no warning to the user. There's not even an error message in the console. It seems like it would be pretty straightforward to make sure that the length of the file you produce matches the length of the file you started with. This has happened with the last three files I gave IVI to work on. Given that the whole point of buying this was to avoid doing a bunch of work by hand, and that it now requires that I check all of its work by hand, I don't think I'll be using it again, at least until there's an update.

Not as good as Handbrake by h00dz 2011-03-01

Thought I'd give this app a try since the UI looked a little more friendly than Handbrake. The UI is much simpler in iVI, _BUT_ it's laggy, the metadata support isn't the best, and it crawls upon conversion. Converted movies came out fine (quality-wise), and it did give you some customization, but the UI was sluggish on my Mac Mini. I love Handbrake, and have been using that for all my conversion needs (along with Subler for metadata, cover art lookup). The UI is a little less novice friendly, but the core is much better built that iVI. Handbrake spits out files quickly and doesn't hog resources like this app. I'm sure this app is great for people who want to convert their movies easily, and without worrying about the hassle of audio channels and encoding options, etc. For now though, I'll stick with Handbrake until iVI cleans up the core and makes it speedier.

it works but it is not easy to use by Wrigsnipe 2011-10-19

this app works great but for me as I am quick to pick up things I had to do some learning just to use this app it is not very easy to get the jest of it. All Apple apps written by Apple out of the box just work there is know learning how to do and they do not publish a app with bugs out out of the box. your GUI is to hard to understand it takes to much time to figure out what you want and have the time you can't find the files that you converted for this i gave it a three star rating. Yes it works but I feal like I almost have to be a hacker to know what I want and that is not right. Not everyone knows the ends and out of a Mac your not writing a software for a program using a SDK but just someone that love moves and tv shows and just wants it to work so change your GUI. And yes I'm a programmer and I found it to be challenging to use.

New version bombs more often by jlaylor 2011-10-09

I have been looking forward to the update and am saddened that a feature has been removed (show original file name with new inferred name), and that the program now bombs even more than before (I have several films that worked right on the previous version, but now consistantly bomb the program). This is a GREAT concept, but has a few missing key features. 1. it needs to support .sub files (only supports .srt). 2. Needs to see dates in parenthesis to help further identify the film (often dates are included in the original file name). Needs to look in the folder FOR the .srt file. I am really disappointed most that the program seems to be taking steps backwards instead of forward. I am glad to see it now supports the turbo.264 HD USB dongle. I am looking forward to bug fixes and new features in the next iteration.

iTunes Confusion by James Griffin 2011-05-14

I bought this app upon recommendation from a "conversion Guru". The functionality of getting all my metadata up to date and converting the tons of old shows was heady at first. I was beginning to recommend to other folks, then...it began. My apple TV stopped being able to access my itunes library. After being annoyed I noticed this was happening whenever i was running IVI. Occassionally IVI would hang when exporting a file, and in so doing it would cause iTunes to hang as well. That was the beginning, now everytime I try to run IVI it hangs and disables my iTunes in the bargain. So, while the promise of functionality is great, the delivery is buggy, and for me, unusable. I truly hope the developers see this and take steps to correct.

NO VOB SUPPORT! by SkinMusic 2012-08-18

If a negative zero star was possible they would get 10. No VOB support? I have precious memories in VOB format and wanted to transfer them to my mac and make a movie regarding. This program was highly recommended and I did not know what format the files were in until this program informed me via an alert box that it no longer supported VOB, No longer? Think about it next time you jerks that movies are memories and you should support all formats no matter how old. What incredible disrespect for people and their memories. I went to a PC and in 1 minute I had the files coverted to Mpeg 4 and on iTunes for all to view. I will tell all that I can about you crap program and to avoid it. Should have stayed with PC. Consider putting VOB support BACK.

Why by admusic 2014-05-18

I use this on two computers. Each one, I open this app, drag a file into it for meta-data and nothing happens. I’ve let it search for hours. NOTHiNG. Quit the app, reopen - drag the same file(s) searches and finds immediately. But on two computers, I must open, drag files - nothing. Quit, re-open and it works. This has been for over a year.. But with this update I was hoping it was fixed - it is not - same thing. I have written their support using their webiste two times - NEVER have they responded. The app works, just for me I have to open, drag, Quit, reopen and it usually works. SOMETIMES I have to Quit it a few times before it works. But it eventually does work. Just don’t expect developer support.

Interface chokes on importing AVCHD by FLKane 2011-10-06

I bought this specifially to convert AVCHD video shot on my Sony HX9V into something that iMovie could use. It did a good job of keeping the very high quality of the HD video. What was not so good, was that when I set it to import about 9 1-minute clips, it really choked in it's interface. Didn't crash, but just to try to scroll the window would freeze it for many minutes. So working with it, I wanted to pull my hair out, and it really took way too long. I hope they improve the interface--Im using an iMac with an i7 chip, so there's no excuse for the poor performance. 3 stars for the good quality video I finally, finally got from it.

will not open/convert any AVCHD clips from my Sony FS-100 camera by JackpotJohnny 2011-06-11

iVI blows up when i try to open/convert any AVCHD clip from my Sony FS-100 camera, tried rebooting after install, still same problem every time, does not end gracefully, pgm just terminates in error. Also checked for updates for it, even though just downloaded it from the Mac App Store today, none, also check for updates to Snow Leopard, none avail, so i'm up to rev. Tried long and short clips, from 10+ min down to a 4 sec clip, all of them cause iVI to ab end. I clicked on Send Error Report each time it happened, hope the postmortems help them solve their troubles. On to something else...

Seems nice...when working by Scooter74.. 2011-07-25

Installed product and found it very easy to use. Fairly robust set of features...in some cases too many. For instance, all I want to do is add Meta Tags and not convert...I find MetaX do be a better choice. If you want to convert video to HD this is a great tool...takes some time though but that should be expected. Automation cababilities are great too. PROBLEM - after closing the product for the first time (liked it so much I left it open for several days converting video) I am no longer able to open it. I have not began troubleshooting yet but this should not happen.

Failed with Error by RBakkenPhoto 2013-07-24

I purchased this application specifically so that I could convert .mod files to be able to view them on my iMac. Whenever I tried to do a CONVERT, I got the message "Failed with error: no video track present/ no video track selected" no matter which variation of settings I tried. I see that someone else also got the same results trying to convert .mod files. I woud really like to uninstall this application and get a full refund, since I was able to find another application that does a great job of converting .mod files for me.

wish there was more format options. by purplecyphers 2011-10-14

its nice having files as mp4s, but with this programme on my mac, i cannot even just open the files it converts, it just keeps going back to this programme. i would have thought if this programme converted the file into an mp4, that i should be able to just click it and have it open in iTunes or QuickTime, but no, it just opened this programme again. annoying; that should be fixed. also, it would be nice if avi format was an option, because although that's not used regularly on things like AppleTV, it is a nice size format.

Internet Connection Bug by durandal777 2011-11-18

Requires an internet connection or else you're dead in the water. Adding a file to convert if there is no internet connection results in a perpetual spinning wheel in the queue window. You then can't remove the file from the queue, and even if you re-launch the app when you do have internet, it's still hung and you can't do anything. Have to delete the plist file in ~/Library/Preferences to reset everything. Very, VERY annoying bug, especially as one of the many people buying the new MacBook Airs.

Great Product - Significant Flaw by HTownChowDown.com 2014-12-29

I've tried many different methods to get media into my iTunes library to enjoy on my iPad and Apple TV, and iVI is by far the best solution I've found. Conversions are fast (even on my vintage Mac Mini) video quality is excellent, and the metadata is first rate. One problem. Box art doesn’t always show up on iOS 8. It may be a problem with the aspect ratio, but it’s somehting the IVI team needs to address; the formerly slick product looks very amateurish with this flaw.

not supprted by iMovie by used101 2011-12-15

I bought this because it said clearly that it is to work with iMovie after downloading it and setting up a conversion of several files and waiting over 8 hours to convert them nothing useful. I set it to be used for editing in iMovie and still nothing works waste of money sure but $3.99 is nothing compared to the loss of time and effort. Useless is a kind review for my needs. It didn't even change the file format on 7/8 of the videos how is this a solution!

Update broke iPod conversion by Eric in Alameda 2013-11-21

I was using this app religiously to convert videos on to my ipod nano latest generation. Even then it would often take HD video and convert it to SD at a HIGHER FILE SIZE than the HD but making it compatible with my nano. Now it is hit and miss. The ones that do work TAKE LONGER to convert but most convert to SD, get loaded into iTunes but WILL NOT load on to my device. I've reviewed the options, I don't know why, it just won't work. Wa


I have a mean machine - Macbook Pro 2.5GHz with 16GB of RAM and a super fast SSD - but this app hung irretrievably the first time I tried to convert a .mov. The second time, when I did a simple "drag" into the conversion window, the "processing wheel" spun and spun and spun and spun… Until eventually I quit. So I used iSkysoft Video Converter instead. And it worked like a dream, first shot. I want my money back for this dog.