Joe's Ice Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Joe's Ice Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Joe's Ice Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Joe's Ice Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Joe's Ice Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Joe's Ice Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Joe's Ice Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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The most amazing Italian Ice on Earth is now in the palm of your hands! These are all homemade recipes created here in the house that Joe built, with the finest ingredients available. So relax, enjoy and Yelp those satisfaction remarks to all your friends and relatives! Thanks, Joe. Features: - Find out what flavors we have for the day (we change flavors daily!) - Easily view the menu while in line - Subscribe to receive push notifications for promotions, updates and more - Connect with our Social Media accounts within the app


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Best Italian Ice! Posted by

I have been going to Joes for over 3 years now. I was introduced by a couple of friends and realized it was right next door to where I live. The most popular item is the Joe Latti which consists of vanilla or chocolate soft serve (imported from Philadelphia), your choice of one or two Italian ice flavors, and finished with more soft serve all in one cup! My favorite all time flavor is the Smurf Poison which is sour and goes well with the sweet vanilla soft serve. I've gotten their quart size which is great for sharing and freezing for later. Their flavors do change daily for the most part so the app helps with knowing what they are serving everyday. I bring all of my family from out of town here and they leave craving Joes. Try it out for yourself and see what your favorite flavor is!

Best Italian Ice in Southern California! Posted by

I've tried Frostbites, Confetti, Rita's, etc. but I stay coming back to Joe's because I think I like their variety and fun flavors the most! The service is usually quick despite long lines. They let you sample up to 5 flavors and will describe them to you too! It can be overwhelming for those who have never been but the employees are usually patient and friendly. I used to check their IG or facebook page for daily flavors so I love that now there's an app with updated times and the flavor descriptions! That gives me time to decide before I get there.

Joe's is ONE OF A KIND and just got better Posted by

After living in OC most of my life I just found Joe's Italian Ice earlier this year. I am addicted, then I introduced it to my bf and now he loves it too. We always have our punch cards handy. And NOW!!! Joe has created this awesome app. I love it. And it sounds like it is going to get better. It is a great place to visit, the workers are trained well and always courteous. They are well organized with one line, multiple windows open to assist, instructions on how to order and they offer unlimited samples. I can go on and on, but you have to try for yourself.

Love Italian ice!!!! Posted by

Just found out I know I'm late but it's super duper good my fave flavor has to be fuzzy wuzzy!!! I have seen this place for a long long time but I never really went out of my way to go to the ice cream place. Finally I moved closer and it has to be my entire family's addiction. My family doesn't really like sweets but the flavors here have to be oh so amazing. No joke we went out or Italian ice for 3 days in a row. The people here are super cool and give u up to like 5 samples. All flavored are good it's actually the hardest part lollll.

The BEST Italian Ice Posted by

Joe's has the best Italian ice I've ever tasted! The flavors are so authentic and unique, I wonder how they can pack so much flavor in each cup! Every time I have friends coming from out of town, Joe's is a must try staple! The app makes their daily flavors more accessible and even has flavor information available for the ice so I know what I'm getting. My go-to flavors are Smurf Poison, Horchata, Wild Cherry and Sour Watermelon. Seriously the best place for some Italian ice, no matter the season.

Yummy gummy!! Posted by

I remember the first time my friend brought me here. I had always heard of joes but never came. We got the Joelatti, which is their most popular item, and I got the flavor yummy gummy. OH MY GOD. It is amazing!!! I'm so happy with this app because it lets me know what flavors are available and when they are available! I also never knew what yummy gummy was made of but their app has a section where it tells you what their flavors consist of! Super happy with this app and Joes!

WE LOVE JOES! Posted by

Since I started high school in 2009 I've been hooked to joes! I've tried different Italian ice places & nothing even compares to Joe's! I love how it's so close to my house & it's not just ice cream. I guess it's just that good since I even got my family hooked on it! And since this app it's been amazingly easy to check the daily flavors without leaving home! If you've never tried Joe's you're missing out!

Joe's is # 1 Posted by

Joe's Italian Ice is a must have when in the area. I work at the resort up the street and all my coworkers love Joe's as well. The Joe Latti is a must have- I've also tried malts and soft serve. I also love they make their ice with real fruits and change their flavors every day. Joe's has a nice facility with a parking lot. The employees are great. The app is helpful telling yoy the flavors of the day!

Just because I'm a fan.. Posted by

I love Joe's Ice - it's a Disneyland tradition. I'll give this app 5 stars because of my love for the product- but here's a tip. The app is meaningless without putting incentive on it. You guys have a rewards paper punch cards... why not invest in a computer system and turn this app into your rewards program. Give me a reason to keep this app and not just look at Instagram every day..

Great App, Great Ice Posted by

I've loved going to Joe's Italian ice for years now. It's by far my favorite Ice cream-related restaurant. I love everything about it and this app is all the better for other Joe's fans. You can see all the different flavors of the day, (my favorite feature), you can show new customers the entire menu, and you can see nearby restaurants. Great app.

Amazing!!!! Posted by

Absolutely love their "joe-latti's". The ice cream is creamy and delicious and the Italian ice is flavorful. Together, creates an amazing combination! Love it soooo much! I go there as often as I can. I would definitely recommend it. The app also makes it easy to see the daily flavors and their menu to show friends who have never been there before.

Best Ice in Town! Posted by

We drive 30min once a week to grab some Joe's Italian Ice! It's the best Ice in town and there's nothing better ! Waiting is never a problem but if there ever is a line , it isn't too long and it's definitely worth the wait ! There's only one in CA so it is a MUST for all SoCal ice cream & Italian lovers !!!

Here once a week ! Posted by

My family and I have been coming to Joe's for the past 4 years at least once a week . We love checking there daily flavors and sampling any new flavors they have that day. Excited to use this new app. So far the app has been very helpful and simple to use. if ever in the Anaheim area it's definitely a place to check out .

Simply The Best Posted by

Joe's Italian Ice is a place you can go anytime of the year simply because of how delicious it is! They change flavors everyday which keeps you wondering what flavor they will have next. They got this new app recently and it really comes in handy! If you're a fan of Joe's, definitely get the app!


I have been to several Italian ice and Joe's is the best one so far! Their custard is so different and unique compared to others! I haven't found an Italian ice place close to Joe's. The app it also easy to navigate! You should definitely go to Joe's and download the app too!!

Joes Italian ice Posted by

This is a great invention for showing us the flavored and deals I will like to use the buy one get 2 free November 5th

Unbelievable by Game used to be cool 2017-01-24

Was very unhappy to get 19 notifications in a row between 4:30-5:00 am while on vacation.