John Calvin Commentary HD - 3x larger than Matthew Henry Bible Commentary Apps free for iPhone/iPad
John Calvin Commentary HD - 3x larger than Matthew Henry Bible Commentary Apps free for iPhone/iPad

John Calvin Commentary HD - 3x larger than Matthew Henry Bible Commentary Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install John Calvin Commentary HD - 3x larger than Matthew Henry Bible Commentary Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Download John Calvin Commentary HD - 3x larger than Matthew Henry Bible Commentary for iPhone/iPad
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__Ranked #2 Top Paid Reference App (US)__

The Complete John Calvin Commentary App provides you with over 22,000 pages of trusted verse by verse explanations of Scripture with over 100,000 Scripture references (KJV) and notes in your pocket.

The whole John Calvin Commentary in forty-five volumes is contained entirely on your iPad, no wireless connection needed. The commentary will use under 165MB of storage. So you can take your library outside with you this summer.

If you have any issues or want to say hi, email us at [email protected] We will get back to you within 24 hours, guaranteed.

The controls are simple and intuitive. Tap the left or right arrows to go back or forward a chapter at a time. Tap the book name to bring up a list of all books, chapters and verses to jump there fast. Tap a blue scripture reference to view it instantly. Do the same for the notes which are displayed in the form of blue numbers throughout the text. You can also change the text size to your liking simply by selecting the top left corner menu icon and tapping the size increase/decrease icons for as many times as you would like.

Note that Calvin wrote a commentary for 48 books of the bible out of 66. The following books have no commentaries to them: Judges, Ruth, 1& 2 Samuel, 1& 2 Kings, 1 & 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, 2 & 3 John, and Revelation.


- No wireless connection needed - the complete 45 volume commentary is entirely contained on your iPad using only 164MB of storage.

- 22,000 pages of trusted verse by verse explanation of Scripture

- 100,000 Scripture references and notes

- Adjust the font size to your liking

- Supports both portrait and landscape view

- Remembers your location on exit so you return to where you last left off.

- Easily share with your friends.

John Calvin Commentary HD - 3x larger than Matthew Henry Bible Commentary Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Great app Posted by

Thanks for developing this app. It is wonderful to have the thousands of pages of commentary in one place, that can go anywhere Navigation is simple, making it easy to find passages. It is great to be able to quickly look at the commentary on cross-references in my Bible, without having to pull multiple books off a shelf. A few improvements I suggest (in this order): a search feature, a bookmark feature, and the ability to highlight and make notes. Also there is some extra white space when the font is decreased. If that can be reduced a bit it would help fir less scrolling. Or at least give the option to do smaller spacing.

Awesome App!!! Posted by

Great app! Simple interface! Dependable! The only thing I would add is highlights and sharing capabilities. I love having Calvin's thoughts and commentary a tap away. This app has been useful to me in preparing bible studies and also in personal times of study! Thanks to the developers for their sacrifice and contribution to the kingdom! Can't wait for Matthew Henry!

Blessings Untold Posted by

John Calvin was and continues to be an instrument used by the Lord for the reformation of the Church and also for so much else. His commentaries have been and still are used by many, enjoyed by all, and a reference for fan and foe alike. Widely useful and containing blessings and insights into God’s Word that remain useful and relevant through the ages.

It's hard to get better Posted by

It's hard to get better than John Calvin. The makers of this app did a great job putting this together, allowing people to access these great works for so cheap. I find myself using this app all the time - during personal study, sermon preparation, Bible studies... I love it, and I'm so thankful for it. It's highly recommended.

Very Nice Posted by

A very useful app that I can see using a lot in the future. The interface is pretty bare bones; I think it'd be useful to have links from the words of Scripture to the applicable commentary. Instead, there's a lot of scrolling you have to do. But that's just a nitpick. For the price, you can't beat it. Highly recommend!

Great study tool! Posted by

Calvin's ability to stay within the context of scripture and to open up and further explain what is written, and what is being said, is a must have for any Christian who is interested in consistency and truth. This app is very good. I'm very pleased with it. Thank you(:

It exists Posted by

I truly appreciate that someone took the time to make John Calvin's comments on the Holy Scripture available digitally. It is easy to use, hard to understand in places, after all, it was written hundreds of years ago, and is an essential part of a Reformed library. Thanks.

A great addition to my collection Posted by

This is a great addition to your Christian app collection. I usually seem to need a commentary when I am not near my home library or computer. It is great to be able to have access to one now right on my iPad. Love this!

Great app Posted by

Other than being unable to turn my iPad on its side, I have no complaints with either the navigation nor the layout. Calvin's a great read, even for those of us who have severe disagreements with him.

Best Bible study resource ever Posted by

22k pages of Calvin's exegesis of Scripture in my iPad for this cheap! It's a no brainer! I also love how beautiful and minimalist the app looks. Easy to use and reliable. Thank you!

Amazing app. Posted by

This app is great. Clean, organized , and easy to use. Huge blessing to have it on my iPad.

Useful with a Simple Interface by L301001 2015-07-07

One of the single most valuable things this app accomplishes is putting Calvin's commentaries in a inexpensive and useful format. Other biblical study outlets charge over $1000 for this content. After using the app for a few weeks now, I am forced to drop my rating to 3 stars. I've been finding the poor navigation controls a real hindrance to my studies. I humbly suggest the following: 1- Search 2- Make the Bible text at the top of each chapter link the the commentary selection below 3- Search 4- As another commentator mentioned before, an overall, top level index to span the entire 22,000 pages 5- Search 6- Search Other than that, the app is generally well done with useful and valuable information. Additionally, this app succeeds at doing one thing well, instead of trying to be like a Swiss Army knife with every possible knob and button.

Badly Needs Table of Contents, Index, and search function... by sjm49 2015-04-04

So, 22,000 pages and no way to view an overview of contents, check an index, or even search and/or jump to a particular page?!?!!