Join It - The Most Realistic Jigsaw Puzzle Game Games free for iPhone/iPad
Join It - The Most Realistic Jigsaw Puzzle Game Games free for iPhone/iPad

Join It - The Most Realistic Jigsaw Puzzle Game Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Join It - The Most Realistic Jigsaw Puzzle Game Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Join It - The Most Realistic Jigsaw Puzzle Game Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Join It - The Most Realistic Jigsaw Puzzle Game Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Join It - The Most Realistic Jigsaw Puzzle Game Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Join It is the jigsaw puzzle game wich lets you vividly experience assembling a jigpicturesaw puzzle anywhere you can take your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Absolutely intuitive controls bring the game close to it's real life counterpart.

A myriad of difficulty options make the game playable for all levels and ages with the comfortable play remaining constant throughout.

While developing Join It we sought to take full advantage of the capabilities of a multi-touch screen in order to bring the game closest to reality. We are confident players will have as much fun with Join It as we had creating it.


1. Unique and intuitive controls
2. Four different puzzle shapes
3. New images can be added directly from the Photo Library or from other online sources
4. Puzzles with up to 500 pieces on the iPad and with up to 300 on the iPhone
5. Zooming functions
6. A selection of 130 HD images in the in-app inventory
7. A variety of backgrounds to chose from
8. Timer and top score tracking
9. Game Center Support - 4 Leaderboards: Total Score, Best Game Result, Number of Puzzles Solved and Total Gaming Time


-Reference picture can be hidden with the top slider in the Settings menu
-Sticking can also be turned off in the same Settings



Join It allows you to use a variety of gestures and features for interesting, realistic game play. 
- One-Finger Movement & Rotation - Touch one side of the puzzle piece to move, rotate or join it to another. 
- Direct Movement & Rotation - Touch the puzzle piece with one finger and game table with another to move with more control. 
- Pinch to Zoom - Use two fingers to zoom the game table in or out as with usual iPad images. 
- Magnetic Pieces - Two connecting pieces join together with magnetic force when close to each other. 
- Destroy the Heap - Double tap to scatter the initial proposed puzzle apart to start game play or to scatter a heap of pieces. 
- Grab & Move - Use three to five fingers to move a number of pieces at a time or to put some aside in a heap. 
- Reference Image Sticking – Optional helping tool that can be turned on or off in the Settings, permitting players to place puzzle pieces directly on the original image.  If correctly placed, the pieces will lock into position to facilitate assembly. 


Please visit Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle game website for detailed feature information. Also we appreciate all your feedbacks, so please send us your comments either on Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle website or right here on the App Store.

Join It - The Most Realistic Jigsaw Puzzle Game Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Fun puzzle app Posted by

Finally heard from devs. Evidently they are having trouble with their feedback system. They have assured me that there is a fix in review with Apple. So, as promised I'm fixing this back to 5 stars as Join-It really is the best puzzle app out there. UPDATE: Followed another's advice and deleted and reloaded the program. It worked! If you haven't yet tried it, go for it. Worked for me! However, I am still bothered by the developers complete lack of response. I put in two tickets to their website with no reply. I wish they had contacted us in any manner. Even a quick update to the patch notes letting us know what is up would have helped. So for now, I am only giving the program a 3 because when something goes wrong, we can clearly expect NO help. I'll put it back to 5 when I hear from the developers, in one fashion or another. Your latest update (I loaded it October 7, 2012) freezes while loading pictures then spontaneously quits. I have turned my iPad 2 off and back on. This was my favorite app for over a year. I'll fix my 5 star rating when you fix the app. As of 10/16, still no reply from devs. What is up with that?

Pretty Good Puzzle Game Posted by

Very nice game as is. But, I'd like it to have the option of not rotating the pieces for easier play, having all the pieces scatter but stay upright, like another puzzle game on ipad. Also, choices of differently shaped pieces, many of the traditional shapes like bubbles especially, again like that other iPad puzzle game. Better background options, or option for choosing and keeping my own background image. This puzzle game, however, has the best method of handling the play space, being large enough (larger than the iPad screen) so that the puzzle and all the pieces can be worked with like you would on a real table with a real puzzle... Just pan the screen left right up or down to search pieces, and drag the ones you want onto the puzzle area... There is nothing simpler or more realistic. So, to make this game the perfect puzzle game, just add those fancy options for puzzle piece shapes, rotate or not rotate pieces option, and allow more backgrounds (table color/texture) and nothing can beat this game.

4-Star Perfection Posted by

There's always room for improvement, so a five-star rating would be a way of saying, "Please ignore all the great suggestions from other reviewers and never change a thing." No mistake, it's a masterful piece of work, but personally I'd like to have the option to fade out the background photo completely with only a reference border frame remaining. More background choices would compensate for the problem of losing pieces visually in the available choices, depending on the puzzle's color scheme. In a real puzzle, dimensionality takes care of that problem. And why not simulate that effect by offering a 3-D style option? I wouldn't mind the option to change puzzle pieces as well as the option to turn off review prompts once a review has already been done, unless it already does that. I wouldn't know the answer to that yet because as you can see, at the time, I was writing this one.

Very happy with this app! Posted by

Overall I am pleased with this puzzle app, however: I would like the option for even more pieces, like others to be able to tap a piece to rotate. If you are close to another piece, the other piece interferes with it. Also, sometimes when "pinching" the app goes into the background-can be very annoying to say the least. I do love that I can use my own photos for puzzles. Your base pictures are fine, but my interest is kept better with my own. I've also not figured how to save a puzzle for later (that might just be me). Other than the that (my wish list) I would highly recommend this application for fellow puzzle lovers!!!

The Best!!! ************ Posted by

Free movement of pieces with touch of finger - no separate menu for rotating. And the best part is you can download new pictures whenever you want or use your own pictures. You set the scale - if you want a puzzle with 5 pieces or 85 pieces or 285 pieces - up to you - max is 300. Never had one problem with this app - and it's better than all the other jigsaw puzzles I've tried. AWESOME APP!!!! I give it 15 thumbs up! The only thing I might mention to the developers is... when you search "jigsaw puzzle" in the app store this doesn't come up.

All time favorite app, but..... Posted by

I love this app. Been playing it since my iPad 1. Would get a perfect rating except for a major and a minor complaint. Major: Destroy the Heap function can't be turned off and will ruin carefully lined up pieces. Can't get it to work when I want and really aggravates when it unexpectedly works. Minor: backgrounds. There is no pure black or white, and most of the colors are useless. Tried other jigsaw apps when an update went bad, and came right back when the bugs were fixed. Allow Destroy the Heap to be toggled and I'll give this 6 stars.

Great App Great Price Posted by

If you are looking for a jigsaw puzzle app, you can't go wrong with this one. The price is right, just $.99 to remove ads, and $.99 to add a collection of pictures. You can use your own pictures to make jigsaw puzzles. It shows you the display picture and you even have the option to have the pieces lock into place on the display picture, you can make the display picture transparent or opaque or anything in between, you can zoom in and out or you can lock the screen. This app does it all and for a reasonable price.

Join it awesome Posted by

In this app you can do simple puzzles for a child to insane! With 300 pieces that you have to figure out where and direction. I am a puzzle-holic and this app is totally awesome. One puzzle took me 3 hours on insane! Totally cool. If you are serious about puzzles look no further, this is the app for you. Designed even for those that are not that serious by making them easier with fewer pieces. No matter how you slice it, I love this app and I am very picky. I don't give five stars, so this must be outstanding!

Most realistic jigsaw on the AppStore Posted by

I'm a puzzle guy. I've tried them all. I like the authenticity of this app. It works just like a real jigsaw does. The pieces are easy to manipulate and control which makes for more fun than frustration which is not the case with many other apps. I gave this app 4 stars for function and deducted one star because I would really like to see it get the ability to make new puzzles by downloading images off the net in a streamlined simple interface like many other puzzles on the AppStore.

The STAR of iPad jigsaw puzzles! Posted by

This app (Join It) deserves less than the single star I was forced to give it until they repair the app to work with iOS 10. As soon as it gets working as it did before I installed iOS 10 I will review it again and give it the 5 star rating it had earned when it worked just fine with iOS 9. If you find the fault is with iOS 10 and not Join It, let me know.... ....Now that iOS 10 has been considered in the latest upgrade, I have hereby restored my 5-star rating it deserves. Thank you, d-Studio!

Simply the best Posted by

I've used this jigsaw app for years, ever since the first iPad came out. I've never had a single problem with it, ever. Compared to other jigsaw apps the others are a joke. This has great usability, flexibility, and endless choices of puzzles because you can import images from the web... In the recent version there's very few that it won't accept. It's the only jigsaw app suitable for something as small as a phone... Try it and try the others... You'll see

Great puzzle app Posted by

Update - I love the way this app looks even more on my new iPad! I really enjoy the challenge of these puzzles. The only thing I get frustrated with is trying to rotate the pieces. It would be a nice option to click on the piece to rotate it rather than trying to swing it around using two fingers. I would recommend this app to anyone who likes puzzles but hates cleaning them up and always seems to lose some pieces.

Amazing! Posted by

I have almost literally downloaded every puzzle app in search on one that lets you use your own photos for free. Not only does this app do that, but it's also clean, simple and easy to use with many features, and just the best puzzle app out there. The only reason I gave four stars is because I can't listen to music while I play, but other than that, please never change! This app is perfect!

Very good Posted by

This puzzle app is very good but trying to zoom in/out and turning pieces can prove to be a little challenging. The slider to zoom in/out is ok but the point of doing this with an iPad is to use your fingers to do this function. Also, turning the pieces can be a bit frustrating at times. Just when you think you will turn one piece, another moves. Overall, good app and worth the download.

The most realistic puzzle game Posted by

If you are looking for a game that will put the real experience of working on a puzzle on your iPad, then this is your app. I have tried all the other apps and this one gives you the most realistic feel and challenge that I was looking for. If you want a quick 5 minute puzzle game, the others will work. But if you want to play a real puzzle, then this is the app for you.

I'm officially addicted Posted by

This is one of the best entertainment uses for the iPad period. I love being able to select my own pictures, I like the different difficulty levels. The only thing missing is a 2 player coop mode. I also think you can't start more than one puzzle at a time, meaning I cannot switch back and forth between active puzzles. One at a time.

challenging! Posted by

Great app. Much more challenging than the two other jigsaw puzzle apps that I've purchased. Great features: can use your own pictures - for free, easy to manipulate pieces, zoom to enlarge. Suggestions: 'Edges' only feature, align free pieces to outside grid, ability to turn off piece 'rotation'. Worth the price!

Good game! Posted by

I've tried several jigsaws for computer, and this is definitely one of the better ones. I'd like to see an option to fade the background since it is a little difficult for me to see the shape of the piece I need to find with the picture so vivid underneath. Well worth the price. Great pictures and fun to do.

Great Game Posted by

This is a great little game to play while wasting a little time. It is mentally taxing, but quick and satisfying. Plus you can make it more difficult - or less so if you wish by making the pieces larger or smaller. Highly recommend both the free and paid versions.

The Best Jigsaw Game App Out There ! Posted by

I've downloaded most of the others (both paid & free) and this one is the winner. I especially love the Retina Display resolution and the ability to optionally have the the jigsaw picture showing (from barely visible to fully visible) in the background.

Good but annoying features by Hannalyo 2012-01-17

This is good but not the best jigsaw puzzle app by far. It is annoying that the reference picture won't move, resize, or go away. Also, the reference picture does not have the true colors of the puzzle pieces for some reason, making it difficult to actually use as a reference. The touch needed to rotate the pieces can sometimes be pretty subtle-I agree with another reviewer who asked why we can't tap the pieces. Sometimes an attempt to create an app that mimics "real life" doesn't take advantage of the medium and is harder to use than necessary. I would like an option to have the pieces scatter so that they are in the correct orientation for solving the puzzle, but my main gripe is with the reference picture. It would also be nice to have a larger set of background colors to choose from.

Blast from the past... by Bbnlace 2014-01-14

Before computers, before electronic games... In the days of simplicity, family gatherings at my Mom's house were not complete without a card table set up with a jig-saw puzzle. As I recall, there were only two chairs at this table, while there were easily sixteen or seventeen at the dinner table. So, any time someone was overwhelmed with it all, they simply took a turn at the jig-saw. I haven't worked one in years, but having found this app, I was once again able to escape for a while! Sadly, when I upgraded to iPad Air, the love affair was over. It freezes on every picture, can't do a thing.

Missing an important feature! by incoherentDream 2013-09-01

Join it was a great puzzle app in that it did feel more like putting together a real puzzle and the 500 puzzle piece is much better than any other app I have yet found. But, and this is an annoying but, realism should only go so far and I HATE having to sort my edge pieces out on my own! For that reason alone I am finally deleting this app. I have waited and waited for an update that would add this feature but I've lost hope one will ever come. I'll just use another puzzle app.

Great app but not keeping up with ios by jeansmith1 2014-10-29

I loved and used this app for years given higher piece count & ability to bring in personal photos for puzzles. But since i upgraded to ios 8.1 on ipad, it lets me use puzzles with my photos, but if i do not complete them in one timeframe, when i try to continue, the only option i get is to start over. It shows % done, so it knows i have started but it just will not let me pick up where i left off. Very unfortunate for such a formerly great app.

Freezing by Hitomi Valentine 2014-03-22

I love this app, I've used it for years and it's been great for passing time. However I only ever use my own photos and now it freezes up on me every time I go to either add in new images or choose one to start a puzzle. Once I manage to actually start a puzzle things work great but it's beyond frustrating trying to get it actually started. Once this is fixed I will change my rating to five stars.

Hard to manipulate by graciebell 2010-12-18

My mistake for choosing based on only one review. The pieces are hard to manipulate (why not tap on pieces to rotate?), you can choose level of difficulty, but not the puzzle. There is music randomly, but nothing pleasant to hear. Developers should work the kinks out with free versions! And consumers (me!) shouldn't be so gullible! No more purchases from this game site for me!

Update ruined it! by Mac user over 20 years 2014-05-20

Another update, much later. Still will not import my photos, which was the main reason that I loved it. What is the problem? Why won't they fix it???? This has been one of my favorite apps, because I could use my own photos as puzzles. The latest update deleted all of my own photos and will not let me add any. I hope they will fix this soon--otherwise I will delete it!

Love BUT it's freezing up every time I try to start a puzzle by Lynb62 2014-02-08

This is the BEST jigsaw puzzle app mainly because I can use my own photos. But it is freezing up each time I go to choose my photo to make a puzzle out of. There is obviously a glitch so PLEASE fix this as it's getting too frustrating to try to get a puzzle started. Once this is fixed, I'll go back to a 5 star rating!

Update caused app to crash . Bummer, I really loved this puzzle app! by Peterman 2 2012-10-06

The only jigsaw puzzle I would own. It's great to be able to use my own pics, or download screen savers to use as puzzles. I've had this app for a year, and use this app more than any game I have.

Upgrade doesn't work by Jaspers1977 2012-10-06

I updated to my iPad and I can get to the puzzle, but the pieces are messed up, so I can't continue. Please fix.

Won't install by Summer Lindeman 2012-11-12

Just bought this yesterday and it won't even install. That was waste of money.