KyPass 3 Apps for iPhone/iPad
KyPass 3 Apps for iPhone/iPad

KyPass 3 Apps for iPhone/iPad

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KyPass 3 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
KyPass 3 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
KyPass 3 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
KyPass 3 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
KyPass 3 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install KyPass 3 Apps for iPhone/iPad

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KyPass 3 is an application for people with extremely high demands on secure personal data management.

It uses the same database format than the open source software KeePass Password Safe.

Your database could be backed up:
- with iCloud Drive,
- with Dropbox, the best back-up service in the world (free accounts come with 2gb of space, enough for your KeePass databases) ,
- with google drive,
- or with any webdav compliant cloud service.

KyPass 3 saves many different information (user names, passwords, urls, comments, ...) in one single database. The entries are sorted in groups. The integrated search function allows to search in the complete database.


- iCloud Drive, Dropbox & Google Drive support (two-way synchronization).
- Auto-fill username/password in internal browser !
- Universal application.
- Icon are displayed in view.
- All orientations support.
- Read/Write mode for .kdb and .kdbx file
- Password generator
- Webdav local server.
- Download database from URL
- Password generator
- External keyboard support
- Pin Code
- More feature are available on our website at

Dropbox users: by default, the databases have to be in the '/Crypted' folder of your Dropbox. This folder could be change in the settings.


Current Version:
Varies with device
26.91 MB
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Newest Update is even more Awesome! Posted by

Update: the newest update adds support for filling in your passwords stored in KyPass, directly into safari. You can be in safari and just hit the share icon (looks like up arrow) and then choose Search in KyPass. You may need to enable this option or move it to a more convenient spot if you don't see it on your phone. Major thanks to the developer for doing this. If I could rate this 6 stars out of 5 I would. This app is Excellent and well supported by the developer. They have added new features and released fixes. The TouchID is handy to save you from having to enter your long master password all the time. This is a wonderful KeePass 2.x compatible password manager that can sync with Dropbox/WebDAV. The recent addition on TouchID support just makes this app even more outstanding. One of the best things about this app vs the more popular mobile password apps is that there's no monthly fee and you aren't locked into a single provider/client. You can take your KeePass database to any KeePass compatible client. Another handy features I've found is the Capture function works again. The capture feature makes it really easy to share a specific password with someone else who has KyPass3. You don't have to try reading the password aloud to them or typing it in manually into their KyPass3 app.

Monumental Improvement!! Posted by

App is a monumental improvement over version 2.x of KyPass. It basically fixes EVERY gripe I've had with the old version. Copying is now a simple matter of touching the title of the entry, and "hidden" information is not revealed. Also, the issue of having to reenter your passphrase when switching to a 3rd app, then back to KyPass has been addressed in a reasonably secure manner by allowing you to create a 4-digit single-session PIN that you can use to unlock the database within the expiration timeframe. I should have upgraded to the newer version long ago! I'm kicking myself for not having done so. Switching my review to HIGHLY RECOMMEND KyPass 3 if you are using a KeePass password database. They've fixed all the problems in previous versions, greatly improved the user interface, and it works as advertised.

Awsume!!! Thank You for this Posted by

I have been using the open source KeePass for several years on my computer. This unlocks the database on Ipad Iphone that I have been using on my desktop for years. Personally I dont edit the one on my phone so I dont get confused which is the original but to have it on my phone in a passive way is awsume. I have been using the old Kypass but this one is much better with the pin option so you only need your original password occasionally. I pondered whether to upgrade or not for several weeks and I an so glad i went ahead and did this. Well worth the cost. Launches the website for you so speeds things up from what I have been doing. I love this app...

Works OK and is useful Posted by

Not as good as the original Keepass running on Windows, but works and is useful. I sync with Google drive and use it quite intensively. There are also a couple of funny things like It reminds regularly to rate the app, but if you enabled Touch ID, the Touch ID dialog box replaces the rating reminder after a half second, so you never have the Callanetics to rate the app and get reminded every time. Or Why not blur the display when shown in the multitask view like any other home banking or Paypal does? Must be easy to do But beside this, it is useful and I like it

Works perfect. I use it everyday!!! Posted by

I have used KeePass for years on my desktop. And I have been an happy user of KyPass for several versions. It is the only password manager I can find that provided the real-time sync between my desktop, iPhone and iPad and other features I needed. My devices are always in sync and I have my information at my fingertips no matter where I am. I think the upgrade cost was well worth every penny. I don't know what all was fixed behind the scenes, but I do know when I run the app it works flawlessly EVERYTIME! No joke, I really like this app.

Good app, needs facelift... Posted by

KyPass 3 is arguably the best iOS KeePass-compatible app on the market. The functionality is very good. The developer has enhanced the product quite a bit. What's not so good is the "Fisher-Price" interface. The author should take the time to make KyPass look like a professional product. I would also recommend ditching the "K" icon, as that doesn't mean anything to anyone. Overall, good product. Take the suggestions seriously, and I think you'll have a five-star app that sells very well.

All I need Posted by

The UI is a little quirky but once you figure it out, the app is easy to use. I love the fact that with this new version I can now sign up to new sites and apps and create new entries in my Keepass KDBX file on my iPad when i want, without needing to do the Keepass adding on my computer. The ability to use a PIN to login with after first logging in with my password is nice; it isn't always fun to type a long password each time you need to look something up.

Just right Posted by

I use keepassx on my Linux box as a password vault. This app allows me to share passwords between it and my iOS devices. It is EXACTLY what I was searching for. Dropbox works beautifully. So long KEEPER and your incessant nagging for a pricy subscription! I took immense satisfaction in deleting you, you sorry app. Although this may be a little rough in places with the user experience, it is worth every penny, every second of time spent! Well done!

Much improved over original Posted by

I especially like the login using my fingerprint. I used the original version for years on my iPhone 4. When I finally upgraded to the iPhone 5 SE I was able to use this new version. I had a love-hate relationship with the old version due to its bugs and limited functionality but so far the new version surpasses all expectations. I have used the app for about a month, and my only criticism is the nags to rate--out of place for an expensive paid app.

iCloud integration working now Posted by

iCloud integration is now working, although it is not obvious how to do it. Go into the app, create a new database, and choose iCloud. This will create a folder on your iCloud Drive. Now you can (from a computer) drag your existing databases into this new folder, and they will show up in the app! Haven't tested syncing yet, but since iCloud seems to have been broken by updates multiple times in the past, I will be taking regular backups.

app works ok with new version 3.4.1 Posted by

new version 3.4.1 of this app works fixing the previous awful disastrous 3.4. please, cannot have this app fail. how about recruit a bunch of users who have different iphones/ios and who can test potential updates before the updates are publicly released in the app store by using the TestFlight app to install preview updates to see if the update is okay or if the update is going to cause chaos and mayhem with people's passwords.

Incredibly Useful Posted by

Purchased the first version of this app, and I definitely feel the 5 bucks is worth the upgrade. I'd say this is one of the most useful apps on my iPhone - it works wonderfully. Miguel, if you happen to read this - when I create a new entry in the app, it does not use the same icon as the group it belongs to. Not critical at all, but something to keep in mind for your next update. Keep up the great work!

Finally have consistent passwords on all devices Posted by

This is the BEST keepass client I have found (have tried a few). After reading the manual on the authors website, I had it setup in under a minute - Dropbox integration is awesome. Now all my devices, Windows, Mac and Linux desktops have a consistent shared password store. The password generator works great, with selectable character classes and length as well as random input. Good Job Kyuran!

Excellent Password Manager Posted by

KyPass manages and stores all my passwords. It also anticipates my actions and saves me clicks. For instance, they added touch id so that I don't have to login by typing in my password but just my fingerprint is used. Feature request: On OS X there is no drag and drop to manage entries and folders in bulk fashion Love this great product!

Fantastic awesome app Posted by

Thus is an awesome excellent app. Does everything it needs to do with an easy to navigate interface. Connects to Dropbox stored kdb files for easy synchronization to Mac/Windows/Linux access with KeePassX/KeePass. Don't bother with any other iOS app KeePass compatible app (they all crashed trying to open my existing kdb files).

Love it, but wish SFTP sync support is in the future. Posted by

Love this app, best KeePass client for iOS. My only complaint about it is that there is no SFTP sync support. Don't really care to use WebDAV. Update: Can't seem to get Touch ID to work with my WebDAV sync'd database. Update: TouchID fixed in latest update! Thanks!

Does what it says, in style! Posted by

Been looking for a good KeePass iOS client that supports two-way sync and customized Dropbox location of the database. KyPass wins hands down. Though I have to admit, I waited for a price drop, and grabbed it at just $1.99. Worth every penny! Made my life much easier.

Best integration of KeePass on iOS Posted by

Kypass is the best integration of KeePass on iOS that I've found in the AppStore. Recent updates allow password creation similar to the desktop version. And storing on Dropbox is extremely easy. TouchID is also great.

Good implementation of Keepass on iOS Posted by

It works very reliably with Dropbox sync. Kypass desktop companion now works well, giving it complete system functionality. There's nothing else on iOS that works this well with the Keepass database.

Flawless and Fast Touch ID Support Posted by

A little late in arriving, but Touch ID support is here, making accessing your passwords nearly instant. Updates for iPhone 6/6+ make the interface look right again. Well done!

Can't Get WebDAV Working, No Support by metal450 2015-04-01

I bought this app as an alternative to the free MiniKeePass, exclusively for its WebDAV support - to access my KeePass database on a remote backup server. But after entering WebDAV credentials, there doesn't appear to be nowhere that allows you to connect & browse the remote server. I attempted to contact the developer for assistance, but after a frustrating experience of scouring their entire website for a contact e-mail(doesn't seem to be listed), I resorted to the only option I could find: public contact via Twitter. Still no assistance. I would normally give them at least a couple weeks to address an issue, but it should NEVER be this difficult to reach out to a developer; contact information should not be hidden or nonexistent. How do we reach you to discuss problems with this app??

New version limits functionality by reviewuser15093 2014-02-22

The new version of this application released around February 19, 2014 no longer allows you to copy a user name or password by clicking it. Instead, you must press edit in the upper right, then select all in either the user name or password box and then copy. The author of this application has decided to limit functionality for some unknown reason: perhaps he plans plans to release a version 4 and limit the functionality of version 3 to force everyone to upgrade? Either way, this is unacceptable and the only thing keeping this on my iphone is the fact that no one has written a competitor. Note to author Miguel Vanhove: revert this functionality back to the way it was and I'll update my review.

Great, but ... by DMcD_ 2015-06-25

The app works great. I installed and was able to flawlessly sync between computer, iPhone and iPad. My only concern is the app's permissions. The app requires a separate folder in Dropbox to save your password file in, called "Crypted," which seems great because I would assume, then, that the app only needs read/write privileges to that specific folder. But when I look at Dropbox's website, in the security section, it says the app has read/write access to my entire Dropbox folder. This seems ironic, considering it is a security app. But unless this can be changed, I am uninstalling. To be fair, though, if this does not concern you, the app works great and is worth the money.

Syncs with Dropbox by GusSmed 2013-12-22

This is the least-bad implementation of KeePass for iOS at present. It syncs with DropBox, and will generate random passwords, with some limited control over how it generates them. It does, however, strip out key files. If you open a KeePass database that requires both a master password and a key file, it re-writes the file so it only has a master password. It does support copying either passwords or usernames to the clip board, but the icon that permits this isn't terribly obvious at first glance. There is no way to move a database entry in the hierarchy. If you want to manage your database, you'll need to use a desktop version of KeePass.

Great app, but asking to pay for upgrades is extortion by c0d3h4x0r 2013-09-24

This is the best KeePass app for iOS if you use Dropbox to store your database, b/c it does 2-way synchronization very well. Unfortunately the author wants to gouge paying customers by charging them again for KyPass3 after they already paid for KyPass2. The "pay for upgrades" sales model may fly in the desktop software world, but in the world of mobile apps it's not the norm and is definitely not an acceptable practice. Here's an idea -- if you aren't making enough money to support development, then charge more for the app for new customers, don't gouge your existing ones!

Kypass renamed... by Malathan 2012-10-19

Same note as everyone else... for most part, just a rename of original to collect more money from prior purchasers. [Update] Just found out that KyPass2 has corrupted my database. Luckily I was able to restore through dropbox to prior version. But it seems it not only corrupect the db, but several revisions prior (unable to restore) it had overridded and corrupted the actual data in any custom field I had that was flagged as "in memory protection" within the main keepass program. BEWARE OF YOUR DATA if you use KyPass2

Unusable by Paranoid developer 2014-07-10

The app is unusable. I bought it liking the previous kypass. I placed an existing kdb file in the cloud from my Mac, and I cannot open it from any of my devices! I used my iPad to create a new file in the cloud, and it will not let me add an entry to it. I select to add a new entry in that new file, I can type the information for it in, but when done, then only option is to Cancel. There is no Done or Save. Between the Mac and mobile version I'm out $14. Not even basic QA?

Does Not Work by MOcer 2013-11-05

I use keepass on my pcs and laptop. Works marvelously. I used keypass on my iPhone and iPad. Works with the same data file which is cloud stored in syncplicity and synced automatically with all devices. However, the functionality of keypass is quite limited as it does not allow auto fill. And no copy and paste. I expected kypass 3 to improve this. However, it does not work with syncplicity and setup is too complicated. I worked with it for an hour and hated it. What a useless app.

Nags you to rate it by Bortels 2016-07-29

It's fine - does what it says on the tin. I'd actually give it 4 or 5 stars, but it nags you to rate it, repeatedly, even if you decline to. I don't like it in free software, I find it unacceptable in something paid for. So - forced ratings get you one star. Get rid of the nag screen - which I consider a bug, frankly, I might actually give it an honest rating. When I feel like it, as opposed to being harped at over and over.

Consumer by Bzapps 2012-11-06

I like minikeepass much better, for one thing it is free. It is also very easy to instantly backup minikeepass db to dropbox using the export button. I cannot figure out how to backup my db to dropbox or google drive using kypass2. All i see is an empty crypted folder in dropbox and absolutely nothing in Google Drive. i sent a helpdesk ticket a few days ago and never heard anything back. I think i need a refund.

Entry mode misses a done button by Wolter1953 2014-08-22

I am disappointed. I just downloaded this new version and the entry mode does not work well. It does not seem to have a 'done' button when you have made an entry. Very annoying. Can you do something about this? And I just recognize this app is completely screwed up. It has ruined all my passwords and the only thing I can say at this point is Don't buy!

KyPass v3.2 Crashes on iOS 6 by Doctor Data 2014-02-20

I've been a KyPass user for over a year and have been very satisfied with it. However, the latest release (v3.2) on 19 Feb 2014 will only run on iOS 7. On iOS 6 it crashes immediately. The developer knows about this and is working on a fix, but there is no estimate that I know of for its availability. If you're not on iOS 7, stick with v3.1 for a while.

Forced upgrade and now crashes when adding entries by J.b.07 2014-10-10

The older version stopped working at the very last upgrade- the file would no longer open- so I was "forced" to buy the new version. The new version crashes perpetually and reliably when I try to add new entries. Now I have to update the passwords on my desktop as the ipad is read only for me. Please treat your users with more respect.

Can We Trust This App? by Ponsonby Britt, OBE 2014-02-24

I've been using this app for several months because there isn't a better alternative. Version 3.2 removes the Copy Password feature and introduces a hard crash on startup on iOS 6. Can we trust that the app is correctly doing things we can't see (like encryption) if it is messing up so badly on thing we can see?

"Upload From Desktop" feature missing! by SrLANGuy 2015-03-09

The "Upload From Desktop" feature is missing with this version of the app! I use this feature to transfer my database from my PC to my iPhone. Without this feature, the app is virtually useless to me. PLEASE PUT THIS FEATURE BACK IN THE APP!!! On a side note, thank you for adding TouchID support!

Updates keep breaking compatibility with iCloud by Doc Morgan 2015-12-27

I store my key pass database and iCloud. This is another update where I am unable to access my key pass database that is stored on my iCloud account using my iPhone. This is a great app. However, if I am unable to use it, it doesn't do me much good now does it?

Changed to iOS 7 but still auto updated by Cyron4618 2015-03-10

The dev changed the app to iOS 7 only (yes, it's totally broken on iOS 6), yet it still auto updated my iOS 6 device. As one of my most used apps, this seriously pisses me off. I hope the loss of backwards compatibility is worthwhile to some user, somewhere.

Not maintained. Needs Touch ID support by Angus Davis 2014-12-19

All other password managers have added Touch ID support following release of iOS 8 several months ago. This app was last updated over 4 months ago and still lacks Touch ID support to make it easier to unlock the password database.

Not working by Good Day Review 2013-09-19

I just downloaded Kypass 3. It still crashes when I try to open the kdbx file. Help!!! I've tried to get support and have had NO help. This was one of my top 5 apps that I suggested. I can recommend if it doesn't work?