Learn French - Brainscape Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Learn French - Brainscape Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Learn French - Brainscape Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Learn French - Brainscape Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Learn French - Brainscape Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Learn French - Brainscape Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Learn French - Brainscape Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Learn French - Brainscape Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Did you know that you may be wasting a huge portion of your time learning French due to inefficient learning methods? Let me tell you how you can learn FASTER.

It’s all about a new technique called Intelligent Cumulative Exposure. As much as we’d like to think that we can improve our French by watching movies or just being dumped in the right country, our brains are proven to best absorb new language concepts one-at-a-time, in small increments. And I don’t mean just learning word lists one-at-a-time. I mean building your actual sentence-forming skills from the ground up.

Why Brainscape French Works

Intelligent Cumulative Exposure (ICE) is the system of introducing concepts incrementally, at gradually increasing difficulty, in the context of REAL sentences, while repeating the tough concepts in the right intervals of time based on YOUR confidence levels. ICE is also a method that explains grammatical nuances in PLAIN ENGLISH rather than hoping you just “figure them out” through immersion.

There's no reason you should be hearing totally unfamiliar strings of gibberish fly in one ear and out the other. You should be building yourself up by scaffolding one concept at a time.

The problem is that there are currently NO apps on the market that apply the simple ICE method. Creating a comprehensive curriculum based on Intelligent Cumulative Exposure takes WORK, and most app developers are more concerned with flashy software than with actual learning sciences.


Brainscape’s learning scientists from Columbia and Yale Universities have spent the past THREE YEARS developing a complete, scientifically optimized French curriculum tailored specifically for the mobile environment. In the process, we have created the first web and mobile app based around Intelligent Cumulative Exposure. Check out our 40-page white paper on our website, explaining the cognitive science behind why this works.

With Brainscape's Learn French, you get:

- A carefully tailored curriculum that builds on previous concepts and guides you from beginner to conversational at your own pace
- The equivalent of FOUR YEARS' WORTH of high school French classes
- Over 10,000 AUDIO flashcards for the most common French words, phrases, and sentence constructions
- Simple explanations for key grammatical concepts and the most common verb conjugations
- Ongoing feedback, statistics, and visualization tools to help you track your progress
- A network of thousands of other learners who support each other’s learning every day

We look forward to working with you over the months and years to come. You’ll be glad you joined the Brainscape community.

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Needs smaller groupings of words Posted by

Love the pronunciation of verbsA and tracking progress! One problem is that you can't control the flash card groupings. Check it out with language teachers -- most people memorize words in smaller groups of 10-20, not 100 at a time. Add this flexibility and I'd easily give it five stars and recommend it to other French students (which I can't do now). Carving out a shorter list: One way to deal with the huge list of these great vocabulary cards is to go to "list" column and mark the ten to twenty cards you want to currently study in "red" (one by one). Keep them "red" until you really have them "test ready", then move them to "gold" for review. Save "blue" for those you are currently done regularly practicing and donot need to review regularly. Use "green" for those you really don't want to study yet, but you've accidentally color activated (and blow through them, keeping them "green" if they come up.) Change the "green" to "red" when you want to study them. "Red" brings the cards up frequently, "gold", less frequently, "green" and "blue" much less frequently.

Honest man Posted by

This is basically a flashcard app programmed to repeat the occurrence of each card with a frequency proportioned to how well you have that card's contents memorized. This - in addition to the fact that the cards are premade for you- makes it above some other flashcard apps currently available, especially if you're too lazy/don't have time to create yourself flashcards with verbs and their conjugation paradigms. This app has hundreds of verbs both regular and irregular already made for you organized by tense or mood, though I noticed it's missing a few like simple past. You can choose to focus on one tense or mood, or test yourself on the entire library. Very effective drills for brute memorization of verb conjugations.

Good app. Almost perfect... Posted by

While this is a great app, it needs a few more features to be perfect. Notably, there is no way to break down the flash cards into smaller sets (say 10 or 20 at a time). This makes it extremely difficult to learn brand new words because your short term memory gets completely overwhelmed. I also have not found any way to reverse the flash cards and go from French to English. It would also be great to be able to hear the French only (eg: hide the written portion) as this would allow the app to be used for listening comprehension. So for now at least, while this is a worthwhile addition to one's French study program, it won't be replacing sites like WordChamp or Anki just yet!

Excellent technique and technology Posted by

Well done! Hands-down my favorite French app, and I have purchased nearly all that are available. It engages me in both learning and my own evaluation - and gives great pronunciation feedback. Content-wise, as someone who has spoken French for work the last two years, I'm pleasantly surprised to be learning some excellent points even at the lowest level card sets. We all have something to learn and habits to reshape. Well done, Brainscape! Don't trust the bad attitude review. Some people don't get it.

Should be able to reverse cards Posted by

I started with the free verbs app and liked it enough to buy the full suite. I was surprised that I could not reverse the cards (French to English). It seems like it would be so easy to do. I inquired, and the developer responded that they intended to do that at some point, but no time table. I'm well satisfied with the app otherwise and would have given it five stars if the reverse cards feature were incorporated.

App can access and use PI, bank info etc by Aiyana4969 2016-09-11

I wanted to use this app, it sounds like a great app. I read the legal disclaimer (like I always do before agreeing). This app seems to be part of a growing trend where they reserve the rights to access your private info off of your computer our phone, including bank and credit card info. This is wrong. Now, I don't mind paying for an app I like, but I won't even use a free one if they are going to access my PI. I've been a victim of electronic thievery before (a waiter copied my credit card and tried to charge several hundred dollars). App developers shouldn't be part of this network of new age thieves.

Crashes even after reinstall by WithFever 2015-04-15

I was enjoying the app, seems like a great platform for learning. I was making progress. But the the app crashed every time I opened it. I have an iPhone 5 with current iOS. Went back to App Store to to see if there's an update available. There is not. So finally deleted app and reinstalled. I couldn't login with my username/password previously created. So had to create a new account and lost all my progress. Created a new account. The app crashes every time I open it. Bummer. I probably would have upgraded to unlock all the features & tenses.

Beware by Will100022 2016-05-28

Do not waste your money. This app is not about education. It's a marketing ploy. After purchasing, Brainscape requires you to sign away your privacy rights and create an account through Facebook or email before you can access a lesson or use the app. Disgusting and deceptive. An opt out should be offered. I just paid 30 dollars for an app I will never use.

Locks up every time even after reinstalling by Kamin123 2012-06-17

Locks up every time even after reinstalling. Just a paid app to advertise their main program. I shouldn't have to buy twice because they use another app for future content. Just would be nice if it worked at all in the first place.

Good but could be better by Ccccc456 2012-03-21

This app has lots if verbs and it works well BUT I am disappointed that one can't write one's response in the app. To test yourself, you have to write your answers in a piece of paper. They should really change this

Deceptive by ShawnWOW 2016-06-08

Was 30 but now it's free but you can't do anything til you pay $30 for the in app purchase.