Levitagram - Levitation Photography for Dummies! Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Levitagram - Levitation Photography for Dummies! Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Levitagram - Levitation Photography for Dummies! Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Levitagram - Levitation Photography for Dummies! Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Levitagram - Levitation Photography for Dummies! Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Levitagram - Levitation Photography for Dummies! Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Levitagram - Levitation Photography for Dummies! Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Levitagram - Levitation Photography for Dummies! Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Levitagram - Levitation Photography for Dummies! Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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*** 5.0 Major Update ***

Best-selling and first ever levitation photography app just become even better with the new 5.0 update!

Levitagram has been featured in many news media and review sites, include "NextWeb", "CNet", "MakeUseOf", "Mac World", "AppAdvise", "TechHive" ... It was named as one of the "Best iOS App ever launched" by TheNextWeb.

Levitagram is the original and most advanced levitation photo editor in the App Store. It has a few **unique** and important features that none of other followers can provide:

== Automatic photo alignment ==
Levitagram has a unique automatic photo alignment algorithm so that you can just take the photos casually by hand without a tripod. Other apps require you either place phone on tripod or manually align(which is very hard and not usable), otherwise the result may look very fake.

== Color matching between shots ==
Only Levitagram allows automatically or manually adjust the color, brightness, white balance, exposure etc between two different shots. Without this feature the result often looks very fake unless you have really nice light settings.

== Flexible brush settings ==
Levitagram uses a soft brush bigger than your fingertip without sacrificing performance, so that you can see what you are doing to make a precise edit. Levitagram is the only app support flexible brush shape settings to help you make pixel perfect levitation photos.

Levitagram lets you create professional looking levitation photos in a snap! All you need is an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. No professional cameras, computer or Photoshop skills required.

From the latest 5.0 update, Levitagram not only let you shot and share amazing levitation photos, but also provides a community for levitation photography fans to share, discover and get inspired from each other.

Levitagram - Levitation Photography for Dummies! Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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36.70 MB
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Fun App Posted by

I am not having the same problems as other folks with crashing. I've taken a lot of really fun photos, and it gives me plenty of opportunity to edit them to my heart's delight; and my version of the app does indeed automatically line up photos, so they all come out perfectly synced. I love it, and I will readily recommend it as I have had none of the problems mentioned in the reviews that were so critical of the app.


It's a scam. Honestly. The only thing if says is take a picture of the background then take a picture of you in the background sitting in something. Then erase that something you were sitting on. Honestly if you want to make cool levitating edits. I can suggest Picsart~Free Or Superimpose~.99 cents You can do levitating edits and so much more. Don't waste 2 dollars on this PATHETIC APP. I WISH I DIDNT.

Great app, really! Posted by

It's a great app, very useful for cool edits. I didnt know you had to stand on something in order to levitate, I thought it'd be more along the lines of "take a snip and paste" if you know what I mean. But, $1.99 is alot for this app. I highly recommend it, but i also recommend "Super Impose" Because it's cheaper! But, wonderful app!

FUN! Posted by

It is very easy. I didn't discover that feathered brush option until much later. A video tutorial would be helpful. Yes, a shadow effect would be important but also I'd recommend the option of allowing the background to be blurred with a slider - it would make the levitated object or person pop off the background! Worth the buks.

Whats up? Posted by

Guys?!? Look, making an app isn't easy, so for someone to make one is a big step up. If you don't like it, don't use it! Don't make someone feel like their app stinks!! I know some comments are nice but others are just so rude!! I'd like to see you try better. - <3 cheesy!! ;)

Great effective and fun app Posted by

This app does exactly what it's made to do. Sometimes there is a bit of difference in background hue due to shadow effects but it depends on the lighting. Clearly some of the bad comments are coming from ignorant people. It automatically saves the final picture to the camera roll.

Its awesome Posted by

Love this app. I have Been looking for a levitating app for forever and I finally found one that works so well. I definitely suggest you buy this app and try it out! P.s. Its hard to figure out at first, but once you mess around with it for a little bit, you can get it going easily!

Amazing! Posted by

I love this app it's so easy to make it look like you or something else Is in the air!! The only is that I don't have a steady hand so I have to set my iPhone on something to make sure it's pretty still! But overall great app I love it!

Piece of sh.......CRAP!!! by The Barley's 2013-06-30

I was able to take pictures, but I was NOT able to edit to make my object levitate. ZERO STARS. Definitely not worth the money. Photos for dummies?? I guess I am extra stupid. Anybody want to form a lynch mob with me? I'll bring the torches if someone provides the pitchforks. Again, this is a pile of crap, don't waste your time or $$$

by pizzahogger 2014-07-30

Everything works well until you try to piece the 2 pictures together... please fix. I am trying to erase the stool but it ends up erasing my body. I am not please with this app and would like my money back unless there is a solution to the problems.

BIG WASTE!!!!! by 2013-07-08

I got this app, everything is working, EXCEPT THE ERASING!!! I mean that's the whole point of this app!!!!!!! DON'T GET THIS APP!!! IT WASTED A BUNCH OF MY TIME AND A WASTE OF MONEY$$$!!!!! So disappointed in this app. Don't get it

Crashes! by assiziabwldi 2015-09-01

I can't even get the app open for more than 5 seconds of it loading without it taking me back to my home page! Very annoying and disappointing... I just got it! and I also paid for this, so maybe it should work a little better. Fix this

by Dwick93 2016-11-15

This app doesn't work. Every time I try to create, it won't let me erase the object that the subject is standing on but it'll let me erase the main subject that I'm trying to make float or it won't let me erase at all.

Don't by it, save your money! by CaffeineDan 2014-02-02

This is such a crap app, true scam for 2$!!! There are no effects in this app, it's just a photo app with stupid ideas. Really, the developers of this app should work more to get 2$!!! I'll never buy again from this developer!

Was better before update by pea227 2013-08-04

I had a lot of fun with this app at first, but I HATE the updated version with the double image thing while editing. It's distracting and I think it makes it harder to do. Wish there was an option to go back to the way it was.

Don't waste your money on this app if you have superimpose by Kaylaa!:)<3 2013-10-04

Superimpose does everything this app does & more. This app is very easy to use so I would suggest it for begginers but honestly I have only used it like twice. Nothing against the app, but there are better ones out there.

This app is annoying by volleyball_rocks_7 2013-08-16

I will be almost done and then it will freeze and i will turn off my phone and i will get back on it and it makes me start over... Hate this app! I payed for it to

Disappointed by Mia 2015-01-17

I'm almost completely sure this would've been a five star review, but I've been waiting a hour and it hasn't even started downloading.

Levitagram by Salgado Family 2013-06-09

This app is a good app except it freezes on me a lot and when I do the clap or sound camera it doesn't work. Waste of money.

Nit bad but..... by Ricker999 2014-08-03

Can't take photos in anything but "normal" mode..... Timer or sound mode not working with iPhone 4..

OMG. by jaidalove21 2013-07-27

I don't know what to say. I love this app, but is so slow. And it freezes! And I have I restart my iPhone!

MahGerd by 2013-07-19

I love this app but it freezes and when it freezes I have to turn off my iPhone to use this app

Is work with the iPad mini? by Wilmer25 2013-06-11

Look like isn't work with the iPad mini if some one know please let me know

Keeps crashing by Mirandasmith 2013-08-04

The app keeps freezing whenever I try to erase.