LIMBO Games for iPhone/iPad
LIMBO Games for iPhone/iPad

LIMBO Games for iPhone/iPad

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LIMBO Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
LIMBO Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
LIMBO Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
LIMBO Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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** IMPORTANT ** - Requires at least iPad 2, iPhone 4S or iPod touch (5th gen) - or newer.

Uncertain of his sister's fate, a boy enters LIMBO.

What the press said:

“Limbo is as close to perfect at what it does as a game can get.”
10/10 – Destructoid

“The game is a masterpiece.”
5/5 – GiantBomb

“Limbo is genius. Freaky, weird genius. Disturbing, uncomfortable genius.”
5/5 – The Escapist

“Dark, disturbing, yet eerily beautiful, Limbo is a world that deserves to be explored.”
5/5 – Joystiq

Winner of more than 100 awards, including:

Gameinformer’s “Best Downloadable”
Gamespot’s “Best Puzzle Game”
Kotaku’s “The Best Indie Game”
GameReactor’s “Digital Game of the Year”
Spike TV’s “Best Independent Game”
X-Play’s “Best Downloadable Game”
IGN’s “Best Horror Game”


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First of all I'd like to say that limbo is the greatest game ever. In this game of darkness and fears, a boy fights the dangers- of his own mind. With spiders, glowing worms, drills and puzzles, he's got too much to deal with. (~*THEORY*~) here's the deal. This kid isn't on earth. Not on Mars no not on Pluto just not anywhere near any of these places. He's in a place between darkness and light; the place between life and death. From the internet I have come to learn that this is basically this boys house of fears. For instance some people are afraid of spiders, and so was this boy. So what do we have but a huge spider chasing him around in the beginning, but he is able to defeat this spider by pulling off its leg. All the things he faces are things he was scared of when he was living. Spiders, electricity, darkness, swimming, heights, Gravity, and people controlling him. So this boy has died in the forest he wakes up in just to find he is in his own hell. These fears connect to his life-the glowing worms controlled him like bullies would have- everything in limbo (A.K.A purgatory) is his fear. Okay so some ppl say that he died in a car crash in the woods so almost at the end of the game he crashes through glass(like he might've crashed through a windshield) as it could've been the last thing he'd seen before he died. Then after he crashes through the glass wall the machines and factory disappears and he finds himself in the dark woods again(another fear) and as he continues walking he sees his sister on the hill kneeling and burying something. As he slowly walks up the hill toward his sister he realizes that she is burying him. Then he has a one final moment with her, when she looks up, and then the boy wins a spot in heaven. ( I forgot to mention that in the middle of the game, he sees the exact seen as in the end of the game except he sees his sister digging instead of burying. You will probably have the boy go rush to see her but a glowing worm falls out of a pipe and leads you away from her. This might also mean that the bullies in his life might've taken him away from his sister. Also at the end when he crashes through the glass then the factory is left behind him as I mentioned. This could indicate that he left his fears behind or, had overcome them.) I hope you like my review but more importantly I hope you like the game! Enjoy! Hope this helped you understand the game better! :D

The Best Game I've Ever Played Posted by

What made me get this game at first were the graphics. The design of the whole game is In shades of black and white which makes it beautiful and very eye catching. I saw the intro video and as soon as the video ended I was amazed at the artwork and I just had to buy this game. I enjoyed solving those sneaky puzzles that made you go "OHHHHHH" when you finally found out how to solve it. Even when I was being sliced, chopped, or stabbed for a hundred times trying to solve a puzzle it was still exciting. The fact that this game had "real-life" situations, in which you used the momentum of the zip-line to buy you time to turn the switch off and run to get to the zip-line before it went down was just amazing. When I finished the game I played it again to find the little secrets, even after I found all the secrets I replayed the game just so that I could experience it all over again. Another thing I realized about this game was that it was kind of related to the movie Dante's Inferno, I don't know if you got the idea of this game from the movie or not but either way it still fascinated me. In the movie, Dante had to go through the 9 circles of hell to find and save his wife from Lucifer, in this game, the unnamed boy had to solve puzzles in Limbo to find his sister. The first circle of hell in the movie was called actually called Limbo, the edge of hell which is the setting of this game. Aside from that, I 100% definitely recommend this game to everyone, those $5.00 are totally worth it. If I could rate this game 100/5 stars, I would. I hope that you consider making a sequel to this game as many others, including myself would absolutely LOVE to play a sequel.

Truly a work of art. Posted by

This is by far the most compelling, most beautiful, and overall best game I've played on iOS, and one of the best I've played on any platform. From beginning to end it's as amazing to look at as it is to play. The lighting, the simplicity of the black and white color scheme, and the game play are outstanding. The music and sounds are chilling, eerie and at some points add entirely new dimensions to the game. Unlike others I did not find the controls difficult to use, and I think the lack of a tutorial works well with the try and discover component of the game. The puzzles are challenging without being overly frustrating. Some people who want everything explained clearly might dislike the lack of a clear story or the complete absence of dialogue, but I think it leaves those parts of the game up in the air for the gamer to create. My only complaints are that in some parts of the game it's not entirely clear what you're supposed to do and I had to look at walkthroughs on YouTube to not be stuck at a specific point for an hour, and the lack of a sequel! It would be interesting to see what other kinds of environments the game could be played on. Other than that I can't think of one part of the game that was done wrong.

Very well made port Posted by

For only a third of the game's original $15 on other counsel systems, the iOS addition probably is the best addition of the game in my opinion. You are given extremely well controls that rely on swipes made by the player. For a game originally controlled on a controller, its impressive not having to deal with clunky controls and buttons on the screen but rather make the moves yourself. This adds a lot of interactivity to the game and hopefully more iOS games will implement this control scheme. Speaking of immersion, the sound quality is fantastic offering a haunting soundtrack and even relies you to use sounds in the environment when playing at certain times. Get a good pair of headphones for this. Although short, Limbo offers a satisfying story about a boy going through Limbo in attempt to find his sister. The atmospheric hell lingering with death and despair makes it one of the best forms of art in video games. Add in some clever puzzles both in the woods and later in a decayed urban/factory area, Limbo is worth the five bucks and you will definitely want to play this more than once to catch unnoticed details and obtain achievements.

Dashed Hopes Posted by

This should be a game I love. It has everything going for it, at least if you are, like me, into gloomy, haunting, eerie games that occasionally zap you with surprises. But I cannot play it. Almost literally. The controls are, as others have noted, abysmal. Trying to do a simple thing (something not meant to be a challenge in itself), I gave up after a frustrating half an hour of killing myself for no apparent reason. Worse, I was on the verge of succeeding in this one task, over and over, only to have some inexplicable difficulty suddenly cause me to fail. If I have not stopped doing some action, then why does the game suddenly decide that I have? If some action is supposed to cause me to push or pull an object, then why does the game suddenly fail to respond to that action, or randomly end that action? I am very, very frustrated and unhappy. I am putting Limbo in limbo until I see an update fixing the buggy behavior. I paid money for a game I cannot enjoy, and so I recommend to anyone reading this review: wait! Wait until you see that the game makers have fixed the problems with the interface.

Wow Posted by

Just wow. This game is something everyone needs to experience. The gameplay is fluid and the puzzles are insanely challenging but clever and keep you interested even after you've been electrocuted or chopped in half for the tenth time in a row. Contrary to other reviews, I quite enjoyed the controls. After you've had some practice with them they become second nature and you can flick and swipe your way through the stages with a fluidity that is really satisfying. The most striking part of this game is the atmosphere. The visuals are beautiful in their simplicity but the sound design is absolutely top of the line. Everything makes little noises when you interact with it and it serves to really immerse you in this strange environment. I beat the game in about 5 hours on an 8 hour plane flight and spent the remaining 3 hours just enjoying the world and collecting secrets. Even after clearing everything I can clear I still pick it up to replay just to savor the experience again. Plunk down the $5 for this master piece.

My Favorite Game! The End. Posted by

I can't give this a higher recommendation. If you like solving problems/puzzles and you're okay with a little creepy factor, then get this game! I disagree with the haters—the controls are great. Just use two hands for grabbing and moving objects—and most everything—and you won't have a problem. I never cheated by using Google or YouTube and instead took my time figuring out every level. Some people won't get the simplicity of the game jumping right in with no instructions. They don't get it and that's okay. 98% of people seem to get it according to the reviews. You're probably one of them so go ahead and download and enjoy! It's definitely bitter-sweet when you beat this game. You feel so proud of yourself, like you're a genius! But then you feel bummed when you realize you don't get to enjoy it anymore and that playing it again will never be the same as that first experience! I can't wait for Playdead's next game though!

READ THIS!!!! Posted by

I absolutely loved this game. I love it with a passion so much that I've gone and played it so many times on my iPad and computer. When you play this game you have to play it with headphones because the atmosphere of this game is really what makes it so great. The background and the monochromatic colors make this eerie and almost scary feeling. I liked the controls in the fact that there were no visible buttons on the screen so it's like you're watching the movie but you're in it. The puzzles were definitely confusing and some of them took me a while to get. I was pretty close to looking up a guide at one point but I ended up not doing that and I'm so happy i didn't. It felt so rewarding when you beat a puzzle so I encourage you all to not use a guide because I know we could all do it. This is a must play and it was 100% worth the money and I recommend this to anyone who likes to be immersed or anyone who just wants to play a more slow paced game.

Amazing, moody, action puzzler Posted by

This game is incredibly fun. The mechanics are great, the level design is clever, and the dark tone really adds an ominous sense of dread to the deadly puzzles. The pacing is great. When you have an "Ah ha!" moment and get past a puzzle, there's another one waiting for you. Sometimes, you think you solved a puzzle, but realize it's just a piece of a larger one. The game starts up quick and there is no load time during gameplay. My only gripe is that occasionally the control will register a tap when you mean to swipe. I get why the sensitivity is turned up. It's because some of the more "fast action" puzzles require precise timing. Highly recommend this game! Do yourself a favor and don't cheat by looking up puzzle solutions. Part of the fun is figuring out the physics of a puzzle. At first, it might not seem obvious, but eventually through a little trial and error you will figure all the puzzles out.

Dark yet so hella cute Posted by

Ever read the book "lord of the flies" This game reminds me of that kind of situation but only with a lot less color, it's dark and mysterious and it never fully explains to you the story through out the game.. You just play as the boy who does his best to Make it through this emo death trap.. This is a logic game of corse so some problems the boy faces might be a bit of a migraine, but not enough to let it get boring tho... Some problems have a lot more to do with how fast you are rather than strategy *hint* The controls will be a bit irritating, but it's not all that Much of a problem It's such an amazing game that you will get wrapped up in the boys struggles and feel his pain, tho he keeps the same expression the whole time Definitely worth your extra change, I recommend it highly

A timeless classic with amazing replay value. Posted by

I could go on and on about this game. Not only is it a game, but it's a masterpiece that ropes you in immediately and won't let you go. The ambience, music, and visuals are phenomenal, and that's an understatement. It leaves you with a story you have to put together by yourself. The puzzles can be tough, but I've beat this game so many times I've lost count. I don't understand how people can be confused with the controls. They're pretty easy on my iPhone 6, I have no trouble with them at all. I'd give this 10 billion stars if I could, it's got atmosphere in spades and if you enjoy LIMBO, I highly recommend its spiritual successor INSIDE. It's just as amazing, if not better, than LIMBO. Thank you, Playdead. You're truly something special.


This game is one of the best games I've ever played on iOS. Everything about it was just incredible. The eerie setting, the creative idea, the graphics, the characters, everything about this game was fantastic. The game would actually make me cringe at some moments. For example the way the giant spiders moved around got close to your character was so terrifying I loved it. This game was such a great game and it was very much worth $5.00. I would defiantly recommend this game. The only tips I have would to make the ending a little more understandable because it was a little confusing at first but then I soon understood it later on, but that's just me. Anyway amazing game, I hope to see more games like this in the future.

Good but needs some changes Posted by

I loved this game!!! But there is only one thing that I would want in this game to change for me to play it again. The controls! I mean, the controls will make you run when you want to jump or when swinging on a rope you can't get off, and normally this is not a big deal because it's an iPad game and iPad games are not always high quality; but in a panic gets frustrating. I would have to restart over and over again when jumping from a cliff to another cliff, and maybe it's something I'm doing wrong but.....still I think the only thing wrong in this app is the controls. And not being able to pause. Other then that this app is really good and I would recommend you trying it out for your selfs

Great Use With Deph Of Field Posted by

Limbo is a great platformer and puzzle game, with all the crappy Free To Pay games that spill out on the AppStore every Thursday it needs more praise them it gets. I've played this game since it came out on the 360 in 2010 and I've gotten so good at it that I've taken to speedrunning. There a lot of replay value here, and if this game game captures your interest then it'll keep you busy for a long time. I've played this game across several Apple devices, and there isn't that much of a difference as far as I can tell. The iPad 2 lags when entering areas with light shafts and a lot of objects with Depth Of Field, if you don't notice FPS (Frames Per Second) drops then your good.

Fantastic game, flawed port Posted by

As a puzzle adventure game Limbo is nearly perfect. It is challenging yet intuitive (I only looked at the wiki once), has a great mood and environment, and was for me a perfect game to play while listening to music. While I never played the original PC version, I assume my main problems with the game were due to it being an iPhone port. First of all the controls took some getting used to, and sometimes were frustratingly finicky. Additionally, the game froze often and even crashed on a few occasions. While this was annoying, when compared to the many pros this game has and its low price, I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a casual but extremely enjoyable puzzle adventure.

Absolutely incredible. Posted by

When I first saw this game, I thought it was just gonna be another boring app since that's how it seems for a lot of apps lately, but this game is nothing like I thought it would be. It has an amazing thought of it and it's levels are very well made. It almost seems as if this was a game on/made for the computer. I've made it about more than half way through the campaign and I still love it. It was honestly the best dollar I've spent on an app in a long time. It doesn't get boring easily and it makes you want to just keep playing it until you pass that one level that you're trying to finish. I recommend it to anyone who loves an interesting, puzzling game.

Excels In So Many Ways! Posted by

The plot, graphics, and puzzles are very intriguing. Controls were fine for me (on IOS) but I can see why other people would have trouble. It's about timing, and not making too many erratic movements (have patience--plan on lots and lots of do-overs) However, if you are easily disturbed or scared, this game might not be for you. Grisly deaths and noises often found in a horror game (go figure) are commonplace. I think it adds to the dark theme, making the game deeper, and connects the player to the surreal world. Overall, this was one of the best mobile games I have ever experienced. You shouldn't regret your purchase.

Truly Amazing Posted by

I do not consider myself a gamer and I never write reviews, but for this game I knew I had to. This game is incredible. It was suggested to me by a friend so I downloaded it on my iPad yesterday. I ended up finishing the whole game in the course of about 8 hours. The gameplay is just hard enough to challenge you, but not too much that you want to give up. The audio and visual experience is off the charts. Prepare to hear your spine break, blood spatter and skull crack. Tip: play with headphones for best experience. You will be lost in the game in seconds. Well done! I hope they have an expansion/new version soon!

My Favorite Posted by

I rarely buy games for my phone but I am very happy I did with LIMBO. I have the iPhone 6 plus and the game looks amazing on it and is also one of my favorite games on the AppStore. Some reviews said the controls ruined the game but if the controls were any easier a five year old could play it. There is some challenging stages in the game that require you to use your head but nothing that will drive you crazy. I do wish this game was much longer but only because I love it so much. LIMBO deserves way more than 5 stars and I would,and will, recommend it to anyone. Trust me you won't be disappointed!!

Great Game, Bad Platform Posted by

Limbo is a stunning game just not like this. It should not be played on an IOS device or any touch device at all. The controls for this are simple, and that's what kills it. You can be trying to grab a box and then start jumping randomly or start running in the opposite direction of the box. You could be running then swipe up to jump and your person will either completely stop or just fall off the edge and die. Other than that the game itself is great but this is not the way to experience it. Get it on the computer or a console not IOS.

An exercise in futility by MirianEve 2016-02-20

When getting this game I was seduced into thinking it'd be an atmospheric puzzler. Eh. No. I called this an exercise in futility but it's more exercise in seeing how many ways your character can be impaled, gutted, stabbed, electrocuted, eaten, sawed with his internal organs streaming behind and on and on. Seriously! I think that's how your supposed to have fun because it's not the puzzles. The puzzles are hard but only because there's a lag in the game controls. The puzzles are NOT clever just time based with awful controls. And what is the great pay off at the end? The epic 7 second stories' conclusion? Nothing. You get to to ride on the fun fun roller coaster of horrors again presumably finding new and exiting ways to kill your character because fun? Ok the the backgrounds are well done. I just don't see to what end. There's a bunch of randomly grizzly stuff to get through because fun.

Great game, bad port by Robrto78 2016-07-05

First off, let me say - this game is great. But don't play this version. Though they may be more expensive, play the version on the computer or console or whatever. Just not this one. This game, for one, is short. It's the sort of game to be played in one or two sittings, on a larger screen. The controls in this port are also bad. You move with a slide from your finger left or right, and hold do continue walking, jump with a swipe up, and interact with a tap. This can make parts of the game more difficult than they should be. A slippery touchscreen just isn't good for this game and there is no good way to improve it. And also, being featured on the App Store makes unwanted copies. So play another version on console or PC or whatever. This game is a wonderful atmospheric puzzle physics platformer. And don't expect a sequel.

AWESOME game, TERRIBLE controls by Wxuxwxyz 2016-12-31

First let me say that I LIKE this game. A LOT. But the controls are TERRIBLE!!! First, there is no tutorial, you just have to figure them out. To grab things and drag, I THINK you have to use 2 fingers, but I'm not positive. I'm 9/10 of the way through the game, and the controls still register that I'm jumping when I'm really trying to push, pushing when I'm trying to jump, pulling when I'm trying to run, and turning around when I'm trying to pull. The challenges are good, fun, engaging, but it's not enough just to solve them, you have to actually get the guy to move the way you want him to before he dies a gruesome death and you have to start over again. If you enjoyed the finesse of playing Atari's version of PacMan on their circa 1982 game system with a broken joystick, this game is for you!!

One fatal flaw by wartwyndhaven 2014-11-01

I really wanted to be able to play and enjoy this game. It's so beautiful. Unfortunately, the trial and error nature of the puzzle solving mechanism dictates that every 1-2 minutes, you die. Once that happens, you only get thrown back to the beginning of the same puzzle you died solving, so the frustration doesn't come from being set back far, it comes from the high frequency of the deaths. Imagine reading a book, and every single time you read two pages forward, you had to go back and read one page again. Now imagine that sometimes you have to do this multiple times for the same two pages. It was a fascinating concept, this game, and it was beautifully designed, but the frequent death flaw can't be designed out of it, making it impossible to relax into it and enjoy.

Dodgy controls by KatGirlGem 2017-02-01

The puzzles are pretty fun to figure out and the morbidness of it cracks me up, but executing the controls is sometimes incredibly frustrating because of the lack of responsiveness of the the game to my movements (have tried just fingers on the iPad and also the pencil). I try to push, it wants to pull, I try to jump, it turns me around and goes the opposite direction, usually dumping me into a pit of spikes or right in the path of one of the gigantic spiders, or just plain having me step on some violent-death trigger of some sort instead of jumping over it. Very hard to get the controls to just cooperate, and I'm getting sick of doing the same thing over and over again trying to go the right direction or jump. It shouldn't be this hard.

Visually pretty but the gameplay is a fail by We Are Fangirls 2015-09-06

looks really nice, sounds creepy and all that. But did I really just have to google to find out how to actually control the game. Why yes, yes I did. Which is a total fail. Assuming that everyone that is going to play magically knows the game because they played it on their PSwhatever etc is a jerk move. I’m not saying that you have to explain every last detail but when it just opens up to what appears to be a blank screen and you don’t at least say ‘hey swipe left or right to move and up to jump’ because you expect folks to magically guess it. And when you do figure it out, well it only responds 1/10th of the time which is how you end up dead every move. Well that got this game removed from my iPad. Enjoy the free money Playdead.

Great game killed by bad controls by Fido Dogstoyevsky 2015-07-25

On visuals and atmosphere this game is a 5 star game. It's such a shame that the controls are so horrifically bad. I'm playing on an iPad, and there's no way I'll see this through to the end. It's too frustrating to know a solution to a puzzle and have to try to execute it 50 times before the game registers what you are doing correctly. It would be one thing if this game rewarded you for good hand eye coordination as well as puzzle solving ability, but the difficulty in these controls are not a matter of hand-eye coordination. They're just poorly crafted. I'd really encourage the game designers to look at the controls and update them - this could be a grand slam of a game with better controls.

Touch controls are horrific by Mangled baby ducks 2015-02-07

I know I could really like this game, but it is impossible because the touch controls make it excruciatingly frustrating. When jumping sometimes he would jump, but just as likely he would keep going without jumping, or stop or go the opposite direction. Frequently this meant you died. The controls were so imprecise that instead of having fun solving the puzzles, I spent most of my time trying something over and over hoping for the random time that at every point in a sequence my gestures would not only register but also be interpreted correctly. I was playing on an iPad, so it wasn't an issue of a small screen. I slogged through until the point I realized playing was just making me angy and I was having zero fun.

Not for iPad by WackyFiasco 2015-11-24

I'd like to try this game again on a game console or on a PC. I am old-school, a huge fan of Tomb Raider games, the jumping puzzles in GW2 and I devour escape puzzle games on the iPad, so I don't tend to balk at "challenging" games... but this is the second time I downloaded Limbo on my iPad and the second time I uninstalled it within 20 minutes of playing it. It's been over a year between, by the way. I guess I forgot: The control system for this game just isn't wieldy and kinesthetic enough on a touchscreen. If you don't mind a lot of mindlessly repetitive scene grinding, then you're welcome to it.

RIP OFF. Give me my money back now! by MassCommie 2015-07-16

This app says it works on iPhone 4S or later. I've got a 4S and all the software is up to date, so naturally I thought this game would work. IT DOESN'T WORK AT ALL. All you get is a little loading screen that says "Limbo" and before the game even starts loading, the entire app crashes. I restarted my phone and everything but it DOES. NOT. WORK. Don't waste your time and money on a piece of crap that won't even play on the devices it "says it's compatible with." F*cking ridiculous that developers will lie about compatibility just to get more downloads; don't fall for this cheap rip off.

Bummed by Karsmoozal 2014-12-27

I have heard a lot if good reviews and have seen people play parts and wanted to try it but was disappointed when it said that you need a iPod 5th gen or later. but when I went to the bottom of the screen it said that it would work with iOS 6 or later. But when I downloaded it i was kicked being told that i needed a iPod 5th gen but failed to give me a refund. So i guess its on me but a warning to all who have a device lower then listed at the top DO NOT INSTALL but if you have a device that it says will work go ahead. Now I'm going to try and get it on my computer and try not to lose 5 dollars.

Bad Action by pb444 2015-09-02

This seems like it would be a fun game. It has gotten good press on other platforms. But the interface with the iPad (3rd generation) is very cumbersome. I find that the "game" becomes trying to do what you know has to be done many times before the execution is perfect enough to get through the challenge. Too many times the boy jumps straight up when you want him to jump over, or he stops or slows down when you ask him to go straight, or he doesn't grab an object fast enough to move it, or he over jumps to his death. It's just way too unresponsive to be fun.

Great game, horrible on tablet and phone. by Trexie85 2016-09-03

So my nickname was taken and I had to rewrite this whole entire review. This game is extremely good on the console such as PlayStation or Xbox. On tablet it's a bit tricky on the phone it's nearly impossible to control the character especially in fast acting scenarios. Your finger runs off the screen and once you figure out the puzzle is the real challenge is keeping your fingers on the screen and being able to see the character. I would give it a one star but since this game is so incredible especially on consoles I give it 2 star.

Fix the controls already! by Reviewer number 10001 2015-08-27

Haven't enough people complained for years now for this to be considered a real issue worth fixing? Would give 5 stars but controls are so exceedingly wonky, I can't complete the game. Tried for three days to get past the point I'm at, but touch screen makes it so insanely difficult, I'm giving up and feel compelled to write a negative review. Also, had completed 3/4 of the game on iPhone, then launched it on iPad only to find progress was NOT saved. Not by Game Center, not by iTunes, and not by iCloud. Really a shame.

Bad, bad, bad controls! by DCVA Reader 2015-05-25

It's mostly a great game, but horrible for the iPad. Timing matters a huge deal in this game, but many times you'll die because the little guy isn't grabbing when he should be: there are no separate gestures, e.g., to have him grab something, so you have to place him appropriately and even then that doesn't always work....and you get to die in the process. So instead of being a fun game of solving puzzles, it's a game of frustration where the skill involved is only a test of your patience. 2 stars.

Limbo literally by sample54 2016-01-19

I bought this game and 5 minutes later and many tries realized that that I cannot jump high enough to reach a edge. I went to their help site and cannot find an answer....then looking around found there are help apps for this game at a price of course. After paying $4.99 for the game, I'm not paying $1.00 to $2.99 for a help app. I been in the game for less than 5 minutes for Pete's sake. I need to figure out how to get a refund on this ... I want my money back... And I have the new iPad Air ...tsk tsk

Why unable to play on iphone4 platform by Beanleee 2015-07-04

I had bought this game a while back unaware it did not function on iphone 4 devices. I wrote a review yes, as soon as I noticed it. But it's been over 2months now and no changes or efforts have been made to correct it. I still have the app and really wish to play it, all i ask if for it to be made available to iphone 4 devices as well. It says you need at least ios 6 to play.... Well I have ios 7.1.2, and I don't understand why it still won't work... As of right now, it was a waste of money.....