Little Red Riding Hood bedtime Fairy Tale iBigToy Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Little Red Riding Hood bedtime Fairy Tale iBigToy Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Little Red Riding Hood bedtime Fairy Tale iBigToy Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Little Red Riding Hood bedtime Fairy Tale iBigToy Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Little Red Riding Hood bedtime Fairy Tale iBigToy Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Little Red Riding Hood bedtime Fairy Tale iBigToy Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Little Red Riding Hood bedtime Fairy Tale iBigToy Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Little Red Riding Hood bedtime Fairy Tale iBigToy Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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The best reading experience - Children's classic story "Little Red Riding Hood" now available on your iPad.
This is totally new reading experience: illustrated audio books with interactive animation on each page.

Classic story in new multimedia form: It tells the little red hat girl escape from the bad wolf ‘s belly with the hunter’s help, and together with her grandma to conquer the big bad wolf with wits. incredible digitally-redesigned pages with every detail inside.

This interactive audio book features:

► Stunning animation effect on each page.The gift box on the table, the flying birds and lovely kittens and etc. special effects. Make the person at the scene.
► Revolutionary redesigned interactive animations. Example: Slide the gift box on the table gently, gift box will move with your finger’s movement; Click the kitten, the kitten will have a lovely mew.You can interact almost everything on the screen.
► Professional audio narration.
► Each page has special effects sound


Contact us: [email protected]
Follow us on Twitter:@iBigToy for updates and time-limited promotions.

Little Red Riding Hood bedtime Fairy Tale iBigToy Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Very nice graphic and fun moveable parts. Posted by

My 10 month old daughter likes it a lot. She has kissed or maybe licked "Little Red" every time she appears. Very cute! I'd like to see improvement to the sound control, the sound effect is a bit loud and it covers the narrator's voice.

good book! Posted by

To reproduce the classic fairy tale, so my son does not easily trust strangers.

It's a very good book for childrend Posted by

It's a very good book for childrend.My baby is very liking it .

Nice book! Posted by

It's very interesting and educational! I like it!

classic books Posted by

it is an classic story,kids like it very much,great

Good Posted by

My daughter loves the story!

Like it Posted by

Kids like it so much.

很好看 Posted by


Bad English pronunciation. Just deleted. 英语版好差。 by PowerSpawn 2011-05-27

Bad English pronunciation. Just deleted. 英语版好差。 Wow! What a dishonest 5 star reviews. All the reviews were given on the same day, May 10th. They must came from the employees or friends of the company. Don't use these apps by this company "iBigToy" to learn English, unless you want to learn "Chinese English". BAD pronunciation and super slow flat boring reading. The drawing and Chinese reading are good. I give one star for that. But I wouldn't recommend this for kids. I have to delete all apps by iBigToy from my iPad. Hay, I have a 3 years old who plays my iPad every day. Luckily I got all these apps when they were free. 千万别用这个公司 'iBigToy' 的软件学英语。这读英语的姐姐发音不是很标准,并且读的比蜗牛还要慢而且平旦无味。好象才学的英文,一个字一个字的念,实在听不下去。这样念给小孩听是不对的。真是误入子弟。 中文版还可以,卡通也画的不错。这公司因该花了不心血做了这么多apps. 应该请个专业读书的老外重新来过。我就可以重新加分。但是现在我必许把这些软件删除。我不想影响到我的小女儿。

Too graphic for kids!!!! by six6plosion 2011-06-26

I don't a book should be considered a children's book if there are four deaths (two potential deaths of red and granny being eaten and the two wolf deaths) in it!!!! Plus the cutting out the wolf stomach to get granny and red out!!!! I think it is a little to graphic for children!!!! I'm sorry I failed to mention the gun (from the hunter) contemplating to shoot the wolf!!!! But ill let the slide!!!! Not for children at all!!!!

Not quite as expected by Thin Slice 2012-06-10

If this was a free app I probably would have given it 4 stars. The app claims to be interactive but usually it's only one spot on a page that's active and it's usually some silly sound. There are free story books that are far more interactive and with much better graphics. It's an ok app but there are much better free ones out there.

ADS popping up all the time? by To catch a pig! 2015-09-12

This was not a good experience. I paid for this and still had a BIG AD that kept popping up every few seconds as I read to my three year old! How annoying is that? I can understand if this was free but it was $4.99. I did not expect to see ADS! In addition I was expecting the original version of the story..not quite sure what version this is.

From the Original Story by thatcre8tivadvnturr 2011-05-26

Something about the wolf being cut open with a pair of scissors and Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma jump out of his belly. This is why Disney redid these story's, much to graphic for kids. Beautifully drawn and the reason for the three stars too bad they didn't work on the story.

Don't waste ur time by Mama's Puppy 2015-03-18

This book is missing pages, the story is incomplete and doesn't make sense. The audio doesn't work. It's pointless. Don't waste your time or disappoint your child with this app.

Poor English! by Justnana 2012-01-18

If this is professional narrator was paid, they should get their ,only back! I deleted it, it has way too many grammatical errors! Don't waste your money.

Ridiculous! by J,ml 2014-01-23

I paid $4.99 for this app and it has ads at the top of each page?!?! Absolutely unacceptable. What a joke.