Live Guitar Apps for iPhone/iPad
Live Guitar Apps for iPhone/iPad

Live Guitar Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Live Guitar is designed to support playing complex chords, arpeggios, and finger-style guitar lines on your iOS device. Because the iPhone and iPad are not shaped like the neck of a guitar, the app provides an innovative way of selecting chords, while also leaving enough room to play individual strings accurately and expressively.

Chords are organized in sets, which you can customize and change on a song-by-song basis. A single touch on the fretboard selects the first chord of a set; two touches selects the second, and so on. It's possible to move quickly and accurately between fifteen different chords without needing to look at the screen. When playing guitar, switching between chords smoothly is critical; the app has been designed so that you can play music, not just notes. By making switching between chords quick and easy, you can play complete songs, rather than just noodling around, locked into a single scale.

Single string notes and strums can be played with touches or swipes; the organic sonic texture that comes from varying note intensity is obtained by adjusting where on a string you touch. The interface orientation on the iPhone gives more space between the strings, allowing you to play individual strings more accurately.

Sets of chords can be assembled quickly within the app -- choose from standard chord constructions, with dozens of chord types, or select specific chord voicing from the standard-tuning guitar interface. Sets of chords can also be imported and shared easily using the built-in Twitter interface.

MIDI connects your playing to laptop or desktop recording tools like GarageBand, Logic, Reaper, or ProTools. CoreMIDI, Virtual MIDI, and DSMIDI are all supported; you can choose the interface that gives you the best performance on your system. Live Guitar can send MIDI to the GarageBand app, as well as most other synthesizer apps.

Each string can be mapped to a different MIDI channel, to work with guitar tablature and transcription programs. Use Jam Maestro, Progression, or GuitarPro, and others -- by using chords based on a standard tuning guitar, and a MIDI channel per string, you can capture every detail of your playing with ease.

Live Guitar has hundreds of sounds built in -- guitars, basses, pianos, organs, and more. The app uses the acclaimed General MIDI SoundFont by Christian Collins, which can be found in many of the leading music apps. With support for Audiobus and Inter-App Audio, you can integrate Live Guitar with your other music apps, to add a natural and realistic guitar sound to your music.


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Live Guitar Rocks! Posted by

This is a guitar player's app, if there ever was one. I've tried a few other guitar apps (certainly not all though), and while some have a nice interface, they ultimately are not very playable. Live Guitar is surprisingly playable, given the limitations of the device that it is hosted on. Playing chords on the home view is easy and fun. I haven't tried downloading or uploading chord progressions to/from Twitter, but that is the kind of nuanced capability throughout this app. This is a well thought out feature, but doesn't scream at you, it simply waits for you to want to use it. Next, I'm struck by how expressive the fretboard view can be. Strings can be stretched and frets cause new notes as you slide up and down a string. Sure, grabbing a barre chord isn't as easy as on your trusty (rusty) six string, but with a minimal amount of effort, you can devise hand positions that allow you to play complex harmonic structures. And while all of these things are very well done, for me, the real brilliance of this app lies in it's MIDI controller aspect. As a guitar player, I've always felt like playing a keyboard was like learning a second language well into adulthood. It's just never comfortable or fully able to capture what you're trying to say. Live Guitar is so playable that, finally, I feel like I can be expressive with some of the amazing sounding apps to be found on iOS. This is because the MIDI notes Live Guitar sends out over Virtual and Core MIDI are fast and accurate. I have to admit, I'm having so much fun sending MIDI notes to other synths that I haven't even tried sending MIDI into Live Guitar, but I expect that to be just as solid as any other feature. Finally, I emailed the developer and received a response within hours. He is very approachable and clearly understands how to make this a great app for both new and experienced guitarists. He mentioned a few enhancements in his response to me that will make a great app even better. All in all, Live Guitar is a great app that really "plays" like a guitar, and has rock solid MIDI and AudioBus support. I've wasted most of this weekend playing with it!

This Developer Gets It! Posted by

What makes LIve Guitar superior to the others? The chord buttons (frets) are located ergonomically and require very slight movement of your fingers instead of chasing around the screen for a bunch of separate chord buttons – like half the other guitar apps. There is only one other guitar app that is as good as this one (I'm not telling which one). Live Guitar has a better interface design than it's single real competitor though. There are up to 16 chords in a chord set, all accessible with barely any movement of your fingers on the same four closely placed "frets". You can create or import as many chord sets as you'll ever need. The other half of guitar simulating apps try to recreate a guitar with finger positioning, which is just stupid on a touch screen. If I want an "authentic playing experience" I will go grab my real guitar and play it. If, on the other hand, I want an efficient, well constructed app that is easy to operate, I will use Live Guitar. This app is made for when you don't have your real guitars handy. It's built to be easy and efficient to play, not to try and replicate a guitar in a very un-guitar-like device. This app is great for veteran guitar players, but It would be mind-blowing fantastic for a novice. The only downside I can see for them would be that they would never bother learning to play a real guitar, getting addicted to this app instead.

Actually playable Posted by

Update -- still enjoying it, and the tab import is full of win. On my system, CoreMIDI was OK, but DSMIDI is definitely faster. --- Nice little app; it took a minute to figure out how to switch chords, but after that, I was able to strum, finger pick a little, and play it sort of like a guitar. It's a little cramped on my Touch, but definitely something that can be played. The app has a ton of chords built in, and it was easy to add my own (I like using open string drones, so a lot of the stuff I do doesn't use standard chord forms). Decent variety of guitar tones (could we get bass in the future? Mandolin?). The pitch bend on the single note fretboard is way too sensitive; my notes were bending all over the place -- would be good if that was toned down (or you could turn it off). Also, a couple of times, the chord set editor seemed to get confused, and the chords I was entering didn't show up. They weren't lost -- just not showing up -- not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or if there's a bug.

Perfect app for songwriters Posted by

Pros: great interface, midi integration, different guitar tones, notepad/web browser Cons: unable to transfer notes to and from other apps, windows midi setup not well documented. I had been looking for an app like this for quite a while. It provides an easy way to experiment with chord progressions and the inclusion of a notepad and web browser is a great idea. The different guitar tones give you a good idea of what the chords will sound like on a broad range of guitar setups. The midi integration was also really easy. I currently have my iPhone hooked up to my windows DAW through rtpmidi. Although a little more documentation for windows based midi setups might help less experienced users. Overall this is a great app for songwriters who want to experiment and sketch out ideas when their equipment isn't around.

I can play the guitar now! Posted by

This is a really clever app. Kudos to the developers. It's not perfect from an execution standpoint - there are starts and stops to the strumming. But all in all - I can suddenly play songs on the "guitar" when I couldn't before. I'm sure the execution will improve over time. Great work!!

Great guitar layout; I love this app Posted by

Very comfortably designed for playing, no finger cramping even on long sessions. Great visually intuitive arrangement. Transcription import works well, and actually fun for songwriting and impressing friends with iPad licks (ha ha, yeah!)

Midi works instantly in windows Posted by

I got irritated because I couldn't find the midi configuration panel. But then it just worked with Live no problem! I must have rptMidi going in the background, but I didn't have to configure anything. Nice! Very playable

Fun AND useful Posted by

I enjoyed playing around with this app but after hearing a demo using this as the guitar I realized how useful it could become. I like being able to work on song ideas while the wife is shopping.

Great for ambient music Posted by

This app is a secret weapon of mine. It has some nice synth tones that are great for ambient music. The chord changes you can use are nice for an ambient style as well. I highly recommend it.

Great! Posted by

Very useable and enjoyable! Would like to see DSMI integration too, because coremidi can be a pain on Windows, but still very playable. Thanks!

Guitar playin. Posted by

Works well. Sounds great. I have yet to find a guitar app that does or has a decent sounding palm muted sound. You know Metal!!

eh...needs a lot of work! by grizzledcamudgen 2013-03-09

Don't get the other reviews, must be a typical iTunes "developer" ratings!? The sounds are off and harsh, small controls and confusing setup. IMO needs a lot of revamping/fine tuning. Sounds nothing like "Guitarism" which is smooth and fluid & also has Audiobus integration. IMHO - buy "Guitarism" if you want smooth realistic guitar sounds for your Audiobus studio lineup! $1.99 is not much but if it doesn't sound, feel, work to your expectations then its too much. •I'm just trying to be constructive and not meaning to bash but it needs looked into to make it a worthy tool.

Should be Shoved Back into the Oven... by Poof2subdivision3x 2015-08-05

Many, many problems--aside from being hugely overpriced. Having tried it I would pay $1.99, if it worked. First, to use it at all you have to press your fingers to the fret board. The programming to set this up for left-handers must be priceless but the system is a hit and miss deal anyway. Unfortunately mostly "miss" because any weight shift sends the whole screen upside down, and playing causes the program to disappear into the menu of open programs on your iPad. Organization of elements aside from the main instrument are awkward to find and use. Thus far using this has been a mini-nightmare.

It launches again on my iPhone 3Gs. Weird! by musiquenthusiast 2012-07-24

It occasionally crashes but at least it launches now. There's definitely a bug or two in there. The only thing I don't like is that the tap mode is STILL in portrait orientation, meaning you can't play it like a guitar. The newly added DSMIDI support has made it so much more responsive. MIDI freezes sometimes but all you have to do is exit tap mode and go back to strum mode and it starts working again.

Good but... by Donnnie 2013-03-13

This is a well-made app. However I'm having issues using a USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with the app, which I kind of assumed would be a snap.

needs landscape fretboard for iphone by matimaui 2011-08-13

I love how you can bend the strings but the fretboard would work much better in landscape view instead of portrait view. what were they thinking!!!