Live Wallpaper - Interactive 3D Galaxy: Galaxies, Stars and Nebulas in outer space Apps for iPhone/iPad

Live Wallpaper - Interactive 3D Galaxy: Galaxies, Stars and Nebulas in outer space Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Galaxy - An Amazing Live Wallpaper with a Rotating Spiral Galaxy

Galaxy is the one of the most amazing interactive 3D live wallpapers for your Mac. Customize your own galaxy: touch the screen and change the perspective, galaxy’s speed, direction and angle. Enjoy the view and soothing space sound.

* Beautiful large galaxy: 3D live wallpaper for your Mac.
* Touch the screen and change the view perspective.
* Make it your own, custom galaxy: change rotation speed, direction and angle.
* Requires MacOS 10.7 or higher.

Learn more:

Demo Video:

Your support would greatly help us make the application even better! If you like the app, please write us a good review on Mac app store.

We appreciate your suggestions – let us know how we can make the app better.

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Needs some tweaking Posted by

This app is very nice I really like the background its very sharp and realistic, overall I'm very satisfied, however, my notification center does not work when this app is running and my three finger gesture scroll up to see my various different desktops I've created on my macbook pro to manage my space does not work as well, an update to fix this would sure make this app the best!!

Great Little App, but has room for improvement (don't we all) Posted by

Overall, I love it. It's beautiful! But I think there are a couple things that would take this live wallpaper to the next level. I'd give a 5 star rating if it did these 2 things: 1) Used (way) less memory 2) Had an option to get rid of the text that's on top of the image (show facts checkbox in the prefs perhaps) Great so far, hoping for updates!

Awesome graphics but needs some optimization Posted by

Absolutely beautiful concept and visualization. Unfortunately, it is a graphics guzzler and does need some backend code optimization. In a next version, I would like to be able to rotate the spiral galaxy 90º on the X axis, so that it could be viewed from the side as in Mountain Lion’s desktop picture.

Awesome Desktop!!! Posted by

Though it does slow things down a bit , to me it is literally not noticable in the least bit. my only complaint would be the lack of color options. This seems as though it would be a rather easy update to perform , but would make the app so much more appealing. thanks for the awesome background!!!

Very Cool Posted by

Hi Def Looking Space that moves and u can change colors whats not too Love? Its Great:)

Good App but with Caveats by Sadmicrowave 2013-03-12

I like the app however it slows down the computer considerably and is pretty processor intensive. The one bug that I absolutely abhore is that the app completely stops running in the background (rotating and all) when you exit mission control. The only way to start the animation again is to open the app preferences from the icon in your menu bar and make a subtle change to a preference setting, the app will relaunch and the animation will continue. This bug really has to be fixed; otherwise, I like the quality and resolution of the images used and it is a good app to have (so long that you have a powerful mac [I have 8GB RAM]).

Disappointed by PHARMTECH43 2013-12-13

I must say that I was a bit disappointed about this app. I installed the app and in a few minutes time I heard the fan going off in my new MacBook Air and also I felt that area being very warm. I would say HOT. I finally had to delete that app so the program would stop running. I was not able to do much with the app. Maybe better luck next time. It would have been nice if this app was working correctly for wallpaper. Best Wishes in the future on this app.

Needs more options by Edgecrusherr 2014-03-30

This is a pretty cool wallpaper/simulator. However, it needs more options. For instance, it only seems to work on the main display, I have 2. I'd like to see options for setting it to just the 2nd display, since it's the one lest covered by application windows. I'd also like to see support for multiple spaces, so I can set different different Galaxys on different spaces.

Beautiful but by Croppplo 2016-06-07

This is a beautiful app. Unfortunately, it slowed down my laptop. And for the first time ever,the fan on my laptop came on. I had to uninstall this. And this was VERY hard to do...

Looks great BUT is a CPU/Battery GUZZLER by DingoEgret 2014-06-07

It looks absolutely gorgeous. But seriously lacks decent optimization. It uses up way too much CPU on the 'windowserver’. Can never use without plug.