Logo Maker and Graphics - Create your own logos on demand! Apps for iPhone/iPad
Logo Maker and Graphics - Create your own logos on demand! Apps for iPhone/iPad

Logo Maker and Graphics - Create your own logos on demand! Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Logo Maker and Graphics - Create your own logos on demand! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Logo Maker and Graphics - Create your own logos on demand! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Logo Maker and Graphics - Create your own logos on demand! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Logo Maker and Graphics - Create your own logos on demand! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Logo Maker and Graphics - Create your own logos on demand! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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The Logo Maker by Laughingbird Software - the easy, and fun way to create graphics, logos, video overlays, watermarks, Facebook and blog images!


Purchase this Logo Maker App and get a download link for the DESKTOP Version of The Logo Creator for only $7! --- (a $37 product with over 200 templates and 500 images! ...Mac and Windows versions!)

Just click the "about" icon inside the app to download the desktop version.


The Logo Maker is available for the iPhone, iPod touch AND the iPad!


• ROYALTY FREE images, graphics, cartoon marketing characters, glossy objects and more ... all designed by professional graphic artists! No clip art here! Use them freely on your Facebook pages, instagram photos or eMail them!

Export your images and use them on your websites... or with Photoshop for greater enhancement! (but you don't need Photoshop to use the software).

Just drag and drop the images onto the logo makers canvas. Easy!

• great way to create slide presentation images

• Adjust and modify over 30 customizable logo templates.

• Create eMail signatures or use the logos you create in your video creations!

• Add your own elements and images using your camera! Great for branding your business. It's logo design made easy!

• Pinch, drag and spin your logo elements to change sizes

• You can save your graphics (they export as transparent ".PNG" images) directly to your photo library, or eMail your logo to yourself

• Create your own personal company wallpaper! ...You can even send it up to your Facebook or Instagram account!

• Use The Logo and Graphics Maker to create fun and unique eMail signatures!

• Cool Features:
Place your logo onto virtual billboards, tradeshow booth images and more! Send these images to your friends and show them how important your company is.

The Logo Creator by Laughingbird Software is easy and fun to use. Your logos will look like a Photoshop guru spent hours on them! Design your own images, in your own time.

Logo Maker and Graphics - Create your own logos on demand! Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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I wish I had the ability to completely express how awesome this product is! I don't know where to begin? I'm currently in the process of building my own Web business and really needed to creat a logo that speaks CLEARLY as to who and what my business is about. The last thing I could afford was to pay someone to make this happen for me. I really needed to do it myself, and when I found this logo maker on the App Store I was excited! But when I began using it WOW!!! So so so happy I can't say t enough!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this product! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!! So awesome! Now I'm just having fun making tons of different logos for the hell if it because it is soooooooo much fun! I can't thank you enough Mr. Marc Sylvester!!! Thank you!!!!

I took the leap and ... Posted by

So, this was a brand new App, no one else had left a review, but I took the plunge anyway and bought it because I REALLY needed a versatile, quick logo app that saved to my photo library on my iPad. HOLY BANANAS!!! This is awesome! I have only used it once to make a quick logo for a project, but after one brief false start, I created something perfectly acceptable in about five minutes, and as I do more I know I will learn quickly. Very intuitive. This is a mature offline software that has come online, so it is not your typical app. There may be flaws, but I haven't found them yet. KUDOS Laughing Bird. BTW, I am NOT associated with them ... Just appreciate an app that WORKS!

Just a few tweaks would make it perfect Posted by

I really like this app, and am using it to design graphics for a food vending cart. But it needs just a few things to make it perfect, in my view. (1) The ability to create designs in either portrait or landscape mode. I need to do a portrait design, but Logo Creator only seems to work in landscape mode. (2) I would like to be able to view (and export) the logo design on a plain white background. (3) I'd like more text color options - perhaps the ability to modify the colors in the color drawers. Other than that, this is a powerful app for the money. Kudos to the developers.

Love this app Posted by

With this application I can make a lot of things like putting words in a picture and stuff. Also I'm not sure how familiar are you with iMovie application, but iMovie application doesn't have enough transactions, also when you putting a messages at the beginning and at the end of the movie, you can't even change the word font or make any changes....well, with logo maker I can make my own messages and change the word font to whatever you want. This application is the best out there and is free!!! Love this application.

Worth every penny Posted by

I bought this app to create a logo for my home brew beer labels and was able to come up with many creative ideas! This app was truly worth every penny compared to the price I would have paid to download a program to my home pc! And to top it off was given a free pc download of this program they value at $25! How can you go wrong! If your looking to make interesting personalized logos then trust me buy this app! Once you figure it out you'll be putting together awesome logos and doing it quickly!!

Logo maker Posted by

I have a small side business that I needed to create a logo for. So I looked into certain websites and they baited you in with a free logo but when you went to make it it would cost over $100. So to buy this $3 app was perfect for me. It's pretty cool. There are a few things I wish I could do on here but maybe I just need to figure it out but bottom line it's not perfect but definitely worth the cash and gives you enough ammo to create a nice, cool looking, modern, stylish logo!

Need more features... Posted by

Just purchased this app because I bought the desktop version so very long ago. Created my first logo and added a swoosh object. But I'm not able to change the color and rotate the object into place. I'm not able to complete the logo on my iPad with this app. Hopefully an update will add these features soon. This app has the potential to be a very powerful and popular app with a few more additional features. I love the ability to be able to create a logo and more on the go.

Retina Upgrade? Posted by

I loved using this app for design and will reenter it into the mix when the upgrade to Retina love how it is possible to save everything in .PNG and have not found another app that has this feature. All others I've tried save .JPEG and include at the very least a white background. I hope Laughingbird has the Retina display level graphics in the works as well as more upgrade packages for purchase as well. I'll be on the lookout for pleasant news!

Pretty cool! Posted by

I think this app is cool! I love how easy it is and how bright the colors are. I do wish it would have more cartoons to play with but for what I needed it for it has done its job. Please add more stuff because I would be one who would pay more for more, even though others haven't liked it I say you have done a better job then a lot of apps out there. So please update with more stuff, it's so much fun creating my own logos. Thanks!

I love this app! Posted by

I really couldn't had ask for a better app,for creating amazing logos and banners that are original and just great. I love the PC software even more cuz it has alot to it. I would like to c more fonts and maybe a photo cutting tool to be in the app. But this app is one of my all time FAVS,and I always use it. I use the software to create new avatars and logos for Gamecenter and more. Get this app today theirs nothing like it.

Best Logo App Posted by

I love the app. This app is user friendly. I downloaded 2 other apps that were not user friendly. This app is great as a stand alone, yet when combined with the Mac or PC version you will be making tons of logos in minutes where ever you are. I made 4 different logos in under 15 minutes. The tech support via email was fast and I was shocked at how well I was taken care of. Buy this app today. You won't be disappointed.

Best Logo App Posted by

I love the app. This app is user friendly. I downloaded 2 other apps that were not user friendly. This app is great as a stand alone, yet when combined with the Mac or PC version you will be making tons of logos in minutes where ever you are. I made 4 different logos in under 15 minutes. The tech support via email was fast and I was shocked at how well I was taken care of. Buy this app today. You won't be disappointed.

the Only App of its Kind Posted by

this App at first seems Limited, But when U start Digging in U can make some pretty Good Logos, i use it Just for the Font Designs , i Hope they update soon with some more Shapes and Fonts , etc . But for real there is No other App even Close to this to Design a Logo from Scratch... So I say thanks for Designing an App that no one else has, Give another Good Update and its 5 stars for me.

As simple as it comes! Posted by

I purchased one package and was happy with what it came with, but I expected more content in it. The purchased content kinda hides when you buy it. There should be something that lets you know that the text or graphic was a part of the purchase. Just highlight the name or bold it. So 5 stars for the free app, and 4 stars for the purchased content. Overall awesome app!

Great App! Very easy Posted by

I needed a logo fast for an event we are doing and nothing worked or was user friendly until I downloaded LogoMaker. The first day I used it, I had a question so I emailed Marc and within an hour he responded. The only reason I would give it less than 5 full stars is that I would like to be able to do more with the graphics. This is a GREAT app and well worth the $.

Nice & Easy Posted by

I have been using Logo Maker on my PC for a long time, and to be honest the version for the iPad is simply beautiful. I love the program and would not even contemplate utilizing another program to achieve my goals as far as logo creation. Mark....you have outdone yourself once again, thanks for such a beautiful piece of software.

Excellent Posted by

Well worthbthe few bucks. Does what it says. Download the couple extras (these devs dont have you purchase endless streams of extras in the long run) and you have a complete package. The rest is up to your creativity. I was surprised by how polished my few tryouts looked. Can actually get addictive (ali naderzad, screencomment)

Works after second install Posted by

Crashed upon load, uninstalled and then reinstalled, works fine now. I'm actually liking it. Has a handful of templates but, U can upload images from ur library and add txt. Lots of txt and. Lora to choose from but, I think the ability to tweak images and icons would be very helpful. $2.99 was fine

Worked for me! Posted by

Ok, so at first I read some reviews and didn't download it, then I thought why not, it's not much money when compared to downloading a $50 plus program. It did crash a couple of times, but got through it. I made 2 logos and love them both! Give it a try, of you don't like, buy a program!

Great fun Posted by

It's not its big brother The Logo Creator, but it packs quite a punch. I find this lots of fun and a great way to kill time like a game would be. Everything you design using this app can be moved to your computer. This app is so much fun while waiting to see the dentist.

A few challenges but, long time customer. You'll get it fixed. by JohnLitton 2012-01-06

Crashes occurring and losing logo prep forcing me to start again. While saving frequently helps, clearly this is not the long-term solution. Also, tried over several days to purchase the added $ .99 Alphabet and Font Package only to be denied … ERROR --- Sorry, the purchase failed. As I have $$$ avail, download much more each day, this is your problem too. Create even more add-on packs … this could be great for me while I'm out on the road trying to create quick and easy items for clients. When all fixed, I'll change to 5 Stars …!

Better than the 1 star reviews by phr0ze 2012-04-30

The one star reviews really lowered my expectations. However I'm impressed with the number of fonts and ease of use. There are a few items that make this software less than perfect. 1. Big issue: Color selection is limited and you can't match your text to the built in graphics at all. 2. Some items have shadows underneath them, but you can only select text shadows at a diagonal angle. 3. You can't export in any kind of vector format. 4. I don't think you can rotate objects, or adjust colors on the built in graphics.

Needs more options by Computer design major 2012-01-30

App is for the very basic of logo design. My first impression after using this app was "So you can change the font and color of the text, and add a few effects... thats it?" There is much more needed to be able to be "creative" in this app. It is well known that no app holds a candle to Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, but some editing options with the objects, gradients, and colors would be a great addition to this app. If you want an app that makes basic, simple logos, this is what you want.

Refund? by RxJR 2012-10-17

I bought this app for $2.99 to make a logo for a project. Maybe it's my lack of knowledge of using this app but to make the logo you are limited to the premade symbols and then you can add the text, etc. I suggest allowing people to upload there own templates that they can edit and add text to and build upon it to make their logo. It's really restricted otherwise. The only part of this app I found useful was making the text and being able to upload what I made straight to my photos.

Okay Design But... by Hernando Conwi 2013-06-14

App has easy to use with fairly well thought out font tools that will work for a lot of logo needs but most of the included graphics are cartoonishly cheesy. If you want a polished corporate logo, this isn't for you but for home, school and church use, it's probably okay. Warning: the output logos are on BLACK BACKGROUNDS even though the canvas you created it on shows white/clear so remember to physically place a white background behind your logo, or some other color.

Not practical by WRG INC. 2013-03-28

I have tried making logos that would be practical for any business. It's only good for text logos that is with no image. Images can not be edited or sized properly , this app is logo maker but its very limited, screen too small for one and it just doesn't do what it says it does. Who ever designed this app did it so that you would be frustrated and go buy a better app. I don't write reviews but this is so bad I had too. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP

Buggy app by Zevione 2015-02-04

This app have a lot of bugs needs fixing. While making wording, i usually get an cut out on the wording when extracting to photo folder. The arch wording is only limited to upward position. The tech support to this app is non-existing since the link is bad. The ironic thing is that the company name is laughing bird. It laughs to the bank they take your money, and as an bird it don't stay there to give support. The app is not even worth 3 bucks as buggy it is.

Great Potential by mking32 2012-07-25

I used to hand letter signs and create logos by endless sketches and then the artwork had to be made "camera ready". That took hours and hours. This isn't there yet but it has great potential. The greatest two need are the ability to manipulate fonts more, make them follow paths and drawing tools to make your own shapes rather than relying on a few pre-made shapes.

Program Quality and Functionality by HammerSims 2013-10-12

This is a complete rip-off the program does not load templates in the designers window. In addition the program does not allow for editing pics/photos. I would ask for a refund, but I know I will not get my money back! I think customers should be allow to report programs that do not work as theft. This would provide more quality apps! Don't waste your money!

Worst Logo design program ever by Asealie 2012-08-04

This has got to be one of the worst logo creation programs I have ever used. It is so limited, the objects can only be resized. Colours can not be changed, only thing that can be formatted is the text. So basically you pick your text, pick one of the limited icons they have and put it on a background. Dont waste your money, I would so take a refund if I could.

Shouldn't Have Updated.... by alextravis 2013-09-07

Let me be clear by saying that I LOVE this app and haven't had any issues until recently. Once it was updated, it became just a useless icon on my iPad. Don't let the bug stop you from using Logo Maker as it really is an amazing app. Its definitely a must have for ANY designer however right now, not so much. I just hope they fix it soon.

Delete it by Dudeiybycygihn 2013-04-11

If you got this app. Delete it. Thought it was perfect, until I noticed it was saving my logos to iPhoto's on pornographic backgrounds. How I don't know, don't have any porno, don't watch any porno, but there's something Definitely wrong with this product and its probably a virus associated with it. Delete it!

Not what you want by uswithoutme 2013-01-03

He shows option of word in circle (top arc, bottom arc) but it only does top arc, and kerning is nonexistent. Shapes cannot change color. No transparent background. It is a nightmare and you can't get close to any idea you might have had going in. Great idea if someone would do it right. Keep your money, I wish I had.

This is so limited by sdholly 2013-01-27

If you want a few orbs or swirls, this is a good logo maker, I suppose. It was so limited I gave up and just made a simple logo on a word processing program. Sadly, that was better than this lame logo maker. I waste too much money trying to save money. If you want a decent logo maker, buy a real one.

Low quality by jaspman 2014-04-17

This program outputs such a low quality and low resolution image that its worthless to use. You can't seriously use any of the saved logos for anything print or web as the quality is so low. I would not recomend this app to anyone. Iphone or Ipad version puts out the same usesless quality.

Cheese. by SpydrMunky 2013-02-09

I should have listened to YBCreation. Don't buy this; it is freeware being promoted as a professional app. You can't even import your own pics. All you can do is use their lame stock art to create logos. Complete waste of money and time. Zero stars.

Cheap!!!!!! by C Jordan 2013-07-01

Terrible give u as consumers some freedom!!!! Logos look cheap and imitated I want unique. Sorry when you update it with some design capabilities let me know. I feel like I wasted 3 dollars.

Terrible by For the love of traveling 2015-06-17

This is suppose to be a free app. I made one card and then closed the app the next day it charged me almost five dollars. This is such a waste, and a complete scam!! Don't get the app!

Very few options to choose from. by markoutdoors 2012-09-15

Not sure why this app has this many good reviews. There are very few selections. If you are looking for a nice little kiddy logo this will work. This app should be free. Not worth a cent.

Update by Ozelio 2013-09-24

The new update doesn't allow me to add pictures from my camera roll, it freezes when I try. App was fine before now I cant use it.