Lost Portal CCG Games for iPhone/iPad
Lost Portal CCG Games for iPhone/iPad

Lost Portal CCG Games for iPhone/iPad

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Lost Portal CCG Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Lost Portal CCG Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Lost Portal CCG Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Lost Portal CCG Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Lost Portal is a collectable card game that involves exploring dungeons and fighting AI enemies and bosses, collecting treasure and leveling up your character to gain new abilities.

- Four character slots allow you to create up to four characters at one time
- Six levels of difficulty provide increasing challenges and risks.
- Random enemies and card drops means no two games are exactly the same
- 216 cards to discover in five rarities: common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare and new avatar cards
- Over 80 enemies and bosses to challenge across 5 towns and 15 dungeons.

Easily add cards to your deck using the deck editor. Use color, type and rarity filters to find the cards you want. Each character you create can keep up to four decks.

Buy new cards at card shops located in towns and dungeons using gold you've collected. You can also sell unwanted cards for more gold.

Visit the Forge to create new cards by sacrificing cards from your library. Each forge has a random selection of rare cards that can be forged.

Gain experience by defeating enemies. When you level up, you gain ability points that you can spend, along with gold, to increase your abilities. Increase your Health, Agility, Wisdom and Intellect to gain different advantages and unlock additional abilities.


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Another hidden gem — Posted by

Much like Dream Quest, this is a card-based dungeon crawler created by one person. It's a bit rough around the edges (though decidedly better looking than DQ) in terms of UI and lack of tutorial, but if you're familiar with card games you'll be ace with a little bit of effort. Reminiscent of Spectromancer battle-wise, this game is pretty tough from the get-go. Strictly 1 player, you'll get multiple run throughs by building different characters, which I'm eager to do. When you consider that two packs of Hearthstone costs as much as Lost Portal, it's easy to see the tremendous value here. The developer responds to feedback and has updated this quite a bit, so help support this indie dev grow a noteworthy game into something more – he's deeply interested in going the expansion route, which I hope he does! Considerations: figuring out counters, abilities, and forging is pretty obtuse as of right now. Quick battle mode. An endgame that enables you to play hard AI with a powerful deck indefinitely. Continual tweeting of UI, though what stands plays quickly and isn't noticeable after adjusting the first hour or two.

Give to get Posted by

Love the game,, however the update brings card quality up on the pad but brought it way down in other respects,, the card shop,,, or in game play,,, all is a blur now,,, it was easy to identify the cards before even though it was not constructed for the pad,, no complaints,, the view you have created is also outstanding,, but as I say it somehow degenerated all other views to a blur in the card shop, villages, dungeons, etc,,, you have been very compliant on taking care of issues to make this pad compatible,,, as such things go one problem was replaced by another,, please fix,,,, your game is tops!!! I can't put it down, concept , art,, all of it,, those who have not picked it up should if they like the card games,,, excellent dungeons,, story,, the card effects are well thought out,, game play offers hour after hour of fun,, sorry about this small tid bit of a problem, it does make things a little difficult while buying at the shop, game play and the forge, but none the less the best card battler I have seen in a long time,,,,, buy it!!!!

Great except for a few things Posted by

The production quality of the game is great, it's fun, and it provides a nice challenge, something sorely missing from games these days. However, there are some issues that would make the game so much nicer. First, slots for different decks. I'd like to be able to save decks so I can try different colors, etc without having to set up an entire deck again if the new one doesn't work out. Second, I think losing money when you lose a duel makes the game too difficult since there's no other way to earn it back besides fighting the opponents in the dungeons, and since winning or losing is often determined by the luck of the raw, losing money happens frequently. Sometimes it's only a few coins, but others it can be as much as 40-50. Either remove the penalty or provide a battle area where you can earn some money or at least a training area where you could fine tune your deck without concern of penalties. Finally, being able to see the cards when choosing a color would be nice. Right now it just feels arbitrary.

Worth the price Posted by

If you're looking for a decent CCG with no IAPs, this one is worth the price. The matches are quick and there's enough card variety and enemy difficulty to keep you going. It is somewhat heavy on the card-draw RNG, but that's a flaw with many systems that require energy cards to cast other cards. To Creator: Great job with the game! Some feedback... -a mulligan system like in MTG or Hearthstone? -more cards, more challenges! I would gladly pay for an expansion to the current game. -some kind of limited play, whether it's a drafting system or a "sealed pack" approach. Maybe just restrictions on deck building for some enemies (restricting rarities, card types, card number...) -PvP system? Might be fun to play against other people -some consideration for how difficult it is to play multicolor decks. There's a lack of multicolor cards and lands early, which is ok, but even endgame I couldn't bother, which is a shame.

All of it and then some,,, Posted by

First off thanks for responding so quickly on the manual, it's as well done as this wonderful game,, I play all the card games available and this one is top shelf,, I play it on the pad to, the art is beautiful,, game play excellent, I heard some one mention it was a lot like shadowmancer, not true,, there is one very small similarity in battle structure,, that is all and no more,, the deck building concepts are excellent, the card stratagem is so full of endless possibilty's, for those who love card games if you missed this one it's a tragedy,, hope your thinking of an expansion, in a world of very flawed stones every once in a while you find a diamond, this is it,, if you have a pad and are not sure about it,,, no worrys,, it's great,,, a big well done :@)

Addictive! Posted by

I'm a big fan of Hearthstone but I also used to like a game called Legends of Norrath, the collectible trading card game attached to the Everquest universe. I used to love the single player aspect of that game; it's rare to find a card game that can be fun for one person. This game achieves that! I couldn't put my phone down for 3 hours after first loading it up. The game is challenging and forces you to evolve your deck. While this process is required to win, it isn't overly taxing on the brain; the difficulty ramps up nicely. All fans of card games ought to check this one out, it's a lot of fun.

THIS!!!!!! is how it should be! Posted by

An amazing game, in evert detail. No stamina recharging, no energy refills, no pay to win, no diamond or gem packs to buy, none of that crap!!!! Just play as much as you want, at your own pace, without constant promotions or any for that matter. And the game itself in my opinion the best ccg game on the market. So many different options, nice music, nice artwork, easy to understand, and very challenging! I never write reviews, but I had to for these guys. They really put out an excellent product and I hope and will be more than willing to pay the small price for any expansions. Great job guys! Fantastic game!!!

Great solo CCG! Posted by

Picked this up after reading a recent review and It doesn't disappoint. If you like magic and the like, this can fit into your game rotation. I really like the lightweight nature so that it can run on my older under powered iPad that most good CCG won't run on. Also, I like that the developer is only focusing on the solo gaming aspect, it fits me better. I loved SolForge when it had a decent single player mode, but when they updated and tried to appeal more to the multiplayer, they lost me. This seems much better if it can stay focused on the game play, card expansion and maybe flesh out the RPG a bit more.

Perfect Solo CCG Posted by

As someone who just likes solo content and doesn't want to compete with or engage with other players, I'm grateful that this is game focuses on the solo experience. It also helps that both the gameplay and the campaign are well developed and very engaging. This game has "killed" Hearthstone and SolForge for me. Momentum is huge, so you'll lose duels here and there to luck of the draw, no matter how well you distribute aeons (mana) and card costs in your deckbuilsing, but again, solo campaign means you can just concede and take another whack at it. $2 well spent on making holiday travel better.

Dream Quest Meets Magic the Gathering Posted by

The best iOS game ever + the world's biggest CCG = Lost Portal. Great, engrossing game that's fun to play in small bursts and long hauls alike. Plenty of card variety, no freemium nonsense. The game respects your time and plays speedily. Finding a winning deck strategy is extremely satisfying. My only (infinitesimal) complaints have to do with certain UI elements that are somewhat clunky, but they're certainly not substantial enough to take off a whole star. If you liked Dream Quest, this is a no-brainer purchase. Lost Portal is not a roguelike in the slightest, but it scratches the same itch.

Fantastic CCG - one issue noted Posted by

Love this game, great design and gameplay, reminiscent of the Shandalar component to the first PC MTG game. BUG REPORT - the green card "Dispelling Staff" is not functioning as written. It fails to dispel enemy creatures upon damaging the enemy player. It makes them tap for an instant, so the game knows it's supposed to be acting on all enemy players, but they are neither dispelled nor even damaged. Please take this opportunity to squash a bug in response to feedback, developers, and I'll enthusiastically bump this rating up to 5 stars and sing your praises for this excellent game!

Graveyard Bug Posted by

Overall, I love this game and play it quite frequently, but one problem I have started recently seeing is bugs related to graveyard recursion. My favorite deck in the game right now is one based on using that one goblin that deals three damage to everything when it dies as a control mechanism by repeatedly bringing it back from the grave. Unfortunately, the last month or two, I have been dealing with an on and off glitch where the app freezes when the "return from grave to hand" function is triggered. I really hope they fix this soon.

Great Game!! Posted by

Out of all the games I've purchased on my iPad, this is one of my favorites. You can tell the developer has invested a lot of their time to create an enjoyable gaming experience. With the last update adding more content, I'm actually excited to see what other goodies are in store for us. Well worth the price. An unsolicited idea... Make a series of randomly generated maps, each with a level cap and a random task. Thanks for the game!

Quality, True Game Posted by

I am blown away by the quality of this game. It is literally one of the best games on the store. The developer could have easily made it a free to play game and instead they chose to make a balanced, smooth and great playing experience. The artwork is also excellent. Do not hesitate, pick this one up. You will not regret it.

Great ccg Posted by

Reminds me of the old shandalar pc game. Great single player experience with no free to play gimmicks. Active developer that listens to feedback. He has continued adding cards and features regularly since this game's release.

Simply great Posted by

If you loved the magic pc game from the 90s you'll adore this game. As a player you can feel the love poured into this game by its creator. I bought it a few days ago and haven't been able to put it down for long. Buy it!

One of my favorite mobile games ever Posted by

I've been playing this game like mad in my free time. On my second play-through and have logged ~100 hours of total gameplay. If you enjoy ccgs, rpgs, and the like you will love this game

Amazing Posted by

Seriously. If you want a single player ccg, then this is for you. Plus get this, you pay for a game and you get it! No in app purchases. On an iphone. Mind blown...

A fun premium RPG card game !! Posted by

Played On iPad with blue and red, finished at level 27. So much fun!! Going to try green and black. Can't wait for the expansion!!

Fantastic Game! Posted by

The rules are very intuitive and the lack of free to play gimmicks is refreshing! Thanks for a wonderful game!

In need of serious help by Ogtacular 2016-04-17

At its core, this game has the right idea. It is a MTG-like card game with a light role-playing element layered on top. There are unfortunately two very large problems with the game. The lesser of the two is the game's opacity. There is no tutorial, which is essentially unforgivable in a game of this type. About the only way to get one's initial bearings is to play short games with each deck type whilst going over the manual with a fine-toothed comb. On top of that is the often unhelpfully terse card text. More damning is the fact that certain elements of the gameplay seem to be actually barely functional or even nonfunctional. I have tried MANY MANY times to play an interrupt ability, only to have the lagging interface not respond. More than once it actually responded AFTER successfully allowing the AI to play a card, thusly wasting the interrupt! I can't begin to recommend this game in such a state.

This game BLOWS by Yehasi 2016-12-28

It had no explanation what anything actually does...i just started and have won 1 out of probably 7 matches cause i dunno what the hell im doing despite trying to read the manual...i have cards that have no option other than ASSISTING THE ENEMY!!! This is just so bad...its stacked to the enemy but fine ill deal with that...at least tell me what the hell im doing

Not good by Jose Silgado 2016-08-23

Horrible first experience with this game. During character setup you can't see what kind of deck you are going to get after choosing a color. There is no tutorial at all. The towns and dungeons have "meh" graphics. I'm stuck fighting rats at level one that are too difficult, and no other way to progress in the game. Not good.

Fun for a bit by Ghostfire6113 2017-01-15

Like the title said, it was enjoyable for a little while. Started to become pretty much the same battle over and over again. A few boss battles broke the monotony, but not enough to keep the boredom at bay. Tried all ranges of difficulty, by the way. Didn't change it much for me.

Lacks any Tutorial by Lost SIM Fan, 1 of many 2016-11-16

Not a CGR player. The lack of any type of tutorial is off putting, essentially guessing when card battling. Battles won by luck of draw. Bad draws means lost battle, so, you repeat battles until you get good cards drawn. Outcome of battles often determined by first hand drawn.