MacArthur Daily Bible Apps for iPhone/iPad
MacArthur Daily Bible Apps for iPhone/iPad

MacArthur Daily Bible Apps for iPhone/iPad

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The MacArthur Daily Bible takes a portion of the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs for each day of the year, with daily comments that guide and inform you as you read through the Bible in a year. John MacArthur's insight maximizes the benefit of each day's reading. If a commitment to daily Bible reading never worked for you before, this is the answer. With John at your side, there'll be no such thing as a tough portion of Scripture.


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Excellent Study Guide Posted by

I have been a small group/SS teacher for the past 40 years and have used many resources to assist me in lesson preparation and personal study of God's Word. It was about 10 years ago that I was introduced to John MacArthur's commentary and podcasts resources. Led by Dr MacArthur's excellent insight, passion and exegesis of the Word, I have entered a new dimension of bible study that has transformed my teaching and personal relationship with our Savior and Lord. I highly recommend this resource to all that are desiring a deeper, more meaningful relationship with our Creator.

MacArthur Daily app is great! Posted by

I got this app for its convenience. I have a hard copy of this daily study/devotional but sometimes forget to bring it my private study area (the bathroom). I always have my iPhone (I know-its sad), so this app comes in handy. It took awhile for me to learn how to navigate through buy has more features-like highlighting, the ability to make notes and reading checklist to help me keep track. All that and all the benefits of the original hard copy such as John's study notes and reading reflections make this app the best value for serious study or devotion.

Fantastic and very flexible! Posted by

I had a few fears going into this app. Would I be restricted to NKJV? Would I have to flip back and forth between the scripture readings and the notes? Would I be able to easily track my progress? ALL of these fears were addressed within 5 minutes of using the app! I can use my the NASB translation and the notes are still placed appropriately after the relevant verse, the devotional tab bakes it VERY easy to go to the readings each day, and there is a check box to mark each day as completed. This has everything I needed in a daily bible, bravo!

Fantastic! Posted by

I had the soft back version of this bible for years and thought I'd give this a try. I Love it! It's excellent - so well-done. Each days readings show automatically with links so the actual Bible itself isn't all chopped up. You can also just read the Bible. There are many versions available, most for 99 cents - amazing. There are other study aids available too as in-app purchases. Can't recommend it highly enough!

Solid Posted by

The leather daily bible has been sustaining me for 5 years and in this ever changing world some things need to stay the same, and the most important is having DAILY devotions in the Word of Christ, and now I can pick up where I may have to leave off from my leather bible. Same day, verses and notes. #LifeSaver

Not Surprised; Thorough! Posted by

If you listen to Pastor John's sermons, you know he is utterly thorough in his knowledge. This app presents God's Word, and John's notes provide a thorough explanation/context. It's like having Pastor sitting next to you, ready to help answer any of your questions!

Excellent app! I use it very often. Posted by

The ease of use and ability to highlight scriptures makes this app stand out amongst others. This makes it so useful for biblical memorization and meditation. Praise God for the abilities He has given others to come up with this type of technology.

MacArthur Daily Bible Posted by

I love this app! Have it installed on my iPad and iPhone. 2015 was the first time I actually read through the entire bible. John MacArthur's notes and commentary helped with understanding. Looking forward to completing again in 2016!

Excellence for Him. Posted by

This app functions better on iPad than iPhone. Brilliant. Daily reading is livening. This app assists in managing pieces of the scripture a bit at a time. Lord bless all who read this word.

Love,Love,Love! This study! Posted by

So convenient. My paperback version is in shreds so I downloaded this a couple years ago and love it!

Bug prevents full text to appear by Rachel Hayes 2014-01-18

I love this app EXCEPT when a scripture reference has, for example, Genesis 1:1 - 2:13, the text always ends at the end of Chapter one. This happens in every instance in the Old Testament readings. The psalms, proverbs, and New Testament readings seem to always end at the end of a chapter so it has not been a problem with them. I've written the developers so hopefully they will fix it. You will not be reading the bible through in a year if you use it as is.

Icon by DMatt51 2015-10-22

Why did you change the icon??? I dislike the sundial icon so much, I've decided to delete this app even though I paid for it. I looked at it for several weeks and tried to get used to it, but I really dislike it. I don't understand why you would change the symbol of the bible app into a sundial. I know the sundial is mentioned throughout the bible, but to my knowledge, it's never been used as a symbol for the actual bible.

Confusing Daily Read Design by Jnxp7708 2014-04-15

I purchased this to use as a travel version and coincide with our family one year study Bible at home. Unfortunately, if you are trying to follow the daily readings as laid out in the hard copy, the app is quite difficult to follow, with no single set of consecutive passages. Rather, there is a list of links to each excerpt where it may be found in the broader text. Overall app mechanically works fine, just a difficult layout.

Problem by Matelin70 2015-12-22

After the latest update for iPad pro, the air2 won't allow any underlining or highlighting. Please fix as that's such a critical and useful feature. I don't really appreciate the 2 page book view is stripped down to a plain white page, please bring back the book look.

Bad app by Twhjtjemthmtehnethnwtwhn 2016-02-29

This devotional does not load up in the app. I want my money back. This is worthless!

N/A by Save your files... 2014-02-05

Easy to use, and material is current.

Terrific App for Bible Study by cindyzoo 2014-01-03

Awesome and works flawlessly.