Magnifier Flash - A magnifying glass with light Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Magnifier Flash - A magnifying glass with light Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Magnifier Flash - A magnifying glass with light Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Magnifier Flash - A magnifying glass with light Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Magnifier Flash - A magnifying glass with light Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Did you forget to take your reading glasses or need a magnifier to read small text ?

Just pick your iPhone to transform it instantly into a magnifying glass with flash light, that comes in Full screen with light and NO wasted screen space.

The Magnifier Flash App is a very convenient and handy app, with such ease of use, that it operates with just one finger to slide to zoom, turn on flash light and also save to photos. And our users find it extremely useful for reading small prints in many occasions.

"Great app to have! Comes in very handy when shopping if you have a problem reading the fine print. The built-in light is also quite helpful." - cooky sue

"I use the magnifier to examine jewelry for marks that identify the piece. Thank you!" - Beth Evans-Walters

Magnifier Flash is an enhanced magnifying glass with flash light , with the additional capability to SAVE what you see on the zoomed view to camera roll.

Great for reading receipts in dim lights at restaurants.

Great for reading small text in the dark, either inside your car during night or anywhere else. Magnifies small text up to 6X digital zoom, and gives a very clear text without shake.

Single tap to "Snap and Save" the view to camera roll.

Key features:

1. Magnifier with up to 6X zoom provide clear enlarged text of small prints or receipts.

2. Turn ON Flash light to read text in dim light or in the dark.

3. Easy to read nutrition label with small prints, as a high contrast crystal clear zoomed text.

4. Read restaurant menus in dim light very clearly and high contrast zoom.

5. Easy to find misplaced items in the dark or dim light.

6. Useful while searching for items in the car during the night.

7. Snap and SAVE what you see in the zoomed view on to the camera roll by clicking the save to photos button. Using this feature, you can later at any time view the photo or get it emailed to your desktop from your iPhone.

*** Great User reviews ***

@ Perfect Utility App
I needed to review a product bar code to obtain customer support. The font was 6 or smaller. Without this great app I could not have discerned the incredibly small letters. The flashlight illuminated the numbers wonderfully.
- Jerome

Clean little app that is a godsend when I can't find my cheeter glasses. Esp in a dark cafe with tiny type on the menu!

@ Magnificent
For the over 40 crowd with progressives when you reach the bottom of the lens and you still can make it out, this app comes to the rescue. Does exactly what it says. And quite well.

@ Good for close up work
Clear and quick macro for your camera. Easy to use and is perfect for close up work.

@ Simple & Great
This app is simple & works great. Have already used it to look at tiny screws on my glasses( which are hard to see when I have my glasses off to look at). Also great for finding that sliver that you can only feel. The sliding power level is a real plus.

@ Must have App.
If you need to write little texts or make a macro picture of something this app it's for you. Love it. Thank you for this app! I use it often. I'm always forgetting my glasses. This is so handy in reading labels, receipts when eating out, and the light is a bonus when in dim areas. The view is sharp and light is bright on the iPhone 5.

Full screen with light. No wasted screen space. Good for reading menus in dim lit restaurants.


Website -
Twitter - @AppLifeStyle
Facebook -

Magnifier Flash - A magnifying glass with light Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Almost Perfect! Posted by

Great app indeed, it's exactly what I need when I don't have my reading glasses and there's something small I need to see. If it's small sized text or an expiration date that's difficult to focus, this app is a savior. My only disappointment is when I downloaded this app I was under the impression it could also magnify the screen, as I seem to get a lot of text messages when I don't have my reading glasses, leaving me the task of trying my best to focus enough to read them, then when I need to send back a text its even more difficult as I have to make sure I don't say something wrong. I would love that update if there's anyway it could be done developers, I would even pay for an app that would magnify the screen. Thank you for your consideration. 9/25/2016

Just What I Needed! Posted by

Thank you, Tek Ton!! Finally an app that works like a charm for those of us that can never seem to remember to carry a pair of reading glasses but, never move an inch without our iPhone. And to think, I happened to discover this awesome app while using one of "Tek Ton's" other superb apps, the Free version of "System Monitor", which, BTW, totally ROCKS!! I am going to upgrade to the full version of that app as soon as I'm done praising this great developer. Keep up, from what I've seen

Very useful app Posted by

I've been looking for this kind of app and found this one to be the best so far. It is very handy when having to read fine print, for example, on printout and devices. The provided light is also very useful when the lighting is not good enough. A possible enhancement- it might useful to have a mode where we can see the actual size with a magnifier circle where we can touch and drag it to magnify different parts. This way we also see the overall context of where we are looking.

Amazed by picture clarity Posted by

The live interface is a little bumpy and focus kicks on a lot but if you take that picture it is sharp and tight. I downloaded it and immediately tried it in on the back of a two dollar bill in my wallet. The picture was so clear I could see the expressions on the faces of the patriots in the back of the room at the Declaration signing (one of them looked like he tears in his eyes ☻). Thanks and if you like looking at things up close then look no further.

On close inspection… Posted by

You see what I did there. *Improved location of Camera button-5 stars now* A good app. Very little lag as compared with a similar app I have been using, although it doesn't focus as quickly-it's probably a technical trade-off between the two functions. The minimalist layout is good. The Zoom slider is highly visible, which is nice for older eyes. The photos are very sharp. For 99¢, you don't have to squint at the print.

Stunning magnification! Posted by

I had to read the model number on my macbook pro and this App came in handy to the rescue. Just zoomed it a little bit with the light turned on, then saved the view to the camera roll. I opened it on the photos App and the result was stunning magnification and absolute clarity of the numbers. And one more thing to mention, I did this all with one hand, so easy to use with just one hand. Worth more than a dollar !

Perfect Utility App Posted by

I needed to review a product bar code to obtain customer support. The font was 6 or smaller. Without this great app I could not have discerned the incredibly small letters. The flashlight illuminated the numbers wonderfully. I was able read the bar code numbers back to the customer support person while holding the phone and fixing my computer. Great job this product rocks. Jerome

Handy for the rare times you need one! Posted by

I've had this on my phone for many months, but only needed to use it today in reading super tiny print on the Tantrix puzzle label. It would take me forever to find the directions online, but The snap allowed me to read them right here and now! So sad, but my eyes are nowhere near as sharp as they used to be. Thank you for making this app!

Perfect Posted by

Simple, straightforward, does exactly what it magnifies and a light can be turned on or off while it magnifies with a slider that can increase the magnification. It's not often that an app is so handy and just perfect, but this one is. A real no brainer. Thanks

Works great but why does it need access to microphone? Posted by

It works great and you can turn on/off the flash on the phone. But why does it need access for the microphone? When I denied access, it stop work and will crash every time till I give it access! What is going on? This is of cause if you are using iOS 7!

Love it! Posted by

Thank you for this app! I use it often. I'm always forgetting my glasses. This is so handy in reading labels, receipts when eating out, and the light is a bonus when in dim areas. The view is sharp and light is bright on the iPhone 5.

Posted by

It's simple and free and works properly and there's no ugly or intrusive ads. Also there's no in-app-purchases so it's complete and nobody is nagging me to upgrade. I'm satisfied. Here's my 5 stars:

Good app with very few drawbacks Posted by

I downloaded it expecting it to work, and it does. The problem is with the light function being unresponsive on a few tries due to its small icon size. But then it lights up,which is good enough for me.

Still needs microphone access to launch Posted by

As long as "microphone" access is given in iOS 7, this app works very well. I had to give it access to my photos (Settings, privacy, photos) in order to be able to save magnified images.

Best app Posted by

I downloaded this app to help with some work I had, but I did not know how handy and useful will be on every day little things! A most have app for when you need to look a tiny letters, etc.

Great! Posted by

Sometimes some of us need this without trying to tap and there's nothing. Glad it's now here. What about for iPad???

I had high hopes Posted by

Continuously focusing if too close free hand making the readability zero. Must brace phone against a steady surface.

WOW! Posted by

I had never seen an app like this on the iPhone… even though I had wished that there was one! Great app :-)

Good at times by Cjwiv 2016-01-13

I have an iPhone 6. My experience so far is this will be good for small, everyday needs requiring 3x-4x magnification. I would most certainly use this in a setting requiring the reading glasses I Kraft at home or in my car. But anything above 3x-4x, one should expect a certain amount of blurr. Auto-focus works best at lower magnifications, but as mag increases, the more out of focus it will remain, and there is nothing you can do about it. I feel this deserves 2 1/2 stars, but since that is not an option, I bumped it up 'cuz I'm a nice guy:) A better auto-focus at higher mags would be an easy 5-stars.

Used to work until recent update by Mkhan68 2014-10-09

Worked great until recent iOS update now it tries to open and then crashes. Too bad as it came in handy when I needed to read something and I didn't have my glasses. Maybe the developer will fix it and I will change my rating.

My camera vs this app by Cableman1 2015-06-11

I really don't like giving reviews but this might help someone out. This app basically does the same as the camera on the phone. Try using your camera first before spending money on something you need and already have. Sorry

OK for text by Dandroica 2012-11-01

This magnifier works fine for text but the resolution is not high enough to use for other things like extracting a splinter from your finger or examining a leaf for the finer details sometimes useful in identification.

Superfluous by fairlind 2016-01-13

It's not that it doesn't do what it says. It's just that my camera does it better. It takes a couple of enlargements, but then I don't have to have yet another app to take up room on my iPhone.

Doesn't do anything! by Tatty49 2012-10-07

Can't see any difference in magnification with this app...does it actually magnify? Not impressed at all. Also.... App gave me fits trying to write this review... Don't bother with this one...

Camera does same thing better by just.this.guy 2015-09-12

If you need this functionality, the camera built in to your iPhone, the one that comes for free, does not just have the exact same functionality, the camera does it better. Do not waist your money.

Magnifier flashlight by 500015 2013-06-17

Magnifier excellent quality but difficult to slide. Can not get light to come on. No reply to request for help. Waiting for response to 2nd e- mail- HOW TO REMOVE AP FROM iPHONE 5.

Screen is blank by Singerwantobe 2016-09-20

Gave app permission to use camera and I see a blank white screen with a slider and the sun icon which turns the flash on. Disappointing. Might not be IOS 10 compatible.

Terrible by Topper shot 2014-10-17

On new iPhone it does show image before picture is taken . It shows a blank black screen. It is throwing your money away!!

Don't buy this! by Piva 2014-09-28

iPhone camera isn't made for magnifiers, it goes out of focus very easily and iPhone camera too slow to refocus.

Broken by Salexander24 2013-12-19

Crashes as soon as it starts on an iPhone 5 with ios7