Mahjong 24/7 - AD FREE Games free for iPhone/iPad
Mahjong 24/7 - AD FREE Games free for iPhone/iPad

Mahjong 24/7 - AD FREE Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Mahjong 24/7 - AD FREE Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Mahjong 24/7 - AD FREE Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Mahjong 24/7 - AD FREE Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Mahjong 24/7 - AD FREE Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Mahjong 24/7 - AD FREE Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Play FREE Mahjong all day long with 24/7 Mahjong! This incredible value works on both your iPad and iPhone--there's no better deal out there!

Enjoy all 50 original and amazingly fun Mahjong Solitaire layouts with beautiful, easy-to-read tiles and all the best features:

* 10 Original and FREE Layouts
* 40 additional layouts available for purchase
* Hint Button
* Shuffle Button
* Undo Button
* Simple interface (great for kids!)


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Awesome for... Posted by

Wow.... This is an awesome free game! Now days it's very difficult to find real great free game without the endless ads popping up! So happy I found this game as I am an admitted mahjong player! I love my iPad so much I bought the pro, but when I d/l my games to the new iPad, my tired and true older mahjong game won't work with the new iPad. I went on the search for a new one. So very happy I found this one. I love it and I am sure I will be as addicted to the new one as I was to my iPad mahjong game. Get this game! If you love mahjong you will not be disappointed, honest!!!

The best fun Posted by

This is one of the best games because their are challenges with each game. Some may seem simple , while others throw you off by haven't you work harder by working the edges on the outside , others by working the edges on inside. Just when you think you know where you are going , you get stopped by realizing that some of the tiles are standing out. Luv the challenges of this game, one of the best I've found, never get tired of trying to figure out the game strategy.


I love playing this fresh version of Mahjong. The interface has a pleasing blue relaxing color and the sounds when you pair is just as one reviewer said, its like hitting the lottery! I just found all of the other plethora of developer apps they have for seasonal mahjong! My next app will be for Halloween! Thank you for the best version of Mahjong yet! I will delete the other mahjong games and replace them with these collections!

Best mahjong app I've found Posted by

This is a beautiful game. Very basic, no options besides sound on/off. However, there's no reason to change the background or the tiles: they are designed in such a way as to feel almost tactile, cool as stone. The koi at the bottom of the screen adds just the right nuance for atmosphere. Why has no one hit on this before? I could not recommend this game more highly.

24.7 mahjong Posted by

This is a great game for keeping your eye's moving. And it gives you help if you need it. Or if you get stuck you can change the tiles around with out costing you the game. Love it Rob ps found out that it costs you to move on and you can't find the missing games to finish off the first level. How can you move on to the next ones???

Glitchy Posted by

Love these tiles. Easy to see because of tri-color, rather than bi-color. Also much easier to see layers than other mahjong games. Also love unlimited re-do control and hints. Game levels have frozen on my iPad twice, though. Had to wait for updates to fix.

Great way to pass time! Posted by

I love this game! I always make sure I have my iPad with me so I can sneak in a game or two when I am out and sitting around. And I make sure I play at least a dozen games every night before I shut down! If I only knew how to beat my own time!!!

So far, so good Posted by

Just downloaded. Caught my eye because of the nice, soothing colors-blue being my favorite! Was looking for a nice, non-childish mahjong game. Played only one game so far, so I'll find out in about a week if I keep it. Here's hoping...

24/7 Games " Just Work " Posted by

If one is inclined, and has "free" time, challenge yourself to some fun games. 24/7 games might come as a very pleasant experience. Imho

Best Posted by

I play this game at least 8 hours a day. I have to keep my iPad plugged in or battery goes down. Best in the App Store.

Fantastic! Posted by

Love this game. Hard to find challenging games that are free ...unfortunately, beware! It is also VERY addictive.

5th and best Posted by

After downloading 5 different apps I finally found THE 1. By far the best mahjong game out there, thanks!

Great game! Posted by

This is a great game and it's free. Enjoyable but challenging. Good game to play when unwinding.

Fun, but a few glitches by NoHumDrumMum 2012-10-01

The available games for this free version are reasonably diverse and fun. I will keep this app, but there are a few glitches that should be addressed. 1) Once you complete a puzzle, it rates your time/skill level (1-3 stars), but these ratings only stay for as long as you are playing. If you exit the app, your ratings are gone when you re-open the app next. 2) The timer penalizes you by a minute if you have to refresh the tiles because no moves remain. 3) The 3D stacking is nice, but it is often impossible to see &/or select tiles to the far left side of the puzzle. 4) You must setup the sound on/off every time you open the app. These settings do not lock in place. Actually, it would be nice to just have a separate setup menu to use like other apps I've enjoyed. 5) Puzzles should be sorted according to the level of difficulty. Super easy puzzles are next to hard ones, instead of being placed in the order of difficulty. (I may just need better organization than is provided.) That is what I've noticed in the two days I've played with this app. I plan to give it some more time and try to just roll with the flaws.

Frustrating game by Wanttoquit 2016-05-22

This game was fun to start with but has become very frustrating. You only get 12 boards to start with and you have to get 3 stars on ALL of them before you can open the next set. It can become quite boring when you have to keep playing the same 3 boards over and over again because you can only get 2 stars on them. I am ready to quit and look for a different mah Jong game to download!

Fun to play but not perfect by Aunt Lemon 2013-10-26

This game is fun to play, but lags quite a bit during actual gameplay. Sometimes the timer will keep running even after you pause the game. It would also be nice if you could unlock the additional puzzles after beating the first ones with three stars instead of having to pay- especially since there was no mention of having to pay for anything anywhere!

Not free by PSemones 2017-01-26

You can only play a few games then you have to start paying. Don't say free when it's not. While you are playing if you come to where there is no more matches, you can click shuffle, but I had several times it would start my games over but the time kept going. That bug differently needs fixing.

Fun but frustrating at times by Bsmith1507 2014-10-11

This game can be fun to play until the game gets stuck and won't let you select the correct match. Then it's frustrating! It can also do with getting a little challenging. Sometimes it's too easy.

Aug. 15 update failure by Hahahappy 2013-08-19

Just downloaded update. Now screen goes white. No games. Nothing. Pity, because, up until now, I've really enjoyed playing.

Not Happy by Newly Attuned 2014-01-23

Does not play well with iPhone. Doesn't read my touch as well as regular Mahjong. Gets kind of frustrating.