MalayalaManorama Calendar 2018 app for iPhone/iPad
MalayalaManorama Calendar 2018 app for iPhone/iPad

MalayalaManorama Calendar 2018 app for iPhone/iPad

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Calendar 2018 by Malayala Manorama. MalayalaManorama Calendar 2018 app, which has the English Calendar on the main display, also shows Malayalam calendar, Shakavarsham and Hijra calendar. It allows users to switch between two editions, Travancore and Malabar calendars, inside the same app. The app is in Malayalam. Manorama Online have turned the ubiquitous Manorama calendar which has been widely in use for over decades in Kerala to a digital calendar app which also act a personal organizer for you. The app helps you to store important dates and events and set alarms. It also allows you to sync calendar entries with your device's calendar . It has got a special search function for zodiac signs along with a social media-sharing option. 

The calendar app will give you accurate information on auspicious times, patterns of Njattuvela, Ravisankramam, Udayastamayam, Namaskkara samayam, etc. and help you remember festival dates. Vital statistics from Panchagam is an added feature of this calendar.
 Week/Month View: Calendar offers two views, month-wise and week-wise view. The Week-wise view helps to display one week's schedules and calendar data. Manorama Calendar app is the merging point of a traditional calendar and mobile organizer. This app simplifies the way you take notes, create and organize your daily tasks and manage all your personal events. Organise and plan your wonderful year ahead with Manorama Calendar App With Manorama Calendar app you can: March yourself towards your goals , while balancing your professional and your private life 
Prepare each day with care using a calendar and a to-do list
 Focus on important tasks and get assisted for not to forget ideas or appointments 
This organizer is the ideal companion for planning all parts of your life! Features: Works in Offline Weather reports Birthday greetings 
Organizer/Notes Feature: Create, edit and organize notes, tasks and events Week-wise view to display one week's schedules and calendar data.
Search notes, tasks and events with instant results 
Set a priority for each task and event
s, Sort tasks and events 
 Schedule your tasks directly on the calendar
 Set multiple reminders for tasks and appointments 
Export your data to .xls files 
Time your tasks with a To-Do list Timer 
Set repeating tasks and appointments
 Add participants from your contacts 
Add new entry to your contacts while creating an event
 Create repeating or all day long events with additional details 
Setup personal event reminders via notifications, alarms
 Switch themes: The app allows you to switch between two color themes for the background. 
Set Alarm : Set Alarm for Rahu, Namaz and Udayam/Asthamayam timings. 

Jump dates: Hot key to Jump to a specific date in a Gregorian calendar and to the calendar based on Malayalam Kooru

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