Memzz Photo Sharing app free for iPhone/iPad
Memzz Photo Sharing app free for iPhone/iPad

Memzz Photo Sharing app free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install Memzz Photo Sharing app free for iPhone/iPad

Download Memzz Photo Sharing for iPhone/iPad
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Memzz makes it easy to capture & share photo memories with friends & family. Don’t miss a moment. You’re at an event—wedding, reunion, party, kids’ soccer game or group trip—everyone’s taking photos---people you know and people you don’t. Memzz makes it easy for everyone to share photo memories, privately, in real-time during and after the event. Here’s how Memzz works: 1) Join Memzz or use the Memzz app to create an album name or #hashtag. 2) Text/email photos to Memzz with comments and your album #hashtag. Anyone with the album #hashtag can add photos & can view the shared album 3) Memzz posts your group’s photos & comments to your album. Join Memzz and you can create album #hashtags, view photo albums, add comments, mark favs from desktop or mobile device. Memzz automatically backs everything up to the cloud freeing up space. Memories secured! What kind of memories can you capture with Memzz? JennyJen My fav pics from our wedding were the candid shots that friends and family shared. Priceless! Bart Macky We send a daily pic of our new baby to our parents and grandparents who live across the country. Memzz is a great way for us to stay connected! Mhenry One of the parents on my kid’s soccer team set up an album hashtag. Everyone’s game photos are automatically added to our shared album. I don’t miss anything happening on the field, even if I have to miss a game. HemantaB I like the fact that Memzz is easy. I just create an album hashtag. Then I text photos with my comments like I’ve always done--no app to open and learn. G. Smyth I prefer it when my friends share photos using Memzz because Memzz automatically backs up all the photos. I don’t have to worry about ‘savings’ a photo from a text message. BV23 The app makes it easy for me to share pics from my phone without endless scrolling. Everything’s organized and easy to find! ToddT Went to the Grand Canyon with a group of friends from college—Memzz made it so easy for us to share some amazing photos and descriptions.

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