Mic Room Apps for iPhone/iPad
Mic Room Apps for iPhone/iPad

Mic Room Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Mic Room Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Mic Room Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Mic Room Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Mic Room Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Mic Room Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Mic Room is an extremely powerful and easy-to-use microphone modeling app for your iPhone or iPad. It gives you a comprehensive virtual collection of some of the most iconic microphone models of all time. Now you can have a diverse and versatile range of mic sounds that you can bring with you for use anytime and anywhere.

The full version gives you 8 microphones to choose from. These mics cover the entire spectrum of sounds from classic to contemporary: You get a spread of dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones that have all been modeled on the essential tools used by A-list production studios everyday. And you can add on to this initial collection with even more microphones via in-app purchase.

Using Mic Room couldn't be easier. It works seamlessly with your favorite high-quality hardware microphones (like IK's new iRig Mic Studio or iRig Mic HD) or the built-in mic on your iPhone or iPad. Just plug in, open the app, select which model you want your mic to sound like and there you have it — you're ready to go.

And, to make sure you always get the best sound possible, each virtual microphone includes an input gain knob and an easy-to-read circular level meter. Just touch and drag until you get the sound you want.

You'll be amazed by the sound quality of these microphones. It's just like having the real thing in front of you. This should come as no surprise as each has been crafted by the same team of engineers behind IK's acclaimed AmpliTube and VocaLive families of apps and software.

Mic Room is Audiobus and Inter-App Audio compatible, so it can be effortlessly used with other hosts and applications for many creative possibilities.

* Powerful yet easy to use microphone modeling app
* Comes with 8 mic models
* Expandable with more mic models via in-app purchase
* Companion app for iRig Mic Studio, iRig Mic HD, iRig Mic Field, iRig Mic, iRig Mic Cast and other quality IK Multimedia microphones
* Also works with your iPhone or iPad's built-in mic
* Adjustable input level
* Level meter
* Master bypass switch
* Inter-App Audio and Audiobus compatibility
* Free version also available

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Micswap is better by Marzipanzee 2015-10-25

I tried this app hoping for I don't know what, but micswap pro is so much better. Micswap records, imports audio and changes the sound after the fact, plus you can swap studio environments. It's very cool with a much better interface. Not sure why I'd use it over micswap pro. Still love IK multimedia though!

Blank tracks by Nqa2000 2015-10-20

I've loved the app, and many IK products. But with this and Vocalive's most recent versions I've encountered issues since the iOS 9 updates, MicRoom's being the worst, (what I assume is the polarity of left and right canceling each other out) the track is blank.