Michael Schacht's Gold! Games for iPhone/iPad
Michael Schacht's Gold! Games for iPhone/iPad

Michael Schacht's Gold! Games for iPhone/iPad

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Michael Schacht's Gold! Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Michael Schacht's Gold! Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Michael Schacht's Gold! Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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From Michael Schacht, the award-winning designer of Coloretto and Zooloretto, a very clever set-collection game.

You start the game with a single donkey card and from there must adroitly swap, take, and (occasionally) steal cards in order to acquire highly-valued trios. The donkeys can be great when you're prospecting for gold, but scoring them is worth negative points, so you must plan your moves with care!

Three different opponents, each with their own personality, challenge you at a variety of difficulty levels to make the game very replayable.

Gold is built on the same successful MobileEuroCard platform that was used to create Reiner Knizia's High Society, Kingdoms, and Money. Simple gestures allow you to swap and take cards. Everything is animated, for a colorful play experience. And now, for the first time ever, we've added audio to our gaming toolkit with simple ambient sounds.

Gold is being simultaneously released on the iPhone and in print at the Nurnberg Toy Fair.

** Though this game supports GameCenter, it's currently only used for Achievements and LeaderBoards. Multiplayer play is expected for a future revision. **

Michael Schacht's Gold! Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Varies with device
19.35 MB
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Strike Gold! with a terrific light card game perfectly suited for iOS Posted by

Michael Schacht and Skotos Tech pushed into new territory by releasing a game in both electronic form and physical form at the same time. Gold is the right type of game for the iDevice platform - a quick-playing solo card game that can be completed on your iDevice in five minutes on a single screen. Like other Schacht games, it has a slim group of choices that end up being more interesting than they might seem when you just read the rules. Indeed, the rules are simple - draw cards to collect sets of three. Most of the cards have values from three to eight and a color - but then there are the donkeys. These cards have a -2 value at the end of the game but are powerful in play. Players start with a single donkey. Each turn players take a single card from the center of the table, where five are laid out each round. To claim a card, players have two choices - take a card of the lowest value shown or trade a card from your hand for a card with a lower value. If you trade a donkey, it can be traded for a card of any value. When you collect three cards of the same color (regardless of value), you collect those cards for your score and get the opportunity to steal a card from another player. There is a limit; the card you steal may not match the color of any in your hand. If none is available, you lose this power. Once all five cards are gone, a new group of five are dealt out and the next round begins. This continues until all cards are dealt out and players then score for the cards that remain in their hands but only the player who has the highest value in each color gets to score in a card in that color. The app is good enough to ring a bell and give you a visual queue when the game is coming to an end. Gold is a lot of fun, especially if you like Schacht’s wonderful lighter games like Coloretto or, my personal favorite, Der Elefant im Porzellanladen. I remain convinced that the short, light game is what works best for the iPhone. Even Gold plays with more players only on the iPad (iPhone is limited to two players), which is a sensible choice that I wish more designers/publishers would consider when building for this medium.

Clever and fun game, but the AI is pretty poor Posted by

I've played 3 games, one at easy, medium and hard difficulty, and I didn't lose any of them, and obviously this is the first time I've played the game in any form since it's a simultaneous app and real game release. The hard difficulty only seemed marginally harder then easy, if at all. I hope the devs can greatly improve the AI. Also, I'm disappointed to find that when playing on an iPhone (or iPod touch) you're limited to a 2 player game, they say because of screen space limitations. I can't help but wonder if they could have figured out a way to squeeze 3 players onto the screen, at least when playing vs. AI, though perhaps that really isn't possible. Still, I find the game itself a lot of fun and I'd still recommend it, thus the 4 stars (though perhaps more like a high 3.5), especially if you have an iPad, which allows you to play a 3 player game, and I suspect that would be more challenging. One other minor complaint I have is that it doesn't show your opponent's score. I presume that's as the game (the real game) is designed, but I still wish there were an option to have the opponents score on screen, at least when learning. I *love* that the dev has finally added sound to one of their games! R.K.'s Kingdoms (also made by them) is a great game, but the lack of sound is very strange. The sound in Gold! is perfect. I hope the dev will add such sound effects to their other games now. I'm probably going to pick up the real version of this game too, as it's a very fun game and would be a great addition to my newly growing euro game library.

A very smart game Posted by

This is an surprisingly subtle game by one of the finest modern game designers. It plays on the iPad in 5-10 minutes. There are typically several things to consider in each decision, and the way the game ends is very clever. I'm not a fan of this interface as it stands--it could be cleaner both in look and function--but the games using it use it are among the finest.

Great Game Posted by

I like this game. I think the AI needs to be a little smarter though. I win almost every time even in the beginning when I didn't even know what was going on. Also, why can't I see the opponents score? Over all, this game is a great way to waste a little time, or get through a boring wait in line some where. Needs multiplayer over the Internet and wi-fi

Decent Posted by

This is a decent implementation of a not-too-deep but still entertaining card game, but it's disappointing that it's limited to two players unless you have an iPad. The reason given that space is the issue seems unlikely given that Money and High Society seem to work fine with four players.

Gold is as Gold does Posted by

Clever game and smoothly done. I'll have to buy an iPad so I can play more than two player games. The difficulty is just right.

Would like to see opponents score Posted by

This plays light and fast. I find myself playing this more than other games when I am killing time.

Boring by intense card player 2012-08-04

I found this game to be a very boring game. I recommend you find a friend and try it on his/her IPAD before you buy. You may find it exciting or you may find it as monotonous as I did. This is only the 2nd game where I feel I wasted my money, so I will not complain too much.

Multiplayer please by Hanoveur 2012-08-08

The sad fact is that each time this company acquires the rights to a card game, it's robbed of the chance that some other company could give it to us with multiplayer features. Nice presentation. But without multiplayer, it gets old fast.

Not color blind friendly by J0nezn 2011-09-22

If the card game has the same colors on the cards with no symbols then I amour on it two. Ticket to Ride know how to fix this. It is so simple

Needs multiplayer by Benny275 2011-02-28

See title. Game is growing on me. Still needs multiplayer for iPhone.