MicSwap: Microphone Emulator & Recorder Apps free for iPhone/iPad
MicSwap: Microphone Emulator & Recorder Apps free for iPhone/iPad

MicSwap: Microphone Emulator & Recorder Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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MicSwap: Microphone Emulator & Recorder Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
MicSwap: Microphone Emulator & Recorder Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
MicSwap: Microphone Emulator & Recorder Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
MicSwap: Microphone Emulator & Recorder Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
MicSwap: Microphone Emulator & Recorder Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install MicSwap: Microphone Emulator & Recorder Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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"MicSwap Turns Your iPhone Into Rock & Roll" - TechCrunch
"Great, 4/5 stars!" - MacLife - Get one of the most unique recording apps in the App Store. A full mic locker in your pocket. Use for Podcasts, Music, Voiceover, Memos, etc.

- A Studio, Mic Modeler & Recorder
- Record, import, change the sound of any audio
- Adjust the input gain
- Live monitoring
- Color code your recordings & much more!

"Like Instagram For Your Voice" - Forbes

Use for Podcasts, Music Creation, Singing, Karaoke, Memos, Ideas, Voiceover, etc

MicSwap is a highly intuitive tool that simulates a real studio environment. It's a mic locker and recording studio in your pocket. Record and filter new or pre-existing audio. Serious audio engineers, musicians, recording hobbyists, podcasters etc..

Choose various microphone emulations, from classic ribbons to modern condensers, and record with the tap of a finger. If you want to tweak the sound, simply swap in another mic and the sound will change. Not feeling the studio you’re in? You can easily switch studios from the menu. Use live as you would a vocal or instrument pedal.

For an optimal audio experience, please use headphones.

-3 Free Mics are included (Ribbon, Condenser, Dynamic)
-Record through different mics for different sounds
-Swap mic filters to alter pre-existing audio
-Adjust the gain (input) of any microphone
-Edit or trim recordings
-Enable / disable live monitoring
-AU compatible
-AudioCopy enabled
-Change backgrounds by swapping studio environments
-Color label recordings
-Sort recordings by date, title, duration, mic used, and color
-Descriptions of each mic & studio (Tap 'S' on mic)
-Re-order microphones. Put your favorites first.
-Share your recordings and memos

iCloud, Dropbox, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, SMS, Email, and Airdrop
-Import/Export audio over USB or WiFi using iTunes File Sharing

-Attach and use external mic (w/ MicSwap Pro)
-Any purchases made are good for all devices

iOS 7.0 or later iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6s iPod touch, iPad, iPad air, iPad mini, iPad Pro

MicSwap: Microphone Emulator & Recorder Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Varies with device
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Pretty cool Posted by

I've only used the free version, which is limiting. But it is still cool. The interesting thing is that each mic has a different tone and emulates the particular frequency response fairly well in it was in that environment. Keep in mind that is the mic on your physical device isn't that good, then your recordings won't be either. So each mic is more like an EQ preset. It is cool for what it is, but don't download it expecting it to have multi-tracking abilities. I think its a cool app to have. I didn't have any issues with it. However, I won't be using it often because I don't use my phone to capture vocals.

Great app! Posted by

Working flawlessly! It's got a wide variety of sounds and runs super smooth. So good I got the pro version and I'm using it with an iRig mic into pro tools. The ms-sga is my favorite mic but it's amazing the different feels they each have. It's like a quick mastering job when I run unmixed or even live recordings through it. I also use it to jot down songwriting ideas, it's pretty great to flip through different mic sounds for inspiration. So glad to have this new tool!

Very cool Posted by

This used to be one of the best studio recording apps out of all of them and now you have to mess everything up it use to let you record perfectly while you're playing a song in the background just like any real studio but now when I play a song in the background and go back to the studio app it doesn't work like it used to it actually doesn't work at all now fix it

Very cool Posted by

This is got to be one of the best Studio apps I seen so far it would be way better if you can put auto tune in there and actually can change the page of your voice and can also record and post it at the same time and can even go back to where you left off when you was recording can you please add that in there

Very Awesome!! Posted by

This is probably one of if not the best microphone recording apps I have found however I am still yet to find one that will let me listen to music on my headphones at the same time that I am recording. That would complete this App to be the greatest microphone recording app I've ever used

Posted by

For an moment, I thought this was going to be a waste of money. But this has actually been a blessing, I found an app that I have been looking for. Thank you so much, I would Courage anyone to use this. It actually feels like You're in a Real Studio. Now thats what I'm talking about.

Wow!!! Posted by

This is the most amazing app I've ever seen you just plug your headphones into the phone and record cut out the computer cut out the hardware cut out the mixer amazing if you playing around with ideas for a track wanna spit a verse n hear it back lt real quick ... amazing amazing app

Good app Posted by

Hey this is the best mic app ever. When I'm on the computer to play video games I use this mic swap app as a mic so I can talk to my friends. But there is one problem you need to fix the hearing mic Quality please read this and fix this problem but other than that good job. :D

So good I got the pro version Posted by

Great app. Being able to get different sounds with the different mics with so much flexibility made this my go-to recording app. Being able to adjust the input level, edit and color label is huge. I bought the pro version because I now also use it with an external mic. Great work!

Finally can record on my phone! Posted by

I've been recording music via apple's voice memo for years and FINALLY I can get studio quality recordings right from my iPad or iPhone :)! PLUS I can record different styles!! DREAM COME TRUE.

Awesome app!!!! Posted by

This is one of the best free apps to use when your trying to find an alternative for a professional mic. There maybe a limit to how many mics you can use but it's definitely worth a download.

Fantastic Support Posted by

Gary provided fast professional support for MicSwap.... An App I have enjoyed since its release. Both as a mic processor and guitar fx. I the IOS recording world a very useful tool!

Very cool Posted by

This app is great. I don't have a good mic for my usb so I have been using my iPhone to record for when I write on Ableton and this has helped me get some of the effects I want.

Great for recording! Posted by

This app provides a quick and easy way to vastly improve the quality of your iPhone recordings. The fidelity is great. I got the pro version since I use it so much.

Awesome capabilities!!! Posted by

I love what this app is capable of! As a singer, it's really opens up with my iPhone can do.

Great mic for iPhone Posted by

Have been looking for a quality microphone for the iPhone. Finally found it with this one.

Great mic options love it!!! Posted by

Love the fact I can utilize my iPhone with my singing.

Awesome app!! Posted by

Works awesome on the iOS!

Fix App by 106&park 2016-04-03

I had this app before & I was able to record my song while the music was playing in the background. Now it won't let me anymore it will shut off if I tried to play the recording with my song. Please fix it & make app better.

Nice but needs more options. by Jeffypoo322 2016-01-16

Nice app but the ad I saw on Facebook suggested that there were more than just three mics and one environment in the 99-cent version. Little disappointed that there weren't more choices.

Facebook Crashes by McCollam72 2014-12-31

I enjoy the microphone and choice of free versions, But hate when it takes so long to upload to Facebook only to crash on my abs gives me "upload error"..Happens every time.

Upset by Agent_snow 2017-01-25

The update was a downgrade. Now you cant record with the instrumental in the background playing smh. Please fix it people. Make this app great again.!.

Kind of a scam by ShaiAnjali 2017-03-31

I paid for this yesterday then opened it and now it's saying we have to pay for packages...on top of that now it won't even open

False advertising!!! You do NOT get 15 mics by :Divo 2017-03-05

False advertising!!! You do NOT get 15 mics!!! It's 19.99$ for all 15. Not are the mics very different sounding

Not what I expected by SniperBoy22 2016-12-28

I wanted a microphone and this is only for recording :(