miDVD Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad
miDVD Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad

miDVD Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad

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miDVD Pro is the fast, simple and convenient way to make the most of your precious video memories. Just drag, drop and burn to preserve your favourite movies and video clips on a professional DVD with themed menus, titles and background soundtrack. It just takes one click - we've made it incredibly simple to use so you don't have to worry abut a thing. miDVD Pro provides a powerful, high quality DVD creator for everyone: - Multiple movies - up to 16 movie files can be added to a single DVD. - Menu themes - select an exciting themed menu for your DVD. - Projects - save your project with all its settings. - Soundtracks - choose your favourite song as a menu soundtrack. - ISO file creation - create an ISO file if you don't want to burn directly to DVD. - Simple to use - drag, drop and burn - miDVD Pro looks after the rest. - Supports 100's of video formats. Just drag in your movie or video clip - miDVD Pro will figure it out. - It's so easy - you don't need to know anything about DVD burning. miDVD Pro works out what to do and gets on with the job. Preview your DVD before you burn - miDVD Pro includes a great feature to let you preview exactly what your DVD will look like when played on your TV. Preview even looks like a TV, with a remote! Easy to find content - miDVD Pro's handy media browser enables you to quickly find that precious video clip for your project. The media browser displays your iTunes and iMovie content, and your Movies folder. You can even drag your own folders into the media browser so you don't have to keep going back to Finder.


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I had the same problem as most people- the app worked great and then it randomly wouldn't open/crash. So I emailed them and the solution they gave worked PERFECTLY! HERE IT IS!! "We have a bug with project files where missing assets cause a crash. On startup miDVD tries to load the last project, so if that project contains a missing asset it causes a crash. We've got a fix in with Apple for this, but updates take a while at this time of year. Here's how to fix the crash: Can you delete the file located here: (your home area)/Library/Autosave information/com.shedworx.midvdpro.plist And also this folder: (your home area)/Library/Saved Application State/com.shedworx.midvdpro.savedState If you are using Lion, the user Library folder will be hidden by default. To show the contents of it you may need to open Finder, open the Go menu, and then hold down the Alt/Option key which will reveal a Library entry in the menu. Click on this and it will take you to the user Library area." I followed each step and when I tried to open the app…it worked!! It hasn't crashed since!

Works well, provided you have the horsepower Posted by

Longtime iDVD user that I am, I looked for something newer (and supported). Tried miDVD, liked it, wanted more, and bought miDVD Pro. It works as advertised… IF you have the processor and RAM to support it. I think the negative reviews may have come from those who didn’t have a Mac with enough oomph, and that’s understandable. I’m running this on a MacPro with 16 Gb of RAM, with OS X Yosemite, and it works well. Haven’t tried it on something smaller, so we’ll see. I like it, it works, and has enough features compared to miDVD free version to be worth the money. That said, I dearly wish I had the ability to edit the themes, something I adored in iDVD (rest in peace). If the developers read reviews: Please give us the ability to change the fonts in the titles, at least. But overall, it does the deed and I feel satisfied with it.

Nice Posted by

My first 57 discs worked perfectly. The last few have not burned successfully. Maybe I am using a different disc type and that is why it isn’t working. Not sure if R- or R+ makes a difference here. Additionally, I tried to burn four DVD’s to one disc, but at the end of each clip, it would take me back to the root menu. I was hoping the videos would continually play without interruption. It could be user error. I don’t want to blame the program just yet. I will say that the app is very user-friendly. It is easy to maneuver through. Hopefully I can find a fix to the first issue. I have a 60-disc project I’m working on with a timeline. I was unable to find answers to my questions on the website. A user Q&A forum would be nice. Maybe other consumers could answer my questions via the site.

Decent Alternative to iDVD Posted by

This app is easy to use, and (since iDVD is caput on new Macs) a good alternative. Don’t bother buying the $9.99 pro version though… I did after the free version was working well, but was promised “themes” in the pro version… apart from a couple of colors and 4 picture options (didn’t like any of them), there are no themes remotely comparable to iDVD. I do miss iDVD :-( But this is a good option. Just go for the freebie.

Good, not Great Posted by

If this could do a couple more small things like a custom BG or different title fonts it would be prefect. But, for what it is it still burns the heck out of DVD’s and makes ISO’s left and right and I can’t even remember a craxh or malfunction. TOTALLY WORTH THE COST. This is easy to use, and efficient. I drop in different types of files and it does all the mork for the most part.

Works Exactly as Described, and Easily Posted by

Not only does miDVD PRO work perfectly, and is very easy to use, but its customer service is terrific. I had a couple of questions (I’m fairly new to MAC products). I got prompt, courteous answers with accurate and helpful information. I can’t understand why anyone would have anything negative to say about this excellent app.

myiDVD Pro Posted by

Since Apple abandoned iDVD I needed a replacement to burn vacation pictures. Tried one other program and that was a complete failure. I am very pleased with myiDVDPro. I burned a trip to the British Isles using 1400 pictures last fall and it worked perfectly. Wish it had more Themes.

Works GREAT! Posted by

I have been using this program to make DVD’s since the idiots at Apple discontinued iDVD. It has worked perfectly everytime. It does exactly what it says it will do with out a lot of drama. Drag, drop, burn. Just that easy. I wish all of my apps worked as well….. Thanks so much!!

Functional but limited Posted by

This is an affordable app that got the job done for me. I have yet to have any problems with it. Hopefully there will be future upgrades that will provide a greater variety of themes, and some control over the font settings (there are none that I could find).

Gets the job done!!! Posted by

It’s not iDVD but it certainly works well - I’d love more design and options but it serves its purpose and for the projects that I have to work on and what I have to produce as a final product, it’s wonderful!

gravies Posted by

It does what it is suppose to do but it doesn’t do that much more than the free MiDVD. I thought it would let you edit the movie but the only thing that it edits is the title which is a little disappointing.


I would love to be able to change the font of the title and I need to make longer titles, which is to say I need more than 25 characters. Sometimes I need to list names of who is in the videos.

Not Bad Posted by

I haven’t had any trouble with the software burning ISO files for DVD’s. I wish there were a few more menu options or customizations with the software, however. Overall, not bad.

Nice program does as promised! Posted by

So far, so good. It usually takes a little time to test a product but after the first use I was very pleased, Fair price. Wish they made this app for windows 10 s well.

Great App Posted by

Used it once with great results….swiped my computer 3 months ago…I’m glad I found this again…..didn’t have to buy it again….

Horrible by helojoyc 2014-03-28

This app is sad. I hope no one has to pay for it…I dragging clips into this app it quits unexpectedly, no telling where they will end up. Won't burn multiple clips? Crashed ALL the time. Plus I can't even work the thing anymore! I can not believe just how horrible. Nothing is easy with this version. Absolute Garbage. Worst of all! It's shameful that Apple lets crap like this into the App Store. I would be happy to remove my review if they refund my money or fix these issue.

IT WORKS! by HLCMRF 2012-11-29

The first time I used this program I loved it! When I needed to be able to do more I purchased the full program and it then took me a little while to figure out how to get my bigger products to work. That was on me and not reflective of the program. I still recommend it highly, though I wish there were MORE background options (maybe the future?). It there is an easier to use program that generates the kind of look that I am in search of, then I have not yet found it!

Good - Not Great by Chuck-Houston 2016-12-19

Yes, it does burn DVDs. But the interface is not easy or intuitive. The Title slide font cannot be altered. It is clunky to add a photo to the title screen, no progress bar during burning process (are you burning or not? how’s it going?) Apple’s iDVD, which Apple are letting die, did a good job of all of this, with a much classier look and easy to understand/ intuitive interface; and that is 10 year old technology.

Worst money Spent by Gumbelosen 2014-04-02

This app has a lot of problems. First burn was not successful. Errors almost every time only works half the time no burn and waste a lot of disks. When errors happen the app will let you know but it will not tell you how to fix it. Bought it but I don't use it. Not what I paid for. I had to get my money back because it NEVER WORKED! Not worth you trouble. Complete waste of money. DO NOT buy this!!

its okay by rslane 2014-09-30

works a little. cant convert fles to mpeg minus one star. cant add text fields to menu cant do a custom background picture cant change theme text or ad drop shadow not many themes to choose from which is aggravating because its hard to customize. it is simple and does what it does well so i didn't take away all the stars. its a 2.5 to 3 star app i'm about half happy with my purchase

I'm satisfied…. by ConservatoryMan 2014-01-01

For my small projects the program worked fine. It does not appear to be a program for extensive projects. So, do your research. I noticed a lot of negative comments below my entry here but it appears they maybe the result of to high of an expectation regarding this program. When I downloaded it I was not expecting something to create my first blockbuster so I am satisfied. Hope this helps.

Loved it at first by 26357546 2016-04-14

This was the closst thing I found to the old iDVD. However, it is limited a bit, but now I hate it due to problems on the second day. It is double inputting all my files into the project and everytime I type, it double strikes the characters. I am going to find something else. I restarted my mac and even reinstalled this app, but the problem still exists, and their help is nonexistent.

BROKEN by iWanted2Likeit 2014-02-12

This app is BROKEN DO NOT BUY IT. It crashes EVERY TIME upon “finishing” burning the disc/ISO. It DOES NOT give you the completed item that you just spent half an hour letting your computer burn either. You have to start over, and watch it crash again when it tries to finish, again. (Insert inappropriate joke) and go spend your money on something else

Works fine but….. by mgdimarco 2016-07-23

If you want to record any video file that is over 720p (720 frame size), you cannot. This deception (since the limitation is buried in their website and not here in the description) is the reason for the three stars for an app that otherwise works as advertised. Oh, it creates an error on a normal Quit every time also. Another bug.

Don't Buy!!! by Gpstar66 2012-11-18

I'm really shocked Apple has endorsed this product. If it worked it would be great. Able to open a couple of times and now the app has crashed and will not re-open even with a computer re-start. I have sent an email for tech support to the developer and to Apple support but I get no response. Save your $20!!!

Meh. by Timisnotimpressed 2015-04-13

It does some of what iDVD used to do in a vaguely similar way. It’s nowhere near as fun and lacks pinache. Still, it does the job. It is kind of buggy when selecting backgrounds. I had to select, click out, and then click the background again. Drove my husband nuts but I didn’t really mind. ;)


I wish I would have listened to the bad reviews on this. I thought it would work. I tried the free version and it worked perfect. But it is limited. Now I have the Pro version and I’ve tried many different things and so far I can’t get it to work. I hope they have an update to fix it soon.

MiDVD Pro by Predator002 2016-10-16

It was easy to use. That’s about all I can say. I used iDVD and loved it and truly wish Apple would not discontinued it. It really was a great application. This one is ok but does not have nearly enough menu options to choose from. That would be my main issue with it.

Does not work by Hope is not impressed 2015-06-14

The free miDVD actually worked somewhat better than the miDVD Pro. miDVD Pro is a waste of time and effort and may I add disks. It fails to record the simplest slide show accurately with repititions, crashes and no music; even with selected music menu.

Bad APP!!!! by maddg409 2014-12-30

Do not waist your money on this app. I downloaded the free version first and it was okay. I upgraded to the pro for more options and it crashed.

Not Working by Ritaqui 2012-09-18

After restart my computer the App crash and do not open!!!!!! I Installed in my two Macs and had the same problem. Not good opction to buy.

Keeps crashing! by Jhark423 2015-09-04

Please help! when I tried the free verison I had no problem. When I try to burn more than one video on the same disc it crashes!

Freeze my computer by slademontus23 2014-03-04

It Freezes my computer when I burn a disc. I need shut down and restart. DON'T BUY IT!!

DO NOT BUY by Johndoe23736 2016-10-26

It has no added features. It’s no better than the free version!!