Mikey Boots Games for iPhone/iPad
Mikey Boots Games for iPhone/iPad

Mikey Boots Games for iPhone/iPad

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Mikey Boots Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Mikey Boots Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Mikey Boots Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Mikey Boots Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Mikey Boots is a challenging platformer for iOS with simple touch controls!

Run and fly through dangerous levels!
Watch out for enemies and spikes!
Collect coins and find hidden Golden Shorts!

• 6 unique environments with 42 levels
• 2 playable characters
• 230 fun disguises
• Earn achievements
• Compete on Game Center
• MFi Controller Support

Universal App and iCloud support

Twitter: @beavertapgames
Facebook: facebook.com/beavertapgames


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Varies with device
52.49 MB
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Fun stuff from the Touch Arcade podcast guy Posted by

I had never played any previous Mikey games, but I decided to give this a shot to reward mike meade for his hilarious contribution to the Touch Arcade podcast. And I'm glad I did! It's very quick to start playing after launching the app and each level takes less than minute. That makes the gameplay well suited to my subway commute. And the levels are actually challenging and require you to use your brain and quick reflexes to figure them out. Much more rewarding than free to play games that allow you to use consumable power ups to win or casual games like angry birds that just aren't a challenge. Oh and I found it pretty funny to purchase a bunch of costume pieces and then use the random costume generator. So all in all I say go ahead and pay the $2 - it is a very good value.

Best platformer on iOS. Posted by

Bought all the the last games and mastered them. Still haven't mastered this one but the difficulty has been smooth so far. You really have to be on your A game for the later levels, and it's easy to learn but very difficult to master, timing is of the essence. Update: In playing this game further, I noticed that the difficulty is on par with the other games, if not harder, so what happened to hearts? They seem to have disappeared...

Very Impressed. Posted by

Remember back when Nintendo first launched the original Super Mario Brothers, and what an amazing gaming experience that was? Well, I have to say that this is the first app that I've ever downloaded on my iPhone that delivered the same type of enjoyable experience. The level of overall polish, tight controls, and most importantly.... fun gameplay, make this an outstanding iOS game that's sure to be a hit.

Mikey is Mario for iOS. Posted by

I've played all the Mikey games and this is my favorite so far. The game even has a retro mode to really bring back that NEStalgia. This game hits all the buttons for me: gratuitous coin sequences, awesome soundtrack, retro style, intuitive controls, a perfect rate of learning, and frustrating fun. Also, in my opinion, the rainbow levels are the best. Thank you Mikey.

Trilogy masterpiece Posted by

I absolutely love the Mikey games, as they are perfect for mobile gaming. Levels last less than 90 seconds and the controls are as tight as you can get. This is my favourite of the series as you just go flat out, cut corners and go for the high score. Worth way more than the $2 it costs....you should all buy this

Another great one Posted by

This one didn't pull me in a quickly as Hooks did. But eventually around level 16 things started to get more challenging and I saw how fun this game can be. The bonus levels are HARD. If you think the game is too easy early on, stick with it, it gets much more interesting.

I want more games Posted by

I want a new game of the series called 'mikey boys' a game with the same gameplay as mikey hooks but with buy characters from other games by beavertap such as the trapped boys from mikey shorts. And let players create and publish their own mikey shorts levels

Amazing as always!! Posted by

I've played all the games in the Mikey series and I've never been upset. I enjoy them all and I'm always looking forward to more games. This game has the best controls ever! All the Mikey's are in my top 10 favorites iOS games!

Not working on iPhone 6 Plus Posted by

This is a great platformer. If you're on a non iPhone-6-Plus device, it's highly recommend. For the Plus....I'm sure the developers will have a fix soon, but hold off on purchasing this for now,

5 Stars Posted by

The Mikey games are my favorite iOS games, and Mikey Boots is great. The Mikey games have the best touch controls of any mobile games I've played.

Amazing! Posted by

By far Mikey is the best game series I've ever played on iOS. Well done BeaverTap. More please!

Best Mikey Yet Posted by

Great game. Simple and addicting. Graphics are top notch. Mikey is the Mario of ios.

Cool! Posted by

I really like the mikey series. Please make another game for free!

A step forward, sort of by hellsfoxes 2014-09-08

I'm a big fan of this series of games. Probably the best platforming physics on iPhone next to League Of Evil for me. Don't get me wrong. This game is very good. But the need to innovate a physics gimmick (hook, boots) with every game has finally gone too far for me. Playing Mikey Boots isn't actually that much fun. It's eye of the needle stuff and flying around is frustrating. I would rather see more creative levels designed for hooks and shorts style gaming.

The developers forgot that games should be fun by Math dude 3.14159 2014-09-19

I was a big fan of this series...until this game. The first 30 levels were fun, but after that not so much. I just don't find it fun trying to maneuver Mikey through spikes, rockets, and lava eruptions...and having to repeat my attempts so many times. Deleted and will not buy another Mikey game!

not as good as the first 2 by CncPete 2014-09-05

the series is progressively getting easier. in mikey shorts you need to perfect every level just to save a fraction of a second. mikey hooks was a lot easier and this game is even easier than mikey hooks. less skill involved but still a good time killer

Not impressed by The Imperial 2014-10-02

I liked the other Mikey Shorts games. Not this one. Is there a way to get your money back? The game moves for you which is just not fun.