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Motion Apps for iPhone/iPad

Motion Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Designed for video editors, Motion 5 lets you customize Final Cut Pro titles, transitions, and effects. Or create your own dazzling animations in 2D or 3D space, with real-time results as you work.

Editor-Friendly Design Tools
• Work fast using a single-window interface with a familiar look and feel
• Customize Final Cut Pro titles, effects, and transitions by opening them in Motion
• Create Smart Motion Templates with simple controls that you can instantly publish to Final Cut Pro X
• Build stunning 2D and 3D compositions with more than 1900 Apple-designed elements
• Make adjustments to any parameter during playback and instantly see results

2D and 3D Titles
• Use basic templates to get started quickly or choose cinematic templates that include beautiful backgrounds and animations
• Easily animate text by choosing from more than 200 text behaviors such as Type On
• Choose from a large collection of text styles to create stunning looks in one click
• Customize 3D titles with unique materials, lighting, and edges
• Save any title and access it directly in Final Cut Pro X

Stunning Effects
• Choose from more than 230 behaviors for natural-looking motion without programming
• Track a moving object in a video clip with the point tracking and match move feature
• Create an accurate chroma key in a single step with the Keying filter
• Apply the Linking behavior to make parameters for one object animate related objects
• Use SmoothCam to eliminate camera jitters, and image stabilization to smooth bumpy shots
• Use third-party FxPlug plug-ins with custom interfaces and dual-GPU support on Mac Pro

Effortless 3D Compositions
• Transition from 2D to 3D space by adding a camera or cameras to any 2D project
• Set up realistic shadows that animate dynamically with the movement of cameras and lights
• Turn any shape, video plane, or paint stroke into a reflective surface
• Track objects or groups of objects with the Camera Framing behavior

Breakthrough Speed and Quality
• Dual-GPU optimizations for superior real-time playback performance and faster rendering on Mac Pro
• 64-bit architecture supports deeper, multilayered effects for use in Final Cut Pro
• ColorSync-managed color pipeline produces accurate, consistent color across applications
• Rendering uses floating-point, linear-light color space for exceptionally realistic results

Quick, High-Quality Output
• Export projects to Apple devices and popular websites such as Vimeo and YouTube
• Choose to output ProRes 4444 video for uncompressed quality at small file sizes
• Send to Compressor to access advanced options for custom encoding

System Requirements: 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended for 4K), OpenCL-capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later, 256MB of VRAM (1GB recommended for 4K and 3D Titles), display with 1280-by-768 resolution or higher, 3.5GB of disk space. OS X v10.10.4 or later.
Some features require Internet access; fees may apply. Blu-ray recorder required for burning Blu-ray discs.


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Motion 5 worked great for my project! Posted by

Most of the uncritical reviews seem to be from people who haven't really used the product, and the critical reviews seem to be a bit too critical. I thought it would be interesting to talk about an actual project I just finished for which Motion worked well. I purchased this program to do animation for my entry in the PowerLine prize contest. Because i had very little time, the program had to be intuitive, easy to learn and use, but powerful enough to do what I needed. I had used previous versions of Motion in the past, but hadn't done anything in them for over a year. I had a previous version of Motion on my computer with my Final Cut Studio, but it was having issues, so I figured getting the new version might be best. It was. The interface was always a strong point of Motion, but earlier hardware (i.e. PowerMac G5s) were not fast enough to run it. My previous-generation 27" iMac runs it superbly, with a few rare slowdowns in the animation but a buttery-smooth user interface. In many hours using the app, it never crashed on me or had any significant problems. I found it very smooth and easy to use. Most features were easily discoverable, although it took a search through the help menu to find that adding shapes and behaviors is done through the Library tab instead of an array of always-visible buttons. The operation of the user interface was enormously improved over the older versions. Keyframe animation can be tricky. I had two interesting issues that might help others. First, you can animate both a group containing multiple objects and an individual object. If they are basically one and the same, don't put animation controls on both. Use just one object for all animations, and stick with it and Motion will work great. If you accidentally animate both an object and the group containing it, you will get endlessly confused by some very strange results! Second, I found the "Record Button" actions somewhat difficult to work with. It was easier to mark the keyframes in the Inspector, move between them to make sure they were about right, and then go to each keyframe and change the parameter. This way you know what your are animating, when it starts, when it ends first. Once you nail that down, change the parameters. If you try to do everything at once it can get confusing. Motion 5 gets five stars not because it's trivial - it's very powerful - but because I never had a major obstacle with it I had significant difficulty overcoming. It was usually "Oh this doesn't look quite right .. .why's it doing this ... Ah!" instead of endless frustration I've often felt in earlier projects. Maybe I'm just better at animation than I used to be, but the program's smooth flow and accessible power makes it truly great. There was a problem with the interaction between Motion and Final Cut 7 (the previous version, not X). When I exported a Motion project to a file with the same name as one already in Final Cut, Final Cut would sometimes not recognize the new file, and when I tried re-importing it it would not work. Quitting Final Cut and restarting it always solved the problem. A pain, yes, but workable. This is probably the fault of FInal Cut's file handling, not Motion's. Hopefully when I get around to buying Final Cut Pro X, the problem will be solved, but people should know that Motion otherwise works fine with the older version of Final Cut. I may or may not win a prize, but my experience with Motion was first-rate. I had to create my entry under an impossibly tight deadline, and Motion never let me down.

Good Value, if a Bit Unpredictable. Don't Underestimate. Posted by

The smart features and sheer expressive control afforded by Motion 5 make it an incredible graphics and FX tool. Time-saving implements and a fantastic real-time workflow seal the deal. With recent updates, the stability has greatly improved, and it impressed me. But still no guarantees. In my case, perhaps one out of every six sessions of an hour or more experiences a crash or extended hang. By setting autosave properly, though, I rarely lose work. As long as the preview settings are set carefully, Motion 5 will gleefully render even complex effects in real time. Working with text animations is an absolute pleasure, as I can immediately see results. If you cram a lot of items in the viewport and enable all the fancy visuals, it will naturally slow down. But keeping the preview resolution reasonable and maybe limiting your effects alleviates much of the performance hit. Clearly the graphics pipeline behind Motion does a lot on the graphics processor. Immediately, your GPU is pulling its weight, unlike some other suites which are CPU-only. Motion's Behaviors feature is an amazing time saver and can replace a surprising number of animations that would otherwise have to be keyed. From detailed simulations to compound mixes of Behaviors, it is possible to achieve a very wide range of effects simply by tweaking parameters. No keyframing needed. The efficiency of Behaviors is not to be underestimated. They are infinitely useful, as are rigs. A properly assembled rig is a beautiful thing, and will save you a lot of work. Again, a feature that is not to be underestimated. The rendering quality of Motion is impeccable as well. Motion 5 delivers a superb image in all regards. Many effects can even push Motion's capabilities into the photorealistic realm, if you choose to pursue it. The absolute best part about Motion is that I can dive in, sometimes with no idea where I want to go, and get right into building visuals or effects. It offers great expressive control with Behaviors and many simplified routines, along with endless options for media and animation. Learning to use the tools effectively is an imperative task. The Replicator may seem like it doesn't do a lot at first, and perhaps it's a little intimidating. But it is capable of far more than just copying items into grids and spirals. The Replicator is a core implement, as are Behaviors and often Emitters, and weilding them effectively is what will make you a good Motion artist. As with any other suite, take the time to learn the tools inside and out, and how they interact with each other. The learning curve in Motion 5 is very gradual, and it's not hard to self-teach. The interface makes everything very accessible. The best way to describe it: Motion's tools don't get in the way, and they are as creative and expressive as you are. Amazing things can be done, if you take the time to know your tools. As more and more flaws are fixed with Motion 5, I see it becoming very much a standby production tool. Motion does graphics like no one else. The keyer and color correction tools are somewhat effective, but Motion falls a bit short as a VFX tool. You're better off with an application suited to VFX and live footage for that purpose. But motion graphics tools don't get better than this. Four stars for a top-notch design and technology, if a slightly flawed implementation. Still, at $50, it's an absolute steal, and even inexperienced FX artists can get started immediately. It's as fun as it is efficient, and the real-time capabilities are second to none. Highly recommended.

New Update Posted by

Update 5.0.1 Previously had a complex Ripple template set that did not run correctly in v5 (stuttering, missing bits, etc.). Update seems to have cured the issue and I can now use that template again. Indicates better performance overall. Also like the new 2nd monitor option. Have not gone through any more yet, but the performance issue was worth reporting IMHO. ================ After using it for a while: I've gone through the Ripple Training videos (both sets) and have to say that I am VERY impressed with the new Publishing and Rigs. Amazing the effects, titles, transitions, generators that you can put together with tons of user changeable options. This really makes it worth while creating these things in Motion since you can use them in numerous projects with easy (but major) modifications from right in FCPX. Of course, that does raise the issue of the usability of FCPX right now, but Motion itself is impressive with these new features. It is a bit buggy, but not too bad. Few crashes. Hangs on a couple things for a bit too long. But not that bad overall. Now I just have to see how I can possibly use some of this in FCP7. Obviously not the rigging and publishing. Haven't tried drop zones, etc. in FCP7 yet. Will update when I have tried them. ============ First day Impressions: I have found that I needed to open Motion 4 after installing Motion 5 in order to see some of my effects, generators, temp;late folders, etc. Did find that some of my generators and filters are working such as from idustrial revolution, yanobox, etc. Having a lot more trouble with templates. Some are avaialble in the opening dialoge, others are not. When I try to open the ones that don't show up, some convert okay, others seem to have some problems. Did try to export a generator as a FCP X generator and it mostly worked. You cannot access older filters and generators in FCP X, so you need to open them and save them for FCP X in Motion 5. Kind of a slow workaround, but at least it is available. Don't get some of the options you really need in FCP X once exported, but it still sort of works.

A great application, and ridiculously good value Posted by

Motion is an amazing compositor and a decent non-linear editor. In a nutshell, Motion is Apple’s answer to After Effects. While it lacks some of After Effects' capabilities (notably built-in 3d rendering) you can get a third-party add-on and still be way ahead. And underlying it is the technology that Shake was built on, so what it does, it does very, very well. Motion is not something you can just pick up and use (despite Apple providing a few templates you can use pretty much as is), although it’s at least as easy as anything that does what it can do. If you’ve never used a proper non-linear editor or compositing tool before, expect a pretty steep learning curve. In essence, Motion is Photoshop for video, except each layer potentially a video track, key-framed, and festooned with non-destructive “effects” layers (including 2D and 3D transformations). If you want to edit long form videos, Motion is not the tool you want to use (there’s Final Cut Pro X, if you prefer something cross-platform there’s Hitfilm, and of course there’s always Adobe CS if you’re OK renting software). I tend to work with pretty short stuff so Motion is actually a complete solution for my needs. If I were still putting together short films or chopping up huge amounts of video, I would pick FCPX. One area where Motion comes up short relative to After Effects in particular is — no surprise — workflow with Adobe products. If you use CS you can import a Photoshop or Illustrator document and get editable layers which you can simply start working with, while still being able to make adjustments locally or round-trip out to Photoshop or Illustrator. But if you’ve got Adobe CS you already have After Effects and Premiere, so either you know what they can do and they still kind of annoy you or you don’t care. Still, it would be great if Motion exposed some kind of API so that Adobe’s competitors (e.g. Affinity’s products or Acorn, say) could round-trip the same way. Oh well, maybe Motion 6.

Love it Posted by

As a newcomer to motion graphics, I did a lot of online research. Apparently, you’re not supposed to compare Motion with After Effects. And I agree. Sorta. As someone who wanted to dive in deep in order to start playing with motion graphics, I had to choose to invest my time learning one or the other… at least to begin with. Money wasn’t really the issue in my case, although it was definitely a big win to pay $50 once rather than pay monthly for AE. Either way, I just found Motion way more approachable. Way more. Plus, it seems that Motion is much better suited for experimenting and playing with effects and parameters in real-time. I’m using it artistically, so it’s just perfect. I actually started with AE… watched hours of online tutorials, started to get the hang of the basics. But here’s what absolutely did it for me: In AfterEffects CC, unless I’m totally missing something, there is no way to preview font choices within the software. Not only can you not preview your font change, but even the font dropdown list doesn’t show the font names in their matching font. I’m still boggled by it… for a piece of software that is heavily used to animate text, seems to me that previewing fonts would be V1.0 functionality. In any case, compare that with Motion where all the font names in the dropdown font list actually use their matching font… just like they do in Keynote or most other Apple products. But Motion takes it a step further and you can actually highlight your text and scroll through the font list and see your text change fonts without actually having to select/change the font. It’s a live preview. Anyway, this is just one example of how I found Motion to be way more friendly than AE. So if you’re evaluating Motion over AE, it feels to me like if you’re “in the industry” than you may have little choice but to go with the gold standard. But if you want to have fun with an exceptionally powerful and amazing tool, spend $50 and have a blast.

Wonderful But Unstable Program Posted by

I love Motion 5, and not just because it only costs $50. It is not as deep as After Effects, of course, but much of what can be done in After Effects can be done MUCH quicker in Motion 5. It is safe to say that Motion 5 can do a great deal more than many people think it can. The interface is wonderful, non obtrusive, intuitive. Behaviors are incredibly useful and the Library provides a generous amount of content to work with and manipulate. Also, even though I sorely miss the "Send to Motion" command which allowed us to send a clip from Final Cut Pro to Motion and back, the ability to publish Motion parameters inside Final Cut Pro X is very, very cool. However, as with Motion 4, the program has countless freezes and crashes. I am not ready to give up on it, but it has caused SERIOUS delays in my workflow, and I am lucky I haven't gone to the hospital due to the number of times I've found myself banging my head against the wall. All Apple needs to do is address the stability issues and I (along with many, many others) would be very happy with them. New features are always nice, and appreciated. But the thing has to run smoothly in order to use it effectively. Like I said, I still love Motion (when it works properly). I have only two requests for Apple: 1) address the stability, and 2) bring back "Send to Motion" to Final Cut Pro X. If that would happen Motion 5 would give After Effects a serious run for its money, in a lot of ways.

well-designed, gets bogged down sometimes Posted by

I'm a multimedia producer, and I use Motion for the usual: compositing effects and keyed images/video for larger projects, creating short animations, and making more specialized titles than Final Cut can manage. And for this, Motion works great. It's powerful, intuitive if you use Final Cut X, and usually pretty quick on my late '11 MacBook Pro. However, I also use it for a relatively demanding purpose on the side. I do music production, and for simple animated music videos, I use the audio-modified behavior to the program's limit, at least on my admittedly not brand-new machine. At worst, I've had upwards of twenty objects, all being transformed by different frequencies, and almost everything I tried to do in the application caused it to hang for about five seconds. The one star off isn't for this alone, it's also because it obviously hasn't been updated for Yosemite, and the lack of any recent optimizations are only exacerbating the issues I have. If you have an iMac, Mac Pro, or any newer MacBook Pro, you should be fine, but just be aware that some things you can do with it will be considerably more taxing than others.

I love this Program, which Probably overshadows the bad. Posted by

I have used LiveText that was coupled with Final Cut Express. It was pretty cool, and my first experience with any motion text (in the family of AE & others) so I'm a newbie. However, with a few tutorials, I am confident that this program is by far the most idiot-friendly, or veteran-friendly software package. The thing that I love is that any ameauture that's used to iMovie would seamlessly glide into FCPX and Motion 5. It just creates more opportunities for beginners to create great work. Only complaint: CRASHING FOR NO REASON! This had to be the most frustrating thing ever. I had to start saving my sessions every 2 minutes. After recording serveral times for perameter additions in my clip, it would crash religeously. I started over several times when I realized its not the most stable program yet. Overall: Very satisfied and anticipate updates for stability. Knowing what I know now, I would definitely purchase it all over again (along with saving sessions every 2 minutes still lol). Satisfied customer!

Extreamly Powerful and Great Value! Posted by

I am a college student who primarly uses motion for infographic animations, enhancements, and sfx for my FCPX videos. I taught myself how to use this software and its very intuitive. It is extreamly powerful and comes with many great preloaded features. If your not the creative type you can download several templates from that can really help you stand out. Making videos to summerize your projects is great for a portfolio piece. When I downloaded motion my primary purpose was to use it for kinetic typography projects. It turns out that I use it for so much more. Its easy implimenation with FCPX makes it even more appealing if you are comfortable with FCPX. For $50 you really cant beat it! There are no other programs that I know of that offer the power of motion in that price range. I would strongly recomend Motion to anyone who enjoys creating videos and cool effects to enhance your projects. GREAT JOB APPLE!

Extremely Frustrating Posted by

I'm very disappointed with this software. YAY, it has cool features... but that doesn't matter when the program constantly crashes and gives up on exporting. Exporting 0% complete... 5 minutes later. Exporting 0% complete... yeah. I understand that I only have a MacBook Pro with 4GB of RAM and a core i5 processor but Final Cut Express works fine so why can't apple make Motion 5 work fine on it as well. I wouldn't mind if it was slow at times as long as it was doing something. It's just upsetting when it completely gives up. I don't know. Maybe I'm just crazy for thinking that you should be able to use this software with a computer that doesn't have 32GB of RAM and the most powerful processor ever but I guess that's what you have to do...

AE User Posted by

I have been using AE for years and decided to download Motion more out of boredom than anything. I do like this program a lot. I think it flows better as a software solution than AE does. I think there is room for both in my aresnal and I will continue to use AE for my more effect driven projects but Motion is a fantastic option for simple animations that I want out quickly and to distribute to the masses on the web. I'm going to guess the individual who is having crashing issues is having hardware instead of software issues. I've had Motion working for two straight days and have had zero crashes or problems. I've designed and outputed several projects already and couldn't be happier with the stability.

Excellent Posted by

I was recently on an intense video project where I had suddenly lost my odl software and needed to key out approximely thirty video clips of varying sizes. This program from Apple helped me to quickly achieve my goal before my deadline. It is not the most intuitive software, but I don’t mind that. I’m always willing to try a challenging software, but it’s not so with other users. The 3D editing is terrific, and definitely pairs nicely in Final Cut Pro and Davinci Resolve Studio. Also, I think it would be better if you could begin projects more like iMovie or FPCX, because I found it difficult to calculate exactly how many seconds long I would need the video to be. Tha is the only thing I would recommend be fixed.

Amazingly Powerful For So LIttle Cost Posted by

This is a steal at $50 USD. Super powerful, well designed. Round-trips to FCPX can be handled by publishing templates, or a cheap third-party app, or a free online app. So no deal breaker there. The speed I can get our multicast stastion’s original content out is amazing. Way faster than AE. A little training (Ripple) and you’re good to go. I’ve been using Motion since it was first released, I’ve used AE and others, also. But nothing let’s me get my work done as quickly and as easily as Motion. Could use a few missing features, but every motion graphics/effects app Ive used has missing features. Loving Motion 5 more and more each day.

Blazing fast speeds!! Posted by

Sweet. Thanks for adding the dual monitor support! I've been a fan of Motion for a while and this is a HUGE speed boost and upgrade from Motion 4. This isn't After Effects and shouldn't be expected as such. And it does have a fairly steep learning curve if you've never used it before, similar to most Pro apps. A few new elements, but most seem to come from Motion 4. Nevertheless, for only $50, this is one of the best deals on the app store. I've only scratched the surface and can't wait to dive in deeper.

Great app for a teen on a budget Posted by

I bought this app a couple of months ago. I was pretty impressed what you can do considering trying After Effects free trial which retails for hundreds of dollars for students. This app was well built but I was dissapointed with the speed. I bought 8 more gb of ram bringing my total ram up to 12gb on my 2010 iMac. I drastically saw improvements in speed but still kind of slow. When i recently updated it I was amazed with how fast it opens and the ability to open multiple projects at a time. This update is the best yet! I love 

5.0.5 MUCH Improved but still some problems Posted by

It's clear some serious code optimization has been done to this version of motion. I can also confirm a more snappy and responsive UI, however I seem to have lost the ability to use my traditional keyboard shortcut to kern between characters in the text editor. At the moment I haven't been able to figure out how to get this back. Regarding the installation problem S S is referring to. I had the same problem. I solved it by completely deleting the old Motion app, rebooting and re-installing it from the app store.

i love motion 5 but... Posted by

If you are looking for a great compatibility with the MAC design graphics affinity designer tool, it will help you a lot without difficulty in choosing it as MAC user of windows users. It is my personal opinion, of course. I also remember that I hesitated a lot while migrating to mac as a windows user. The Affinity designer tool is a powerful tool for MAC OS. I admit it. There is a shortage because it is early. We hope to be able to fight against ADOBE soon with solid technology.

Love it, but too many effects at a time freezes it up. Posted by

I like Motion a lot, but I have noticed that if I have too many effects at once, it will feeze. Sometimes when I export with too many effects at one time, it will drop the video file and just keep the effects. What I have had to do is export at each stage of effects, and then import the footage back in and move on to the next stage. It may seem frustrating at first, but Motion will no longer crash (at least for desktops) and playback will not freeze up. I hope this helps.

Needs a redesign Posted by

Motion is obviously an alternative to After Effects for a lower price, and its a great one. On my brand new MacBook Pro After Effects lags like crazy, Motion runs smooth but there are some things I would like added. 1. A redesign to make it fit in better with Yosemite. 2. Some better particle effects and more and easier 3D editing. 3. A better export window. 4. Make it even faster. 5. Lower the price of Final Cut Pro and make whole video editing suite for under $100.

On 5.2 Do your Maintenance and its Great Posted by

For those of you complaing about the crashes please take the time to do the following: 1. Verify and Repair System Permissions, 2. Restart your computer, then relaunch Motion 5. This fixes most of the problems I’ve encountered with both this and other types of software. As with all new software there are problems to begin with-Be greatful for the new content, and patient with its problems. —Macbook Retina Pro 15” 16 GB add-on

Wow I can't believe Apple made this by Stumblebaum 2012-11-30

Well as a seasoned motion designer this application is a serious disapointment. Not only is it a disappointment it is actually a discrace to the Apple name. Having started using FCPX a few months ago I finally decided to try this Motion program and take a break from After Effects. I got this program a week ago and was finally just able to render out a 21 second animation. Apple needs to pull this from the app store until they can get it right. I am an Apple fan so do not think I am bashing Apple but I am upset over this mess. So where do I begin. To start I bought a new Mac book pro Retina to get on FCPX. So that is what I am using. Now on to the software. The price of the motion app seems very affordable and makes you think it is a great deal but trust me it is more stress than $50 is worth. Sp I made a video in FCPX and wanted a 20 second intro so why not give motion a try. At first glance it seemed very elementary and would not be powerful enough to do stuff like after effects. After playing with it for a day I thought well it could actually work and has some nice features. You can adjust a lot of pre sets but as for really building things on your own you are kind of limited. There are only a few templates that I am sure everyone will be using so there is no chance of even faking originality. They are nice template but not enough of them. So since I learned this is a very basic app I will then use it as such. I make 3 seperate things of text with a blur effect transition (bleary to be exact) and 3 analog emitters. Basic enough. So of course I wanted to make it a bit more fancy and decided to add a camera in to jump to each text transition on separate depths. So I decided to use the preset dolly. After figuring it out it works decent enough. So to add some more flare why not put the animations at different heights and arc the camera on the path. My initial plan was to add more emitters in the mix from camera spot to camera spot. That never even got a chance to happen. Well back to the camera going to different levels, this is where it all fell apart. Changing the view to perspctive the angle was so distorted it was uttery useless. So I will use left, top, front, and camera. They all barely panned while render view was on draft. Now might be a good time to mention the complete lockup of the mac book pro when trying to attempt this. After 5 days I said forget this mess and removed the camera and just used transitions after being so fed up as my video has been ready to publsh for days. So I decided to render my generic animation using all stock presets. I began trying to render an h.264. HAHA yeah right. COMPLETE COMPUTER LOCKUP. Where you literally have to hold the power button and hard boot. After doing this about 6 times I tried all the other render options with no success but lockups. Now might be a good time to mention I never had a program crash my mac until now…and what do you know it is an Apple program to do it. WOW. So as most motion designers know you should just render out image sequences. Great idea…..CRASH, CRASH, CRASH! Oh well at least 867 frame rendered already I will just pick up and start at frame 868, right? WRONG! There is no option to start at a selected frame. So the next step I decided to take was: Say Forget this stupid program full of bugs and decided to open up After Effects like I should have done from the beginning. Animation was done in 30 minutes. So my final verdict is: Save your money for After Effects. The chroma key in Motion is nice but not much better than the one in FCPX so if that is your buying point skip it. This application would be best geared toward a complete noob that wants to make some simple effects that has no goal of advanceing their skill, however good luck rendering out any videos. Shame on you Apple Shame on you. Pull this program until you can get it right. I was excited to try this out but what you did you poke me in the eye with a premade plastic fork that broke when it hit my retina like it was a bad encoding. What happened to the days of Apple making things work perfect? This app makes me want to throw my iPhone at my mac book. Stop Selling out Apple, Shame on you.

Upgrade Only Adds More Limitations by dbelldc 2011-06-29

Motion 5 may have a cool new interface to match its older brother, Final Cut Pro, but this new version is otherwise almost identical to Motion 4 in terms of interface layout and functionality. But Motion's core focus has shifted towards being about creating titles and effects that can be saved within Final Cut Pro X. But in terms of the way that I have used Motion in the past, these new features have actually made it harder for me to continue using Motion as I have been. Final Cut Pro X no longer accepts .motn files directly in the timeline for whatever reason, so now the only way to get custom Motion files into Final Cut is to publish them as templates within Motion. But it's only possible to publish titles, transitions, and effects to Final Cut if you've created a brand-new template from scratch in Motion first; all my various lower-thirds and titles from Motion 4 had to be completely re-made in order to work with Final Cut Pro X. It is possible to publish non-pre-templated Motion files to Final Cut as a Generator in order to get the closest to the missing ability to put Motion files right in the timeline. But I find this template-only approach to be incredibly inflexible. Templates published to Final Cut Pro X live in your Movies folder, and there seems to be no way to customize that location. This is awful for me because I have to move around to different computers all of the time, and keep all my media organized on a FireWire hard drive, and it appears that I'll have to re-publish all of my Motion graphics to Final Cut Pro every time I shift computers. This becomes the worst when you actually use Motion's templates for titles/transitions/effects because they don't let you save a copy separately fom the published template! That is about as stupid and inflexible as it could possibly get. Motion 5 also eliminates the ability to have multiple projects open at once. I re-use a lot of elements between different Motion graphics files (and particularly when I have to re-build all my titles in the new Motion 5 templates), and the new one-project-at-a-time rule makes my once-effortless workflow quite tedious. Yes, Motion's 64-bit support is great, and Motion continues to be a spectacular app for making motion graphics in 3D space. I'm certainly glad that Apple didn't kill it along with the rest of the Final Cut Studio suite. But Apple has miserably botched the relationship between Motion and Final Cut Pro and made it a lot more difficult for editors to jump between the two applications.

Broken by bpeacock 2013-06-09

I was really scared about upgrading this when I saw the reviews about stability. But for whatever reason, I went for it anyway. I've got a pretty hefty project coming up so I spent this weekend doing simple tasks to learn the ropes. Occassionally, key commands stop working and it seems like it really bogs down. I was used to seeing real time render but when an effect I created was really slow, I thought I had done something wrong, only to discover it was actually chugging out frame by slow frame. I'd have to save and quite and re-open several times during the day to kill whatever was bogging it down. I'm also a little disappointed in the library. Okay for $49 what was I expecting. I guess my disappointment REALLY stems from not being able to import older libraries from previous versions of FCS. Maybe there's a way to do it, but click-and-drag sure didn't work. I just need some more time to see if there's a way to import all the older libraries. Edit: Reducing my rating to two stars. I worked on my first major project in Motion and would have to shut down the program every 30 minutes. That's not counting the beach balls I'd get about every 10-15 minutes, some of which required a Force Quit and loss of work. It got to where I hit cmd-S after every single edit. This easily added hours to my day that I really didn't have. I sent every single crash report to Apple. This stability issue really needs to be fixed. I don't understand why FCP X has "autosaving" but Motion doesn't. I didn't realize this until I lost about 2 hours of work on the first crash. I was so upset I could have thrown my Mac across the room and shot it. Edit for 5.0.3: As my new title says, I'm cautiously optimistic this version fixed the crashing and beach balling bugs. I worked on a small project and did not have any issues on the scale of the prior version. Edit 6/8/13: I have no explanation for what has happened, but Motion will simply not stay open any more. If I try to create a new project, it beach balls on that startup screen crashes. If I'm lucky enough to get into an existing project, within 5 minutes of clicking things in the library, it beach balls and crashes. I've sent every crash report. I have completely uninstalled the app and removed all traces of it with an uninstaller app. Three times. I've run the repair permissions. I've got all the major OS updates. This app is dead to me.

Motion 5 = 64 bit dumbed down Motion 4 by Lester_12345 2011-07-19

I have to believe that so many good reviews are coming from new users unfamiliar with Motion 4. I can see how new users to Motion 5 who don't know what they are missing from Motion 4 would be overjoyed and for $50 this is definitely a steal. I thought Motion was a groundbreaking application from the onset but Motion 5 has been dumbed down from Motion 4. If all Apple did to Motion 4 was update it to 64 bit I would be signing its praises. The Rigging & Widgets is a cool idea for version 5. For those who were using Motion 4 and use 2 monitors you will most likely be very disappointed. In Motion 4 you could detach tabs to make your panels float and put them on another screen. For iexample liked being able to detach and see the Inspector and Library panels at the same time. When a project gets large I especially liked being able to float the Timeline panel on a separate monitor. You could also save different panel layouts with configurations that supported 2 monitors. None of that is possible now. As I understand, this is the same situation as what they have done with Final Cut Pro X. This new "single unified interface" of Apple's is a major step backwards. For me this was a wasted $50. I will not be using Motion 5 & definitely will not be upgrading to FCP X (...excuse me there is no such thing as upgrading anymore for past loyal users, I guess the term is re-purchasing).

When it works, it's a fantastic program. by Benni C 2012-04-27

Motion's an amazing program. And $50 is a killer price. Affordable and powerful…in theory. I've had a lot of trouble running it on my Core i7 iMac w/ 2GB Video Memory and 16GB RAM. Problems include trouble previewing, editing, and exporting projects that only include text and a few simple shapes…no images. It's so slow on my current project (even with settings turned down) that it's not really usable. It also is refusing to export even a still frame. I've also had extensive trouble with particle systems and replicators. Usually the entire program crashes. Other times, after spending an hour or so rendering, it'll give me a Quicktime error at the very end of the export, and the export fails. I've deleted preferences, reinstalled the app, fixed disk permissions, tried running it under a different login, simplified my project, removed all particles and replicators, reset the PRAM, run hardware diagnostics (at the Apple store), etc. It just seems buggy. If Motion would run smoothly, I'd give it 5 stars, and praise it to everyone. I'm tempted to give it 1 star, but I so much love what it can *supposedly" do that I can't bear to give it only 1 star. Seriously, though. More fixes, please, Apple! It just isn't workable at 5.0.3

Lack of FCPX Round-Tripping is Motion 5’s Fatal Flaw by Aimless Idler 2016-04-14

Why this critical feature was removed from the new Apple video suite (FCPX, Motion 5, Compressor) is mind boggling. Motion 5 is basically the backbone of FCPX. And yet you have to subject yourself to the cumbersome, time-consuming, error-prone process of exporting individual clips from FCPX, then manually import them into Motion, then export a new clip from Motion and then manually import it back into FCPX **for every new iteration of an effect edit you want to do**. WHAT? The FCPX/Motion 5 combo would be a viable After Effects competitor if they brought this feature back! (YES, it used to exist in the former FCP7/Motion 4 days! Why, oh WHY did they get rid of it?!?!). Otherwise, it is a fantastic program and a real value as an After Effects alternative. The best part of Motion is being able to customize FCPX effects/transitions/etc. and create new ones to use inside FCPX. It’s been 5 years since the new Apple video reboot, and still no round-tripping. There must be some essential part of the software’s design that prevents this feature from working, otherwise I can only imagine Apple would have included it. Maybe it’s still on the roadmap. One can dream, right?

A new Motion - new problem. by arkmediaLC 2011-06-21

While it is still too early to give Motion a full and complete review, just playing with it has overwhelmed me. But in a good way. The entire application looks brand new but still maintains the previous organization of windows, etc., with some revisions that makes all the tools you need more accessible. While the black background and white text will take some time to get used to, it does seem to be a positive change as it is much easier to view graphic elements. As for speed--it does seem to be improved and scrubbing through some previous hi-rez animations appears to be faster and more respsonsive. One BIG issue that I've encountered is that every now and then doing some mundane task (opening a new window, collapsing a sequence, etc.) causes the entire computer to completely freeze up. It will eventually come back to life, but at first I thought I had to shut down my computer as it was not responding at all. This is the reason for the 3 stars. An issue like that is unacceptable. It could be that once the new OS (Lion) is released, it may fix this issue, but it does make me wish I had held off upgrading, especially if I had a new project to work on.

Needs to be fixed. Potentially Awesome. by bac1089 2012-04-08

I use motion 4 at school for one of my classes and decided to give motion 5 a whirl on my more powerful iMac at home. Since I knew Motion can be a really powerful tool I was really excited to download 5. The interface looks great and there are some really awesome features, however, this version is REALLLLLY slow. It's almost crashed my computer a few times just from pure lag. I checked my computer's performance and it was barely using any processing power so it should have been fine. I ended up not getting any sleep a few nights ago trying to render out 36 seconds of footage for a project I was making. This weekend I converted an old VHS home video of my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary to digital for my parents. During conversion the sound got off so I took it into motion to realign the audio. However, when I brought the 7 min clip into motion, I couldn't even watch the video in the preview area to see if it was lined back up right because it was so laggy. I tried doing a ram preview of a few seconds and the program still lags even though it's been rendered. This seriously needs to be fixed.

fcp X is so bad in so many ways, to the point of outweighing Motion by MaoSoto 2011-07-02

I had been using motion for all my projects because it integrated better to final cut pro than after effects. And now that Motion seems to have gotten better and I can control parameters inside final cut pro, I am really disappointed that FCP X is so screwed up so much and in so many ways, to the point of outweighing Motion's fixes and new features that they become irrelevant and unusable. (unuseable because I'm switching completely) I just made my mind and I will witch to Premiere and After Effects which are supposed to work together very nicely. It will be a tough learning curve for me but I can trust Adobe more than Apple. I hope that Apple does not catch another fight with Adobe and breaks/block Adobe's video editing software as it did with Flash. The good thing about moving to Adobe is that their products also exist on Windows and that gives me some comfort even though I don't like windows atall. If I come back to motion will be only if it integrates with premiere nicely.

Crashes and Doesn’t Work by enormusj 2015-04-15

I’m generally not one to write a bad review, but in this case I feel deeply compelled to do so. I rarely have problems with apps that are purchased and installed via the Apple App Store, but this one is really terrible. I can’t get the app to run more than 5 or 6 seconds before it crashes, and the crash report comes up. I did notice a bit of glitch while it was downloading. I got some strange error message that I hadn’t seen before so maybe something went wrong with the installation. I was really excited about the 3D titles, but unfortunately the app just doesn’t run on my 2008 Mac Pro running 10.10.3. It’s installed on a PCIx SSD with 24 gig of RAM so I doubt it’s a hardware problem. I’ll call tech support tomorrow and try to get to the bottom of this. Based on my experience, I would not ecommend upgrading to this version of Motion, yet.

Great price but lacks in performance by Apps2Use 2011-08-07

I love the fact that Apple now offers Motion seperate from Final Cut… I know it is a program for Final Cut but I wish Apple had married it with iMovie. My issues are mostly performance. I don't want to invest in Final Cut Pro if I'm having issues with Motion. I'm running a 24" intel core 2 duo iMac that I love but it seems to fall short when running this program. I have no plans to upgrade to a new computer since the one I have is serving me well and still feels brand new. When I upgraded to Lion and upgraded Motion things seemed to slow down even more. I have changed rendering options and know there are some other settings I can select to speed things up. I also know the machine I have, appears to have reached maximum processing power. I hope that Apple works on the performance.

Buggy... by hewho 2011-06-21

Promising but buggy. It is presently inverting the text I am trying to paste into my project and generally being janky with text in general. It will not remove blank spaces etc. If there is no update soon (like an hour ago) I am gonna have to uninstall this and reinstall Motion 4. If you are a professional designer I would wait before buying this. It is not ready for prime time. It is adding a lot time to my project because of its bugs. Basically after getting frustrated with it I took a break to warn others from sharing my pain. Motion 4 has always been reliable for me so I hope this can be brought up to that level. Please Apple don't make me use after effects...

Share Option Grays Out After A Few Uses by wChicago 2013-02-08

I like this product from a design/creative standpoint. But, when I tried to use the application a second time after having installed it a few days earlier, the "share" or export option in the menu is grayed out, meaning you can't export your projects. Apple support's solution is to uninstall and reinstall the software, which I've done 3 times now…every time i need to use it. There is a problem and they don't seem to want to figure it out. I see the problem in supprt it's not just my computer…others are having the same issues. Uninstallaing and reinstalling more than 1 or 2 times is not a solution.

I want to rate it higher... by Voltageme5 2015-06-06

…but the performance leaves much to be desired. I’m running this on my new Mac Pro fully loaded and the performance is pretty bad for what I expected. The RAM preview seems buggy in that it doesn’t preview the entire area I specify. The playback in general whether in the live viewport or RAM preview is slow at best. Far too slow for what this computer can handle. I dont use emitters or any FX, simply imported image sequences and it feels as if I’m on an intel Celeron eMachine from 1996. I like the software and the fairly easy to use interface but the poor performance just drags this down. Mac Pro 12 Core CPU 64 GB RAM 1TB SSD

"Share" export rendering to a .MOV HD file is worse than terrible by gaijindragonslayer 2011-06-23

I imported a variety of files and exported them and the result was terrible, all green cast that when played is a mess of pink noise and more noise. I then tried using nothing but Motion to create a short project and it still came out with a green cast. My video card supports Motion 5 but not it seems in reality. I cannot use this except to export for iPad or some other low resolution portable. This is great for amateurs but terrible for my uses as I need to have 1900X1200 files. Fortunately I have Motion 3/4 and can use that for titles. I cannot get this to work and cannot get the right help online. I guess this is just my MacPro...

Motion 5.0.5 FREEZES Macbook Pro Retina by Sean Person 2012-10-30

I have a base Macbook Pro Retina for which Motion 5.0.5 is absolutely useless due to freezes which lock up the entire machine (forced reboot!). The behavior most commonly occurs when starting/stoping playback, and/or adjusting an object in the viewer. I've trashed the preferences, checked the installation, scanned the logs, you name it. The fact that this creates a system wide lock up as opposed to a crash only makes matters worse, as there is no crash log to submit to Apple. In any case, it's unfortunate that I can't offer a stellar review. At this point, completing my current project is an absolute nightmare.