MultiFlow: Times Tables Reimagined - Practice Multiplication Apps free for iPhone/iPad
MultiFlow: Times Tables Reimagined - Practice Multiplication Apps free for iPhone/iPad

MultiFlow: Times Tables Reimagined - Practice Multiplication Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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MultiFlow: Times Tables Reimagined - Practice Multiplication Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
MultiFlow: Times Tables Reimagined - Practice Multiplication Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
MultiFlow: Times Tables Reimagined - Practice Multiplication Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Practice times tables, now with a new, completed redesigned and improved user interface.

TUAW App of the Day in August 2012

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Experience the excitement of ‘Enter the Flow’ – the multiplication game that adapts to your ability level – on the fly! Say goodbye to flashcards, say hello to MultiFlow.

This application is great for kids, adults and professional educators alike. In addition to the main game: 'Enter the Flow', there are other tools to practice multiplication and track your progress.

You can even go online and share your progress with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

MultiFlow is the essential tool for practicing multiplication tables. Use it inside the classroom to engage learners, or outside the classroom as a fun and addictive game – challenge yourself while you learn!


Kids – You’ll love the games included in MultiFlow including Enter The Flow, Mad Minute and Reversals. Collect Game Center Achievements and challenge your friends to beat your scores on the Leaderboard!

Parents – Your children can practice multiplication tables in a way that adapts directly to their ability. Eliminate the frustration of tools not tailored to your child’s needs. MultiFlow will give your children the tools to practice multiplication tables no matter their skill level.

Educators – Multiflow is an essential tool for learning in the classroom. Try it for yourself – you’ll see how a copy of Multiflow in the hands of each student in your classroom will improve overall engagement and fluency with times tables!

Gamers - You know who you are. Always looking for the satisfying thrill of that 100% Game Center Achievements completion. Challenge yourself to take on the games in MultiFlow (including Enter the Flow, Mad Minute and Reversals)... and Master the Flow.


Have you Entered the Flow? Try MultiFlow.

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Great App, add multi-user settings Posted by

I bought this app for my 5th grader to practice her facts before school. It's working great so far, she's having fun trying to beat her [revious day's score. Mad minute is her favorite but she's enjoying enter the flow because it adjusts to her level and advances with her. This app is a great way to 'warm up her brain' before school, she feels more confident doing her rocket math in class now. I just wish it had multi-user capabilities, it would be nice if the other kids could play enter the flow without affecting the younger kid's progress. It would also be really cool if they could challenge each other in mad minute. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the multi-user function is missing, if there was just one kid in this house I wouldn't even care.

Superb! Posted by

I am VERY excited about using this app with my students in 2nd grade! I've struggled and searched for years for a MANAGEABLE method to motivate kids to enjoy mathematics and encourage them to LOVE THE CHALLENGE of beating themselves (intrinsic) rather than competing against others (extrinsic). With your app I can finally see a way to EASILY manage teaching this critical foundation to my students and give them opportunities for DAILY practice that will 'stick' with them throughout their lives! I can also track their progress quickly and analyze problems so I can intervene when necessary!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Sincerely, Second Grade teacher in Kansas

Awesome app!! Posted by

My 3rd grader loves this app! She asks to play it all the time. It's giving her confidence in her multiplication facts, and she thinks it's really fun. It's not silly, it doesn't have glitches, and it's exactly what we were looking for. I love that we can select a specific table to practice. I do wish it had an answer page or study page that lists the answers. But all in all, this is the ultimate multiplication fact app!! I will definitely recommend to others!

Perfect! Posted by

This is exactly what I was looking for in a multiplication training app. Drills you on tables up to 20 x 20. Multiple game modes: flow - 3 strikes you're out, mad minute - as many as you can in 60s, reversals - guess the question to the answer, pick 'em - choose the number range and practice no time limit. Great for teens and adults who just like math. Worth the price. Only wish it went higher than 20x20. :)

puts one in the flow Posted by

Wow, I love the music really kept me in the flow! I grabbed this app with the intro price of .99 and it does not disappoint. I hope my middle schoolers will like it as much as I do. I believe this app will be very appealing to all. Thank you for introducing this app and look forward to more.

Wonderful resource Posted by

In lieu of flash cards, we use this app to drill into multiplication equations and practice putting them to memory. Thanks for a great application that is easy to use! I might be missing the part where I can access an individual's progress, but that might be a good update. :)

Love it Posted by

Great app, lots of fun. I wanted to brush up on multiplication tables since I rely on computer calculators too much at my job. I haven't studied times tables since elementary school, but is app doesn't seem childish. I haven't known 14x13 off the top of my head...ever.

Children's games shouldn't have links by Sweetybearbaby 2013-05-30

I dislike any child's educational game that has external links in the game.