My Book List - Scan ISBN barcode scanner to create and manage your library collection database inventory and export to BibTeX Zotero Apps for iPhone/iPad
My Book List - Scan ISBN barcode scanner to create and manage your library collection database inventory and export to BibTeX Zotero Apps for iPhone/iPad

My Book List - Scan ISBN barcode scanner to create and manage your library collection database inventory and export to BibTeX Zotero Apps for iPhone/iPad

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My Book List - Scan ISBN barcode scanner to create and manage your library collection database inventory and export to BibTeX Zotero Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
My Book List - Scan ISBN barcode scanner to create and manage your library collection database inventory and export to BibTeX Zotero Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
My Book List - Scan ISBN barcode scanner to create and manage your library collection database inventory and export to BibTeX Zotero Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
My Book List - Scan ISBN barcode scanner to create and manage your library collection database inventory and export to BibTeX Zotero Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
My Book List - Scan ISBN barcode scanner to create and manage your library collection database inventory and export to BibTeX Zotero Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Download My Book List - Scan ISBN barcode scanner to create and manage your library collection database inventory and export to BibTeX Zotero for iPhone/iPad
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Includes Barcode scanner to make adding books super fast!

"The ideal repository for book recommendations gathered from friends, reviews, and other sources, the app will locate the actual book cover and store it on its iBook-like shelf or as an entry on a list. The app can also access all the book titles, charts, covers, descriptions, and acquisition options in any of the iBookstores worldwide, Amazon, and the free texts at Google Books."

A simple and beautiful layout will help you keep track of the amazing books you come across.

Feature Highlights:
* Create a personal library of books
* Information is retrieved directly from Amazon and iBooks Store
* Add manually (not via search), or SCAN BARCODE
* Snap picture of cover when manually adding book
* Includes charts of top books for all genres
* Book Genius feature (find similar titles)
* Touch link to view details for each book (and easily purchase)
* Entire library is locally saved/cached
* 2 different library views (grid and list)
* ability to sort the list
* share features
* export features

It's also a great help when friends and family suggest books to you and you never know where to write them down and eventually forget.

"Every day you hear or read about a book that sounds interesting - and now there's an app designed to help track all those books recommendations," commented developer Giacomo Balli. "My Book List is the personalized book list of all the books you've been meaning to read, and those you've read."

My Book List - Scan ISBN barcode scanner to create and manage your library collection database inventory and export to BibTeX Zotero Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
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Simple, Timesaving Posted by

I had used the previous version on my old iPhone and recorded 443 books into this app. I was then able to export the data to an excel file, email it to myself and import to FileMaker so I had a searchable eLibrary of all my books. I liked it so much that I purchased this again for my new iPhone. The biggest benefit is how easily I can scan or even search for a title. In less than a minute I scanned 13 books. I'm a fast typist, but no way could I data enter all that info in the same amount of time. Sure, the tracking of free scans was a little annoying. I just paid the $.99 when prompted. The benefits far outweigh the annoyance. I do have a couple things I'd like to see improved. 1) the buttons to scan or search could be a bit bigger. 2) the iPhone text prompt doesn't seem to connect while I'm typing. I couldn't tap on the suggested word and have it fill in on the app text screen. Also relatively minor concerns. I'll update my review once I've tested the export feature which is really the whole point of using the app. I did look for the photo feature, seems to be gone, but it was a little quirky in the previous version anyway so not a real loss. Very satisfied with this app.

Been using awhile now Posted by

Must amend previous review. Still like the app, some glitches, doesn't always search when I ask it to. May just be internet connection at the time. Would like to be able to quickly and easily find a title if I'm at bookstore to see if I've already read. Sometimes hard to get it to get there. Like the app, so happy to have it. I find that hen I ask it to sort by book title it doesn't really do it. Also, I guess if was a smarter person, I would haven't list my authors with last name first. When you add a title or author, it asks if you want to see related, and the only way to see details is to click yes. When you do that, it rearranges, so I keep saving books I've already saved. These thing are really not major issues, more like learning curves. We are so accustomed to apps being smarter than we are that it's a shock when we seem to share the same intelligence level LOL! More info - please add a search option! Also, how do you get new books into alpha order?

Very helpful..needs tweaking Posted by

I'm very pleased with this app of though you can't do much unless you purchase it. It scans the book barcodes quickly and accurately. It allows you to classify books by category. You can also add your own categories. But I haven't found out a way to delete categories yet. Features I would like to see: I would like to be able to see the category of the book when viewing the book in the list/grid view. I would also like to be able to see whether I've marked the book as read or unread in the list/grid view. I would like to be able to sort the books by date of publication, not just date of when added to the list. I would like to be able to sort the books by date of publication with an author so that when I have a lot of books by the same author I can see which was published first, second etc.

Great app! Posted by

I downloaded this app because I go to library book sales where you pay by the bag. I would always forget which books in a series I already had causing many duplicates. I wait until I have the full series to start reading them. Only have a couple troubles with the sorting. There are books after the end of the alphabet list of authors. It starts over again...ish.... Not really in alphabetical order at that point. Suggestions: 1) Have an option of list view without the book cover. Just a simple list. 2) Give the list alphabet sections ~ ie Have a bar across the page with an "A" then all authors with a first name that starts with an A below. Bar with "B" then authors below, etc. Thank you! Such a great help for me this year!!

Exactly What I Was Looking For Posted by

I bought this app to manage my Kindle books. I really wish that when you hover over a book in Kindle that it would give you a quick plot of the book so I could be reminded why I purchased it in the first place. Though I had to start from scratch with this app and key in each book, I am proud to say that I love this app! I only have to click on a book in the library and I can get a complete synoposis of the book. Thank you guys! Would I change anything? Maybe one thing. I don't care for the fact that it marks everything as read and even when I change the setting, it automatically marks everything as read anyway! A small price to pay though.

Worth it Posted by

I, too, have had problems with the scanner, but I find it easy to enter the author's name and then just select the book from the list that comes up. I wish there was a way to organize my books by either the Dewey Decimal system or the Library of Congress system so I could go to a topic instead of a specific book and could browse my own books as I browse in a library or book store. I don't always remember all of the books I have on a particular subject. Other improvements mentioned on prior reviews would also be good, but I still love this app even though it's not perfect. It sure beats trying to keep track of my books the old way!

Really this is pretty slick Posted by

I've really come to appreciate the book list app and I use it. Sure there are a few improvements needed as listed elsewhere. But it does work as documented. I can enter my collection at home using my iPad. Then call it up for review on my phone while at the store. I've become very visual in my later years so having a picture of the book is great. Interfacing with websites is useful so I can read about what I've got. A little clunky, maybe then write an app yourself. This is useful with responsive and conscientious support. Believe me I've paid more for less many times.

Great app! Posted by

This is the first time I've downloaded this app and so far I really like it. It's easy to find books and the layout is nice and simple. My only complaint is that it is advertised as a free app in the app store but in order to do ANYTHING in the app itself, you have to pay the 99 cents to be a "premium" member. Not a big deal, I probably would have paid for it anyway, I just wish they had advertised it that way.

Pretty good Posted by

So far its pretty deliverable for whats offered. I'm having issues with the scanner but I'm not sure if that's because I use an iPad or from user error (i.e me). It would be nice to be able to create your own categories though. Such as "I own" or "Wish list". Other than that it's pretty great.

Perfect organizational tool for books you want but aren't ready to purchase! Posted by

Ever been to a bookstore and thought to yourself, "I really don't want to spend retail when I know I can borrow for free from the library or find it used on Amazon?" Because you're cheap like me? This app is for you!!!

Great book app! Posted by

I've been using this app on my iPad for some time and have recently synced it to my iPhone for adding books newly purchased. Works great for me as I collect books for my classroom library!

Book list Posted by

I love this program because I can just scan my books in using my iPhone . Then when I'm at the book store I can look at my book list to see if I already have the book! I love it!!

Great for library books Posted by

My library lets me download ebooks. This app carrys it great :)

Not well thought out by Gary Dos Santos 2011-08-13

I wanted to like this app but it is just not useful as is. They need to make the following improvements -You press a save button to add a title to your library and they don't all work. -There is no way to save a title as a book you have read versus a book you would like to read. If when you are saving there was an option to save as read versus to read and populate on separate shelves that would be great. -The books do not populate on the bookshelf in alphabetical order by author. Very hard to tell at a glance if you have read a book in a series when they only appear on the shelf in the order they were added. -Pictures are low res and blurry, you really need to touch and bring up the title info in order to make out which book it is. -Bringing up the authors name does not always bring up all their titles for some reason. But entering just the title will bring up the book. In the case of Carl Hiaasen for example you will have to do both to get all his titles displayed. -When viewing titles by author there is no way to see which books you have already saved. There should be some kind of indicator to let you know so you do not duplicate save to your shelf. -As you add more books the images start to get out of sync with the shelves and you have book images floating between shelves. -A nice to have would be the ability to have a note line that would come up when you pressed the image. You could note where the book is such as ereader,bookshelf,library or loaned out other notes on the book This feels like the app was rushed and hopefully the developer will continue to update and improve as it could be a really useful app.

Could be better! by Jesse Rayus 2013-08-03

Great idea, poorly executed. If the developers continue with updates it will a must have app for book worms, if this is all there is then it is a waste of time to download and furiously mess with. Why is there a limit on how many books you can have in the library? There should never be a limit on how many books a person wants to read!!! Rarely can I ever find the cover or version of book that I want to add, there needs to be a larger library to search added. When manually entering my versions of the books I should be able to have a rectangular icon not square! There should be a way to enter the print date of the books. The order in which the books are listed is irritating! They are only in order by which they have been added under each author. There should be some show of separation between authors. There should be multiple book shelves. One for owned, read, want, borrowed, lent books, and how ever else people want to organize their library. If we have to enter manually our books we should have a recent added authors list so we don't have to type up long names (ex: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) 13 times. We should be able to edit the information on our manually entered books, instead of having to delete and start completely over. If the developers will do at minimum 3 of these things there will be a huge appreciation! Come on, we paid for this we want it to be good! We want to refer other bookworms to this app! Make us proud owners of a personal library app!!!

awful app. by Smuckitelly 2014-09-16

I have hardly ever been more frustrated by an app. The minute you buy it and open it, you find out that it won't work unless you buy at least three other things. The app really cost about ten bucks before he's done robbing you. Then it doesn't hardly work. Here's what you will find. 1. The bar scanner hardly ever works right. You will find yourself trying to get it to work longer than it would take just to enter the numbers. 2. There are times when it can't find the book. Even when the book is on Amazon. If it can't find the book, there is no way for you to add it. NONE. 3. Each time you want to search something when you go to the search box you have to delete whatever you had before. It doesn't automatically clear. It's a small thing but annoying. 4. Then there is app support which I thought would be helpful, but no the only answer I get back is a form written letter. In other words, he didn't even read my email. Each time you write the creator, he will send you back the same reply. Isn't that convenient. 5. You will also be continuously pestered to rate the app. If you like it, it asks you to rate it. If there is a problem, it will go to his email. Which, of course will send you back the same reply as always. This app has great potential. If he would just tweak a few of the minor problems, I bet it would be great. As for me, I will have to continue my search for an app to keep track of my books. This one will not do.

Great app by Cajunnewfie 2013-10-27

It could be so much better if you could 1) edit the categories 2) add your own categories 3) have the ability to add a picture of the book when the database doesn't have one. I don't like the generic picture. When trying to select the category of a book you just added, it's very difficult if you don't hit the exact spot on the drop down list. It's small and unless you have pointy fingers, it's a lot of hit & miss and you can't zoom in to make it bigger. I don't see the point of the "charts" tab. All it shows, I'm assuming, is somebody's version of the top 10 in each category and you can't see any more than that. It's a waste of space. I don't like the fact that you only get the ability to add 3 books before you have to purchase an upgrade and right off the bat you have to purchase the ISBN bar code scanner. Overall, it's got great potential and I'm looking forward to an update.

Too many gotchas by toddhunt 2015-12-30

Horribly dated 1980's vinyl wood grain look, almost impossible to read white text against yellowish fake wood, text color and size can't be adjusted. Both "grid" and "list" view only show book cover, not a true list (some book titles are impossible to read when shown smaller than a fingernail). Incessant pop up sales pitches. Searching for more detail on a title only takes you to the Amazon sales page (something you can easily do without the app), useless for obscure or out-of-print books. The $4.99 "download" is really just a crippled sample that allows the user to only enter a few samples before having to pay more money. To actually use the app you have to purchase more heavily promoted add-ins. Bottom line: this app needs serious improvement and modernization to be useful and the developer seems to be ignoring all of the helpful negative reviews and seems to have no interest in making his app better.

Should be called a demo by Veilence 2013-10-21

This app is actually more of a demo as you will need to start paying to use the barcode scanner, and then again if you want to add more than 3 books. I have only paid for one app in my 4 years of iPhone use. Had I been allowed to add as many books as I wanted to this app I would have seriously considered purchasing the barcode scanner, provided I was satisfied with this app. But now that I know that I have to purchase more book slots I am removing this app. I have absolutely no desire to sink any money into an application that wishes to nickel an dime me to death. How often will I have to purchase more book slots? Every 3? 10? I have lost all confidence in this app. This app isn't out to provide a service or help at a small fee, it has been slapped together with off-the-shelf and amateur graphics just to pilfer the most money as possible. App deleted, poorest review left.

Good so far... by JokiGirl 2014-10-22

Looks good, though I haven't purchased the in-app buys so I haven't had much to work with yet. A few suggestions... First, it'd be nice to be able to sort & delete categories in the edit section, rather than just "x" them off a list & still have to look at them. I'm a bit of a sucker for neatness like that ;) Second, I hear you cannot add books that aren't in the database? That isn't at all helpful, as I (along with others, I'm sure) have many books that certainly wouldn't be listed... Heck, I have books that don't even have USB codes! So it'd be super helpful to be able to input one's own information, picture, notes, etc. for books that aren't listed in the developer's database. At that point I will purchase the add-on's & update my review further. :) Looks promising so far, just needs a bit of love!

Frustrated already by sandyquiltz 2015-08-14

I downloaded the app this afternoon because it suggests it will sync with Zotero. I couldn't see a free trial so I paid $3.99 for the app. But now I'm only getting free trial functionality--limited books, limited scans. And by the way, scans that don't work still count against the limited number. Really? Still hoping, I then paid another $1.99 for the ability to export to Zotero but even though it says it installed successfully, I'm not getting it as an option. So far, I've spent $6 for an app I'll likely end up deleting anyway because it doesn't seem to work. I only gave it 2 stars rather than 1 because I'm still hoping something will magically fix itself somewhere. But the nickel and diming is ridiculous and I shouldn't have to work this hard to use the app on top of it.

Not wowed by Jorindee 2016-03-13

This is just an average program. The barcode scanner freezes and you have to go back to List to unfreeze it. When you add notes and try to minimize the keyboard it goes back to the top of the list. When you sort it by date added it puts the newest books at the bottom. UGH. There is no way other than notes to indicate the location of the books. And forget about making global changes! I just paid 4.99 to add all book details and it keeps freezing and adding one or ten books each time I hit refresh. What a pain! I don't even know what all those details are because I don't see any additional information. Lastly it would be really great to have a filed for Who. And when you loan books out. Ok one more thing - you can't categorize custom categorize them (i.e. Jacks books)

Good start. Needs work by Running Randy 2014-11-23

App does some good things but is pricey and needs some improvement. This should come with one upgrade for the price and needs to work well. I'm not sure if I had a free download or a 3.99 download like it listed. It kept hitting me up for upgrades. I will not be a happy camper if I bought it for 3.99 and then had to buy an upgrade that didn't work well. For example, scanner is a .99 upgrade and works poorly. Had to input several times by hand because the scanner couldn't read. Other programs didn't have a problem. Would like to see a manual sort, like iBooks. Hold your finger on the book, it wiggles and you can move. No other book list program has that. Really like this interface. Lots of potential, just not there yet.

Verdict still out by Bbspell 2015-08-03

I purchased this app to help me manage my class library after the first few scans you find out you have to pay more to scan unlimited. Hen after I get that paid for I start scanning and learn to purchase unlimited slots in my library I have to pay again. It sure would be better to just make it all inclusive since the app is no good without those two features. You have to pay one price to try it anyway so who wants to spend money on a trial. Heat should be the free light version. After paying for all the hidden pieces I have scanned a lot of books and it does look like I can export them. I would like to have more than just scan and save though since I am using it to track my classroom library

Total scam by R u effing kidding me77 2012-09-16

I installed the app knowing that I would only be able to keep a list of books I wanted to read. Fine... Whatever. So I install app... Add like 30 books and the next day when it asks me to update I do so. I've done the update and my entire list is wiped out and it's asking me to pay for it again in order to start adding books. I'm super frustrated an disappointed.. DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!!!! Also... It doesn't even have all the features for the money you pay and it doesn't even let you click on the book you may like to read a description. I had to toggle between google and this app just to see if I even wanted to add the book to my wish list. What a rip off.

Useless by Dakota031997 2013-10-19

This app is relatively useless. On my bookshelf, approximately 5 out of 6 books return an "invalid ISBN" error. These are well-know books by modern authors like Tom Clancy, James Patterson, Sue Grafton, and Dean Koontz. Not to mention that you have to purchase the scanner before you can even use the app. I originally gave it 2 stars just because it is a cool idea and does have the ability to accept typed info for books. Because we ALL want to type lots with our iPad, iPod, and iPhones... Oh, and then it only allows you to save three books until it starts charging you for more slots. Hence the 1-star rating an removal from my ipad. HUGE rip-off!

I DO NOT recommend My Book List by SherryzzzR 2012-09-08

The "free version" of My Book List doesn't allow you to save your books, so I purchased the upgrade for .99 - only to find out it didn't come with all the features. About all you get for your money is a way to manually input and save your books. No sort features, no scanner, nothing. If you want the scanner option, you have to purchase that for an additional .99 cents. I felt taken advantage of. I will not buy any other apps from this person. So, for $1.99 I bought Book Crawler Lite - it does everything! Scans the ISBN code on your book, auto populates the title and author, has all kinds of ways to sort your books, and more.

Great niche App, but it will make you chase a carrot! by blakerockstar 2016-01-08

The initial scans worked well, but as the other reviews state, you don't expect to pay for an app only to get to a certain point in entering data to be forced to pay additional for functionality already installed. However, the price of simple usability can be warranted if the App developer is being dinged on the back end from having the App access different API's. That's my assumption. The niche is worth the price considering other choices available that are not designed for one specific item, but designed for additional media inventory data collection.

Humph! by Rayvenhair 2012-10-08

I thought this was going to be a good app. Liked the look, but was totally turned off when I HAD to purchase the scanner to scan books in. Anyone that is looking into something like this does not have just a few books. So scanning is a good thing. I already have two different scanners, but this won't use them. Other library apps do. If I like an app, I purchase it, because no one wants to work for free, but don't try to trick me or manipulate me into doing it. One star for possible good features, but I won't be finding out. I will purchase the other one.

Scamware! by Somps 2016-01-20

To me, this falls into the category of scamware. They give you an icon for free. That's it. You gotta pay and then pay again and yet again. And what you do actually get after paying too much isn't worth the time or trouble. At least, if you are going to charge high grade prices, put in the effort to make a really useful app. I hope Apple takes Developers like this out of the system. They punish DEVS that make useful apps for stupid reasons and let crappy developers run wild. I have always loved Apple, but they make it hard sometimes.

need help by Ernistine26 2016-12-09

Scan stopped working on my iPad. Message said scan failed, scan in progress. I reset my iPad once and it worked one time. Then back to the same message. I could not clear it. I added everything to my iPhone . The iPad and the iPhone have not synced. I bought the App and all add ons except the BibTex. A total of $12.95. I just checked my iPad and it did scan. However how do I know it will continue to work properly? How can I get the books to sync between devices. Also don't want to use my FB to sign on, another option?

Annoying by IvoryKiki 2014-06-04

This is ridiculous. I've reviewed this app several times and it still pops up every 5 minutes with a "sorry to bother you, rate me please?" It's also glitchy. If I delete a book it freezes. No matter how many times I uncheck "new books read by default", it rechecks it and adds all my new books as read. Stop asking if I want to buy all of the in app purchases, because I'm not paying $5 for a bunch of features on a kind of useful glitchy app. I'll find a different app for this, deleted.

Handy but needs more features by Says me d 2013-06-10

I was excited about this because it was easy to add books I wanted to read and it pulls cover art. Once I entered them in I discovered you can't organize them by author using last name first. This is a drawback because books are organized in stores by last name, so using the app while shopping is not convenient. Also, after entering 80 or so titles on my iPad I discovered it doesn't synch to the iPhone app, this is a real limitation since I don't always carry both devices with me at the same time.