My First ABC's Alphabet Learn and Play Apps free for iPhone/iPad
My First ABC's Alphabet Learn and Play Apps free for iPhone/iPad

My First ABC's Alphabet Learn and Play Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install My First ABC's Alphabet Learn and Play Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Download My First ABC's Alphabet Learn and Play for iPhone/iPad
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My First ABC's Alphabet Learn and Play Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Good learning tool! Posted by

This app is amazing. This app helped my little cousin build a good foundation in learning her alphabets. This game was very colorful and my little cousin was able to concentrate on it.

Great Educational App! Posted by

Great game for learning phonics and to practice tracing their letters. Recommended!

Fun! Posted by

My kids love playing this game. And I love that they are learning! Fantastic app!

Cute Posted by

Nice design

Great app Posted by


Pretty good but has errors by Hsmomma25 2011-05-17

The graphics are really nice and the elements it includes to teach preschoolers their abc's. This would be a great app if they fixed the tracing section. The lower case letters with tails are too short, the tails should go all the way to the top of the top line but they have it only a little ways above the dotted middle line. The b,d, f, h, k, l, and t aren't right. Also the lower case q usually curls up on the end. And the upper case I is usually learned with 3 strokes not just the one. If you are wanting to teach your children how to write their letters properly there are better apps out there. I hope they fix it because it could be a really nice app for preschoolers.

Not good for kids by loveaphair 2013-11-12

The game looks cute, but the voice recordings sound like they were done in a car with the window down. My 2 1/2 year old played the balloon popping game and hit the wrong ones and then missed the one it asked for. Up at the top in big letters are the words "You Lose". Hey jerk, if you want to encourage my child to learn, try using the words "try again". Also, if you hit the repeat or retry button down at the bottom after "losing", it gives the same direction again, but doesn't show any balloons.

Would love to give five but... by Elizabeth820 2011-09-12

I can't really do that since the app crashes every time I try to open the tracing option. My child tries to trace and the app crashes, every time... If this would be fixed then it would've great!

Really really loud by Treewity 2013-02-25

And no way to control volume. We can't really play the game it's so loud.

Useless by Jonathan zhu 2014-05-26

Can't adjust how loud you wish. The settings never work. Useless app

Unable to hear by The Best of all apps 2014-05-29

Sound is horrible. Unable to adjust.