My Splash Effects app for iPhone/iPad
My Splash Effects app for iPhone/iPad

My Splash Effects app for iPhone/iPad

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How to install My Splash Effects app for iPhone/iPad

Download My Splash Effects for iPhone/iPad
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Super PhotoCut is now On-Sale in Appstore. It instantly removes complicated background from image without waiting. Get it today!

Do you like digital animation or wants to make stunning photos? My Splash Effects is the best choice. You will love how easy it is to use and how quickly your everyday pictures can be turned into a work of art ! There are 7 classification (Color Adjust, B&W, Old Picture, Blur, Hue, Blend and Transition) with total 64 visual effects which helps you to beautifully modify your pictures and create the perfect looking, different photos.

My Splash Effects features:

• Customizable Interface:
- Effects preview board
- Include 7 classification with total 80 visual effects: Color Adjustment, Black and White, Old Picture, Blur, Hue, Blend, Transition
- Adjust the basic parameters: contrast, brightness, saturation

• Advanced Mask Editing System:
- 3 kinds of brushes.
- Preview the final effect of each brush style.
- Opacity, Radius, Hardness of each brush could be adjusted.
- Image can be enlarged or reduce. Fluidly zoom to create fine details, and zoom out to see a complete view
- You could modify the target portion using rectangle, ellipse or a brush.
- Support Undo, Redo and Clear during photo editing.

• Export final image in JPG / PNG / TIFF formats

• Print images instantly

This is it…plus more! We love all the different things you can do with your pictures!

• Feedback:
Any suggestion will be appreciated, support email: [email protected]

My Splash Effects Apps 1.6.0 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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