Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher's Stone HD - A Magical Hidden Object Mystery (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad
Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher's Stone HD - A Magical Hidden Object Mystery (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad

Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher's Stone HD - A Magical Hidden Object Mystery (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad

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You have a strange feeling that your uncle may be in danger, but this premonition becomes reality when he disappears into another dimension. Can you follow his tracks and bring him back to safety?

Your Uncle Alfred has disappeared to an undiscovered land. It’s now up to you to step through to this mystical realm and find the mysteries that await!

Solve complicated puzzles as your travel through the mystical world and get closer to solving this mystery.

Search through interactive hidden object scenes and find your way to the Philosopher’s Stone. Find out what it is and what it can do!

Journey through a new realm and also enjoy Collector’s Edition exclusives including a strategy guide.

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Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher's Stone HD - A Magical Hidden Object Mystery (Full) Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher's Stone by LynxMinx Posted by

This was a good solid game, but not a 5 star game! It had a good storyline, the graphics were truly magical, the cut-scenes fairly exciting, and you get to go to different magical worlds via portals, and I love traveling through portals! What I don't love is a terrible teleport map, with objectives marked everywhere you don't need them and not in places you do! So a lot of useless running around, and I am spoiled and lazy and would rather just go where I need to at that point! At least loading was instantaneous between locations. In any event, there was also a journal (in which was also the map and objectives), so it was also a pain to access that useless map. However, the game was decently long, and had a lengthy enough bonus adventure, the puzzles/games were pretty standard but still fun, and the HO scenes had some variation to them. Only collectibles were morphing objects, which is fine because I hate collections anyway! Inventory was labeled, but no plus items. The best part for me was that you have a magical amulet to assemble and you keep getting various powers as you progress through the game. You also get to create magical potions, which to me is fun! The game ran smoothly and I didn't encounter glitches. I guess after playing games by EIPIX and Mad Head, which are more sophisticated, I found this game a bit boring, especially because of the awful map! Also you should always be able to customize your options. The other issue I had was that for some reason I couldn't save the wallpapers and I don't know why. There was no camera icon or question asking me to save to camera roll, and some of them I wanted! At least there were no unpleasant you-know-whats to spoil the game for me! Anyway, Merry Christmas to Dracyy, Deana M, Kim Twilight, Sunshine Susie and Opinion! You really strengthen our Dream Team Elite! I send ❤️

4 1/2 ⭐️ Posted by

I liked most everything about this game and would have given it 5 stars if it weren't for chapter 5 the Air Realm. The graphics and colors were washed out which made it hard to see things including in the hidden object scenes. Other than that it was an enjoyable game with a decent storyline, good voice overs and a variety of hidden object scenes as well as decent mini puzzles. There were morphing objects but only 20 so I wish there were more of them or other collectibles. Overall a good game definitely worth the sale price.

Mythic Wonders Philosophers Stone - wonderful fun Posted by

I don't remember seeing this developer before. Great first effort though! Good story, wonderful artwork, has transporting indicated map (map tab in the journal), labeled inventory, morphing objects, fast skip button but not really needed as puzzles are good but not insane and have good directions. Hint takes a second to respond but when it does it is quite clear. Deducted a star because it only offers two difficulty modes: casual or expert. Overall verdict is buy and enjoy

Mythic Wonders Philosophers Stone Posted by

I enjoyed very much. No glitches, crashing etc. I hope the developer comes out with more along this line. It was not dark or spooky, the story was easy to follow, the puzzles were not hard but not too easy. The music was enjoyable and the scenes were colorful. All in all it was just a very enjoyable game. Thanks again.

Mythic a Wonders an Exciting and Well-Polished Game Posted by

Would have been a 5 star game except that both the Hint and Skip buttons are slow to replenish. Other games let you set the refresh rate down to 15 seconds. And second, the interactive map only shows the active areas and not the next needed destination.

Enjoyable Posted by

Had a good time. First time was in casual mode. Liked the interactive hidden objects games. I only wish the asterisks would disappear in the maps if all the games/items are found in the room. Felt like I was missing something.

Pretty good game for Big Fish Posted by

Game functioned well, story was decent and not ridiculous, graphics were very good, and hidden-object games were good. Would have been nice to have a free trial in case the game hadn't been good, however.

Ok to buy Posted by

Enjoyable game, not outstanding. The story and art was pretty good. I did not like the hint button either. The guide didn't crash the game, which has been a problem for me lately.

Good HO game Posted by

This is a fun game. I have had to use the guide which is unusual for me but it isn't frustrating or anything, just what you would expect from this kind of game.

Wonderful art direction!!!! Posted by

Story is typical nonsense but the game works smoothly, HOS are few and interesting. Imagination of art director I'd fabulous.

Great graphics, puzzles were fun and challenging. Posted by

Glad I bought. Storyline was pretty good but the puzzles were fun and took me all day to finish playing off and on. Recommend.

Mythic wonders Posted by

Great game. Hints were a necessity. Very helpful. Had a lot of fun playing this game. Thank you. I love Big Fish.

Mystic Wonders Posted by

Fantastic game. I love the mini games and moving from place to new wonderful place. The graphics are great.

Mystic wonders. The Phil. Stone Posted by

Good game but a lot of going back and forth . No bugs

"Un"Wonderful Glitches! by KimTwilight69 2015-12-14

I had my ups and downs with this one. You and your scientist Uncle collaborated on an invention, which allows you to be transported through different portals to new worlds. Your Uncle has now disappeared through one, and you set off to find him. I liked traveling through numerous portals to different, undiscovered realms with each having its own story. Collecting pieces of codes that initiated puzzles to solve in order to activate the portals was a nice twist. I also enjoyed using the Philosophers Stone with the addition of using the added elements to perform actions, such as lighting up dark places and making wind to fly to a far away place. There were some good aspects in this game. The graphics were sharp, crisp, and clear although slightly cartoonish, with a full palette of colors, which could vary in shade depending on which universe you were at. There was not a whole lot of dialogue in this game although the voiceovers were nicely done. Inventory is labeled; but from what I remember, no assembly of items was performed. Transition between scenes was smooth and quick, with directional arrows to guide you. The HOS were varied and ranged from word lists with interaction to "find multiples of an object" or "find the difference". The puzzles were one of my favorite elements, and they ranged from very easy to "work it out a bit". Some were rotational or "flip the tiles to assemble a picture"; others were unique, such as moving numbered weights around branches of a tree to balance them. You have a very busy journal, which consists of your notes to record the story as you progress, objectives, artifact info, and the map. Now on to the bad aspects. 1. Only two modes of difficulty are offered with no option to customize settings. In addition, if you choose the harder mode, you cannot change your option during the game. Choose wisely! 2. For me, the map stunk! I chose the harder mode because the choices did not have any notes regarding a map so I thought I could change the mode in game. Not! I had to use a few hints, which I rarely do because in the harder mode, objectives are not available. So I ran in circles many times. 3. No back button. Even with directional arrows, I was taken back a screen several times. 4. I encountered numerous glitches in multiple HOS. I froze a few times and had to reboot although it was not fatal. Also I found that touch was unresponsive at times in acquiring items. 5. You are only collecting 20 morphing objects, and the extras are nothing worth mentioning. 6. The game mechanics, except for the last chapter in the main game, lack the innovation we saw in the last game. 7. I just started this game today; and I am already in the bonus, which tells me that this is a short, fast paced game. However, even with these issues, I gave the game three stars because I loved the graphics, the story, and the puzzles.

Mythic Wonders by 1d2r:e1g;strew 2015-12-15

Nice game. Hints had an unfortunate delayed reaction I did not like. Graphics are ok but not my favorite. Map not great but I liked that there was not a ton of traveling to use objects. Wish more games were like that. If you have to travel a lot to use objects and don't have a good map or hint that takes you to the location, the game is not worth playing. All games should have a custom setting!!! Games were fun.

Too Strange! by catalina5 2015-12-14

Not enjoyable at all. Makes no sense and nothing logical about it! Aside from the pretty graphics, I feel this game is not worth much. Should be free. No excitement to give any anticipation of where this is headed. Not finished yet, having a difficult time getting motivated. After, your last release, this is a Huge let down! KdBoots

A bit unwieldy by Helberta girl 2016-01-02

Set-up is difficult to use. The map provides little information and reacts slowly for teleportation. Graphics often hard to see. A lot of very similar puzzles, makes it not very exciting and story doesn't seem to have any twists. That being said, 40 minutes in, still playing.

Glitchy by NeneBee9 2015-12-31

The graphics are stunning. Ok puzzles. Hint never worked so when I got stuck I kept having to leave game to check guide. Would have preferred more HOP, less going back and forth for an object. Why do games always have the needed object in a locked chest? Overused that one a bit.

Just ok. by jbe4u 2016-02-02

The beginning of this game was enjoyable, but as you get into it, the theme becomes very futuristic and completely uninteresting with the cold environment, computers to fix, mechanical questions to answer, I got completely bored. Would not recommend.

Meh, just ok by Yaya O 2015-12-23

I feel bad that I seem to be writing reviews that aren't great. This game took me forever to finish because I was so bored, I had to make myself play it. (I bought it so I had to finish it) Anyway, it was an odd game that felt really old.

Another crapfest by Really? All the names taken? 2015-12-19

Weird game. Then when I finished the main game and tried to play the bonus, it reset to the main game & denied me access to the bonus chapter. Way too annoying of a game to replay it just for a crappy bonus chapter. Will I ever learn?

Started freezing by VermontS 2016-02-07

The game was enjoyable until it began to not register the progress. This initially could be overcome by stopping and coming back, but it kept getting worse. Now I keep putting the planets on the posts, to no avail.

Hints? by Bernicegross 2016-01-05

The hint stopped working shortly after I started the game. The game itself is rather clunky, not making any sense. I should have never bought this one! Do yourself a favor and skip this one!

Nothing special by Drosietwo 2015-12-14

I am half way through with no glitches so far, but graphics seem "muddy" and indistinct. The hint button has an annoying delay as well. Story line is confusing and pointless.

Mythic Wonders by Itchie cats 2015-12-15

I can't seem to keep the hint button working. I have deleted and reloaded twice. please fix this problem so I can finish the game I purchased.