Navdy: Look Forward Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Navdy: Look Forward Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Navdy: Look Forward Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Navdy: Look Forward Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Navdy: Look Forward Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Navdy: Look Forward Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Navdy: Look Forward Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Navdy: Look Forward Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Navdy: Look Forward Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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** THIS APP REQUIRES THE NAVDY DISPLAY. ORDER YOURS AT WWW.NAVDY.COM ** The Navdy app enables you to easily setup, manage and update your Navdy. Navdy is the world’s first device for your car that lets you Look Forward© while Staying Connected©. It’s a driving experience unlike any you’ve seen before. Navdy projects all the information you need as a transparent image over the road ahead. With Maps, Calls, Messages, Notifications, Music, and Car information directly in front of you, you’ll never miss a turn or the information that matters most. Navdy offers
: - Full color, fully transparent display. Not just a magical display. A beautiful display. - Natural hand gestures. Accept a call with the simple wave of your hand. - Maps and routes projected over the road. The most intuitive way to navigate. - Search powered by Google Maps. - Stay connected with calls, messages, music, notifications, calendar, speed, RPM, fuel and more. - Music control compatible with any music app, including Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify and more. - Thoughtful design. Made to blend in. - Portable. And storable. - Easy to setup. Difficult to be without. --- "Navdy over delivers. This thing is damn good. And convenient." - Entrepreneur "[Navdy] shows the crispest, most high-resolution graphics I've ever seen in a head-up display, even better than in high-end BMWs. I find the display easily visible at night or in bright sunlight, whether or not I'm wearing sunglasses." - CNET "[Navdy] blasts your GPS routes, text messages, and other details onto an almost completely clear piece of glass that sits just inside of your windshield, just below your natural line of sight while driving. When it all lines up just right, it sort of looks like your GPS maps (or your texts, album art, etc.) are floating on the road in front of you." - TechCrunch "Having the car’s speed alongside the map was a bonus, with optional warnings when you exceed the limit. For a long road trip in unfamiliar territory, Navdy would make a big difference." - Financial Times -- We love feedback. For any feature requests or thoughts on how we can improve, please reach out to [email protected] Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Navdy also has its own built-in GPS and offline maps.


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Great app for an amazing device Posted by

I was one of the lucky (few?) who has been driving with a Navdy for a couple of months. Despite being initially skeptical, the Navdy device absolutely lives up to the hype. This, the companion app, is only needed if you have the Navdy heads-up-display for your car. is really well written and functions exactly as you'd expect. Finding your destination is fast and seamless and I haven't managed to stump it yet. Integration with my Apple Music and Siri have been perfect. Notifications for messages and email work amazing. I turned off the Facebook notifications because Facebook notifies me of things I don't care about 90% of the time... and that's the beauty of using Navdy. I can choose what to be notified about when I'm driving. All in all, the device and this app add up to a complete package that I find amazing. Note: I am *not* an employee, I paid for my Navdy and just happen to really love it

So far so good Posted by

Much better than i expected as it is new. However it seems pretty polished already. If Navdy continues with updates and keeps the user base in communication they will have nothing to fear from the Roav competitor. My biggest ask right now would be these two features: 1. Waze integration 2. Automatic navigation : say i go to work at 9 am every weekday turn on navigation to work automatically. Cool adds for the future wants More ODBC options Better moving from maps to favorites via the wheel. Again the product is good and these wants are more on the added features and not on the it does not work. Navdy works very well.

I'm so excited it's Awesometacular Posted by

I got mine yesterday it takes only 5 to 10 minutes to set up everything and it's so easy to use I love it I think with a little improvements like making open source like other companies can use the interface. Like you could use any other companies map u want and other features of different kinds of apps could be added that's car related of course and driving safely It's such brilliant idea I'm so excited to be able to use it after 2 years of waiting it was worth the wait

Awesome Product Posted by

This product is simply awesome. I've had cars with integrated HUD's and none were as good as this. It's highly polished and easily customized. You have access to a map for turn by turn directions, music playlists, texts, speed, fuel level, and just about any other parameter your car measures. The display is bright even in direct sunlight. It's worth every penny of the asking price.

Amazing companion app for my Navdy Posted by

I have to say I'm impressed. Being the first version of the app (Navdy just launched today) it is so polished and looks so good it's insane it's just launched. Love the Siri integration, the great search and recommendation engine (it knows EXACTLY where I need to go) and the possibility of pre-loading routes on it. It seamlessly syncs with the HUD and gets you going.

Customer Service is non-existent Posted by

Edit: Navdy listened to our needs and sent a solution, I'm impressed by how quickly they made good on my issue and am changing my review from 1 star to 5, as someone that spends a great deal of time on the road for professional purposes I've found the app and technology to be very helpful for my business and efficiency. Thank you

Super Convenient Posted by

I got my Navdy from Ellen's 12 days of giveaways and I absolutely love it. It is super easy to set up and to use. Might just be because I'm a teenager, but my mom believes it is really easy too. However the app's mapping is terrible. It's like it tries to find the longest way to get somewhere.

Nice features, stable and reliable! Posted by

I got this unit and downloaded the software, app, about a month ago. Perfectly working app and hardware. Does even more than advertised. Excellent and helpful driving tool. I own cars with HUD, this is far better than any of them! Too bad the big manufacturers do not have such a good helpful tool.

Location always drain battery Posted by

Device is great, app working smoothly. Only problem is location service in the app required to be "always" which drain the phone battery fast and this is unnecessary because the device has map and gps built in. I think Navdy should add locations service option "while using the app"

Good, but Needs Improvement Posted by

It needs to have the option to only use your location while the app is in use or give you the option when opening the app to use your location. There are times where I would just like to use the offline maps and "Dash" mode and don't need directions somewhere.

Awesome! Posted by

I know the review is about the app, BUT, I just bought a navdy and I'm in awe of all the features and how much safer it is to drive! I use a garmin unit for directions but all of the features it has is just incredible!!!! Don salice

Wow wow wow Posted by

Beyond expectations! My Audi is like a fighter jet now. I don't think I can drive without this, tons of good information and way better than looking away from the windshield. Can't wait to see improvements, already very refined.

Great Device, Ok App Posted by

I give this app five star because the HUD is awesome. Definitely worth the pain of waiting for an entire year after pre-purchase. This app has its problems. It crashes occasionally, but I have faith in it. It will be better.

Loving it Posted by

As an early adopter, I am blown away with how well this works. Makes driving fun. Everything is right in front of you, both turn by turn maps and dashboard info.

I love the Navdy App! Posted by

It works great with my NAVDY Display and my iOS device! Can't wait to see what else this app will be capable of in the near future!

Navigation Platform Support by Rajesh77054 2016-11-26

Unboxing: nicely boxed product with evident attention to detail. Installation: the step by step video guide really helps. I had a bit of difficulty finding the right dash mount-the low was too low and the medium height was too high. The wire securement did not stick to the dash. Installation time: 49 minutes. Navigation: GoogleMap-powered. Comparatively tested against Waze during a 250-mile trip (highway and urban driving). Waze provided the fastest route by 43 minutes. Waze also detected and routed around an after football game gridlock while Navdy showed the route as clear and free flowing. Moreover, Waze warned me of an object in my lane (turned over orange traffic cone) which would have been quite the shock to run over at 50 mph. In my opinion, Navdy would be a better fit with social media complemented navigation (such as Waze). Dash and Apps: The OBD-II interface works well for speedometer, fuel gauge, compass, fuel efficiency. There is a slight discrepancy between the Navdy vs. vehicle dashboard display of speed and fuel gauge-I wonder which is more accurate. Integrated apps works well (music, calendar, messaging). Suggested Enhancements: the Navdy lens projection onto the flip-up lens may be replaced by direct projection to the vehicle's windshield (may require swivel projection lens and to-size reflective film application to windshield). This may overcome the vehicle to vehicle on dash installation variances. More robust OBD-II integration such as code check and diagnosis. In conclusion, Navdy is not the most robust navigational product, but support for alternative navigation platforms may overcome this barrier.

Almost useless mapping by DeerHunter74 2017-01-07

Seriously Navdy, I'm being generous at 3 stars, but the mapping is awful. It may use google maps but it's old and out of date, it doesn't show locations google maps did 3 years ago. It takes ridiculous routes, and makes the unit useless for navigation. Honestly it's bad enough I will not use it for navigation until this is fixed. Either sync with google maps or Waze or I'm selling it. So sad since the unit itself is amazing! I've gone back to using my phone for navigation, I hate it when companies try to reinvent the wheel. Google maps and Waze are awesome so I don't get why Navdy just doesn't pay them for the service or mirror the image from our smart phones. The current mapping software is as bad or worse than Apple maps! I'm now downgrading to 1 star until the mapping software is corrected, I've advised anyone that asks me about it the stay away until this critical flaw is corrected. My guess is the company will go under unless they take this seriously, mapping is the only reason I bought the unit

Good start ... by Vb2k 2016-11-01

This is a good start for an app to match the great little Navdy device that you must buy to use it. However, there is a long way to go to reach its potential. Most important is to get the map base correct. I think it is using Google maps on the app itself, which are quite slow to update -- but unfortunately, on the heads-up display and navigation, it is using a much older map base. On a frequently travel segment of mine, there are roads and interstate exit there were changed more than two years ago. Waze was updated within 48 hours. However, Navdy is still using the old data from over 2 years ago. This makes me extremely hesitant to take it seriously after having made quite an investment in this unit. Until they change this, I will always be running both navigational apps to be sure the route is drivable.

Generally works by h2o_buffalo 2017-01-30

Navdy hardware: amazing! Software / app... needs some work. Routing usually suggests weird and slower routes, sometimes straight into easily avoidable traffic. Frame rate on the map view on the unit is noticeably low. Bluetooth fails to connect a lot. Album art always shows last song from Spotify, not current. ETAs fail to update sometimes (saying it will take 1.5 hours when I'm 3 min away). 3 stars since it's gotten a lot better in the last few months. Still not there yet, though. Routing is my biggest complaint.

Still missing interface with Lift and Uber by Galvali 2017-01-31

I really love the system, very bright screen even on direct sunlight, I'm pretty sure the capabilities of the device are going to be awesome in the future, so far I'm having to copy and paste the addresses from Lyft or Uber Apps into the Navdy app and it's very frustrating to do that, I wish will be just like Waze or even better, I have not doubt that in the near future the Navdy Team will create such a thing for us... please help us out to improve this specially with Lyft... thank you.

Connect to phone not stable by Nanow vb 2017-02-08

Not working well with my iPhone 7, cant connect sometime.