New York City Maps - NYC Subway and Travel Guides Apps free for iPhone/iPad
New York City Maps - NYC Subway and Travel Guides Apps free for iPhone/iPad

New York City Maps - NYC Subway and Travel Guides Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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New York City Maps - NYC Subway and Travel Guides Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
New York City Maps - NYC Subway and Travel Guides Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
New York City Maps - NYC Subway and Travel Guides Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
New York City Maps - NYC Subway and Travel Guides Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
New York City Maps - NYC Subway and Travel Guides Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install New York City Maps - NYC Subway and Travel Guides Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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The ULTIMATE TRANSIT APP gives you access to all subway, bus, and train maps, and tourist guides. Download and store maps and guides for offline use - no more time-consuming searches! Simple user interface and intuitive user experience.

What's more? The subway map comes with exciting and interactive features:
⊛ Finds the best route for your journey (you choose: fastest or least changes)
⊛ Calculate journey time and how many stations to go
⊛ Save your favourite routes for easy access
⊛ Search for any station or the one nearest to you
⊛ Offline access - it's there whenever you want it
⊛ Find cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels and ATMs which are close to a station
⊛ Clear and simple interface that makes it easy to navigate your way

This app makes it easy to view large transport maps on your iPhone or iPad. When you first launch the app, it downloads the latest version of the map from the web and processes it into image tiles. Please note that we do not provide any of the maps. By clicking on any of the links, you are downloading directly from the web and agreeing to the respective sites license agreement. This software helps you to store and load the downloaded copy to save repeated download time and costs.

You can also purchase our map packs to download other publicly available PDF maps and store them on your iPhone and iPad, and then use any time in the future without delay.

We believe that anyone with a smartphone should be able to have PDF travel maps on their device. We are working hard to help eliminating the use of paper for travel maps.

Our Production Team
Development: Davis Geng, Risa Chen
Graphic Design: Annie Li, Kelly Wang, Linda Lin, Vivi Lu
Testing & Support: Jennifer Han
Producer: Terence Lau

Please understand that this is an ongoing development. If you have found any issues or bugs, please let us know by email, [email protected] We will solve them with free updates.

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Not bad... Posted by

Things that I liked: I liked the quick organization of relevant maps, all together. Hunting and finding each of these would be a pain by itself... that was nicely done. Maps are incredibly detailed and sharp... they look gorgeous on the iPad screen. Things that weren't so hot: 'processing' the downloaded PDF files took a *long* long time. I got pretty tired of waiting for them to process. Any reason why the app doesn't keep all of the 'map tiles' in memory? (leaving blank white squares when you pan quickly) I'm assuming this is a 'memory issue' The maps drop down menu seemed to black out entirely upon scrolling quickly or sometimes upon selecting a map. It would restore itself if you kept pushing the 'maps' button, but it seemed a bit weird. Suggestions: Speed up the rendering/processing time... and perhaps even allow for annotations on the maps. In general... nice work!

Definitely useful Posted by

I only have occasion every now and then to travel into NYC, but this application is certainly useful. The maps are from a collection of different sources and are probably available free if you were to search them out, but this does a satisfactory job of aggregating them in one location. Where this application shines is the tiling feature for the PDF maps that are downloaded. Although it takes some time to process the map into the tiles, once it is done it is fabulous, and navigating around the map is super smooth.

Maps.. Posted by

Well, I gave it 5 stars because it does EXACTLY what it says. It's got basic maps that you could get elsewhere for free, BUT it's built in PDF viewer displays them very smoothly. Other PDF viewers can't seem to do that on the iphone. As of this review, the app itself is nothing spectacular, but the developer rolls out quality updates often so thats sure to change soon.

Best transit mapping App Posted by

This is by far the best free App for transit. I am in NYC - and this App has all the maps to download so that they are always at your touch. Also - available other cities for a price....was worth the upgrade. But if you are needing only one city...the free app is awesome. NYC alone has 16 available maps, separating busses by borough.

Very useful! Posted by

Working fine here on an iPhone 4 with 4.2.1. Great to be able to carry around and view maps offline as (let's face it) you always seem to be out of coverage just when you realise that you're lost! It's particularly smart how the app converts the sometimes heavyweight PDF files into quick and easy to browse images.

Simple to use, very practical app Posted by

Very useful app for getting around NYC. I live right near Manhattan and frequently visit the city. I am always looking at the Subway maps or wondering exactly what neighborhood I am in and this app definitely helps me do that a lot easier now. Downloading the maps is fast and easy. Overall, a solid app.

Great reference to have in your pocket! Posted by

This is a great tool to have when traveling in NYC for quick access to transportation maps. Note that you may want to download the maps you need ahead of time, as it takes a couple of minutes to download and process. Once downloaded, they are very quick to navigate around and zoom in/out.

If your not used to city subway systems..... Posted by

Makes it a lot easier in the city, especially if your not use to the whole subway system! I like that you can download the maps, instead of having to use wifi, because I mean thats nearly impossible in the subways >.> overall, great app, hope to see continued updates!

Download city maps for New York Posted by

This is pretty cool and different kind of app that allows you to download the city maps for New York And you can also add the city maps for other popular cities around the world. Helpful when traveling around an you need the navigation offline. Good work guys, keep it up.

Decent app. Posted by

Useful for what it says it does. The downloads are a bit slow but hopefully will increase over time. I found it easy scrolling through the maps and that's a plus. Worth the value if you have an iPod Touch so you can use the maps without access to the internet.

Responsive map app Posted by

Scrolling is smooth, and the map doesn't start off blurry and then sharpen - it just appears nice and crisp. Maps are clear and easy on the eyes. Downloading the maps to start off is a little annoying, but afterwards, it's all good!

Really handy when you are new to the area! Posted by

If your new the area or just want to see how to get around easier, you can download the pdf maps while you are at home and be ready to just go out and enjoy the city! It is very easy to download additional map packs for more cities too!

Good App Posted by

Its nice to have the subway system always available (as opposed to only being able to access it via data) Can be a big timesaver, just be sure to download the maps before you need them.

GREAT APP!! Posted by


Very good Posted by

You can download all of the maps, they're accurate and current, and it supports so many cities. I wish someone would map the subway stations themselves.

Great and useful app Posted by

Everything worked as described, vey useful. Map downloading is a little slow, but PDF fuels are big so it wasn't an issue.

Very Useful Posted by

The interface was very intuitive and easy to use. Maps took a while to download, but other than that this app was very useful.

awesome app Posted by

works well downloaded maps quickly. please add boston though! :-)

Not Impressed by EvenStephen2000 2009-02-13

To be fair, I first tried to contact the developers via their "Support Site". If there's a way to email them, it wasn't obvious and I feel that's something that should be very easy to find - especially if you're trying to sell an app on iTunes and want to avoid one-star reviews. My complaint about the app is that you can't even download all sections of NYC???? Hello???? What is this app called? You think they would at least have a representative of each area. I could go to Google Images, download them and load them in File Magnet or any other file program and have them all. The reason I thought this app would be a good idea is that there would be the simplicity of having the maps right there. I also thought that somebody who went through the trouble of creating an app would have first made sure that there were enough maps available. My other complaint is that when you do use a map, it's painfully slow. It will freeze for a few seconds before you can move it again in hi-res. To be fair, this app isn't the only one to have that problem and it may be a challenge of the iPhone itself. The bike map is a great idea but it's horrendous. It locks up every time and I have to close and reopen the app.(yes, I rebooted after installing the app.) There's actually one great map called "New York Neighborhoods Map" but it's pretty slow, as well. I'll even give them the benefit of the doubt that it's difficult to run an app that relies on many sources that are out of their control but the answer to that is to purchase maps, have some for free, charge for the great ones (if you must) and make them all consistent. Otherwise this is useless. People are willing to pay for something that works well. That's the bottom line. At $2.99, this is really poor. This is a great idea but the features (features? There are no features!) and execution are simply not ready for release. Now, as scathing as this review is, I'm just being honest about my experience and would have gladly written the developer first if I knew where to write. I am holding out hope that this will improve and would gladly revise the review to reflect any improvements. Okay. Done.

Too many pop ups and no tutorial by Kwalker121212 2017-02-11

I loved the original subway map, and the fact that it will help you make an itinerary...but there were WAY too many pop up adds, literally every 5 seconds. So I got too frustrated trying to figure out where I was going and getting so many pop ups. The other confusing thing is that there's no tutorial, which usually I never need, but when I made an itinerary, there were about 10-12 icons and numbers along the route and I had no idea what they meant -they were circles with numbers in them, then other numbers with spinning arrows around them. I tried clicking on one of the spinning ones, thinking it would give me more info, then I had a pop-up ad of course, but once that was gone, it re-routes me to that spot I clicked...didn't tell me what that icon meant. So that's when I gave up and wrote this long review. This is NYC for goodness sake, isn't there a good app of a subway map that helps you make a trip??

Pretty Good by Drewman64 2011-01-02

The app appears useful, however after the map is downloaded, the "processing" step takes ~1.5 minutes, which seems very long. Also, some of the maps are from different places, so they look different (not consistent). On the positive side, there are many maps to choose from, panning and zooming is fast and smooth, and the interface is pretty good (definitely usable). On another note, the "Line Map of New York City" will not download (says "PDF File is Corrupted"). Also, I would recommend including some maps pre-downloaded for emergencies where you don't have Wifi/cell service.

Nothing But a Blank Screen With Ads by Slavetoherself 2011-01-23

Bought it January, 2011 as a single reference for NYC subway and street maps for my iPod without needing access to wifi while using it. Maps display when downloaded and never again. Get nothing but a blank screen on subsequent viewing with ads and "Page x of y" on the bottom. Deleting and re-installing solved nothing - just got the same behavior. Getting burned with crappy 99 cent apps is fairly common with iPhone and iPod apps, but this POS cost $2.99 so I'm really annoyed. Save your money and don't buy this junk.

Map won't even download by Chickpea Lilly 2014-09-24

Every time I leave the app and come back, I find that it is no longer downloading and I have to start all over again. And downloading takes forever That kills the point of this app There are only a limited amount of maps available and you can't zoom in very close into the ones I've seen All I wanted was a street map (like google maps) of entire NYC that I can use offline Out of all the maps they give you, I didn't see one like that But I'd use it if I could just download the map in the first place!

Helpful but flawed by Thomas Pastore 2010-09-28

This app has some useful PDF based map guides to New York City. However, some of the maps are limited, and confusing since they are basically scans of brochures, etc. Banner and screen take-over ads are annoying. The ability to add on additional city maps is a nice feature. Overall, it's a good start but it needs improvement to get a higher rating

It by jonsilbermann 2011-06-26

I bought this app a few days ago, and depending on your needs it might be ok although I was really disappointed. But whether you like it or not, on the iPad at least, I cannot download a mad with out the whole app crapping out. I tried this a number of times, to the point of tremendous frustration. Until they get this right, it's a dud.

Good idea by Rdkmco 2013-08-22

I like having a single app as a portal for downloading many different maps. However, you are unable to delete maps once downloaded and all don't download correctly. The sizing and zooming quality is good. With minor bug fixes, this app would be worth paying for.

There's either a glitch or there's inaccurate info in the description by eeka13 2010-10-04

When I went to install it, it said the app wasn't installed, since it requires a newer version of the software. My phone says I'm running 4.1, and the app description said that was fine.

Where's the NYC subway map? by OneEasyEd 2016-07-11

I saw it once. Then I 'downloaded' the Manhattan bus map. Then I upgraded to the 'Lite' version. I still have a bus map. I cannot find the subway map.

Useless...! by Abu-Zayd 2011-12-05

Maps take forever to download, and crashes almost every time I try opening the app. Not worth it.

Can be useful if free by Manojv 2010-09-27

Could be useful in situations where you don't want to search the Internet for free maps.

0 by Slick 197 2009-02-09

Pay money for info on how to get info that should be free in the first place.

Does not work! by willkes 2011-05-13

Everytime you try to download a map it crashes! Not use friendly at all!