NIV Study Bible Apps for iPhone/iPad
NIV Study Bible Apps for iPhone/iPad

NIV Study Bible Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Welcome to the all new, full-color NIV Study Bible! The world's bestselling, most comprehensive Study Bible is now available for iPhone and iPad.

Featuring stunning full-color video, photographs, maps, charts, illustrations, and panoramic interactives, this digital study Bible app is like placing an entire resource library for Bible study in the palm of your hand. An all new fresh, clean, and powerful design will allow you to easily read the Bible, navigate, search, highlight verses, bookmark, copy/paste notes, and so much more. (See features below)

What people are saying:

"Wow - the NIV Study Bible app for iOS is unrivaled" - Herb Halstead,

"In one word? AWESOME!" - Mark Stevens,

"This is two giants of the world bought together, Apple and NIV. It is stunning. Highly recommended. And for the price, is the best value for money study bible period." - Lewis Doyle on Facebook

This app comes complete with the full New International Version (NIV) Bible.

The New International Version (NIV) is the world’s most popular modern-English Bible. Its goal is to reproduce, as closely as possible, the reading experience of the original audience, providing the optimum combination of transparency to the original documents and clear communication of their original meaning.

• Full text of the world's most popular modern English Bible—the New International Version (NIV) 2011 edition.
• Over 20,000 study notes, with icons to make important information easy to spot.
• Elegant drop-down navigation drawer slides into view when you need it helping you stay focused on Bible text.
• Find Scripture references quickly and easily with predictive search or by quick-touch book, chapter, verse.
• Convenient Content and Note drawers stay out of the way yet are close at hand when needed.
• Book introductions and outlines provide valuable background information for each book.
• In-text maps, charts, diagrams, and illustrations visually clarify the stories in the Bible.
• Over 100 stunning full-color photos of archaeological artifacts and Biblical locations.
• Over 60 Full-color maps showcasing Mesopotamia, The Exodus, Paul's first missionary journey, and more.
• Over 60 full-color charts taking you deeper into the major Covenants of the Old Testament, Tabernacle furnishings, Parables of Jesus, and more.
• Interactive panoramic images of Herod's temple, Solomon's temple, and the Tabernacle.
• Full color videos visually navigate the path of Jesus' ministry, the Journeys of Abraham, and more.
• Searchable index of topics, charts, maps, images, study notes, and complete Old and New Testaments allows you to find words or study content quickly and easily.
• Synchronized view of Bible text and study notes.
• Notes allow you to capture thoughts for specific passages.
• Highlighting allows you to easily emphasize passages.
• Copy-and-paste multiple verses quickly and easily.
• Bookmark your favorite passages for future reference or make your own personal studies.
• Powerful folder system allows you to organize notes and bookmarks.
• Cross references by tapping and holding on underlined words in the NIV text.
• Convenient back button (iPad) let's you navigate back. Tap-and-hold bottom navigation button to go back using iPhone and iPod Touch.
• Easily email notes to yourself, family and friends.
• Share on Twitter and Facebook.
• Optional red letter Words of Christ.
• Adjustable font sizing.
• Optimized for iPad and iPhone. Buy once and use on both devices.

Plus, leverage the Mode Switcher to get deep into the Bible with Study Mode, or focus on the text in Reading Mode. It's your choice. Page turns are animated in Reading Mode with icons appearing where additional content is available.

Like no other Bible app for iOS, the all new NIV Study Bible immerses you more deeply into the Word. See for yourself!


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Well... Posted by

It took me a long time to get the hang of using folders, namely how to rename them and delete them. Conceptually I understand folders and subfolders, but the way it's implemented in this NIV Study Bible, well, it was not intuitive to me. I think I have it figured out, but I had to practice making a lot of test folders and notes and moving them around to reinforce the process in my mind. I only hope that when I wake up tomorrow I can still do it! One other thing that has me puzzled: when I exit the NIV Study Bible and go into a Commentary or some other in-app purchase such as a different Bible version, and then I want to go back into the NIV Study Bible, when I tap on NIV Study Bible I get a warning asking if I'm OK with losing something (I forget exactly what the warning is), the warning also tells how to get it back...anyway I accidentally found out that if I tap the NIV Bible icon (not the NIV Study Bible icon), I could get back to the NIV Study Bible without the warning. I'm actually not sure if I'm 100% in NIV Study Bible with all of its bells and whistles, but it seems that I am - I can access maps and so forth. This is confusing to me - why can't I just tap on the NIV Study Bible if that's what I want? Why do I have to tap on NIV Bible? It makes me think I'm not really back in the full Study Bible. (and again, I'm not 100% sure that I am!) Aside from these difficulties and questions, this app as a whole is excellent. If you're wondering if it would be an asset to you or not, let me tell you that it is quite an asset to me. Being able to make folders, make regular notes, make margin notes, color code verses, search for verses etc., plus the helps add up to an extremely good tool for Bible Study. I downloaded the Spanish Bible (Biblia de las Americas, I think it's called) to go along with the NIV. I've memorized 1 John in the NIV, now I'm going to memorize it in Spanish, thereby accomplishing several things at once - getting a better understanding of what is written, getting the Word deeper into my heart & soul, and nailing down Spanish, which I never completely accomplished in school. This app is going to help me do these things. 2 suggestions for a future update: 1) Could you add an overlay to use as a tool for memorizing verses? Sometimes I use a business card to block verses to see if I can recall them before looking. If you could make a template with a slit (adjustable opacity and adjustable slit size) that would be great. 2) How about more colors for highlighting verses? Why just 4 colors?

Very good Posted by

I never thought I could put down my paper bible in favor of a digital one... Then I got this app... I picked this up on the recommendation of a friend of mine who told me he now uses this app to prepare his sermons for the youth group he pastors. He showed me a few of the features, and I thought it was pretty cool. So, when I didn't have my Bible with me the other day, and I wanted to do some reading, I thought I would just get one for my iPad, and this one came to mind. Now that I have used the app for a week or two, I can honestly say I am a huge fan. The reading function makes it really easy to just read through long passages without being distracted by all the extra information you get from a study Bible like the Zondervan. (I have ADD and it is very easy for me to get distracted by all the great information that's at hand.) I digress (see, ADD, I told you). As good as the reading mode is, the study mode is what makes this so worth it! The information rivals any study bible I have seen. The full-color maps and diagrams are amazing--any illustration that you would see in a study Bible in black-and-white is here in bright, beautiful color. I love it! One of the most amazing features of this app, though, is the parallel reading feature. In this mode you can read the same passage of scripture in two different translations (which are available for purchase from within the app). I only have the NIV right now, but I will be getting the NASB and NKJ shortly. Overall, I am really enjoying this app so far, and I am looking forward to really digging in and doing some serious digging soon!

Generally Good Posted by

I have used the Zondervan NIV study Bible for years. As such, I don't use the ancillary material much any more, caring only for the Scripture verses themselves. This app is generally good. I have a few nuisances: - footnotes are not presented clearly - I would prefer a separate footnote as a superscript number which would display the footnote when tapped. This was how the Palm version showed them. (I am mainly using an iPad mini at present.) - navigation of the help system is not intuitive for me. Again, I have been using this for years now, so this may not be something which others find bothersome. - I would like to see more control over font size. On the Mini, I don't seem to have a way to have a full-width view of a single page in landscape mode. Since cataract surgery, this would be highly, no HIGHLY desirable for me. - as an occasional iOS app developer, I would prefer that the app use standard Apple-provided icons. The custom icons are not intuitive for me. ...but enough of the nuisances. The important thing is that you spend time regularly or daily reading the Word of God, and this app is a more than reasonable choice. May God bless your studies!

Great app for study...Good app for Sunday Posted by

This is a good app with great potential. This is a great app for reading and studying in a personal environment. But I've tried to use it in a church setting and it could use some improvements to make it more functional there...mainly in ease of navigation. The back button is great, but once you go back, you can't go forward so toggling back and forth between 2 or more scriptures is slow because of where the History button is hidden. Would be great to have all of the navigation items (passage reference/search, back arrow, forward arrow, word/phrase search magnifying glass, history clock, settings gear and "supporting material" box) accessible via one-button press from the reading pane header like the back arrow, passage reference and magnifying glass are now. Also, would be good to be able to download (for fee) other versions besides NIV and be able to view different versions side-by-side with synchronous and asynchronous scrolling options. This would help make it an extremely useful app for both study and sermons. Thank you for filling such a need in the world with such a great/good app!

Great study Bible Posted by

Latest version improve commentary font sizes but made the book/verse navigator worse by taking simple outline and turning it into a slot machine roller. Other than that , great tool General review This Bible does not suffer the drawbacks I see others talk about for the other Zondervan study Bibles. Bible commentary can be read along side the verses without losing your position. Better than the hard copy version for me because font size for verses is adjustable and I feel it's very easy to navigate. I also love the few simple maps which use arrow to animate people's journeys and getting a (simple) view of a few temples. Only drawbacks are slightly more expensive price, very minor navigation inconveniences when using maps, videos, and lastly, note/comment font size does not seem adjustable (but is readable even without my reading glasses).

My Go-to Bible Posted by

The NIB Study Bible app that has become my most prized Bible and it is my go-to Bible for all occasions. Once you purchase this app, it has within it the option to purchase different Bible versions and keep them side-by-side for easy comparisons. The highlighting and note taking works great - much better than trying to write in a book style Bible. I purchased within this app three separate Bible versions to cross reference - The Message, New American Standard, and the New Living Translation. The app syncs all of your notes and highlights so you can put the app on an iPhone and iPad - once purchased one time - and then have all changes stay up to date between the two devices. I keep the NIV and NLT translations up the most - along with the NIV study notes. This App is the best! I have used it for several years now and have never had any problems.

NIV Study Bible Posted by

Having a full-featured NIV study bible on my phone is fantastic. Thank you for putting this tremendous resource at my fingertips! One comment (and one request), however, for your consideration: The 2011 version of the NIV is less faithful to the original text than the 1984 version. I realize some may be more comfortable with the more "politically correct" word substitutions found in the 2011 version but some (like me, I guess) think God's word is not "improved" when overlaid with our cultural preferences. In fact, the truth of God's word is far more likely to be compromised when we alter it to be more acceptable to the world. That said, I recognize some prefer the 2011 version. Any chance you might offer a NIV 1984 version of this app as well?

Love new sync and save to cloud feature!! Posted by

This has changed my relationship with the Lord. My hunger for His word has increased so much. I love the commentary alongside the scripture. Love being able to take sermon notes, add margin notes, highlight, bookmarking. The searching and topics are awesome. Love the maps and pictures and charts that are in the chapters. I really love being able to cross reference and then hit the back button right back where I was! It is just amazing. And now you can sync with your iPhone and back-up all your notes, bookmarks, etc on their cloud! That was my biggest concern and they corrected it. Thank you so much for this awesome program!!! And this is the only review of any product I have ever written. Julie

So close ... Posted by

The content is great … love having the study Bible notes along side as I read (and this works better on an iPad … you have to toggle back-and-forth on an iPhone). If you’re not a fan of the NIV translation (2011), there are others available. This has become my go-to copy of the Bible, as the print in my physical copy is just a little too small. The one demerit is that it’s not as good at sharing verses as YouVersion, and will truncate a verse well before YouVersion in order to fit in a link. It’s a small thing, but odd when the app gets so much right. Should be 4 1/2 stars, but I’m rounding up since it’s closer to “great” than “good."

I Really Love this App Posted by

I cannot overstate my satisfaction with this app! Really. I've bought gobs of bible apps in the last 5 years, some we're pretty pricey, but all left me wanting. This allows me to book mark bible versus under multiple folders. I can label book marked bible verses. I can easily cross-reference bible passages and always get right back to where I was. I can compare two different translations side by side, with a bible commentary of my choosing. There are gobs of commentaries available, as well as different translations. Although this isn't a free app, it has been well worth the money for me. It has definitely enriched my morning reading.

Better, can still improve Posted by

I use this daily on my iPad. Recent changes did help some. Three clumsy areas remain to improve: 1)We can now highlight just a word or phrase within a verse but the 'vice' thing to work with is difficult, not good. 2)As others note the looking up passages (books and verses) is OK, but not as quick and easy as it should be. The layout could be improved and made larger so not having to be so fine-tuned to touch the right spot. 3)Though there is a 'back' button to go back to the previous verse there is no 'forward' button to return. Overall, I still love it and find it best of those I have tried.

No regrets with this app purchase! Used almost daily. Posted by

I have no regrets with my purchase of the NIV Study Bible app. It is an extremely useful tool and find that I reach for my iPad Bible almost daily. The most recent update was a bit confusing but after spending some time poking around with the update changes, there are more options than were available in the previous version - thank you. A request - please add the capability of highlighting in the study note area; often there is some wisdom defining a verse that I would like to jump out at me when I come to that passage again. Thanks for making access to God's Word such a pleasure to use!

Best Bible App on iOS Posted by

I have tried virtually all eBibles and found nearly all of them cumbersome to use. I generally abandoned them after a few weeks. But this one is different. The text is formatted beautifully (without needing a million settings to customize it), it has a night reading mode, and I LOVE the navigation (scroll to read current chapter, swipe to go to the next chapter) - its an incredibly logical way to read the Bible, at least for me. I have used it exclusively for months now and couldn't be happier. I spend time daily in this app on both my iPhone and iPad, works great across both.

Review of APP Posted by

I echo what has been noted with the use of the 'dial' to locate passages. That is time-consuming when you are trying to look up a passage quickly. I do enjoy the 'back' feature, and I would suggest having a feature to 'move to the entry before shifting back.' I often find myself hitting the wrong button when I am taking notes; I am left-handed, and it would be nice to be able to move the passage comments/highlights to another portion of the screen. I use the App weekly on my iPad, and it is my 'go-to' Bible when I am using my iPad.

Highly Impressed! Posted by

I have used the NIV study Bible for years, and just recently upgraded to the NIV 2011 study Bible hardcopy. I am highly impressed with this app, for it has EVERYTHING that my hardcopy NIVSB2011 has, plus interactive videos. I use this app on my iphone 4s and couldn't be more happy -- the center-column references, the notes at the bottom of the pages, the introductions to each book, the maps -- its all in the app. Navigation, searching, reading, chapter changing, and page-turning work intuitively and beautifully. I highly recommend this app!

NIV Study Bible Posted by

Very elegant and powerful. I tried it on a "hard" passage ( Ps 110:1) and got the clearest account I've seen, including a very lucid set of cross-references. This is a fine companion to the NIV Bible app, which I have been using with pleasure for a year. The NIV has become my "default" Bible, and now the NIV Study Bible is becoming my default study Bible, though the Orthodox Study Bible and The Jerusalem Bible remain indispensable. Like everyone else, I am grateful for the quick and successful fix to the glitch with iPad 1.

Best Bible app that I know Posted by

This app is definitely worth the money and is very easy to use. I would recommend the app for anybody who wants to do a deeper study of the bible. All the built in maps and resources are excellently done. The things that I would like to see would be a desktop computer version, the ability to do a word or phrase search on my margin notes and most of all I would like to see my margin notes in other versions of the bible. With that said, I highly recommend this app because I don't even carry around my hardcopy bible anymore.

Zondervan NIV study bible Posted by

This is the second downloadable bible I am using and I much prefer the interface on this one. Very user friendly. The only issue I have is the videos in the bible have no audio which the company seems to be unable to remedy. I would give this bible a four out of five. Like the historical overview Like the picture gallery The highlighting and note taking capabilities The synchronization of study note and bible verses The ease of changing font size and type All the features except the lack of audio in the videos.

NIV Study Bible--awesome! Posted by

Absolutely love this app. My only complaint is there should be a "back" button. It's great how things are underlined and you can touch them and being up the cross reference. What would be great is to be able to go back to what you were reading by hitting a back button rather than having to navigate back to it. I can't seem to figure out how to save all my notes. What happens if something happens to my ipad? And the notes don't sync between iphone and ipad, which is frustrating.

Very complete and easy to use! Posted by

This is an absolutely wonderful Bible study application. From the very first moment I started to use it, I had no difficulty at all navigating from within the various functions. I'm using it on an iPhone, which I am fairly new to, and think this will be a wonderful addition to my study of the Bible. Probably the best part of this is that I will have a Bible with me everywhere I go. I think this is about the best study Bible person could hope to get for the money.

Zondervan NIV Study Bible App by Estebaan 2013-10-01

My Zondervan NIV Study Bible App doesn't work on my Original iPad (iOS 5.1.1) since your last update. It works fine on my iPod Touch (iOS 6.1.3) and my New iPad (iOS 7.0). The app starts up for less then 1 second then disappears. Please fix this as it seems your app has a flaw for iOS 5.1.1. Five Stars Rating when this problem is fixed. Thanks for the Oct. 1 update! The App now opens on my, Original iPad (iOS 5.1.1), and I synced it, but when I select the margin notes tab, my notes aren't there. The notes are still on my iPod and new iPad. If i go to a specific verse, the margin note is on the verse, but it indicates "Null". Maybe this " Null" indication by the verse is why the margin notes aren't listed under the margin notes tab. Also, none of my highlights transferred over. The folders and notes under folders tab did transfer and sync OK. Five Stars Rating when this problem is fixed.

NIV Study Bible by 2rc2 2016-03-05

Update 3/4/16. This App started good. In Jan it started acting up. I have worked with the developer for 2 months. They are unable to solve 'refresh' problem. Save your money until it works correctly. I will check it periodically and repost if/when they get it going. This is the best stand-a-lone NIV App. Amazing all of the information herein. You can also purchase other translations and they use the same format as the NIV, and work within it. I haven't been able to get the notes and highlights to show from one translation to the other. I also use PocketBible (by Laridian). It is good in all of the translations it has available, and also many commentaries. Each one is an additional cost. I like and use them both. If you are into free (and who isn't) then YouVerson is also very good. Read, study, contemplate, and heed all that is there. My God bless you and give you His peace.

Good... But by FragnSlayer 2015-12-11

Had the app for several months. Translations are spot on. But, I downloaded six or more additional translations and they seem great, until you begin to highlight, underline, and make notes. Highlighting in the one translation does not populate into any of the other translations. The Life Application Study Bible does populate highlights and notes throughout the other translations but it is a bit clumsy to highlight. Also the "study" notes are terribly rudimentary and exceptionally lacking. Pull up a note in Romans and you'll often get a reference to jump to Mark or wherever to read the note on such and such verse, then you got to remember where you were in Romans to get back on track. Did I mention that the study notes are dismal? Contacted support about this issue and never heard back. Surprised? Not really.

Appreciate app, but not intuitive by Snowflakesmom 2014-02-01

I have appreciated studying the word with this app. It's really helpful to be able to read the word and glance over at the study notes without having to hunt for the related note. The app has made Bible study more pleasurable for me, specially since my vision is not that great, so reading a print Bible can be uncomfortable. However, I recently bought one of the commentaries. Ever since, I have had a lot of difficulty figuring out how to display the Bible, the notes, or the commentary when I want them. I think I may have figured it out now, but it literally took a couple of weeks. At first I could just see the commentary, then I was able to get the commentary and the Bible next to each other, but I couldn't get back the study notes. I guess once I figure it out, I will enjoy, but right now, it's annoying.

Good, few changes would make Great! by Adambellpt 2013-05-23

A good product overall, but a few changes would make it great. The main change and most limiting factor in utilizing this as my primary means of studying is the inability to highlight, underline or make a note for a SINGLE WORD. I would love to see this added and believe this change alone would bump my rating to 5 Stars! It's hard to utilize certain study methods or maximize your study when you can't do this. I had to download another bible app that would allow me to do this, and have to switch between the two. I would also love to see more color options when highlighting.

Make it easier to find chapters and verse please!! by Norm NJC 2015-01-13

My wife downloaded another NIV app. Hers is much easier to use and more logical. When her NIV Bible is opened, it goes right to the table of contents. She then selects the chapter and verse. This version takes you to a place in the bible that you need to click on a text box that takes you to a selection wheel that must be turned to find the passage the reader wants. I do like the highlight feature VERY much! it makes this bible more personal and more impactful ! Now if they could only fix the initial open and search feature and make it user friendly! Please!

Make it easier to find chapters and verse please!! by NormtheMan 2015-01-13

My wife downloaded another NIV app. Hers is much easier to use and more logical. When her NIV Bible is opened, it goes right to the table of contents. She then selects the chapter and verse. This version takes you to a place in the bible that you need to click on a text box that takes you to a selection wheel that must be turned to find the passage the reader wants. I do like the highlight feature VERY much! it makes this bible more personal and more impactful ! Now if they could only fix the initial open and search feature and make it user friendly! Please!

Not happy with latest upgrade by ImNBK 2013-05-16

I would have given this app 5 stars before the latest upgrade! The new system for looking up passages is particulary awkward and time consuming. You should have left well enough alone! "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Also, since the upgrade, there are issues with spacing in the text. It was an extremely helpful and easy to use study Bible until that upgrade. I use it daily on my iPad, but am not at all happy with how it works now, and I am no longer recommending it to friends. Any chance you'll reverse the changes? NBK

Customer by Blondepeache 2015-02-09

Thus far I'm very unhappy with this app for which I paid $19.99. When I touch the ? Help does not open. I don't see how to view maps, charts or Introduction to each book. I have a free app which does everything I need but I purchased this study Bible for the aforementioned benefits. The last complaint is there doesn't appear to be an easy way to contact developers or someone to help me with "help". I can understand if it were FREE.

NOT User Friendly by Rocksolidchristian 2014-04-27

It's my fist hour or so, and can't get a listing of the entire books of the bible. #frustrating. The app seems to have some nice features, but I can't maneuver quickly. Plus, like many other apps on my first version iPad, it fails, quits and defaults to a home screen. I'm trying to get the tutorial to show itself again, but NoJoy there either. I suppose if there were a Negative rating, I would probably use that here #notveryhappy...

Like a Video Game that doesn't Save by dirtyankle 2012-02-19

Love the app. I really do. But when your phone pukes on you and you end up having to get a new iPhone, your bible doesn't sync to iCloud, Dropbox. I lost all of my margin notes and highlights and everything. Plus, if they don't sync then whatever I do on my iPad will e indifferent than what I do on my iPhone. Big drop to the fantastic app. It's not really usable right now -- it's like having a mega video game that doesn't save.

Not Happy by CharlieST47 2013-04-19

The old version was perfect. The new version, not so much. What was simple is now complex. I can not get the bible text & the study notes to sync any more. I turned on the sync switch & it still doesn't work. I can't find any help. The tutorial is pretty lame. I used to tell people at church that this app was a reason to buy an iPad. The developer needs to take a hard look at what they've done.

Not working after latest update by Robtjimenez 2012-10-24

I own the original iPad. With the latest update I'm no longer able to change change books, chapters, or verses. It works the first time but the second time it does nothing. As a matter of fact I can't select any of the settings (I.e. settings, search, etc) I hope this is a general problem and just tied to iOS 5.1 because I have no choice I'm stuck at this release.

Too large! by Markron 2012-02-09

I have loved the NIV Study Bible ever since it came out and had high hopes for my iPhone version. However, this app is huge (over 600MB). Since I have a smaller-memory iPhone (16GB), size matters. The solution? Allow us to leave out the videos and/or other media to make the app smaller if our phone memory can't handle it.

Don't get by JayDPort 2013-12-18

I like the study Bible, but my issue is with the part of the app where you can purchase other Bibles and commentaries. I purchased several but NONE of them would download. So, if all you want is this one Bible, okay. The rest of this app will simply steal your money. The App support only takes you to a dead link.

Mark Edwards by Bananna spud 2012-09-29

Do not purchase this app if you are running IO6. The app is not compatible with IO6, and will lock up when images, charts and timelines are opened. The only way to unfreeze the app is to turn your iPad on/off again, which is annoying and renders a $25 bible study app useless until they push out the next update.

Charts are freezing on my iPad by Mommapants 2012-10-10

The latest release has the internal charts/graphs freezing open after about 30 seconds. When I open an insert, the chart shows the ability to go back to the text but after a few seconds it fades and then there is no way to return to the text. I have to completely delete the app and reinstall. PLEASE FIX THIS

Was a great app until it crashed by Chchurch 2012-04-15

I think this app is very good...but I went to enlarge the font and now it shuts off after a second or two. Even if I have to reinstall, I will have lost my notes and highlights. Please fix. At $26, this should not happen. Before this I would have given it 5 stars.

Don't download 3.2 yet by KDnj2az 2013-09-22

I love this app, but DO NOT download new version (3.2) until more reviews say it's up & working. Running iOS 5.1.1 & new update will not even open up the app. I expect that a new software update would be thoroughly tested prior to release.

Wow by ttrevan 2013-09-30

As much as I'm sorry to see that others are experiencing the same problems am with ios 5.1.1, it's good to know it's not just my iPad. Please Tecarta. Get this fixed quickly.