OmniFocus 2 Apps free for iPhone/iPad
OmniFocus 2 Apps free for iPhone/iPad

OmniFocus 2 Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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OmniFocus 2 Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
OmniFocus 2 Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
OmniFocus 2 Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
OmniFocus 2 Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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### If you've been using OmniFocus 2 for iPhone, you can use Complete My Bundle with the OmniFocus Legacy Support Bundle to get access on your iPad and Apple Watch and get full credit for your investment. ###

Now a Universal iOS App with Apple Watch Support! OmniFocus for iOS brings the in-depth task management features of a desktop app to your fingertips. With flexible viewing options, location awareness, and on-the-fly task entry from just about anywhere, OmniFocus is the trusted system you need for managing everything in your busy life. Keep track of tasks by project, place, person, or date—with OmniFocus you’ll always have your important information at hand. Whether it’s a shopping list, agenda items to discuss at work, or chores to do at home, whatever you need to do is right there on your iPhone or iPad.

OmniFocus' interface was designed from scratch for iOS and organized around your data—your stuff—to make it easier and more natural for you to quickly get ideas into and out of the app, whether you’re using Getting Things Done™ (GTD™) or any other productivity system. It's powerful enough to use on its own, and syncs through the cloud with your other devices running OmniFocus (also available for Mac). Syncs even happen when you’re not actively using OmniFocus, so that your information is ready when you are.


• Reliable sync with NEW push triggering using our free service or your own server
• A flexible hierarchy: keep all your to-dos in one list or use as many levels of Folders, Projects, Groups, and Actions as you need to stay organized
• Assign contexts based on location, people, energy level—whatever you need to get the task accomplished
• Plan your day’s errands by listing nearby location-based contexts or viewing them on a map
• Sharing Extension captures content from any app that has a Share button
• Today Extension shows you OmniFocus items due today right in Notification Center
• Reminders Capture and OmniFocus Mail Drop for entering OmniFocus actions via Siri or email
• Interactive notifications for nearby and due items let you mark complete (or snooze) without even opening the app
• Search shows results from the current view or your entire OmniFocus database
• Add Photo and Audio attachments right on your device and view file attachments synced from other devices
• Forecast row shows you how much is due in the next few days on your homescreen or sidebar; open the Forecast perspective to see your due items alongside events from your iOS Calendar
• NEW on iPhone, a dedicated Review perspective makes sure nothing falls through the cracks (Review has been on iPad since the beginning)
• NEW Keep your most important work on you with OmniFocus for Apple Watch — as quick as a glance at what’s due today or as powerful as seamlessly sending any list from your iPhone.
• NEW Choose between light and dark color palettes, or have OmniFocus automatically adjust as background lighting shifts.

Starting from a solid, simple user experience, we added Pro features for customizing OmniFocus and making it even more powerful. Pro is available via In-App Purchase and free to customers who purchased OmniFocus 1 for iPhone or iPad:

• NEW Customize the OmniFocus sidebar and home screen just like you customize your iOS Device's home screen.
• NEW Custom Perspectives: Now on iPhone as well as iPad, save and revisit custom views for specific tasks or situations: “Show me the chores I can do in five minutes” or “What do I need to follow up on with the people from the planning meeting?”
• NEW Display any perspective in Notification Center with the Today Extension

For more information, please watch the video on our website, or try OmniFocus on an iPhone or iPad at an Apple Store near you!


If you have any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you! The Omni Group offers free support: you can reach us by email at [email protected], by phone at 1-800-315-6664 or +1-206-523-4152, or on Twitter at @omnifocus.


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Takin Care of Business Posted by

I never write reviews but this app is amazing. I say this with many caveats. Because I still have many productivity issues, but many may be just my own. I have used nearly every productivity app out there because certain traits apply to me at times: disorganized, ADD, unpredictable binge worker prone to laziness but also highly productive at times, inability to accurately gauge how long something will take, getting down on myself when I fall off target, feeling like there's no way to jump back in to Takin Care of Business mode. You get the idea. I have a highly demanding professional career and need to minimized those traits add best I can 60-70 hours a week. This app helps. Omnifocus addresses some of these issues. And that is good enough for me to keep us using it and recommend it here. I have used omnifocus for years. Have it on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. I have read GTD and Zen to Done. The latter is a total ripoff of the former but it is GTD made simple and elegant. So I can say without hesitation that ZTD is MUCH in its elegandr. Although well-intentioned, GTD in action is a real clunky mess. I need a simple solution to my complicated mess. Omnifocus helps. For me, Omnifocus together with the "X Effect" (incredible! Search Reddit) are the only productivity solutions that have ever worked for me long-term. Now, the huge issues remaining are possibly my own. So many tasks add up quick. Despite the organization, it is hard to know which ones to focus on. I need a separate way to keep track of the days three most important tasks (MITs). Also, I am overly ambitious and simply cannot keep up with the tasks. Omnifocus quickly becomes overwhelming, bloated and scary-looking with the number of mounted To Do's. I have missed many important deadlines by letting the due date pass for Omnifocus tasks. This is because it is hard for me to tell which flagged tasks have a near Do or Die level importance. I routed love a special Do or Die flag that is only permitted on three items per due date. I just get flag happy. The overdue tasks mount up. Sad. But at least everything that needs to get done is right there, highly organized, in this app. Even if I take a long break, I can return and there they are, welcoming me to get back into Get Shot Done mode, and kind of telling me how to go about doing it in a kind organized way.

Honestly Honest. Posted by

App Review: OmniFocus for iOS First and foremost, I love this app. A lot. It has helped me manage my hectic academic and work life in a way that almost feels like second nature. I'm an honors/AP high school student and CTO at a small local company, so the tasks pile up quick. But with the simplistic setup I've made and the GTD philosophy built into the app, I can manage all of them beautifully. But to be honest with you, using something like this doesn't start out as second nature. Be honest with yourself. Have you ever managed your tasks (and in short, the actions that constitute your life) electronically? Or, like my wonderful language arts teacher, do you outline your day and the necessary tasks therein on an endless menagerie of sticky-notes? Realistically, neither method is right or wrong. But if you, like my teacher, prefer the "good ol' pen and paper", this app is going to need adjusting to. Sticky notes are by no means the epitome of organization, nor do they sit at the forefront of technology. But deep down, they provide the framework on which his app functions. Previously, one might adhere those crazy yellow sheets on the edges of a monitor, the palm-rest on of laptop, amidst the ever-changing landscape of a whiteboard, or perhaps across the wide expanse that is subjectively known as a working surface. But in OmniFocus, sticky notes are enriched by detail, functionally enhanced with parameters, and neatly categorized among contexts and coherent projects. That's all the tasks are; sticky notes meet iOS. Sound complicated? It is. Kind of. And only at first. If you are wanting to take the step into the wonderful platform that is iOS, and see how it's brilliant patrons can make your life and the tasks within it more organized and, simply put electrified, you won't find much better than OmniFocus. Take the plunge, spend a good amount of time making it yours (seriously, the experience is hinged on the initial setup, so for your own betterment, brain dump EVERYTHING. The movie you've been meaning to watch, that rattle in your dashboard, the eggs you forgot to buy last week, the missing link in your understanding of quantum physics; EVERYTHING), and give it a shot. If you are anything like my language arts teacher, it'll change your life as it did hers.

3D Touch + always on Siri are game changers for already incredible app Posted by

For about a year I've been a OmniFocus 2 for Mac convert. It's the app I most can't live without any more. The iPhone app was just always good, but not truly great. It was nice to be able to tick off actions while mobile, but that was about it. I'd say now it's a truly great iPhone app. With this new update plus os9, it took a big step forward. 3D Touch with quick actions is the highlight. Sure, it's just a couple of seconds here and there it saves, but it's a few seconds dozens of times every day. Plus it's just a pleasure to use. It really lowers any resistance to using the app to where you've executed your items without even really thinking. Flawless and seamless. I can immediately jump straight into new inbox entry. Getting things into your inbox as quickly and easily as possible is, IMHO, the biggest make or break when it comes to keeping your system up and running and stress free. Even bigger than the weekly review. If there's *any* resistance or frustration to entry your system will suffer. Quick actions just make it that much more of a breeze. Also love being able to jump straight into my key perspectives. Makes it just a fraction easier to tick things off, and see what's next. But often times "just a tad easier" makes all the difference when multiplied hundreds or thousands of times. Also I've always been a big user of the email entry method through voice dictation. Always on hey Siri alleviates the chief drawback there, as I can at any time say "hey Siri email OmniFocus" (I have my OmniFocus entry email address saved in contacts as OmniFocus) and then dictate the action as the title and any notes as the body. Driving to a meeting when inevitably a major thought comes to mind, no dangerous fumbling to unlock the phone or plug it in. No pulling over for safety. Just say "hey Siri" and it's off my mind and in my system, just like David Allen taught us. OS9 and the 6S+ were truly made for this app. Game changer.

Excellent but unfriendly sync protocol Posted by

I’m a GTD person, and have used OmniFocus since the beginning. While it is highly structured and can be difficult to learn, this is because GTD itself requires some serious orienting to a new way of thinking. GTD is not for everyone. But if you really “get” the GTD idea, you’ll find OmniFocus manifests it very accurately. I use the “PRO” version and if you want to really do GTD and be able to customize to your needs, you’ll have to go Pro. Whether the cost is appropriate is a personal decision. But I think it definitely is, mostly because Omni has OUTSTANDING customer support. When you have a problem, you get a rapid and thoughtful response. I would give this 5 stars as the program has been of incredible value to my workflow, but I believe there is one serious issue, however which is Omni has a protocol that will drop a device if it doesn’t sync in a while. My guess is this is a security technique, but depending on your usage, it can be a glitch for your workflow. For example, I use OmniFocus on my Mac and my iPhone 6. But I mostly use it on my Mac. I recently had a reason to not use my iPhone for a while, and when I tried to sync, the system had dropped the iPhone from being recognized. This meant I had to go through my HUNDREDS of action items to figure out which I had added to the iPhone so that I could re-add them after syncing with the Mac database. While the company gave me good suggestions for how to avoid in the future, I wanted to issue this as a warning to others: if you sync between devices, do NOT let more than a few weeks go by without making sure all your devices are synced. The fact there is no warning sent to the user that his iPhone will be dropped without his permission downgrades the experience to 4 stars for this otherwise great product and great company.

Essential to my daily life Posted by

Without a doubt, OmniFocus requires a large investment of both time and money at the beginning, but once you're on a roll it is an invaluable piece of software. When used with the GTD approach, OmniFocus can behave very differently than many other To Do managers - which often times are just glorified lists. Investing the time to learn how the software works rewards the user since you gain trust in the system...this allows you to devote less energy to managing your tasks and more energy accomplishing them. Similarly, OF rewards users who keep their tasks well organized. Custom Perspectives (part of the Pro upgrade) are an essential part of my workflow, and they would be useless without well organized projects and tasks. That being said...This software may not be for everyone. I see some reviews complain about the lack of "manual sorting" of tasks, for example. If that's an important feature in your To Do software, then OmniFocus might not be the right option. Both OF and GTD encourage the user to trust the system to deliver the proper tasks at the proper time - manually sorting tasks go against this philosophy. The recent updates have delivered some very welcome new features, and it's one of the reasons I'm happy to pay such a high price for the ecosystem of OmniFocus apps. It is by no means perfect, but an essential app like this deserves financial support for continued development...and it's nice to see the developer continuing to put effort in to it month after month. Finally, the community of OmniFocus users is the cherry on top. The websites, seminars, ebooks, and podcasts dedicated to OmniFocus provide a wonderful companion to what has become such an important part of my day to day life.

Almost perfect Posted by

When I can remain focused enough to have the discipline to use OmniFocus every day, all day, it is nearly the perfect project manager/organizer/keep-it-all-together tool. It has a few flaws I'd like to see fixed. Really only one bothers me on a daily basis. I like to create projects that are repetitive, but not always in exactly the same way. For instance, I have a project for Meeting Agenda with my boss. I add things to it during the week. When the meeting happens I check off all the tasks we discussed, and guess what happens; The project disappears. It can be found in some places within the app by choosing View All, but if I go to my Inbox and create a task for the next meeting, the project Meeting Agenda is gone. It is not visible no matter what my visibility settings are if I am in the Inbox. If I start typing the name Meeting Agenda in the project box, it never recognizes it as an already existing project. Instead, it literally creates a new project of the same name. From other locations within the app if I pull up "All Projects" I now sometimes see multiple projects with the same name, the older ones being greyed out. This is a minor thing, but it is frustrating, because it causes unnecessary clutter, which is exactly the opposite of the point of OmniFocus. The app needs to be more intuitive with little things like this. For the price, they should fix these things. Other than these kinds of minor glitches, I love OmniFocus and am far more productive when I use it to it's fullest potential.

Probably the best task manager out there Posted by

I've tried quite a few and use them to organize my business. So it's important to me that these work and they are reliable. This is all very much in line with the GTD ("Getting Things Done") method and it works really really well. I get why the 'notes' are not in your face. The whole point of this app is: collect, process, organize, plan, and do It's about 'doing'. But the notes are still there to 'record' and sketch ideas. I am more productive this app than any other I've tried. I tend to have multiple projects whirling about in some stage of completion or another (usually just south of 100 ongoing projects with sub-tasks to many of them). Omnifocus is reliable - no syncing issues across 2 macs, an iPhone, and an iPad. In fact its sync is first class (I have a lot of history with syncing going back to PalmPilots). The OmniGroups implementation of this has been rock solid so far. Unlike another pretender to throne, OmniFocus lets break down Projects into is many sub-tasks (children/siblings) as you want. It really is a great app. You can use it as a tree-like outline organizer or a 'system' of organization. Flexible and powerful. Customer support is also 1st class. Would highly recommend reading the user manual to get to power user status on day 1. Worth every penny.

I've tried them all...this is the one Posted by

I've spent a ton of cash on productivity apps - mostly on task tracking. Some of the others are still good for organizing simple lists or tracking informal tasks - and they're inexpensive or free. But if your job requires real tracking against hard due dates, the cost of OmniFocus is an investment that pales in comparison to the price of disorganized failure. OmniFocus isn't another black hole - it's a database. Between the power of perspectives, the ease of data entry, the Apple Watch app, and flexibility inherent in the iPhone and Mac apps, task tracking is relatively effortless. Add to that the sheer bliss of adding a bcc to your OmniFocus email address and having those emailed items appear in your OmniFocus inbox with the body of the email in the notes, and you may never have to worry about missing another deadline. Sometimes I just send an email to it because I'm already in Outlook and I think of something I have to do. And I don't have to track in my Outlook inbox, which right now has more than 700 unread messages. Magic! And when there are so many tasks that insanity is just around the next corner, export your tasks to .csv and wrap your head around your workload in an easy Excel spreadsheet. It'll make you feel better. I don't often give reviews - this app is worth it.

My Last To-Do App Posted by

I have tried and discarded every major task and to-do app, always searching for some combination of features I thought I had to have but never found. I had tried the demo version of Omnifocus for Mac, but didn’t get it. It seemed too complicated. At my wits’ end and never having given Omnifocus a fair try, I watched some YouTube tutorial videos and saw some really interesting features. Then, coming into a bit of money, I took the plunge and bought the Mac and iOS apps. I was underwhelmed at first because of the limited sorting and customization features. The standard version is still a great to-do app, but it’s like a race horse stuck at a carnival giving rides to toddlers. I went ahead and upgraded to Pro and now I am as close to productivity nirvana as I have ever been. Being able to create your own perspectives and having a ton more sorting options allows you to bend Omnifocus to your will and is worth all that extra money. It still doesn’t meet my ideal (unrealistic) combination of features, but it gave me so many more I wasn’t aware of and now love. So, I would advise buying it but only if you also upgrade to Pro.

Finally! All I need is my phone Posted by

Perspectives have long been a key piece of OmniFocuses power. For the longest time omnifocus for iPhone had been a simplified version of the Mac app requiring you to create perspectives on the mac, and sync down your phone. Limiting the mobile features set was common in the early days of iOS apps. But these days, I expect to be able to use my phone for anything. This update adds The ability to create and modify prospectives from your phone. It also adds much needed support for project hierarchy view to prospectives. You had been able to set time estimates in past versions, but without a pre created perspective, you couldn't do much. Now you can filter your view by estimate. They also added "reviews" again a critical feature that once tied me to my mac is available everywhere I go. Basically, this update gives your phone the same capabilities as the other versions, allowing it to function without being dependent on the mac version for full functionality.

The best personal task management system around Posted by

OmniFocus is great. I will first say that you don't need the Mac app to use it, and I started with just the iPhone app even, but buying into the full ecosystem is worth it if you need a powerful gtd solution. Quality software comes at a price, and this price is certainly fair, and OmniGroup only makes quality software. The one thing the iOS apps are missing that I would like to have is multiple selection of tasks in edit mode. You can of course easily do this on the Mac. But on iOS, they should implement something like the multi-row selection in OmniOutliner. It would be awesome if I could select multiple items in my inbox at once and set their project and context. The arrows in task view for navigating to the next item are useful but this would be better. Oh, and the ability to collapse task groupings in all views. Still, these are very minor things that don't really interfere with my workflow. Omni is the best!

Apple Watch Review Posted by

Single most beautifully vital app you can own for your  Watch! This is coming from someone who complains that an app is $1.99 too! I would pay this price over and over again considering what you are getting! • Best  Watch Glance • Quick  Watch Load time • Seamless sync between devices • Siri  Watch reminder integration (legit!) • Why are you still reading?! Download FYI: My go to app for iphone 6 too! It has been on my DOCK for the last year and love it! The only complaint I have is I tried every other “to do” apps in the app store... Literally! If Omni Focus could talk it would say immediatley after buying it... “I told you so!” Don’t get scurd of the price (considering you dropping a substantial amount on an iphone & an  Watch) just know you get what you pay for! It’s like buying a Mercedes and then going to K• Mart to buy hub caps.... Slap yourself! I’m Omni’Out!

The best GTD for iPhone/Mac Posted by

I've tried many GTD apps for iPhone and Mac. This is the best for anyone serious about GTD. Nothing comes close, period. This universal app improves an already amazing app for iOS. Landscape on the 6+ is excellent, custom perspectives is powerful and very well executed on the smaller screen. It feels very polished. Dark mode is also excellent. (UPDATE: As of 2.6, push sync is solid.) The only thing that still needs work is syncing. It's just not as good as a few competitors. Fortunately, Omni is working on a better syncing solution (push sync). That's the only reason for 4 stars here. Note: I’ve adjusted my review to 5 stars because I think the app is still worth that without a perfected sync. Anyone 1 starring this app because of issues they had with the cost transition to the universal apps needs to take their issues to the company and rate this app based on the app.

One of my bottom bar apps Posted by

OmniFocus lives on the bottom left of my iPhone home and iPad screens (in the bar that doesn't move when you swipe through apps). If you're serious about productivity and have more than a single thing to do or place to do it, OmniFocus (and GTD) let you get it into a trusted system and out of your head. Sync that works, reliably, and apps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac that are stable and well-designed make OmniFocus the center point of my task management. Although I normally keep my projects pretty flat (per GTD guidelines), when I end up with multiple cascading dependencies, OmniFocus' multiple levels and ability to handle serial and parallel tasks let me deal with multiple dependent projects of any size. If you're serious about task management and Apple products are your main platform, OmniFocus is the app to use.

Incredible app Posted by

I rarely review apps, but in reaction to some negative reviews I've seen in the App store, I felt I had to share my experience. I have been using OmniFocus for years on my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. The latest updates have greatly increased usability and effectiveness for me, and it was already very good. I have never found it to be buggy or slow. I never wait on it. It fits really well with the GTD system. I think that most of the people with negative experiences have no system beyond sticky notes and reminders. Good luck to them! The power of GTD and OmniFocus is it guides your thinking and helps you focus and prioritize. It is really appropriately named. If you want to clear your mind, focus on what's important, and reduce anxiety, this is a powerful tool. You are lucky to start with the latest version.

**Update deleted Custom Perspectives on iPhone*Welcome to the dark side Posted by

**JUST UPDATED, OPENED MY APP, AND ALL OF MY CUSTOM PERSPECTIVES AND SCREEN CONFIGURATIONS ARE GONE. STILL LOVE THE APP. DON’T LOVE THIS, THOUGH. DELETED THE APP, REINSTALLED IT, AND RESYNCED, BUT STILL NO CUSTOM PERSPECTIVES. IPHONE VERSION CURRENTLY USELESS.** I have sensitive eyes, and love when apps enable darker modes. Kudos to Omnifocus for doing it now, too. Another feature I love that's been added: swipe to delete a flagged task, and now you can I can unflag it without going into the task. This is my #1 used piece of software both on my phone and computer. I organize and coordinate projects and tasks for 3 different companies, not to mention my own personal projects, as well as daily life tasks and chores. Keep the updates coming. I'm glad to have paid as much as I have for this software system.

Solid concept, but some features are half-baked by ajay.ganapathy 2014-12-10

I've used omnifocus for about two years, and it's come a long way since its original release. The concept is rock solid, but development is slow and some features are released before they are ready. Omnifocus is great for organizing tasks into hierarchies. It is one of the only task managers with unlimited subtask support, and the ONLY task manager that supports attachments of any filetype. That reason alone is enough to get it. The share extension and notification center widget are a big plus. However, the pros end there. It's not easy to move tasks between different levels of hierarchy: if you create a subtask and want to move it into another project, there is no drag-and-drop support. Instead, you need to navigate a maze of submenus. Animations also leave a lot to be desired: nested lists in omnifocus open up-and-out instead of sliding left-to-right. This behavior would be justified if it facilitated drag-and-drop of list items. However, it does not. It is just different for the sake of being different. It's just another omnigroup signature UI quirk. (IMHO for a company that slavishly develops exclusively for apple products, they often stray from apple's UI conventions without good reason.) Their penchant for straying from convention continues with their mediocre sync solution. Despite their ostensible focus on the apple platform, they do not support iCloud sync (and this is AFTER apple introduced cloudkit, which makes iCloud sync more versatile and easy to use). They don't even support dropbox sync. Instead, they have their own sync service - omnipresence. This requires the user to remember yet another username and password. A custom sync service would be completely valid if they had an omnifocus web client (iCloud does not share data with 3rd party web apps). However, they don't have one, and therefore have no good reason to stray from the apple platform. At the very least, they could harness cloudkit's single-sign-on API to use the user's iCloud credentials to set up and log into omnipresence, thus sparing the user the burden of creating and remembering another username and password. However, given their slow development pace, it is unlikely that this will happen. Furthermore, users cannot tag tasks with multiple contexts. Contexts therefore are functionally equivalent to projects, and really provide little additional use. Finally, the location-based reminder feature is poorly developed. For an app of this expense, the ability to draw geofences, assign multiple locations (i.e. multiple stores in a chain) should be requisite, but is missing.

UI on iPhone much improved by spwalker 2015-04-04

I would love to give this version 5 stars, except for the reasons as noted below. Overall, however, this is a well-rounded app. This universal version of OF 2 is now a worthy replacement for OF 1 on the iPhone. When OF 2 for iPhone first came out in fall 2013, I was very disappointed with the new home screen. Not only did it use too much screen space for things like the “Inbox” (which I infrequently use directly), compared to “Contexts” (which I use quite a bit), it also no longer allowed me to reorder home screen items, something that OF 1 for iPhone did let me do. This update brings back the customizability of OF 1 (assuming you have the Pro upgrade - minus one star for asking users to pay $19 to reorder the home screen. I understand how creating perspectives is a power user feature, but customizing the home screen layout?). I can now reorder the home screen any way I like, much as I could do with OF 1. For the first time since OF 1 things like “Nearby” and “Inbox” are now pushed into a corner and out of my way, while “Contexts," “Projects," “Flagged," and my custom perspectives (all of which I use quite frequently) are big rectangles, right where I need them to be. Thank you OmniGroup for realizing that you had it right the first time in OF 1! Minus one more star for one more nagging UI problem. Again, this may be specific to my workflow needs, but OF 1 had it right in my opinion: when viewing “Contexts," let me move the “All First Available/Available/Next/etc Actions” item to the top of the Context list, instead of where it currently is (after all contexts but before individual tasks that are not assigned to a context are listed). This also applies to contexts which have subcontexts and tasks within it. One final comment, perhaps more feedback to Apple than OmniGroup: I found out about this update only by reading my iPad’s release notes for OF, and the only reason why I did that is because I have auto app updates off. If I had auto updates on, I may have never known about the new universal app. I realize this may be caused by inflexibility on the part of the iTunes App Store, but some sort of announcement would have been great. Thanks!

Add gestures to make a more intuitive touch interface by CharlesEdwards_III 2014-10-28

One finger swipe from the left=go back one screen. Two finger swipe from the left=Go Home or even go to inbox. In a nested project, it can take three or more swipes to get back Home. No good. Just those two additions alone will increase productivity. We literally waste time swiping back one screen at a time. It's incredibly inefficient. This inefficiency is the antithesis of using the app in the first place. Also, using the navigation buttons to do so is reminiscent of a desktop computer interface. This isn't a desktop computer, it's a tablet with multi-touch. It needs to harness a tablet's navigation capability. The buttons should remain as a backup, but power users and even most casuals would love to be able to swipe. That's what our intuition tells us to do with this app because that's how Safari works. Swipe to go back. It is just that when we do it in OmniFocus, nothing happens. But we want it to happen because it then makes iOS seamless. The design cues would then consistent across multiple apps, including Apple default apps. Some other examples of useful mappings that would be trivial to add to this app are: --Triple tap menu bar with one finger to go home or to Inbox, etc. --Three finger swipe from left to go to perspectives or Review. --Two finger swipe from right to go to Review. --one finger swipe from the right to Search. --etc. Usability can be increased so much just by adding gestures!! Apple left all of that unmapped for a reason and this app is poised to take advantage of it. The best part is that it is hidden. It doesn't clutter the interface to add these features, it merely expands functionality. And it reduces resistance to using your app, which is not only very GTD-like, but also makes current users happier. Happy users advertise more for you via word of mouth, blogs, etc. Profit for you. Just saying.

Not my cup of tea by License Plate Three 2015-06-13

There are many useful aspects to the OmniFocus system. However: 1. The apps are organized and structured in a way I personally find cumbersome and non-intuitive, and the graphic design could be greatly improved. I look forward to the moment in which the makers of this app will fully embrace the power of visuals and offer more flexibility in the structure. I’d like to see: — Tasks that would be reordered by dragging — Color and size variety for projects and tasks — for those whose mind is numbed by looking at a zillion lines of text — More visual ways to place tasks in a timeline, to aid in planning across time — In general, greater freedom with physically placing tasks on the surface — there are many people who organize easily by the placement of objects on a surface. For instance, the slight flexibility offered in the pro version with regards to the placement of perspectives is a step in the right direction — Visual indications of progress towards projects — The ability to see a visual tree of the project — Nicer overall graphics 2. The system is expensive. 3. It doesn’t feel like a system that was designed around users’ experiences. I think that getting input from a wide and diverse user base and applying the input intelligently could make this a much, much better product that would serve a much, much broader range of people.

I've used better by RachelEverAfter 2014-12-04

I used another program called Todomatrix, they made their claim to fame on the Blackberry system years ago. I bought my iPhone only after Todomatrix was released for the iOS system. Unfortunately the people that made Todomatrix must have made their money and bailed because there hasn't been a update to that app for years. Enter OmniFocus, I want something to replace Todomatrix and it seemed at first that OmniFocus could be that something. I'm used to using a very intensive program structured around the GTD philosophy. While OmniFocus works, it doesn't work well. There are so many things that Todomatrix did better. OmniFocus, I don't understand why I cant move multiple action items at a time (creating a template of action items), I don't understand why I can't e-mail multiple action items at a time, I don't understand why I can't snooze a action item when it comes due, I don't understand why I can't sort action items by various methods, alphabetical, by priority, by context, etc (both ascending and descending). OmniFocus, I'm trying to like your product and I don't mind paying for a good product but so far this isn't it.

App is okay but not worth the pricing gimmicks by Vulgar demos 2016-07-28

I just searched my records and I shelled out about $40 to Omnigroup over the past couple of years. This doesn't include the Mac purchase for the pro upgrade. And yet when I restore purchase to upgrade pro it tells me I haven't purchased it. Maybe I haven't? Maybe I got something else? Who knows. I searched their forums and there are books written on how exactly all the upgrading and pricing schemes works across their current app and legacy app, and all the little things you apparently have to do to avoid making the same purchase all over again on multiple devices. I am more than willing to pay for an app that works for me. But I can't pay with my time, and that's what Omnigroup is demanding of me with their insistence with their current gimmicks. It tells me that when I spend another $20, I'll be back to square one when version 3 comes out, and I'll have to deal with uninstalling and reinstalling their legacy app and dealing with a new set of gimmicks. It's befuddling that Omnigroup is cheapening their brand with these annoyances worthy of dime stores and 99 cent App Store games.

Functionality/options missing by cdgdrummer 2016-10-12

Omnifocus 2 is visually appealing, but lacks options/functions. It offers a robust project focused approach, and I like the calendar view in Forecast. However, I wish I could sort by due date within projects-it seems like a disorganized mess unless using Forecast or purchasing pro. It absolutely needs additional custom repeat options such as every x months on the first/last/2nd -day of the month. I've requested this many times, but they remain unchanged. For the cost it seems they could at least provide custom repeats that are offered within the native reminders app, which they tell me would take to many resources to create easily. If I'm spending top dollar on an app, I would expect these options would be there. Furthermore, the badge count and items won't update in the background even though background app refresh is on and the app is idle in the background-I'm not sure how come they can't do this because other apps (2Do and Things for example) do this well. Even though I'm drawn to the aesthetics of this app, I keep hoping for more at their price point.

Where's the features/options? by cdgdrummer 2016-09-10

Omnifocus 2 is visually appealing, but lacks options/functions. It is project focused, and I like the calendar view in Forecast. However, I wish I could sort by due date within projects-seems like a disorganized mess unless using Forecast which makes date sensitive future planning a chore (or unless you spend more money and create your own view). Needs additional custom repeat options such as every x months on the first/last/2nd -day of the month. For the cost, it seems they could at least provide custom repeats that are offered with the native reminders app, which they tell me would take to many resources to create easily. If I'm spending top dollar on an app, I would expect options and functionality would be there. The badge count won't update in the background like other apps (2Do for example). Even though I'm trying to make this app work, I keep coming back to the 2Do app, as their app offers a full range of options at less than a third of the cost of Omnifocus.

Worthless without batch editing by jrnyoflife 2014-12-28

I like this app and almost always except for one: it does not have batch editing of attributes like due date on the iPhone and iPad. If I have 20 tasks that need the due date to be updated to today, I have to update the due date for each task individually. That completely eliminates any productivity gains that this app provides to me. If you also have the Mac app, then you can do batch updates. But I often want to use the iPad or iPhone as a standalone task management app. I will give this app another look once it gets batch updates for the iPhone and iPad. Until thenthere are other excellent apps, one in particular, that I have found to be very useful. Almost all the good task management apps these days have batch editing. I'm surprised that is something that I'm the group did not implement because they advertise the iPad and iPhone apps as being able to be standalone apps.

Good tool, too expensive by JFoDizzle 2015-05-28

Unless your company buys this for you, I wouldn't recommend purchasing it. It's too expensive for what you get, and missing some features that would make it worth it. 1) the iPad version is separate from the iPhone version, so you have to pay twice, three times if you want it on OSX too 2) the iPad version does not have the same views as the phone or OSX app, so the experience is different, unless you fork out another $20 for the Pro version 3) you can't date-sort the perspective in the non-pro version, only category filter 4) there isn't any OS integration in iOS, so you can't send emails or pictures to actions Simple stuff works as advertised, so at least there aren't any bugs. Skip the iPad version and just get the phone and OSX version if you must have it.

A lot (of money) for very little... by DrBilly 2014-09-24

I love Omni products, and have been a fan for many years. But the original OmniFocus was not a complete GTD solution and appeals to Customer Service received polite replies but no real attention. I soon set it aside and moved-on. When the 2.0 version was released for iPad I was so happy, I immediately went to purchase the upgrade. Unfortunately, I didn't do my due-diligence and threw more money at a (for me) flawed tool. The upgrade offers very little the original didn't have. And what it didn't offer I can't live without. For instance, my work involves people. Lots of them. I follow people, not tasks. When something falls behind, I contact a person, not a task. But this App doesn't do managerial GTD. It's oblivious.

Why can't you even priorities what to do in "context" by LifesConcept 2015-06-26

I may be missing something here and I hope I am. I'm in the business world and use a PC. I realized that I could only download the iPad and iPhone app and use this for prioritizing my work load and I'm good with using a handheld device and not a laptop for this. The core reason to use a system like Omnifocus is to keep track of what you have to do and prioritize. But you can't do this. When you pull up your @Home or @Office, you can't prioritize all the things you need to do. This option is only available when you look at ALL your items in your inbox. This is a huge flaw in the software and I would not have purchased it if I had known. There's actually free software available that does this.

Great iOS app. Junk WatchOS app. by eazyrooster 2016-04-12

The iOS app is still great. It's powerful, but has a fairly steep learning curve. Once you get past that, it is simple and great for all kinds of time management. The watch app continues to be awful. They can't get it to sync well at all. It is usually a day behind vs what you have on the iOS app. Syncing performance is a widespread issue, so I understand it may be that the watch is just particularly difficult to get syncing performance at a high level. (I actually sent my watch off to see if it was broken - it was not.) But, after multiple updates saying watch bugs were addressed this one still persists. Not really acceptable. Particularly at this price point.

Overpriced by BradduhHobie 2017-02-09

I've already downloaded this app on my MacBook Pro. In the Mac App Store this app is $40-50. The iPad app does a lot less than the mac app. The way it's advertised it seems like you can do the gantt networking, but you actually can't. It seems like you should be able to drag tasks, and synchronize with OmniPlan. But you can't. You can't do much at all with this app. It doesn't have all the capabilities as it does on a mac so to charge $19.99 for the iPad app is upserd. Also Omni comes out with a upgrade or pro version every 3-4 months so u might find yourself buying this app over and over again

Snobby application, lacks a lot of features by readerK 2016-02-11

I'm a long time OmniFocus user and I'm just tired of how limited this application is. I even bought the Pro version. Not worth it! GTD must be better on the computer, not worse. This application looks cool on the screenshots but in real life is very limited and very hard to navigate. No time sorting, no way to find see due tasks by projects (Forecast is no different from built-in free calendar). No options for fine tuning. I wrote numerous times to Omnigroup support but they never implemented anything claiming they follow canonical paper GTD concept. This is absurd. It's computers. It's 21st century!

DO NOT BUY THIS APP by Gijddihc 2015-08-17

I purchased this app primarily for my iPhone it offers virtually nothing beyond what the standard productivity iPhone apps. An exception is you may attach a photo or recording to a "field". Otherwise the standard apps offer more versatility and are easier to use. Of course if you have Mac computer I'm sure it's nice being able to use the program on both systems. Most likely the rave reviews are from Omni people themselves and not typical users such as myself. Again, I do not have a Mac so that mY make a huge difference in my experience.