Onelife Fitness Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Onelife Fitness Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Onelife Fitness Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Onelife Fitness Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Onelife Fitness Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Onelife Fitness Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Onelife Fitness Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Download Onelife Fitness for iPhone/iPad
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To download Onelife Fitness from our website on mobile (iPhone/iPad), follow these steps below:
Click on the “Install” button on to be redirected to the app on iTunes
Download and start using the app
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This is the official mobile app for Onelife Fitness. This is our new app for 2017 with tons of features to help you on your fitness journey.


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Varies with device
23.13 MB
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It is confusing... Posted by

I think you have to go on their website and create your account there, then come to the app and sign in with that info. That's what worked for me anyway. Once you get in the app looks fine, haven't really used it yet.

Doesn't work Posted by

Same as everyone else.. great idea but can't even register. However, I did find that if I signed up online first, I was able to login on the app with that username and password.

Very Disappointed by T_ts 2017-03-19

We just bought memberships to OneLife. We are very excited for what the gym itself has to offer and I downloaded the app with anticipation. I cannot even get past the "create account" feature. It has my type in my barcode, takes me to a password creation page and then stops me from going forward because the "username" portion is blank. No big deal, if I could actually go in and FIX that error. I'm not sure how new this app is or what bugs they're working out but my first impression of this app was laughable.

Keep working by COATech 2017-03-15

First off, MotionVibe makes it very challenging to provide feedback on their apps. No email or contact info is posted on the website nor built into the app. Each update description is a copy/paste from the last. No list of any of "the great new features" is provided. Bug example: sort group exercise classes by aquatics and you won't see the pool classes, they're listed under the regular classes instead.

Garbage Just Like The Website by Renee_7319 2017-03-10

This app is garbage much like their website. You can't sign in because when try to sign up and put in a password you receive an error stating the login field is blank. This happens no matter how you try to sign in. Their website is much the same. You put in your member number and says member number not found. Funny, Weber been members for three years now. Great years, crappy apps and websites. Unfortunate.

Ok by Jps119 2017-03-10

The app is ok. There's really no functionality to it besides being able to check schedules for classes. Maybe it will get flushed out in time and integrate with Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, or other health apps. Right now it's basically worthless. It did allow me to sign in. I used the barcode on my membership card.

Barcode doesn't match by Kimmybuff 2017-04-01

My account number is correct when you look at my account number but when I click on check in the barcode doesn't have my full number and no one seems to know why at the gym .... worst part there is no one to help me out and no one to contact

Sigh by nullicious 2017-03-13

Did anyone test this before they released it? I've found two bugs already, and I can't even create a account. I think I'll just take a phone pic of my barcode. I know that will work.

Wanted it to work by Golfnpreacher 2017-03-06

I was excited to finally have the app, but I can't even get it to open. It crashes as soon as I tap on it. Deleted it, reloaded it and it repeats the crash. ☹️☹️

Unable to sign up by Kylem32 2017-03-08

Same bug from previous version. I am unable to sign up because when I create a new password it kicks back saying there is a txt field empty. This is a fatal error.

Yeah by [email protected] 2017-03-08

There is no way you can sign up for this app, as there is no field for username but it still requires it before you can move forward, pretty much epic fail!

Unable to get past the password page. by Denscott77 2017-03-15

Unable to open does not go past the password page gives message "username text field is empty". No place to enter. Can you help?

Not good by Mullesssssdd 2017-03-07

Was so excited for this, and won't even let me in.... says there is no user with that barcode.... smh I use my scan card daily.....

Can't register by mags wags 2017-03-09

I can't even register. I keep getting a message that the Username field is blank. It's not even presenting a username field.

Unable to open/register by Ahoff2959 2017-03-05

Only let's you open for a brief moment then force closes out. Does the same on my phone and my husbands.

Username missing by Ctinasvab 2017-03-09

There is not a place to enter a username when signing up. It only shows a place to create a password.

Doesn't work by BeckaWru 2017-03-09

Still has bugs, unable to create an account. Don't waste your time on the download.