Open Bar! Games for iPhone/iPad
Open Bar! Games for iPhone/iPad

Open Bar! Games for iPhone/iPad

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Open Bar! Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Open Bar! Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Open Bar! Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Open Bar is a unique cocktail-flavoured puzzle to be enjoyed at all times.

Featured in Apple's "Best of January".

"This is a puzzle game that I will be playing for a long time to come." ~ AppAdvice (*****)

"Open Bar [...] is a new puzzle game which has a lot to offer and helps you relax instead of annoying you." ~ AppsRumors (*****)

"You better check out how good it looks in motion." ~ Pocket Gamer

"Open Bar is a game that, beyond a set of fantastically designed puzzles, looks awesome." ~ AntyApps

"This is one of the best-looking puzzles that I played in a very long time." ~ Just Good Bites


Explore an endless stream of addictive, shot-like puzzles. Earn rewards & unlock new cocktails.

* Super slick motion design animations
* A catchy soundtrack and refreshing sound FXs
* It's open bar! There's as much levels as you can handle
* Use a hint at any time if you're stuck
* No IAP: the cover charge grants you full access

Each (tasty) level is completed in 3 moves. Sounds easy? Don't worry, challenge will come your way, whether you have 1 or 60 minutes to spend.

Optimized for iPhone 5. Universal app for iPhone & iPad.


Current Version:
Varies with device
59.66 MB
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Enjoying so far Posted by

Easy to pick up and play anywhere you have a minute. Some puzzles are hard for me while others are a piece of cake. Not to worry though there's a hint system. Either spend the game currency or watch a video ad for a free hint. Excellent animations and smooth gameplay. Completing missions add bonus coins. The hint system is very well done. Even when you undo moves, the hint is remembered and shown to the player again. In fact if you try to do a different move than the hint, the undo button highlights. These developers paid attention to details in all aspects. Well done. What a great story about the development of this game the developers present on their website. If you like Strata give this a try. Cheers!

Simple, fun, great company too Posted by

I first played this game at pax east 2016. The two representatives there(maybe they were developers? ) were very warm in trying to get me to take a seat to play a game. I played the game and probably spent like 20 minutes just chatting with them, playing the game, and having a good time. The game itself involves some logic on what will happen if I do x or y, yet it is easy enough for a child to be entertained. What really stood out to me was how the representatives were looking for their players since they wanted to meet them and reward them. I don't think anyone else was doing that, and that is so great to have that in a small indie company.

Slick clever puzzler Posted by

I like the simple and flowing interface and the color schemes are a really nice way to switch up the visual palate. I'm 32 levels in and it's just starting to ramp up in difficulty. The game is a really enjoyable go to for down time. I like the simple rule set and the hint system seems fair. Although the inclusion of ads to the hint system seems perplexing for a pay app. I wish there were more incentive to replay earlier levels. Possibly needs secondary objectives unlocked after a first play through. Overall I'm really enjoying it but can imagine late levels may get frustrating having to watch those ads for hints.

Needs More Than 5 Stars!!!!! Posted by

What can I say? Everyone else has already said everything I could say about Open Bar what an excellent puzzle game. Superb graphics and sound. The control of the bars is very smooth to me. Some levels are pretty easy while others are devilish! There is a hint system if you need it, which is well done. You gain coins by solving a puzzle without hints or by completing various missions, and then you can spend them to get a hint (or watch a video) or to get new color themes....all of which are attractive. There's a Leaderboard and Achievements. I love this game!

Great Game, One Complaint Posted by

The puzzles are really clean and quite fun (I've played about 50 so far). My one complaint is of the missions that require you to use hints. First, I pride myself on not using hints, so forcing me to do so does not enhance my experience in any way. Second, using hints costs points, which is the only thing of value in the game. It is economically irresponsible to spend 25 points on a hint when I will only get 10 points as a reward. It's a small thing, and I will still highly recommend Open Bar!

Outstanding! Posted by

Amazing and very original puzzle game! In all my years of gaming and iOS gaming, it's easy to think I've seen it all, but open bar comes along and shows us an original way to match colors and shapes For such an awesome art style, I wish the springboard icon could have been cooler (resembling the shapes rather than bubbles) Great game nonetheless!

Open Bar! Posted by

Easy to play, but one must think ahead and plan, in order to solve the puzzle. Or you can use the blunt force approach. Open Bar! allows you to succeed either way. If you screw up, then you try, try again. Very clever puzzles that get more complex as you succeed. Frankly, while I have lots of apps, this kind of stimulating puzzle type are my favorites.

An engaging puzzler that pulls you in! Posted by

Picked this up after meeting the team at PAX East 2016. The game is gorgeous, the puzzles engrossing, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. The game is free with the option to view ads for puzzle hints. I'd prefer to just pay for the game up front; it's easily worth $5-10 for the craftsmanship and fun!

So glad I downloaded it Posted by

I saw this game promoted on mac stories, and so far I've enjoyed all the games they've recommended that I've downloaded. I enjoy puzzlers that can be played with one hand while I fly on a plane. This one has a beautiful aesthetic.

found this at PAX East, really loved it! Posted by

i found this game at Penny Arcade Expo East, and i really loved it. free for a limited time and fun for all ages. it's really challenging and if you're looking for a spacial puzzle game, this is it!

Fun little game Posted by

Challenging, but not frustrating. I like how the game allows you to backtrack your steps and try different scenarios to solve the puzzle. Overall a great game so far.

Perfectly simple, simply perfect Posted by

Beautiful and simple game. Love the minimalist look and the feedback on iPhone 7+

Deceptively simple, infinitely playable Posted by

One of the top 5 puzzle games on iOS ever.

Fun challenging game Posted by

I can't believe this game is free.

More Noise than Game by Dirty Harry 8 2016-04-27

This game has tons of repetitive noise/music and a lot more pointless repetitive transitions than actual game time. The puzzles seem interesting but all the noise and pointless motion take away from actually focusing and enjoying the actual puzzles.

Imbalanced by Reitveld 2017-01-16

- Fun game. - Here's the problem, when a level is completed a few coins are collected and after a few levels, I'm forced to buy a color scheme, rather than save the coins to buy hints. - I do like the animations and colorful graphics.

Pretty good by Timle 2016-02-04

It's a pretty good game. Don't understand the drinking connection (I get the bar thing) just weird theme. Animations are a bit slow especially with puzzles has time elements - which I hate for strategy game BTW.

Too much noise by Blocked Bloks 2016-04-22

When you have an option to turn off the sound (instead if turning off my phone) I'll give it another try.

Boring Background Music by 大加大 2016-04-27

All the playing time is the same sounds, I wanna play the game in mute mode.

Challenging and unique by HawtPizzaIRL 2016-01-31

New take on puzzle game. Refreshing for now

Wow by MikeGenius 2017-01-13

Just enough excitement for a one-year-old