Orai - Improve Your Speech Content and Delivery app free for iPhone/iPad
Orai - Improve Your Speech Content and Delivery app free for iPhone/iPad

Orai - Improve Your Speech Content and Delivery app free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install Orai - Improve Your Speech Content and Delivery app free for iPhone/iPad

Download Orai - Improve Your Speech Content and Delivery for iPhone/iPad
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Orai helps you become a better speaker. Be empowered to speak with confidence when on stage, in front of a room, or in everyday life. Voted 7th Hottest Startup in Philadelphia - realLIST 2017 by Technical.ly "Orai gives me real time step-by-step feedback and insights on my speech patterns and behaviors. It is available to me on the go 24/7 which I think makes it immensely powerful and it's impact on my life quite profound!" - Facebook Employee, Dublin Studies show that people are more afraid of public speaking than death. In fact, about 75% of people in the world admit that they are afraid of public speaking. At Orai, we aim to give you the confidence to deliver high-impact, entertaining speeches and presentations. ▶ RECORD a practice speech using Orai, and receive instant insights on: - the number of filler words used such as: um, like, you know, etc, and learn how to reduce them, - the pace of your speech, and get advice on how to speed it up or slow it down, - your energy level, and gain feedback on how to improve it. Additionally, gain a transcript of your speech AND share your results with friends and colleagues so you can show them your progress. ▶ STAY MOTIVATED with our preset prompts designed to guide you through the ultimate speech improvement process from Day 1 to Day 30 - and get awarded for completing challenges along the way. ▶ TECHNICALLY we make all this happen by exploring nuances and patterns in your real-time speech delivery, using cutting-edge deep-learning technologies to provide you the instant speech insights and voice analytics. But that’s all just fluff words for saying we use robots to do the hard work. ▶ STAY IN TOUCH by visiting our site oraiapp.com, on Facebook facebook.com/oraiapp or by emailing [email protected] Orai. Be the best speaker you can be.

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