Orderly - Todo Lists, Location Based Reminders Apps for iPhone/iPad
Orderly - Todo Lists, Location Based Reminders Apps for iPhone/iPad

Orderly - Todo Lists, Location Based Reminders Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Orderly - Todo Lists, Location Based Reminders Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Orderly - Todo Lists, Location Based Reminders Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Orderly - Todo Lists, Location Based Reminders Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Orderly - Todo Lists, Location Based Reminders Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Orderly - Todo Lists, Location Based Reminders Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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* * NEW and NOTEWORTHY * * US App Store.

Orderly is a nice and incredibly easy to use to-do list app designed exclusively for iOS, is now updated with great features like unlimited categories or folders, powerful search and many more customization.

"Orderly is design based on how the human-mind visualizes to-do lists !"

Featuring a breath-taking interface, seamless cloud sync, Orderly comes with "Location Based Reminders", so that the users never miss a to-do task at a particular location and displays the to-dos using the APPLE's bookshelf metaphor, so that you get a glimpse of your to-do lists without having to open them individually.

THE BEST part of the App is:

* Orderly automatically prioritizes your to-do list items by moving around those sticky notes between various priorities *

Key Features

1. Visual interface and layout.
2. LOCATION based reminders, alerts you of a to-do at a particular location.
3. Auto prioritizing of to-dos.
4. Recurring to-dos.
5. Cloud sync across devices
6. Unlimited categories for to-dos.
7. Powerful search within a category or across all folders.

* * * Highlights * * *

* Create multiple folders and categorize the to-do lists in it.
* LOCATION based Alerts, reminds you of the to do or task at the place you are in !
* Sync across multiple devices with DropBox sync
* Complete to-dos with simple gestures.
* Undo a completed item
* Automatically prioritizes your to-do based on the time and day.
* Search through Archives of completed to-do lists.
* Store in archive for any number of days.
* Optional manual prioritization

* * GESTURES * *

# Pinch to zoom out.
# Swipe right to mark to-do tasks as completed
# Swipe right again to undo a completed task
# Swipe left to delete to-do task
# Long press to delete or drag and drop to move a to-do list to a different priority
# Drag and Drop on the "New" icon to create a copy.
# Drag and drop on the "Flip" icon to move it to another folder.

---- Orderly Premium ---

Orderly premium features, now has Low light mode and passcode protection enabled, as part of its In-App purchase. The cost of the In-App purchase is a one time cost of $0.99.


Website - http://orderly.tektontek.com
Twitter - @AppLifeStyle
Facebook - facebook.com/tektontek

* * * * * MANY FIVE STAR RATINGS * * * * *
* What some of our users say ! *

@ Simple and Clean
These days to do lists are complicated or busy looking. Not this app. So far the best I've used
- by raptorpewpewlaser

@ Best To Do App Available - Hands Down!
This is by far the easiest to use "To do" app I've come across and definitely the most stunning!
- Joseph Papino

@ Just Right for me
With this app I don't procrastinate to create a note due to the quick input set up for doing so. I believe someone had to be smart to create something so simple and straightforward. And, I commend the creator of this app for such a design.

@ Great App
This app is perfect ! Easy to use and very appealing visually.
- Teacherosb

@ Truly Original and highly practical
My favorite feature is the ability to sync between iPad and iPhone. No more misplaced lists, they are always with me on any of my devices.
- Silverstone

Many exciting new features coming up. Get Orderly now and experience to-do lists in a whole new way. Once you use Orderly, you will never go back to your regular boring to do list manager!

Orderly - Todo Lists, Location Based Reminders Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
21.66 MB
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Great app! Posted by

As others have said I really like your usage of the Apple cabinet or whatever you call it. Interface, that's right. Anyway this has been a great app for my personal use at home. I like the way it prioritizes my lists automatically based on what day I remembered to write down something I had been forgetting to do. Now I am trying to make the lists in advance and this app is helping me to remember everything because if you don't complete some of the tasks it throws up a number to shame me into getting stuff done. I hate it when apps do that so it gets my attention pretty fast. So, all that glowing report but it would be great if you could write in choice of font colors, and it's probably just me but I seem to have one heck of a hard time keeping all the completed icons to stay on at once. Now perhaps you might say your fingers or hands are to big or something like that but I am not a big person and if anything you would call me too skinny so don't know if its just me or is anyone else having an issue with that? Other than those things I really do have a love/hate relationship going on with your app but it really is a great app! Oh, and one thing I forgot... ;O)

User friendly and easy to use Posted by

This app is the equivalent of digital post it notes. Lists are easy to create, easy to order, and easy to change priority. The ability to switch between work and personal tasks is very handy as well. I have used this app to make grocery lists, and as you walk through the store, you can mark individual items as complete. This keeps me on task and ensures I don't leave the store missing one key item. I can only think of one thing that would improve this app and that is push notifications. The ability to set a date and time for a task to be completed would make this a must have app. If I need to complete something at 3:00 on Thursday, it would be nice to be able to input that information and have it pop up automatically. As digital post its go, it's a nice app, but I think it would be a lot better with just one small change.

A DEFINITE game changer ! Posted by

After using this App for a week, I do not put off some task to create a todo, because of quick input and super intuitive design and layout. Nor do I hesitate to browse through my notes because the absolutely simple layout provides me with a quick and easy access for what I need to do and when I need to do it. Does not take anytime to learn or get it set up and I immediately started using it. I think that someone had to be smart to create something so simple and straightforward, and I commend the creator of this app for such a design. The location reminder allows me to set up a reminer on a map, when it reminds me the most whenever I used to forget to pick up items on way back home, before getting this App. Simple intuitive and splendid ! A today view of tasks however would be beneficial.

Simple and easy to use Posted by

This is a great app that really helps me in organizing the notes and priority reminders that I want to keep top of mind. I can sort my lists as high, medium and low, The lists also move automatically to a higher priority that I can see easily when the due date is near, which is quite useful. The other use I really like is that I can create a folder called Daily reminders and I can set daily reminders in them, so that I do not have to search for the items that I keep doing on a daily basis. The App alerts me on time everyday. The interface is clean and is by far the easiest to use "To-do" app I've come across and definitely the most stunning! It includes a step by step tutorial too. All around amazing app that should be on everyone's iPhone/iPad.

A game changer Posted by

This App is a Game changer. With this App I do not put off some task to create a note due to the quick input and intuitive design. Nor do I hesitate to browse through my notes because the absolutely simple layout provides me with a quick and easy access for what I need to do and when I need to do it. Does not take anytime to get set up and I immediately started using it. I think that someone had to be smart to create something so simple and straightforward, and I commend the creator of this app for such a design. The location reminder allows me to set up a reminer on a map, when it reminds me the most whenever I used to forget to pick up items on way back home, before getting this App. Simple intuitive and splendid !

Very good please add more cloud options Posted by

This app is well made, and I am an avid user of note taking apps. If you had multiple integrations for cloud solutions, and synced on all devices it would be award winning. Also the sms idea is very good but it doesn't work with ipad. If there was a sync I could send a note to a family member from my phone. Overall I'm impressed with the design and the way the tasks are set up. It makes a lot of sense especially for a task oriented person such as myself, so it's obvious the design and concept was well thought out. Add those features and it's definitely got my 5 stars. I'll even recommend it to friends. Thanks for your hard work.

An amazing app for all people Posted by

This is one of the best, if not the best, notepad/taking applications that I have ever seen. The user interface is very easy to learn how to use, I got the hang of it in less than 5 minutes. The color scheme for the background is very peaceful, and doesn't distract you. The colored paper for notes is a very unique feature which lets the user have more customization with their notes. But almost all this stuff has been done before, not only does this app do it better, but this app has a priority shelf so that you can lay out your tasks based on their importance. Also, the date/time additon to each note is very handy. 5stars/5stars!

Impressive design Posted by

First, the design is a well organised visual layout that is highly commendable. I'm impressed with the visual screen and the way the tasks are set up, with plenty of color coding. It makes a lot of sense especially for a task oriented person such as myself, the design and concept was well thought out. With unlimited options to add Folders to categorise the to-dos and multiple priority levels is easy on the eyes and aids it visually to move stuff around. The location based reminders are quite handy as it keeps reminding me of a to-do whenever I drive by the store.

A must-have organization app! Posted by

I knew the moment I started using this app that it would be on that would remain on my phone for the foreseeable future. The clean, easy to use interface, and general feel of the app makes it a must have for those looking for an effective organization tool. The tutorial succinctly shows the user how to use the app and leaves very few if any questions. My favorite part of the app is the pinch to quick view to-dos. It is a simple function but it makes the app that much better for me. I highly recommend this app to anyone, especially those lovers of organization.

Excellent List Synching Between 2 or More! Posted by

Perfect for keeping lists between 2 or more people. All 3 of us in the household have this app installed. We keep a grocery list going all the time. Any one of us can add an item to the list and it immediately updates everyone's list. As long as all devices use the same Dropbox account the lists will stay synched. The interface is simple and does only what it's supposed to do, which is fine by me. You can set deadlines and receive PUSH alerts. Also supports location alerts via GPS. Create as many lists as you want. This little jewel is a keeper!

Perfect App Posted by

Perfect for keeping the list between the devices. When I go shopping, each of us in my family adds or updates their lists and it instantly shows up on my iPhone which is great and saves time. I like the color of the papers and the presentation it shows. Its very simple and effective. I use this app to track my daily routines and put them in recurring. This would be the one App that would remain on my iPhone for the foreseeable future. I highly recommend this app to anyone, especially those who love to do things in an organised manner.

Worth a Dollar! Posted by

This app is basically the iPhone "Reminders" app and "Notes." The difference between those two apps and this one (besides the obvious) is that it combines both of those apps in one. The interfaces is absolutely beautiful and runs very smoothly. I definitely will be introducing this app to my mom because it works great with grocery lists and other items. I love how organized the app is and how you can sort the tasks by importants. I'll definitely be recommending and using this app a lot. Keep up the good work.

Near-perfect list dashboard Posted by

I don't even like To-Do apps, and Orderly is still one of my favorites. I love having a grid dashboard of lists. The ability to sync across Dropbox is perfect, and the additional in-app purchase for dark themes is a great bonus. The fonts and overall style is lovely. Just a few things keep this from being 5-stars: * Can't hide sidebar on iPad * Need 2-line tasks, so entries aren't cut off with "..." * Ability to restore purchases * Smoother moving of lists between priority levels

Best To-Do App Available - Hands Down! Posted by

This is a great app and I have found it extremely useful. You can sort your to-dos by (H)igh (M)edium and (L)ow priority which is very beneficial. The app also provides a second screen so that your At Work and At Home to-dos are kept separate - the way they should be! This is by far the easiest to use "To-do" app I've come across and definitely the most stunning! Beautiful user interface and step-by-step tutorial included. All around amazing app that should be on everyone's iOS device!

Easy as 123 Posted by

Just downloaded it, and it is very simple to set up your categories of To Do List. You can separate home and work To do list so you can get things done at both places. I also like how you can change the fonts and color settings, though I wish there was more colors to choose from. You can also set it up to remind you daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This app will help me be on top of my To Do Lists, quick and with ease. Great app!

Thanks, from both of us Posted by

I downloaded this app so my spouse no longer has to nag at me to take the trash out. This app fills in nicely. What's more is, I can create folders as categories and fill the folders with related nags, er... tasks like "clean the litter box", "rake the leaves", "clean out the sewer pipe", "don't forget the grass clippings", and so forth. This app works very well.

Organize Your Post-It's !! Posted by

Orderly is a great way to track your to do list. If your mind works in the forms of sticky notes, then I would suggest in downloading this app. It keeps all of your sticky notes in one place, and organized by priority. The drag and drop features along with the zoom in and out for a quick glance makes it easy to manage your tasks. I would highly recommend app for anyone who wants to get organized.

Truly original and highly practical Posted by

I've downloaded over a thousand apps. This one stands out from the typical crowd of non-original or "poorly conceived" programs. If you need an application that will allow you to slide sticky notes around (ones that hold a surprising amount of detail - should you need it), on the fly, as you juggle task priority levels -- this app is worth a look. You'll be impressed.

Good so far Posted by

I just downloaded this app and so far I like the customization of priorities, colors and fonts. The one thing that it doesn't have which may have go back to apples native reminders app is the lack of customization under recurring tasks. It only has basic options like weekly, monthly,and yearly. I can't set something to remind me ever 18 days for example.

I think I like it Posted by

Only been using it a few days but I think I'm going to like it. Seems to display tasks in a way that seems intuitive. Feature request: A PC tool that will let me add/edit tasks quickly. When setting up larger lists, the iOS interface is too slooooooow. I've found that I can edit the .JSON files with a text editor but that's a bit clunky too.

Not that impressed by St1ac2ey3 2017-03-10

I've played around with this for the last two weeks. I've used Ikiru for the last couple of years. I'm mostly happy with it, but always looking for something better. Pro: I like the looks of this one. I like how it looks like sticky notes and I have so many color options. I like that I can move them into high, med, and, low priority. Aesthetics are about all I was happy with. Cons: I can't set a priority level AND a due date. Maybe this is an option with the paid version, but reading what you get with the paid version didn't make me inclined to pay the $1. I didn't care about day and night views. So if I want a due date, it has to go into my default priority. Makes no sense. Irritating. I opened it one time and my tasks had reprioritized themselves. I had to move everything back. Why is that? The "sticky notes" are situated right to left going off screen. I can shift right to left to see them but trying to move them to rearrange is a lesson in patience. They move places seemingly on their own and when I try to move them back where I want them, it's maddening. I still haven't gotten them to move back where I want. I'm done. Pretty isn't efficient. I'm going back to Ikiru. It may not be aesthetically pleasing and it's more expensive but it's organization is a whiz and I can email lists, move them around, set reminders, etc. and they stay put.

Waiting for updates by MashkaNYC 2015-06-28

Current version: drag and drop of list doesn't work. It still shoes up in both places as a to do/badge number. But now it confirms that an item was moved from work to home. Then when you go to home, even through there's a number next to it on main menu, there's nothing inside this folder. Old review:A decent app. Definitely like the wiglet part and separating the priority level in each folder as well as how it automatically let's you create steps to take to complete the test as well as choosing different colors and fonts, but many bugs for now even when doing basic stuff. For example, was trying to leave settings and it was frozen. Then created an event and it lets you make it a reoccurring even and gives you a drop down list to pick how often it reoccurs. After picking let's say monthly, can't get out of that drop down list section to continue creating this task.so since I can't continue using the app with out closing it and reopening it. Also, it has an easy to use drag and drop to move to do stuff around and even to a different folder, but let's say I move a to do list to a different folder, the badge count remains the same in the folder it was originally created. So let's say now my home folder had one list, I moved it to work folder, and now both work and home folder show that I have one to do (when looking at the folder summary)

Not enough recurrence options by Enthous 2015-05-21

There are some good things about this app, but the deal-breaker for me is the recurrence settings. I need more powerful choices with recurrence: first Monday of every month, every 5 weeks, every other week (fortnightly might do this, I'm not sure because I thought a fortnight was 20 days). I can live with some other limitations, but if I can't control recurrence it's useless. So, until that changes I won't be using it. I may leave it installed on my iPad to watch the updates. Unlike other users, I prefer Dropbox sync to iCloud, so kudos for that. Dropbox sync works better and more reliably, and the syncing can be done between devices with different iCloud logins: with my husband, for example.

Interest officially piqued.... by Gwen girl1 2017-03-06

I saw this app scrolling through the app store and thought, " This looks really cool. I'm going to try it." I opened it up and made a list and it was great. I'd never seen so many options on a list making app before, so this was a whole new experience for me. I have a couple suggestions: 1) Make an option to change the color of the font 2) Have a drawing option so we can draw arrows to linked tasks or make notes on the side (this one would especially help me because I have to put extra info down or else I will have no idea what I'm talking about). A text box would also be great for this. Overall, this was a great app and I definitely recommend it to anyone searching for a list-making app.

I like the app but... by BoerneMom 2013-04-14

I've had the app for about a week and I like the concept, the simplicity, the layout BUT I can't have a reminder that says "you have 2 To Do's today". Which 2? I have to go into the app and determine which ones are due. Is there any way, at a glance, you could incorporate the title of the To Do in the title of the reminder? "You have 2 To Do's in Groceries today" for example. I am defaulting to the native Reminders app on my phone for critical to do's and I would rather use this sticky note approach. Love the layout and the concept. Keep improving!

App not convenient or easy to use by StephNJ 2016-03-16

It seems to be just me but I've had multiple problems with this app. The due dates do not save and when I come back into my list my due dates are reset to be the time that I am entering the list. If I have multiple items on the list I can cross them off but nothing resets and if I have something that recurs it does not reset to the next occurrence. The priority level also resets every time I go into a list. If I have items marked as medium or high priority when I go into a list and leave without resetting the priority level it automatically sets it to low and saves it.

Like it but..... by Bonstrow 2015-03-29

Overall this is very good. Easy to use. I like the color layout. Love that you can see your lists in Notifications. My complaint is that the notes don't stay in their categories. Only ones marked high priority are supposed to show up in notifications. Every time I open notifications I have low & medium priorities showing up. So I have to click to get back to app & move list. Fix that & give ability to open keyboard in notifications (the app "Neato" does that) instead of having to go back to app & I will give you 5 stars!!

It's OK, but.... by Kimitino 2017-03-20

As other users have said, it is a very pretty app. Ease of use is ... not. There is no user manual - that I could find - so things like adding due dates to items within a list - ????: Seems to have limitations in length of list and length of Titles of Lists. Also acted "wonky" when creating a list with more than 8 items. Only able to see the bottom items and would not allow me to scroll to top to see the first items. Also would not allow mw to edit or add to the list. Afraid this is not going to make the cut.

Am I the only one that noticed? by Lady Brooke 2013-08-20

If you write a note, put it in medium. Oops that's supposed to be high. So you change it, it's going to high. Then just a little slower than Jeannie can blink her eyes it disappears into thin air. Great app but to me it's a big flaw. I tried to drag it to high to see if it would stay on earth. nothing happened. Great app otherwise. I won't use it for the moment as I need the ability to change the notes priority is kind of the first thing I would need to do. A small thing the archive time could be longer.

Fine List App by Tao-ish 2012-08-18

This has some very practical list functions for visual minded list organization. The backgrounds are slightly 1990's web, they seem dated for iOS. Baseline functionality needed is sync to Dropbox or iCloud or both. Also it would be nice to simply swipe a list item on and off instead of having to tap an extra confirmation. Great first pass though. One of the better organized list apps among the multitudes available.

Could not use locations by fbara 2014-07-17

It doesn't find any location I search for. I can't manually drop a pin on a location. It only found a location if I was right there and chose 'current location' from the drop-down menu. Location reminders are critical for me so any app that doesn't do it well won't be on my iPhone. I gave it 2 stars for nice design and simple flow between screens.

God concept, bad performance by Danyloop 2015-01-10

My notes keep changing priorities on their own. Tried to use the dual task for home and work, but the work tasks keep disappearing when I change the priority or it kicks me out if the app and when I go back in all my tasks disappeared. Very frustrating! Also I cannot choose due by date. It just seems very glitchy on my iPhone 6

Disappointed By Colors Inside by DjeDeyyyy 2015-10-21

I didn't use the app yet seems nice BUT as much as it attracts me by the colors used in the icon that are really nice and once i downloaded it i was disappointed by the Totally Different Colors used inside the app, Are they different graphic designers who designed "the app pages" and the "app icon" ? :|

Inconsistent by Moonstruck2 2016-02-25

I really want to like this app. Layout, planning capabilities for tasks are excellent. But, unfortunately it only sometimes does a sync between iPad & iPhone and there is no way to force a sync. It sometimes adds back deleted folders.

Doesn't function by Primate1 2015-10-22

I get a brief splash screen, followed by the home screen, followed by a crash after two seconds -- every time. This happens on both my iPhone and iPad. This used to be a good app. Now it is a useless waste of space!

Awkward UI, no iCloud sync by Lowlifely 2015-05-15

Find it strange an iOS app forcing me to use box or Dropbox for syncing. Worse, UI for managing lists is terribly awkward. One would need to drag about tiny little rectangles. Don't think so.

Not optimised. by first_noel 2014-12-14

Even though the latest update says it is optimised for the iPhone 6 it is misleading. Everything still looks stretched and blown up. The keyboard still looks ugly. Back to the drawing board guys!

The app stop working after update by syeera yahya 2016-03-29

Why the app stop working on my iphone 5? I just updated the app and when i open it, nothing happen. Please fix this. I love this app. It works great on me but sadly now it doesn't.

Too many bugs by Byovb17 2015-12-13

It's impossible to scroll through an entire list. The scroll freezes and you have to restart the app. I've used this app for 9 months and have not seen any improvements so far.

Great App. Need more 3rd party integration by abehv 2017-02-27

Love App and Interface, would give 4 stars if some how you could use your PC and mobile seamlessly, and 5 if it interact with Outlook and / or Gmail