Outland - Space Journey Apps for iPhone/iPad
Outland - Space Journey Apps for iPhone/iPad

Outland - Space Journey Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Outland - Space Journey Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Outland - Space Journey Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Outland - Space Journey Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Outland - Space Journey Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Outland - Space Journey Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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***Limited Time Offer! 70% Off!***
Outland is the app for creating an atmosphere of space journey right in your living-room. Hook up your device to TV or open it up on Apple TV to enjoy the beauty of space. The app plays beautiful videos accompanied with nicely arranged music that makes the experience of space deeper and stronger.

20 timelapse videos featuring:

- Butterfly Nebula
- Compilation of timelapses from the ISS
- Calabash Nebula
- Cat's Eye Nebula
- Tropical cyclone moving over the Earth
- Earth view during the Day and Night
- Hubble Space Telescope flying over the surface of the Earth
- ISS flying over the surface of the Earth
- The lightning over the Earth aboard the ISS.
- Winds of Jupiter
- Flying around Minkowski's Butterfly Nebula
- Watch Earth roll by through the perspective of ESA astronaut
- Canary Islands to Italy
- Planet Earth is Beautiful
- ExoMars 2016 Liftoff
- Flying from North Africa over Turkey
- Liftoff of Vega carrying LISA Pathfinder
- Flying over the English Channel
- Sentinel-1B Prepares for Liftoff
- A timelapse video by ESA astronaut Tim Peake

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Very Impressive and Educational Posted by

This app, in my opinion, is outstanding in both quality and educational content. I installed it first onto my iPad Air 2 and then Apple TV 4 and was immediately blown away by the resolution displayed on my HD LED 1080p 60" television. I could watch these videos all day if time would allow. Great job Vito! Your apps set the bar high for other to strive for.

Disconnect and Enter a Zen Place Posted by

This app is incredible. It rolls along, blowing your mind like when you first went to an IMax movie in the '90's. Great for nights when it's better if you fall asleep with your eyes open ;-) I dunno much about tech aspects, I just like peaceful stuff with which to chill and this app is right there.

Slooowerrr Posted by

Be nice if you could control the speed of the videos the lisa one is so fast I can't tell what the heck is going on that's stuff I might want to slow way down really see it good back it up even, yep. And a way to delete the ones i don't like or more accurately seen enough of if that's possible.

Another beautiful app from Vito Technology Posted by

This is what I wanted for a long time. I have a couple of big screens at home, no cable, most of the time off. Now I can use this as a beautiful screen saver. Can you make it work with Chromecast please?

Качайте и наслаждайтесь приложением! Posted by

Великолепное приложение! ОГРОМНАЯ благодарность разработчикам!! Красиво! Завораживает!

Awesome app Posted by

Thoroughly entertaining and I have wasted too much time marveling at these stunning videos

STUNNING Posted by

Sometimes it's nice to slow down and just enjoy the beauty of space!

Way cool app! Posted by

What a beautiful way to see the universe on my iPad. Thanks!!!!!!

Great Posted by

Love Earth's view Thanks for the experience.

5 stars for the music & visuals. 2 stars for pop up ads. by The Official Dougie J 2017-01-29

I paid $.99 for this app, being a big fan of Vito Tech's Star Walk apps. To my surprise, the inspiring images and ambient music are interrupted by ads for Game of War, totally ruining the effect and intention of the app. If I pay for an app, I don't expect intrusive pop up ads. Developers need to generate revenue, I get it, but maybe they can raise the price a dollar or two and eliminate the ads. I would've paid it. The AppleTV version doesn't seem to have this problem. I'll stick with that and delete the iOS version.

Don't bother by quantumconscious 2016-10-21

This app tries to rip you off by selling you videos that you can view for free on NASA TV. To add insult to injury, they overlay the videos with advertisements for their other products. Complete waste of time and no it does not look particularly good on your Apple TV when it is covered with advertisements for their other products.

Not worth the time and data by Mello outing 2017-02-07

Very disappointed. Great concept poor execution. Half the videos are just simulations. Really?? Not as advertised.

Disappointing by AllEars 2017-02-11

Why fly-bys so fast? And have to mute the annoying sound trak.