Painnt Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Painnt Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Painnt Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Painnt Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Painnt Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Painnt Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Painnt Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Painnt Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Turn your photos and videos into masterpieces! Choose from our selection of 120+ filters, including classical, comic book, modern, abstract and mosaics. We regularly add new stunning filters to our collection. Preview and fine-tune settings for unique results, and render realistic paintings in high resolution. For a final touch, add a genuine-looking frame from our wide selection, or even create a time lapse video that shows your art come alive. When you are ready to unveil your masterpiece to the world, save or share your painting with friends and family by email or social networks. Also, join our awesome community where you can display your artwork, get feedback and engage other like-minded artists. VIDEO FILTERING & CUSTOM STYLES Don’t wait for us to add new filters to the app (which we regularly do). Create a custom filter out of any image, painting or photograph you like. Painnt also filters your videos, adding a unique look to your memories through our one-stop-shop app. This free app limits output resolution, adds a watermark and allows to process one picture at a time (no batch); you can unlock the entire library, hide watermarks, process in batch, use custom styles, process video and enable high resolution via an in-app subscription. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: Painnt Subscription FAQs ===================== Prices: 1 week subscription - $1.99 1 month subscription - $2.99 1 year subscription (best value) - $14.99 Q: What is a subscription? A: By purchasing a subscription, you can unlock all of Painnt's Premium features: Access the entire app library Process your photos in HD Process a batch of images Hide app watermark Q: What happens when I purchase a subscription? A: Your iTunes account will be charged the listed price and you’ll get immediate access to all Premium features when you confirm the purchase. Your subscription will NOT automatically renew, so when it expires you'll need to purchase another one in order to keep having access to premium features. You'll still have access to all free features. Q: Why am I asked to create an account after purchase is confirmed? This is needed for sharing your subscription with other Mac devices you may own. This will be asked from you as soon as the transaction is finished. If you don't do it at that point, you can do it later, provided you don't uninstall the App, by clicking on the Unlock HD + No watermark + Batch processing located in the bottom right corner of the App's window and then click on Restore and then clicking on Share. Q: How can I restore my subscription on a new device? A: Click on the Unlock HD + No watermark + Batch processing and then click on Restore


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Is working again. Posted by

I wrote to the Moonlighting Team because I was unable to use any filter. They answered quickly and ask me to clear the cache of the app in the Painnt’s menu. Now works without a problem, thanks. This app is really cool and have a LOT of filters. The end result is very cool (depending of the picture you use of course).

Such a Fun App! Posted by

I love taking pictures and I thought it would be fun to turn some of those pictures into paintings. This app provides many options, from Van Gogh to modern. I love the way my pictures turned out and I will definitely be framing them!

Just love it Posted by

I know there is more to it but not want to pay just yet and this is enough for me for now and I do love this Painnt alot. I still have SuperPhoto and have used them pretty much now lol! Had no problems with them so far..

Amazing! Posted by

Very impressed overall. Has frozen a couple of times, but has a huge number of filters and works very well for me. The editing capabilities are nice as well.

very good app Posted by

Lots of great looks and easy to use. Would be better if it had a batch import feature

Fun Program! Posted by

I have really enjoyed playing with this program. Great designs, easy to use.

Very different and creative Posted by

Very unique filters, textures. I look forward to experimenting with this.

Beautiful Posted by

Simply beautiful. Nicely done, simple to use.

Mesmerizing! Posted by

Best digital art program I’ve ever used.

Awesome!!! Posted by

Awesome app !!!

A+ Posted by

I like it

I paid and now I’m stuck by CrusherNM138 2016-09-05

While I love the program when it works, it just seems to be broken so often. Not broken in the “totally doesn’t work” sense, but it seems that every time I sit down to use it, something new isn’t working. This last time, I started the program and, once again, there were filters that weren’t showing the example images. This usually means that they have added filters - ones which probably won’t work. Yep, new filters and they get halfway through processing an image and stop. In the past downloading a new version has fixed the problem. Not this time. I even uninstalled and reinstalled. Still many filters just don’t work. In the past contacting support got a quick, useful response. This time I’m being ignored. They have their money, so why should they care? Heavy sigh.

good/bad by binga66 2016-08-03

I love the idea of this , it claims that you can restore on other devises..not true. It seems to work on my iPad, but everytiume i use it on my desktop, it charges me again for the locked extras…so it’s A LIE!,they should just say, you can only use on androids and tablets, now it just keeps showinmg up as damaged, and, AND TELLS YOU TO DOWNLAOD AGAIN FROM APP STORE..another purchase..CRAZY1. doesn’t respond well to sign in.. takes at least 35 min to get sihned in, it kicks out your password, email over and over again…when it does work, its a great and fun app… but you sure do get beat down tyrying to have that one lightyear moment when it just WORKS

This appears to be simply an advertisement by Brainwave44 2016-07-13

I downloaded this Painnt program and could do nothing with it. It appears to have many different effects, many quite nice, that can be applied to a photo you import by drag and drop. I got a TIFF photo to import and I got a JPG photo to import. I could not get a single effect to work on or be applied to the two different photos I imported (one at a time). THERE ARE IN-APP PURCHASES TO GAIN ACCESS TO THE CREATIVE FILTERS. Therefore, I have concluded that this app is simply an advertisement for a purchase you have to make after downloading. There are no instructions that I could find. Ticked me off.

Paid, now app won’t open by ShowMeTheStats 2016-11-06

I don’t know about this. I paid for the year subscription. Of course, they took my money. Now every time I open the app, it crashes after a few seconds saying the app is damaged, I must delete it and reinstall from the App Store. Well, I’ve done that several times now, same problem. I guess the goal is to get your money… and then they just deactivate the app so you can’t use it.

You don’t really have the right to use it by Barbfmc 2016-07-19

The program looks good. Seriously. Which is why I downloaded it. The problem is, if you would like to use it sans watermarks and you’d like to have access to your files, you have to rent the program - by week, month, or year. Don’t particularly care for that. Otherwise, it’s locked.

Promising but needs work (seriously) by wills-3 2016-08-19

Not sure why they chose this GUI but it does not feel Mac-like; at all. The effects are mundane and do not strike you in a way similar to Prisma (iOS only). Expected and WANTED more. Certainly willing to pay but a subscription model, really? Too bad. Had higher hopes.

Weird pricing, hard to feed it pics. by TheChristoph 2016-10-25

When you load it up, it says to drag a picture on it to get started. But you can’t drag right from your Photos library; you have to export photos first. At least as far as I can tell. And that’s kind of an annoying step to have to do. And the pricing scheme is nuts.

Not bad, but I wish it could do the brush-strokes thing like Prisma by JohnL4 2016-08-02

I don’t like Prisma’s set up (give a bunch of rights on your phone to a bunch of Russian servers + you don’t own the rights to the generated image), but I wish it could do the hard-edged brush-strokey thing Prisma does. Pop-art effect's pretty good though.

Could be better??? by Zogula 2017-01-29

Has nice design, effects but crushes to much, almost impossible to save in hd or full hd.This part needs to be improved!

Major hassle to use by Wanderfire 2016-12-30

You pay for it. You get nothing. They demand more $$!