Paint My Wings Apps for iPhone/iPad
Paint My Wings Apps for iPhone/iPad

Paint My Wings Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Paint My Wings Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Paint My Wings Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Paint My Wings Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Paint My Wings Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Paint My Wings Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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*Children's Technology Review - 2011 Editor's Choice*

"Paint My Wings from Toca Boca is a lovely piece of work: kids can paint virtual butterflies on-screen, with the butterflies reading out the different colours as they go" - The Guardian

* * *
Paint My Wings is a fun and easy way for your kids to paint beautiful butterflies! Simply choose a color and start drawing on one wing to make the identical pattern appear on the opposite side.

Three different butterflies talks and tells you what colors are chosen - and laughs when you tickle it! When you've finished painting, take a snapshot of the butterfly to save a picture of it on your device!


Let your kids paint freely to make beautiful butterflies. The symmetry is enchanting and makes for instantly pretty drawings from the first stroke.

Your kids learn the different colors as they draw, and the butterflies talk back and say what each of their names are.

Save all your kids artwork by simply pressing a button! Send to friends and family!

Make the creations more advanced by using our many different brushes as you paint!

The butterflies sing and talk while you paint their wings. Try giving them a tickle!

Paint My Wings is a digital toy from Toca Boca and is suitable for kids age 2 and above.

Privacy Policy
Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases. Read more about us at

Other apps from Toca Boca include Helicopter Taxi, Toca Tea Party and Toca Doctor.


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An easy to use app for 2 year old! Posted by

I got this on my iPhone for my 22 month old grandson and after a week it's still his favorite "painting" game. That says a lot. It is very simple. Easy to change colors although the colors are limited. He likes the sounds and so do I. Like most kids his age he is on the go every waking minute but it seems to me when he's ready for a break (whew!) he asks for Toca Boca! And frankly I delight in the way he says budderbys! when he finishes his painting. His other Favorite is Toca Band. For a child who's favorite things in the world are music and art these apps are terrific! Thank you Toca Boca!!

Posted by

I've purchased ALL but the Helicopter App and all 3 of my Granddaughter's, 11,10, 4 LOVE them. Never a Problem. Perhaps for those of you that do have Glitches, may want to remember that life is like that. Say there are 4 iPhone's in your Home, & one may continuously have probs, it Is Just Life. Sadly it happens. But TocaBoca people rock! Did u know That this Company has parents/children To come to their place of testing and they Work with the children/families to make Sure the products are workable and great!

AWESOME for toddlers!!! Posted by

My 3-year old loves this game, and I love to let her play it--it plays gentle nature sounds while she paints, not some crazy loud, fast-paced sounds. The characters are SOOO cute, but of course, more would be better! took her awhile to figure out the brush size part (I'm not sure that she still really gets it), but she loves crushing the berries. A silly "mom" thing: I wish the one butterfly would say "please," instead of just "paint my wings!!!". Silly, I know...:) haha!

Toca Boca can't go wrong! Posted by

My son absolutely has loved all of the Toca Boca apps. And this one continues that trend! The mirrored drawing is brilliant, and so easy to just pickup and play without any instruction! I'd love to see some patterns/stickers as well as a possible gallery saved butterflies as a collection. Yes, you can save to camera roll, but hey, that's a few steps away for a little one.. Great work, and looking forward to seeing the next one!

3 year old daughter loves this app! Posted by

I'm pretty picky about giving reviews but this app deserves the 4 stars. My daughter loves painting the wings on this app and listening to the butterflies say things. Biggest complaint is that there isn't more butterflies to color and a few more paint option. But this app is fun and she loves it. Keeps her attention for maybe 10 minutes before she wants to move onto a different game;)

Another great app from Toca Boca! Posted by

I live the Toca boca apps, and my kids do too! This like several of their other apps is designed for the iPad and iPhone-huge plus! My kids love making new butterflies, and seeing how the colors change on the wings. My one year old and four year old can't get enough.

Fun and cool but.... Posted by

This game is fun but I would like your new game to be free for at least one week.please? I've been desperate!!!! Just please for only one week! Please? Otherwise....Keep up the good work!!!

Worst Toca Boca app ever by jmi11s 2014-01-11

We have a lot of Toca Boca apps, this one was just boring. There are 3 butterflies to color. Nothing helps you stay in the lines, no special effects, only 8 colors. I was hoping the butterflies would at least flutter their wings at the end or something, but no. It's really horrible. My 3 year old's "allowance" is that I'll buy her 1 app a week. After buying this one, she was so unhappy that she had used up her 1 app on this that she started crying. I had to tell her I would "return it" so we could get something else. Too bad that's not possible. I'll definitely be more wary of Toca's apps in the future. TL;DR - This app was so boring, it literally made my daughter cry.

Difficult... by CaptainjackPC 2015-06-02

I downloaded this game for my little girl who is 4. At first she enjoyed it, but when she could not keep the colors in the lines, she became frustrated, and completely lost interest. Her exact words were, "Mommy This game is to hard" I had my older daughter play the game for a short time, to see if you really can't keep inside the lines, and found that is true. We are huge fans of Toca games, but I was very disappointed in this one.

Worst Stupid App from Toca Boca by IPad Gamer 2012-12-05

Don't buy it. The whole app only has 3 butterflies to paint. After painting is done, all you could do is taking a snapshot and that's it. No butterfly flying or any animation. Brushes are not that many to choose and the whole app is just like a lame demo app. I just couldn't believe I just spent $2 for a stupid app.

Not a great Toca Boca app by GreatKris 2012-11-02

I'd give it more stars if there was a way to stay within the lines. As it is, it's frustrating and not much fun. More wings to color would also be nice - there are currently only 4 to choose from. This and the train app are our least favorite of the Toca Boca apps.

Updates by AnalysK 2013-02-09

I love the app has many ways to design but I get bored quickly so I want taco baca to update this game and add some shape stamps or mixing pallets and something to make your own wings tha would be perfect

Creative in anyway! by DaCatGamer6755 2016-06-20

This app seems not for only kids, but anyone above age. It can be fun, but still, it's a creative app! *What would be better is if u could make something like a free app one of these dayszz....