Panpakapants Blocks app free for iPhone/iPad
Panpakapants Blocks app free for iPhone/iPad

Panpakapants Blocks app free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install Panpakapants Blocks app free for iPhone/iPad

Download Panpakapants Blocks for iPhone/iPad
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Have fun and train kid’s to think logically! Features; - Fun block puzzles to strengthen kid’s logical thinking. - Enjoy the popular Japanese anime “Panpaka Pants” and it’s characters. - 10 Worlds to challenge. - 8 levels in each World, total of 80 block puzzles. - An original manga will appear after clearing every 8 levels - No timer, the time is all yours. - Colorful and fully interactive game - Fully animated with sound and pictures - No invasive advertising - For kids 3 + Get ready for a challenge! CHOOSE the best logic blocks and BUILD a path for Panpaka. If “Panpaka” crosses the screen from left to right safely, he will catch 1 item. After the player helps “Panpaka” catch 8 items in each World, the player will be prized to watch an original video relating to those items “Panpaka” collected. Pango will have to bring back 8 ingredients to Pig's kitchen, 8 gardening tools to plant a seed, sports equipment to use at the beach, and etc… A surprising 80 challenges through 10 funny adventures. Just by solving block puzzles, kids will naturally learn to justify their strategies, actions and decisions based on the facts they gather. About Panpaka Pants; Panpaka Pants is a Japanese anime series set in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan developed by DLE. The series follows the adventures of Panpaka (a piglet boy) and his best friend cat, Punyan, as they go on various adventures in search of special underpants. The series began in 2008 as a series of 1-minute shorts on local television, Shizuoka Broadcasting System. The series title is a pun on the Japanese phrase "panpakapan", which roughly translates to "surprise" in English.

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