Paris City Maps - Discover PAR with Metro & Bus Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Paris City Maps - Discover PAR with Metro & Bus Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Paris City Maps - Discover PAR with Metro & Bus Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Paris City Maps - Discover PAR with Metro & Bus Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Paris City Maps - Discover PAR with Metro & Bus Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Paris City Maps - Discover PAR with Metro & Bus Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Paris City Maps - Discover PAR with Metro & Bus Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Paris City Maps - Discover PAR with Metro & Bus Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Excellent Paris Map Service Posted by

I felt that this app is an EXCELLENT idea, and I would love to see more apps like this for Cities in the US. It was very easy to use. I'm always very skeptical about new apps, because I always feel as if I'm "using the app incorrectly"; however, I did not feel this after clicking on my map choice. It automatically started downloading (the download was a little slow, but I think that was due to my service!), and I was able to view the map. The map was EASY to navigate and the street names weren't too small, yet not so large that you can't see all connecting streets. I had ONE problem with the app: after I got out of it, I went back to try it again. Upon trying to select the map I was just viewing, it the screen just turned black and wouldn't do anything (except show an advertisement). Other than this small prob, the app works great and is EASY to use-- especially for iPhone dumbies like me!

Good for travel planning Posted by

Good: * Let's you get all the maps you'll need ahead of time so you don't have to pay for data/roming charges while travelling * finds the maps for you so all you have to do is download, doesn't eat up your data searching through websites * download and save maps for later when yuo need them * clean interface, easy to navigate Bad: * have to search through to get the exact map you want, and sometimes you're left flipping between two (like the subway lines & then the street names) * zooming isn't always as fast as i feel like it could be

Good App for the most part Posted by

I was not able to download a few of the maps and received a message saying "Only PDF documents are supported." Other than that, I can see how this would be very handy as various specific maps can be downloaded to your phone without having to rely on service. I find the ad space on the bottom to be very unattractive, especially if the app is being sold for 4.99!

great app Posted by

Great app, does what it claims. But why include advertisements in a paid app? It has bus route maps, etc. but I would also like to see some different views in one map, like Google maps. Downloading maps is a good idea and helps with speed a lot, though, and this app does that well. I like that it can download maps and still use the app at the same time.

useful Posted by

this app is pretty useful. i have not been to france let alone paris in quite some time. but if i where to go this would be really helpful. it would be nice if they had one for other places as well. like dublin or amsterdam. but all in all i liked this app. the maps where clear and you could zoom in to get a better view.

Fast Posted by

Downloading and viewing maps is fast and responsive on the iPod touch. The square-by-square animations at the boundaries of map was a little off-putting initially, but considering the speed in which the zoom-outs are accomplished, I ultimate grew to like them. Recommended.

Useful and easy to use Posted by

This app is easy to use and a good alternative to carrying a stack of paper maps around. I don't like that in order to get new maps you have to grant access to my Facebook, etc., since privacy is a big deal with me.

Very helpful Posted by

We were trying to book an apartment in Paris and this app was very helpful. We were comparing apartment locations to metro stations to tourist locations. Looking forward to using the app while in Paris.

4 star Posted by

As I'm tourist, this app provide me useful informations, Easy to navigate and get the locations. If you would give the app for INDIAN cities, it will be more useful.

Nice App! Posted by

Seems like it is helpul for travellers and tourists.Download does not take a while so that's great! and also like the colors and very easy to follow.

Pretty Good Posted by

The maps look detailed, yet simplistic enough to use in Paris. I'll keep it on my phone incase I ever go, great app!

All in one handy guide Posted by

This is a wonderful all-in-one map system incorporatin bus, rail and metro...great idea, handy and easy to use...!

Awesome! Posted by

Very cool, clean UI of the app. Works well when on vacation. Detailed and color-coded maps are great to use!

Expore Paris Posted by

Now I know every corner of the Paris :) It is good to have map in pdf. it is well designed easy to use.

Not truthful by Traveler109 2009-07-29

The list of maps shown on their webpage are not all available from within the application. Once a map is downloaded you cannot zoom smoothly to see street names. The program is slow to respond when attempting to zoom and sometimes just gets stuck at one zoom level. I do not recommend this app! Overpriced and not at all useful!

Pretty good. by Shi X. 2011-01-16

This app was pretty nice. The maps were high-quality and easy on the eye. However, note that the PDF's must be downloaded after the app is downloaded. This makes the overall size of the app smaller, but someone one the go might be unpleasantly surprised by that fact. Overall, a good app for maps in paris.

just Ok by jelly F 2011-11-30

This app contains links to web sites that include pdfs. Of the two I tried, one was broken, and another returnd PDFs that were cut off third way across the document. The price went from$4.99 to free, and the app has ads that block some of the documents. An in app purchase will remove the ads.

Does what it says... by Mr Nginear 2011-01-16

This application opens and runs smoothly, but it isn't all that pretty. The PDFs you download are easily found online, and there is no GPS based location tracking or direction functions as of right now. If the PDFs are all your looking for tho, this app does EXACTLY what it says it does.

Very nice, when it works. by Rich_C. 2011-01-12

Nice and smooth maps, Google Maps is great but sometimes it can be too cluttered, and this app displays clear, professional maps. Unfortunately, some of the maps gave me errors and one caused the app to crash. Will be nice when they get the bugs fixed.

OK maps except....... by Eat It! 2011-09-30

Paris bus map link was broken. It was the one map that I really, really needed and was the reason for purchasing this rather expensive app in the first place.

Some of the maps won't download by SuzyQQ 2011-09-11

says the URL is invalid great idea but not working