PCB世界-PCB行业头条新闻资讯 app free for iPhone/iPad
PCB世界-PCB行业头条新闻资讯 app free for iPhone/iPad

PCB世界-PCB行业头条新闻资讯 app free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install PCB世界-PCB行业头条新闻资讯 app free for iPhone/iPad

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内容提要 “PCB世界”是由维文信国际商务有限公司全力打造的PCB行业资讯APP
随时随性,畅享您的“PCB世界”。 【个性化推荐】
根据你的兴趣,定制你的专属资讯,只推荐你感兴趣的内容。 【PCB及时搜】 首页搜索功能,一键找到所有相关内容,不用担心错过任何PCB新闻。 【互动频道】 作为旁观者是否您也想参与?点击“关于我们”,随时了解广告内容或者分享见解。
 capsule summary 
"PCB world" is a PCB industry information app developed by weiwenxin international business co., ltd. This app, 20 years of industry experience, Condense the five PCB industry platform resources, The world's first paragraph, hereby! Install the PCB world and package the industry information you want; Unusuality,Enjoy your" PCB world". 【personalized recommendation】 According to your interest, customize your information and only recommend what you are interested in.  【PCB prompt search 】 The first page search function, a key to find all relevant content, don't worry about missing any PCB news. 【Interactive Channel】 Do you want to participate as an onlooker? Click" about us ", always know the content or share ideas. 联系方式 电话:+86-755-61319388 邮箱:[email protected] 微信公众号:PCB 、FPC、TP世界 网站:www.pcbshijie.com


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