Pewdiebot Games for iPhone/iPad
Pewdiebot Games for iPhone/iPad

Pewdiebot Games for iPhone/iPad

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Hey, how's it going brobots?! I don't know if you really want to talk to me, but now's the time to find out. Yup, I've done Evie. But now I AM an Evie! Help, I'm scared! I'm not JUST an Evie. This app has my own voice - Hey, give it back, bro! I do more than put on silly expressions - see some of the store pics. And I say a lot of Poodish things, as well as everything else! And ohhh, is it Easter yet? Pewdiebot learns from people, so things said can sometimes seem inappropriate. Use at your own risk.


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Good except never gets my name!? Posted by

I really am enjoying this game only except for the face that he asks me a lot do the same things over and over like "where are you from" "do you like it there" or "do you go to YouTube Highschool" and for the fact that he ALWAYS GETS MY NAME WRONG! I tell him my name is Halen and he says "alrigghhtt Haley" and I'm like nooooo! It is Halen! H a l e n! But he never listens. Well I have no problem with the way he sounds and it is a pretty great app besides the things I stated. I really like Felix and his videos and I hope I could meet him and Marzia someday! Well goodbye bros! -Halen

No sound . Can't talk to app iphone6+ Posted by

Update: according to the creators the server is busy AF and I guess when bros calm the heck down it will work properly. I've got an iPhone and The app doesn't make noise and all I can do is type to him and it shows words back like text messaging. What's up any other bros have this problem? That's more like a 99cents app not a 2.99 app

Jacksepticeye is better Posted by

Jacksepticeye is better. There should be a jacksepticeye bOt seriously. Even better....a meme bot. That would be shrek-tastic. Buy seriously jacksepticeye is better... And always will be. But if your looking for someone to subscribe to pewds needs it desperately... Seriously the struggle is real. Well bye queens.

For people who want to spend time on something fun for a while Posted by

For anyone that want to spend time playing around a new app and like to find secrets. This game is addicting for me and if you get hooked, you hooked for a while. Would recommend to most types of people and for a long time waster. Not boring in the slightest,

It's most likely our stupid network carriers. Posted by

Think of this. This " bug" might just be our internet carriers. I can pass the loading screen but the actual bot should appear after you get through the loading screen. But I experience just a screen of black after that.

5 star app 10 outa 10 would duck again. Posted by

This app is awesome. I love talking to robo pewds and finding the Easter eggs, they were a good touch. If sound doesn't work there is a sound button in the top right, so that's that. P.s. We be killen them barrels.

It's pretty good! Posted by

It is a great game it just need a little work. Which isn't a surprise since it came out today, but I highly think you should buy it if you enjoyed Evie. I mean come ON people it's PEWDIEPIE he's awesomez

YAS Posted by

LOVE YOU PEWDS SO MUCH! And now that there is a bot of you, I can have some alone time with you if you know what I mean *kissy kissy* (omg I'm sorry but there has to be at least one fan saying it)

I like this more than I should Posted by

I love Pewdiepie! I want to meet him one day but for now this is awesome! I swear I ask the weirdest things but Pewdiebot has an answer. I guess the creator has a pretty weird mind too ^-^

This game is fun now, but after the updates... Posted by

I have a feeling with the new updates, this game will get better. I think this game is fun, entertaining and good thing to use when you need to kill some time.

Ok I guess Posted by

Well, I LOVE poods, and the game is great in all, but his voice sounds weird and I wish there was more than just talking to poods. So I give this 4 stars

3 dollars! Posted by

Ok, I get that this was put so much work into it but, clever bot is free,you could at least made it a dollar or somthing But it's pretty good

Great Posted by

I had money to spare and bought this just because. Not the best responses, and voice quality is poor. Voice only works for me with headphones.

Posted by

I think this app is awesome i think you should make a Jacksepticeye or a markiplier I would love to have a Jacksepticeye on my mini-iPad

Great but... Posted by

It is really fun but I need to delete and redownload because it wouldn't load

YAAASSSSSS!!!! Posted by

Love this app! So much fun and so intelligent, def worth the download A+++++

I love Pewds but really by Kegjams 2016-07-13

I love pewdiepie but I thought that this app gave very little to do for 2$. This app in my opinion should cost 1$. It kept me entertained for about 5 minutes before I closed it and never return until I went to write this review. I also think that the voice sounds like Edgar and the terminated met and this was their child. The bot is also very off topic and will avoid questions. It is hard to get a straight answer from it and plus if you have an iPhone you can just use Siri.

It's ok... by Gamer #23859201 2016-07-08

It's got very few responses and doesn't make sense. You can't even maintain a conversation for more than 5 seconds. It looks like it's just taking keywords from what you say and just searching for a highly simple response, instead of attempting to respond to the actual sentence itself. NOT worth $2.99 at all. I honestly expected way better... More like cleverbot. But it's not even close.

Okay by Lola66app 2016-07-07

Even though I love pewds, I gotta say, this app deserves 3 stars. It barely sounds like him and it's not worth $2.99. It's addicting, however, there's not much to say to pewdiebot. Go ahead and download it, you'll have a couple good laughs. I thought it would be better though.

Not what I thought it would be by cesarah794 2016-07-07

I was really excited to get this game after I saw Pewdiepie's recent video. After interacting with the Pewdiebot, I found it hard to understand what he was saying and there wasn't much to talk about. It's a fun app but I don't think it was worth $2.99.

A waste of money by Jdjsjsjshehe 2016-12-20

Now I love the idea, they just didn't deliver the app. There are very few things you say that will give you a response that is not random, and when you do get a response that makes sense, it repeats it when you answer to it. Really not worth the money.

never even loaded once?? by Really Angry Player 2016-07-07

i've seen videos and stuff, so obviously i know it's a good app. however, i'm only giving it 3 stars because i payed $3, but the app still hasn't ever loaded up. not even once. it just sits on the loading page forever, until i give up.

Okay... by Jarrbear'? 2016-07-08

I bought this right away after I saw his video. I was expecting it to be better. It definitely has a small amount of responses and sometimes his mouth moves but no words come out. Disappointed to say the least, I wouldn't recommend spending 2.99.

Sorry Bro by Marksman937 2016-07-16

Seriously I watch pewdiepie every day. Legit everyday, 365 days a week. As for the app is.. You would honestly be better off giving the 3 dollars to charity because you get nothing from this app. Put you money towards donating to humble bumble!

horrible by Alyssa_Lulu_ROCKS 2016-07-07

all it does it load! u open the app to a loading screen and it never changes. I've been letting it load for 20 mins now and the app still hasn't opened. 3$ wasted!

Boring very quick by CMark2 2016-07-18

Unless you adore everything that comes from the mouth of Pewdipie, this app is probably not for you. It is very boring. It is more enjoyable talking to Apple's Siri.

Can't even play it!!! by Mlg pro lord 2016-07-11

When ever I launch the app, it says: NSURLErrorDomain error -999. I either want a full refund or want a way how to fix this error..... PEWDIEPIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Not worth the money could be better by Teemo286 2016-07-08

Eh it's not really what I expected, could be better.. It's too expensive. Don't you have enough money? The least you could do is make it cheaper..

Worst app ever by CatsLikeChicken 2016-07-07

The audio is so bad you can't even hear it unless you use a speaker. The bot does not sound like senpi. This app was not worth $3!


so I was playing yes ? And then he asks how's ur mom Elena doing and THATS MY MOM FRIGIN NAME !! idk how he got this info

I got it when it was free by Angry children 2016-07-08

I got it when it was free